Joann Gets Caught

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I love being in radio. Beats working for a living. But the nicest fringe benefit is seeing the General Manager’s secretary everyday. Joann is a mid thirties woman of Mexican descent with a tight body and black hair that flows just past her shoulders. When she wears her charcoal gray short skirt with black stockings and her dark brown sweater, all I can think about is bending her over her desk and fucking her luscious ass. The problem is Joann’s a good girl who loves her husband. I don’t care if she’s married or not, I just want to fuck her. But I know Joann would never cheat on her husband. Too bad, I bet she’s a great screw. I thought I’d have to content myself with just watching her and never having her. But that was before I found out Joann’s secret.

I’ve been working at this group of stations for three years and Joann’s the only person who’s been here longer. In many ways, she runs the place. She’s the only one who has complete access to everything from personnel files to financial documents. The owner trusts Joann with absolutely everything. He trusts her more than he trusts the general manager. Turns out that was a serious mistake.

During another frustrating meeting with the GM I was told there simply wasn’t enough money to pull of the promotion I wanted for my station. I was so frustrated I came back to the station after hours to look through our financial records. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I was angry and I needed to do something to find out if we really didn’t have any money or if I was being lied to. Our sales department was selling well, no one had a raise recently, so we must be making at least a little money. Most of the documents meant nothing to me, but then I found an invoice for a piece of equipment that was 800 dollars. But the invoice said 1,000 dollars. Was the company we got the equipment from gouging us or had someone here changed the invoice and pocketed the difference?

It made me wonder and over the next few nights I checked every document. There were more discrepancies. Over the last four years, the discrepancies totaled a little over 10 grand. I suppose more than one person could have done this but it didn’t seem likely. Joann was only person who’s worked here over four years. She has the owner’s trust and she controls the money. It had to be her. At first, I was angry that she’d take the money and hurt the stations. Then I realized I knew what she did I could use this to my advantage. I was pretty sure the threat of losing her job and jail time would make her do whatever I wanted. I was finally going to get my wish. I would be fucking Joann very soon.

Good old-fashioned blackmail. That was my way into Joann’s pussy. I would have preferred that she spread her legs willingly, but since that wasn’t going to happen, this was the next best thing. In some ways it was better. Joann could end a conventional affair if she wanted to. But this way, I could make her do anything at any time. Yeah, this was better. The question was how do I tell her I know her secret? Do I let her sweat for a while and play up the power I have over her or do I just tell her what I know and start fucking her right away? I decided to let her sweat, but just for a bit. Not because I felt bad for her and didn’t want her to feel like shit for embezzling from the company, but because I wanted to tear into Joann’s pussy and couldn’t wait much longer.

The next morning I arrived at the station and was happy to see Joann was wearing another of my favorites. A form-fitting blue sweater that buttons in the front (no blouse, just a bra and the sweater), a tight dark blue skirt that ends just above her knees and white stockings. Joann manages to look sweet and innocent yet also very fuckable when she wears that outfit. She’s a good girl that knows she has a cock stiffening body and likes to show it off. But only to a point, Joann isn’t a whore. Although by the end of the day, this good girl would be doing things she had never dreamed of. After exchanging pleasantries with Joann, I went into the studio and began to put things in motion.

When I was ready, I opened the studio door and leaned out. “Joann, can you come in here for a minute?”

“Sure.” She gave me a big smile and walked around the half wall her desk was behind. A she walked towards me, I couldn’t believe today was the day I would finally get to fuck Joann. From the moment I met her three years ago, I’ve fantasized about banging the hell out of her. She slipped past me and into the studio. I closed the door behind her.

“I have some paperwork I need you to see.” I watched Joann’s face as she began to look through the stack of papers that showed how much money she had stolen. At first her face showed Antalya Escort fear. She had been discovered. Then Joann tried to figure a way out. She looked up at me and opened her mouth. She probably was going to play dumb, but she didn’t say anything. She closed her mouth and kept looking at me. Finally a look of resignation appeared on her face. She’d been caught and there wasn’t anything she could do.

“How long have you known?” she asked meekly.

“A couple days. But I didn’t get all the evidence together until last night. What the hell were you thinking, Joann?”

“I don’t know…I was…I’m gonna get fired. Oh God! I’m gonna go to jail!!”

She was starting to panic, so I had to jump in. “Keep your voice down. I’m the only one who knows about this. I’m sure you’ll find some way to keep me quiet.”

The thought of buying me off apparently hadn’t occurred to her. Joann just stood there staring at me. She trembled a little. But the blank look on her face meant I was going to have to lead her through this. She wasn’t going to have any thoughts of her own on how to get out of this. “Look Joann, this is your mess. Go back to your desk and spend the rest of the morning thinking about what you’re going to do. I’ll take you to lunch and you can tell me what you came up with.”

Joann still didn’t say anything; she just headed back to her desk. At least she had the presence of mind to compose herself before she left the studio. She still trembled a little and even wobbled a bit as she walked. All that did was make her ass shake more and make my dick harder. The rest of the morning, Joann absent-mindedly went about her job. I passed her a few times, but she wouldn’t look at me. She looked like she was on the verge of tears. I felt sorry for her, she really was a good person that for some reason did something really stupid. I didn’t feel sorry enough to let her of the hook though. When you have the chance to fuck a woman as spectacular as Joann, you don’t pass on it.

When noon finally arrived I went to Joann’s desk and said, “Let’s go. We’ve got a lot to talk about.” She looked at me for a moment, then dropped her eyes and followed me out the door. Once we were in my car I started questioning her. “What are you going to do, Joann?”

“Please don’t tell anyone. Please. I’ll put the money back somehow.” Joann’s voice shook as she spoke.

“Put it back?” I nearly laughed. “Where are you going to come up with ten thousand dollars? It’d take you years. You think I’ll stay quiet that long?”

“What if I gave you half? I could come up with that. I could…sell my car… or something.” She was out of ideas.

“Are you serious? I don’t want the money. If someone else found out about it, I’d go down with you. That won’t happen. Think of something else.” I guess the thought of fucking her way out hadn’t occurred to her.

Joann stammered, “Well…I…what else is there? Please don’t turn me in. I don’t want to lose my job or go to jail. Tell me what to do.”

I was starting to lose a little patience. “Think, damn it. You stole ten thousand dollars, I don’t care if you put it back and I don’t want half. What do you think I want?”

Joann sat in silence for a while. “I don’t know. Please. Just tell me and I’ll do it. I’ll do anything, just don’t turn me in.” Again, she was on the verge of tears.

I pulled into the restaurant parking lot, stopped the car and turned to her. “You really don’t know what I want?”


She really didn’t know. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t figured it out. “We’ve known each other for three years. Haven’t you noticed in all that time I pay more attention to you than everyone else combined?”

With a bit of fear in her voice she said, “I thought you were my friend.”

I smiled. “I am your friend. I like you very much, Joann. But I’ve also wondered what it would be like to put my friend on her back and fuck the hell out of her.”

Joann just stared at me. No fear, no anger, just total disbelief. She sputtered, “That’s what…how can…I can’t…my husband.”

“Well, there’s always jail.” Now the tears began to flow. “Look, it’s simple. You and I will start having sex or you’ll go to jail. It’s an easy call. I don’t mean to sound like an arrogant bastard, but you won’t be sorry. I will be very, very good to you. This really is just another bonus for you. You keep your husband, your job and the money. And you get all the sex you can handle. Where’s the bad?” I stroked her thigh gently and Joann drew in her breath so sharply, she sound like she had been punched. “Take a moment to pull yourself together and we’ll have some lunch. There’s plenty of time to work on details.”

Joann pulled herself Antalya Escort Bayan together and we got through lunch without her falling apart. On the way back to the station I began to lay down some ground rules. “You need to wear more clothes like what your wearing today. I love those white stockings. The burgundy skirt suit, the charcoal gray skirt and the white skirt suit; I want to see those more often. And don’t wear your hair up.” We pulled into a parking space by the station and I looked at her for a moment. “You never knew I wanted you? I don’t believe that.”

Joann surprised me. Before she answered, she smiled. Just for a moment, though. But long enough to let me know she wasn’t as horrified by her situation as she wanted me to think. “I knew you looked at me a little differently. Smiled a little longer. Hung around my desk even if you didn’t really have a reason to. I just thought you were a friend, I never thought you wanted to…do what you said.”

“You mean you never knew I wanted to fuck you. I want to hear you say it.”

Joann looked down at her hands in her lap and smiled a bit. She looked like a schoolgirl flattered by a boys’ attention. “I never knew you wanted…” She glanced at me and slowly licked her lips. Was she just trying to gather herself, or was she teasing me? Either way, she made me hard as a rock. “I never knew you wanted to fuck me.”

She was driving me crazy. “You better go into the station right now. If you stay here, I’m gonna fuck you right here and I don’t care who sees.” She got out of my car and I watched her ass wiggle as she walked to the front door. Joann always had a good wiggle when she walked away from you, but this time there was something extra. It was pretty clear she was giving me a show. She might never admit it, but it was obvious she was looking forward to becoming my sex toy.

It took a few minutes for my raging hard-on to subside. When I finally went into the station, I saw Joann behind her desk and her entire demeanor had changed. The tease was gone. She looked apprehensive. She whispered to me, “We need to talk.” I followed her into the studio. She looked at me for a while, as if she was trying to find the right words. “I can’t do this. I can’t let you…you know. Please reconsider the money. I just can’t do this, I can’t.”

She was shaking a little and she turned away from me. I walked up behind her and slipped my arms around her waist. She smelled fantastic. She felt so soft. She was perfect. I ran the tip of my tongue from her collarbone to her ear. I felt her shiver as she sighed and pushed herself against me. I let my hands run over her stomach; Christ, she was spectacular! I reached over and locked the studio door. I pulled Joann into the corner of the studio where no one could see us and sat in the chair we kept in the corner. Her back was still to me so when I sat down, her ass was inches from my face. After giving that incredible ass a light squeeze, I grabbed her hips and pulled her into my lap, sitting her squarely on the bulge in my pants. With each fondling of her body, Joann whimpered with pleasure. As I stroked her magnificent thighs, I whispered in her ear, “You can’t? Of course you can. You don’t have a choice. As a matter of fact, we’ll start tonight. Call your husband and tell him you’re working late. After I’m done on the air, I’ll start exploring this perfect body. I can hardly wait to unbutton your sweater and unzip your skirt. God, Joann, I need to fuck you.”

She gasped as I reached up and took a hold of her breasts. She also ground her ass into my crotch. When she spoke, she sounded like she was on the verge of an orgasm. “I’ll call him, but I can’t stay too late.”

“We’ll see, Joann. If you’re as good as I think you’ll be, we could be here a while. When you’re fucking a beautiful woman, you can’t put a time limit on it.” With a pat on the ass, I sent her to her desk. The rest of the afternoon passed slowly. All I could think about was fucking Joann. I’d look out the window of the studio door and just stare at her for a while. She looked up from her work a couple of times and gave me a nervous smile. Somehow I got through my show (not sure how) and watched people leave the station as afternoon became evening. Finally, the last person left. The only people still in the building were Joann and me; it was showtime.

I walked out of the studio and Joann couldn’t have looked more nervous. She wheeled her chair back from her desk and I knelt beside her. I could almost hear her heart pounding. As I stroked her thighs, she closed her eyes and seemed to relax just a bit. “I want you to understand something. I’ll be very good to you. I’ll never hurt you. But make no mistake, Escort Antalya Joann. You belong to me. You and I will fuck just about every day. You’ll blow me almost every day. If I tell you to do something or wear something, you’ll do it. Do you understand?”


“Good girl.” I ran my hands up her body, to the top button of her sweater and slowly began undressing her. “Relax, Joann. You’re too tense. Tell me what you like, that’ll calm you down. Do you like it rough? How about anal? Are you a moaner or a screamer?” I had the sweater unbuttoned. I pulled it off her to reveal a golden brown, tight torso. Her breasts were a little bigger than I thought they were. She wore a smaller bra to hold them back. She still hadn’t answered my questions or even opened her eyes. “Come on, Joann. Talk to me. What do you like?”

She opened her eyes and said in an unsteady, soft voice, “I like…I like it all. You can do whatever you want to me.”

As she spoke, I removed her bra and was confronted by the two most perfect breasts I had ever seen. They were perfectly round and just a little more than a handful with big, erect nipples. I sat back on my heels in awe.

Now it was my voice that was unsteady. “Christ, Joann. You’re incredible! I knew you’d be good, but I never guessed you were this phenomenal. I feel like a fifteen year-old kid that’s looking as his first pair.”

After hearing that, Joann relaxed completely. Her eyes lit up and she smiled. “You really think so? Thanks.” Her smile got bigger and she arched her back, sticking her tits out for me to hold. I took fistfuls of those perfect globes then leaned in and kissed her. The combination of her soft breasts and her warm, moist lips nearly made me cum in my pants. She put her hand on the back of my head and wouldn’t let me stop kissing her. Before I knew it, Joann’s tongue was at the back of my throat. I reached up her skirt with my free hand began to massage her pussy. I needed to fuck her, now. I stood up quickly, breaking free from her grasp. She whimpered and looked hurt. I grabbed her upper arms and dragged her from her chair and around her desk to the lobby floor. I dropped her on the floor and admired that exquisite body as I tore off my pants. She looked so damn good wearing only her tight blue skirt, white stocking and heels. As I took of my pants, Joann wiggled out of her skirt and tossed it over my shoulder. She was completely consumed with lust as she spread her legs and said, “Fuck me!”

I hovered over her. “Beg me, Joann.”

She writhed on the floor and her expression became desperate. She needed me to fuck her as much as I needed fuck her. “Oh God! Cum in me! Tear me apart! Please, I need you to fuck my pussy! PLEASE!”

Joann yelped as I landed on her. I took a few moments to lick her tits and gently bite her nipples. Then I rose up slightly so I could line up my dick with her wet pussy. She threw back her head and screeched as I drove my cock into her. I sank into her velvety soft pussy and she wrapped her legs around me. Joann began to buck wildly and shriek like she was totally out of control. I had to force her flat on the ground and hold her there. If I hadn’t, she would have milked me dry in fifteen seconds.

“Damn, slow down! Give me a chance to enjoy hammering your pussy.”

She slowed down a bit. Joann said a few high-pitched words that were more like moans, “You’re so fucking good. God…yeah.” I slowly picked up the pace and she just kept getting louder. Between squeals, she pleaded with me. “Harder…more…yeah…bang my pussy.” My weight shifted slightly and I guess I found her magic spot because her eyes, which had been boring into me, glazed over. She shook so violently, she nearly threw me across the room. Her screams became frenetic. “FUCK ME!! Ahhhhhhhhhh…mmmmpphhh…yyyeeeaaahhh!!!! Cum with me!! Ahhhh…yyyeeeeaaahhh!!!!!!!!! I need…mmmmmmmmmppppppppphhhhhhhh…your cum…uuunngghhh!! That’s when she came. I had never seen such a look of ecstasy before. And Christ did she scream! I tried to hold back, but I couldn’t. I came with her and just kept cumming. It seemed like I came for an hour as Joann kept coaxing more out of me.

Finally, I collapsed on top of her. We were so exhausted, neither of us could move. Her pussy twitched once in a while, hungry for more but I didn’t have anything left. After we caught out breath, Joann began working on my neck and ear with her masterful tongue. Somehow my cock was getting hard again. She reached down with one hand stroked me until I was even harder than the last time. I had just finished the most mind-blowing fuck of my life and she wanted more. I didn’t realize that our next screw would be even better. But that’s a story for another day.

It’s been about a year since that happened. Hardly a day has gone by where we didn’t fuck the hell out of each other. Joann is insatiable and always manages to make each fuck better than the last. I’ve got some great stories about us. I’ll tell you more later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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