He, Me, , She Makes Three

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We stood there together, about to go into the bar. He looked me right in the eyes and stared for a minute.

“You sure you’re ready to do this?” I could see the look of concern wash over his face.

“Baby,” I said, grabbing both of his hands. “This was my idea, remember. You are the one who looks worried. Are you OK with this?”

He smiled so big, I thought his face would freeze like that.

“Trust me,” he said, squeezing my fingers. “If you want this, I have no problem with giving it to you.” He took my hand and led me into the bar.

From the inside, it looked like most bars we went to together. It was warm and inviting, with pool tables and bar stools. It was the kind of bar I liked. I hated clubs. I would rather go to a smoky pool hall and drink beer from the bottle than sip cocktails. He knew this, and he loved that about me.

We got ourselves a small table in the middle of the room and positioned ourselves to see every corner. We weren’t there to get drunk, necessarily. It might take a couple of beers to get ourselves loosened up, but we had a mission that night. Well, I had a mission; he was my wingman.

My boyfriend and I had been together for a while now, and although first we were afraid to explore one another’s primal sexual sides, time had opened the door for us. Now, we were comfortable sharing our deepest, sometimes darkest, sexual fantasies. We had talked about bondage and spanking, anal sex and all kinds of sex, but tonight we were going to live out one of my fantasies. I wanted to bring a woman home.

We had been sitting a while and my dirty mind was wondering if the girls were checking him out, or me.

“OK, what about her?” He asked, pointing to a cute brunette at the bar. She had been staring at us since we got there, and was now only a few yards away. It seemed a little too obvious that her pert ass was pointed in our direction. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but I thought she looked familiar.

“Yeah, she’s got a nice ass,” I answered. “We’ll see.” I leaned in to look at him. “What I want is to have a connection with someone. I don’t think we can just go up to all of the hot girls here and just ask if they wanna fuck, you know?

“Just relax babe,” I said, putting my hand on his knee under the table. “It’s gotta be the right person. If she comes along, we’ll know it.”

After about three beers a piece, I was starting to feel a little buzzed. He, however, wasn’t even fazed. He was looking for someone that we could talk to. Hell, I didn’t know who wanted this more, he or I.

“I’m going to make some rounds,” I said standing up. “Let me just befriend some of the women we have seen here. If she is interested, she will make that clear. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“K,” he said as he tapped my ass. “I’ll be right here, watching you walk away.”

I turned around and winked. I had one of my favorite outfits on. I was wearing my favorite designer jeans and what I called my Freddy Krueger top. The top is black, muscle-cut with three diagonal slits across the front. The bottom of my left breast sticks out of one of the slits just perfectly, leaving only the color of my nipples to the imagination. I looked and felt sexy. And, I’d had just the right amount of alcohol to make me daring.

I headed towards the bathroom because, hey, beer goes through ya. As I stood at the sink to wash my hands, the cute brunette from the bar comes out of one of the stalls. Being that there was only one sink, I scooted over so she could get to the water as well.

She was about 5’6″, and pretty petite, but it was her face that struck me first. She had gorgeous green eyes and cute little freckles that were placed lightly on the bridge of her nose. I started getting wet thinking about getting her naked.

“I know you,” she said as she washed her hands next to me. She stood close and I was getting hotter as our hips slowly rubbed together. “We had a class together. Senior seminar, communication.”

“Right,” I said, finally able to place her. “I remember, you sat next to that girl who always brought her dog.”

“Yup,” she laughed. “That was me. Is that your boyfriend out there?”

“Yeah,” I said, drying my hands.

“Funny,” she shrugged. “I never pegged you as the boyfriend type.” I started to get anxious as to what she meant by that.

“And I never noticed you were so tall,” she put a hand on the small of my back as she reached around me to get a towel. “What, are you like six feet or something?”

“Nah,” I blushed. “I’m 5’11”, but my heels make me closer to 6’1″.”

“I’d kill to be that tall. And that skinny. You never looked this good in class.” She gave my figure a good once over. Maybe it was the beer talking, but I swear I saw a twinkle in her eyes.

“That’s because I would never wear an outfit like this to class,” I said, standing back from the mirror. “But that’s the point of it. It makes me feel sexy.

“Mission accomplished,” she said, smiling at me.

“You have a great body yourself. I wish my ass looked izmir escort like that.” A wise man once told me, flattery gets you everywhere. Hopefully it would get Justin and I in her pants.

“Yeah?” She said, cocking her head slightly as she looked at me. “So, you’ve been checking out my ass, huh?”

“My boyfriend noticed it first,” I said, laughing. “Although I confirmed it. You have a very nice ass.”

“Huh,” she shrugged. “That’s flattering, thank you.

“By the way,” she said as she walked out the door. “I really like your shirt.” Her eyes were glued to my chest as she left. Was it my imagination, or was that little hottie flirting with me?

I walked back towards my table and my boyfriend was, literally, sitting on the edge of his seat.

“What took you so long?” His eyes were wide as he waited for me to sit. “Please don’t tell me you got started without me.”

“Relax dear,” I said as I placed one hand on his cheek. “Turns out we had a class together… And, she was flirting with me in the bathroom. This just might happen.” I kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, I forgot– I told her you think she has a nice ass.”

“Alright,” he said as he sat back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. “Good. She should know that. She does have a nice ass.”

I laughed as the server brought us two beers.

“Compliments of that girl at the pool table.” She set the beers in front of us and I looked over to the pool table. It was the brunette and she was looking at us as she chalked up her cue stick. It was a very phallic moment and I winked at her.

I looked over at my boyfriend who was hardly able to keep his dick in his pants.

“I think we’ve got ourselves a bite, huh babe?” I let my hand slowly slide up to his crotch and gave a playful squeeze. You can imagine my surprise when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around, hand still on my boyfriend’s crotch and there was little Miss Hottie herself.

“Oh,” I said, trying to look surprised. “Hi again.” I took a swig of my beer.

“Sit down,” I said, as she pulled up a chair. “Thanks for the beers.” I looked over at my boyfriend. He couldn’t talk; he was smiling too big.

“If he could speak, he would say thank you too,” I said looking back at him. “But he’s not allowed. Not until I say so.”

“Oh?” She looked confused. “Really?”

“No,” my boyfriend squeezed my hand as he spoke. “She likes to fuck with people. How ’bout you? You like to uh, fuck, with people?”

He obviously needed to cut through all of the bullshit.

“Um,” she giggled as she played with her beer label. “Yeah, I guess I do. But I don’t know, are you being literal, or metaphorical?”

“Ball’s in your court sweetie,” he said as he leaned forward towards the table. “You take it how you wanted to hear it, and that’s how I meant it.”

Sometimes I forget how hot my boyfriend is. He’s about 6’1″ with a fabulous body and a beautiful face to match. He’s got blonde hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. Whenever we aren’t out looking for other women, I am always flattered by the way women stare at him. I took him to a strip club for his last birthday, and even the girl who gave us a lap dance told me what a hottie he is. I forget how privileged I am to be with him.

I looked back at her and she was starting to look uncomfortable. I guess I was staring at my boyfriend for too long. I let go of his hand and turned to her.

“Look,” I said as I reached out for her knee. “I think it’s pretty obvious that we both think you are really hot, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. If you want to stay and hang out, I think we would both really like to get to know you better.” I slightly emphasized the word ‘really’.

She reached down and put her hand on my hand.

“Well,” she said, looking at her watch. “I came here with some friends, and it’s only 11:00… I was hoping that if we all left now, together, we could stop by a liquor store and pick up some alcohol before they close. Maybe we could all hang out somewhere, you know, if you want.”

Her eyes were glued to mine as my quizzical look turned into a smile.

“I think that would be fine,” I said, as I scratched her knee lightly. “Babe, you OK to drive.”

“Yup,” he said, standing up. “Let me go pay and I will meet you ladies outside.”

He walked to the bar, slightly hunched over, and I took her hand and led her out the door.

“I’m Danielle,” I said, extending my hand. “I don’t remember your name. We were just calling you the hottie with the nice ass.”

“I’m Jenna,” she said, shaking my hand. “It’s nice to meet you, again. Although this feels really formal right now.” She started laughing as I led her to the car.

We got to the truck and I backed into it, leaning so that she and I were about the same height.

“So,” she said as she walked up to me, straddling my legs. “What did the two of you have in mind for the evening?”

We were so close that our noses were almost touching. I softly alsancak escort touched her waist and leaned in, lightly kissing her neck.

“Well,” I whispered. “I think it’s safe to say that he’s up for anything,” I smiled, “And I just want to make you comfortable. Other than that, it’s kinda up to you.”

My lips were lightly touching her neck and she was starting to breathe heavier into my ear when I heard footsteps.

“This,” I said as I leaned back towards the truck, hand still on her waist. “This is my boyfriend, Justin. Justin, this is Jenna.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said, stopping to take in the view.

“Be careful with her, Jenna,” he said as he started walking over to the driver’s side door. “She likes to do bad, bad things.”

I blushed a little as I smiled at her.

“Sounds like my kind of girl,” Jenna said as her hand lightly brushed the bottom of my left breast. I felt my whole body shudder as he unlocked our door.

“I can see you are going to fit in just fine,” I said as I opened the door for her. “Ladies first.”

We walked into the apartment, Jenna first, then me, and finally Justin. He once claimed that he opened doors not only to be a gentleman, but he liked watching my ass too. I guess he was killing two birds with one stone tonight.

“Well,” I said as I walked in, kicking my shoes off. “This is home. Would you like a tour?” Jenna

nodded as Justin settled down in the kitchen. I’d give more than a penny for what he was thinking right now.

“Ok,” I said, gesturing to the kitchen. “This is the kitchen, followed by the living room,” I walked Jenna from room to room, never letting go of her hand. “Back here is the guest bedroom, the guest bath, and this is our bedroom.”

She stood there and stared at our four-post, king sized bed.

“Well,” I shrugged. “That’s it. You want a glass of red or white wine?” I walked back to the kitchen, getting wine glasses out of the cupboard.

“White’s fine.” I realized that Jenna was now standing behind me. I looked over at Justin, who was sitting at the breakfast table, staring, just a few feet beside us. He looked drunk, but not alcohol drunk; atmosphere drunk. My heart was beating fast. I was starting to realize that my fantasy was about to be lived out. I turned around, holding the glasses in my hand, only to come face to face with Jenna.

“Are you nervous?” She asked me this as she lightly ran her fingers along the exposed bottom curve of my breast.

“Right now I am trying to distinguish my feelings of excitement from nervousness.” I was almost whispering.

“Your heart is beating really fast,” she said, her hand under my shirt, resting on my chest.

“You don’t miss anything,” I said, softly as my eyes began to close.

Justin grabbed the wine and took my hand as he led us to the couch. Jenna’s hand was in my back pocket as she followed behind us. He and Jenna sat on either side of me as I poured the wine. She placed one hand on the arm of the sofa as Justin began rubbing my back. I knew I was nervous, but I had no idea what for. I had wanted this for a long time, but never thought that I would be in a place to act on it. The tension building in the room was extremely erotic. I sat back on the couch and took a deep breath, my chest quivering. Justin held my hand, our fingers entwined as he placed it on Jenna’s leg.

“You like women, I take it,” Justin said as our hands traveled up her thigh.

“Some,” she said as she shifted her body forward, bringing us closer to her pussy. “Some women exude sexuality. I’ve been able to spot that in you since our class.” We began softly rubbing her pussy through her jeans. She picked her head up and again, we were nose to nose.

Justin removed his hand from mine, and I could feel his breath on my ear as he spoke.

“C’mon babe… Kiss her,” he said. His voice was deep and I leaned in closer to Jenna.

Her lips were soft and her tongue lightly brushed my lips as we began to kiss. I increased the pressure of my hand on her pussy. She moaned softly into my mouth. As the kiss began to get deeper, she started moving her hips in rhythm with my hands.

I slid my fingers between her skin and the top of her jeans as if asking for permission to touch her. She pulled away, breaking our kiss.

“You first,” Jenna said. “I want to see what you look like naked.” She looked into my eyes as she pulled my shirt up over my head. I felt Justin’s hands on my back and I stretched to kiss him. He reached around to my chest as Jenna started removing my pants. It was so sensual with two pairs of hands on me; I loved it. I laid my head back in Justin’s lap and he softly kissed me upside down as Jenna began kissing my legs.

She began to tease me and the hairs all over my body stood on end. Her lips were barely brushing my skin and her breath was hot. Minutes seemed like hours as I waited for her mouth to find my pussy.

She teased me so well. She kissed all over the tops of my legs, above buca escort and below my pussy until finally, her lips were on mine.

Justin had since stood up and removed his pants as well. His rock hard dick was out of his boxer brief’s and he was kneeling next to the couch. I looked over and was face to face with his cock. I strained my neck to lean over and kiss it, my lips wrapping around the head. I reached a hand up and wrapped my fingers around the base of his dick as I took as much as I could into my mouth.

“Look,” Jenna said as she lifted her head, the area around her mouth shining with my juices. “You’re all wet…”

I started sucking Justin harder as Jenna teased me. One of her fingers found my hole and she was pushing it inside me very slowly. Justin pinched my nipples as Jenna continued torturing my pussy.

She took her finger out and slowly traced from the top of my clit, down to my ass and back. Each time she passed my hole, she would barely slide her finger in, then taking it out and starting all over.

“You’re gonna fucking kill me!” I said, breaking contact with Justin before he pulled me back to him. My hand was still pumping his dick as Jenna impaled me on her hand.

She thrust her fingers inside me as Justin’s cock went back into my mouth. I could feel her up in my chest as my pussy gripped her fingers. She started sucking my clit again and I could barely hold still.

Jenna kept her mouth on my clit as one hand roamed around my box, her fingers back and forth between my pussy and my ass. She was driving me crazy. She kept bringing me close and then slowing it down. It was incredible.

“Fuck,” I said, looking down at Jenna. “You fuck me so good…” My hands were gripping Justin’s dick and he grabbed my face and pulled me back to him again. The sensations through my body were so strong that I started coming sooner than ever before.

“I’m gonna come….Fuck me…. I’m gonna come….” I looked up at Justin again, my hand now working harder on his dick.

“Baby,” he said as he looked down my body. “C’mon…Come for me.”

That was all it took. My body started convulsing and Jenna didn’t let up on me as I came– not once, but twice. My whole body shuddered as I screamed for her to fuck me harder. God help her, she did.

As I came down, Jenna pulled herself up to me and laid on my chest. I looked at her face, shiny and wet, and she leaned in to kiss me. My hand had left Justin’s dick and was now grabbing her hair as her body fell on mine. I pulled away and licked my lips clean. Just then, I heard Justin cough.

“Hey,” I looked up at Justin. “You didn’t come.”

“Not yet, baby,” he said as he stroked his cock. “Not yet.”

I stood up from the couch and led them back to the bedroom.

“I think everyone here has too many clothes on.” I said as I sat down on the bed and watched as Jenna undressed Justin. His dick was so hard as his pants fell to the floor, I can’t say I blamed her for falling to her knees in front of him.

He looked at me as if to ask if this were OK, and I smiled. I watched as she started sucking his dick. She immediately took the whole length of it into her mouth and he closed his eyes. I was enjoying watching Jenna suck his dick and my fingers were already in my pussy. I watched as she looked up at him and, his hands in her hair. Justin looked over at me. I smiled again, fingers working hard inside of me.

She took all of him into her mouth and her lips were now up against the skin of his stomach. “Damn, that girl is good,” I thought to myself, slightly jealous of the tricks she could pull. Justin’s dick was too big for me to deepthroat, but Jenna obviously had plenty of experience. His head fell back on his neck every time she would swallow him. He loved it and I was loving watching it. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to get into it as well.

I walked over and dropped to my knees behind her. I started feeling her body through her clothes. As she sucked his dick, I ran my hands up the sides of her waist, into her shirt and under her bra. I pinched her nipples, soft at first, and then harder as I bit her neck. She started to moan as I pulled her shirt up over her tits. I thought Justin was about to explode when we both looked up at him: she with his dick in her mouth, and I, sucking on her neck, rolling her nipples in between my fingers.

“C’mere,” he growled as he pulled me next to Jenna. She looked over at me with a smile and started kissing me, her hand still wrapped around his cock. I could taste him in her mouth and I wanted to taste him too.

We took turns sucking his dick, often sucking it at the same time, our tongues touching and flicking around each other’s. Justin’s hands were in my hair and I heard him start to breathe faster. Before he could come, I pulled away from him and grabbed Jenna’s hand. We both stood up, and Jenna was the only one still dressed.

Justin and I undressed her together. She stood there in her matching black bra and panties, tits still hanging out from before.

“Got dressed up tonight, huh?” I stood behind her as my hands were working their way into her panties. She was soaked. I reached down and felt her pussy, my finger easily sliding inside. I held my hand up for Justin to taste. He smiled, licking it clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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