Just Before Dawn

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I could not have slept more than three hours before I was woken. We had had a good time with Cassandra’s friends last night. It was really a pleasure to have gotten to know Beth and Soraya so well.

Now I could feel a heavy presence over my face. Being a bit woozy from the previous night, I started to panic. I started to thrash around. Strong hands grabbed my arms. Relieved, I realised it was Cassandra. It was a smell I had grown to know so well. She had her thighs on either side of my face. Her hands went behind my head and lifted it up towards her pussy.

“It’s time to wake, pussy cat. Time to taste Mommy’s milk,” she cooed.

Slowly my mouth neared her centre. My tongue automatically came out and tasted her early morning juices. They were a pungent mixture of sweat, piss and early arousal fluid. This was the aroma I had grown to love. I could feel the faint scratches of the stubble of pubic hair scratching my nose and cheeks as face was brought into contact with her.

My tongue was still half asleep as I entered between her folds searching for her clitoris. It wasn’t hard to find. Years of steroid consumption had turned it into a little penis. My tongue was still thick with too much alcohol from the night before and too little sleep. It couldn’t perform the delicate strokes Cassandra loved. Clumsily I moved it back and forth and tried to get it into her pussy hole. Her hole was too dry and my tongue not lubricated enough to get it inside.

“Cat got your tongue, sweetie pie? Come let Mommy help you,” and with that she let a tiny stream of piss loose. I was unprepared for this and the stream splattered across my face. She quickly moved to rub her pussy on my newly wet face. Her clitoris, which was starting to emerge from between her folds mashed against my nose. She ground it slowly and deliberately back and forth.

“Open your mouth, pussy needs her milk,” she commanded. This I did without hesitation. She was my boss after all.

Another stream of piss came. This time I was ready and caught it in my mouth. “Don’t swallow, pussy. Savour Mommy’s golden liquid. I saved it up just for you,” she said. I tasted the acrid piss. It was horrible but I dared not disobey her. She went back to the slow grind of her clitoris on my nose and chin. I struggled to breathe, particularly when she spent a long time rubbing herself on my nose. All the time I had this foul piss in my mouth.

After a few minutes of this torture she allowed me swallow the piss. At least this had the effect of lubricating my tongue.

“That should have wakened pussy’s tongue,” she said. And indeed it had. I was now wide awake from that unexpected drink.

“Come don’t you dare tease me, you know what Mommy needs,” she said. Down her pussy came and she lifted my head right up against her. My tongue remembered all its old skill as demetevler escort it went to work in earnest. First I cleaned her slit of all the remnants of the piss. The taste wasn’t so bad now that I had drunk a concentrated burst of it. After that I went to work on her clitoris. First I went to the underside of it where it entered her body. I knew that she didn’t like for me to attack the head in the beginning. Her clitoris had grown by this time. It was peeking out of her folds begging to be satisfied.

I kept probing all around the clitoris without making any direct contact with it. Occasionally I would dip my tongue into her slit. I could feel the wetness deep within her. Her juices together with my spit and the remains of the piss were running down my chin making a right royal mess on my breast. I managed to extricate my arms from the blankets and reached up for her nipples. She had pointy pink nipples on small, firm, tear-shaped 32B breasts. I found her nipples erect and pulled and twisted them firmly in the way she liked. She now started making jerky movements with her pelvis. This told me that she was ready for a direct assault on her clitoris. It had grown into a 5cm little cock at this stage. I started sucking on it as one would a man’s cock. Meanwhile my tongue would dip into her slit as she moved my head back and forth.

“Oooh, that’s sweet,” she moaned. “Mommy likes what you’re doing, pussy cat. You’re doing Mommy sooo good. Aaah, aaah, aaaah. Mommy loves your tongue. You’re such a sweet pussy sucking wench!”

The heat was building up between her thighs. I could feel it building it within her. Her muscular thighs were pressing ever firmer against my face as she neared her climax. I felt as if I was fused with this muscle-bound colossus. Her desire and excitement was being transmitted to me through her massive clitoris. My own pussy started to moisten involuntarily.

I could feel her orgasm approaching in the suffocating furnace between her thighs. I struggled to breathe as her thighs tightened around my head. Her voice rose an octave while viler things came from her mouth, “That’s it, my bitch. Harder. Harder, I said. Don’t play with me, you ugly hag. Make Mommy come, you ungrateful slut.”

My tongue was growing numb. My ears were burning from the friction of her thighs. My face was an unholy mess of sex juices. I knew I couldn’t keep this up much longer. I prayed that she would come soon. Just when I thought I couldn’t go on, her clitoris started contracting. Joyously I recognised this as the onset of her orgasm. She started with tiny jerky movements of her pelvis. Her words had changed to animal grunts. Then it came. “Aieeeee!” she wailed. This continued for two or three minutes until she started coming down from her orgasm. The movements of her otele gelen escort pelvis subsided. At last I could breathe again.

She stayed slumped over me for a few minutes while her breathing returned to normal. I waited patiently for her to finish. She sat up on my chest and looked down at me. Her pale blue eyes had lost their lust and looked down at me with satisfaction. “I thought you had good dictation skills when I hired you but I didn’t know how good that tongue of yours really was. I’m glad I took a chance on you even though you were the ugliest applicant.” She patted my cheek and bent down to kiss me on the forehead.

“Did you enjoy that, pussy? Open up for me,” Cassandra reached back and threw the blankets off me while I spread my legs and lifted my hips off the bed as far as it would go with her sitting on top of me. She put two thick fingers in my mouth for me to lick and then stuck one each into my arse and pussy. Her middle finger went painfully into my dry arse while her index finger went into my now slimy pussy. I winced went her finger entered my arse but the pain was overtaken by the pleasure of her other finger in my pussy. It was such a long time since she entered me there.

“Looks like pussy liked helping Mommy,” she said.

“Yes, Miss Howe,” I replied as her finger grazed my clitoris as she sawed her fingers up and down.

“What’s this?” she asked as her finger delved deeper into my anus. “Push.”

I pushed while she dug. She came out with some horrid brown stuff and brought it to my lips. I dutifully opened and sucked my own shit off her finger. It felt nutty and tasted awfully bitter. I felt the first spasms of vomiting but determinedly held back. It would simply not do to throw up on my boss. She went back for more a couple of times. I really started feeling sick but kept a smile on my face.

Cassandra stared fixedly into my eyes as she waited for me to lick every last drop from her fingers and swallow it all each time.

“God, what a dirty girl you are, Fiona,” she said. “Why do I always find such depraved sluts? Happily gulping down your own shit.” With this she fished a sizable piece out of my bum and smeared it up my nostrils.

“You look really slutty and uglier than usual, Fiona,” she said. “Well, we don’t have time to play now, now do we? I’ve got to run, sweetie. Mommy’s got important business this morning.” With this she got off me and traipsed to the shower.

I remembered that Cassandra had a photo shoot with her bodybuilder friends up in the mountains this morning. I realised that the reason why she was so savage this morning was to take the edge off her horniness. Her friends didn’t know that she was into girls. She would not have been able to hide her lusty peeks at their naked bodies for the entire balgat escort morning as they posed amongst the rocks. Now that her lust was sated she could act like a straight woman.

The shit drying on my upper lip was a stark reminder of what Cassandra had turned me into. Even so I couldn’t help being excited by her. Lazily and secretely I played with myself while she sang in the shower. Cassandra didn’t like me playing with myself. She said it was a sign of depravity and disrepect for her.

When she emerged from the bathroom I looked at her body with admiration. It was incredible that this athlete had chosen me as her lover. She stood 1.79 metres tall. Blond hair in a page cut. Proud, perky breasts topped a flat tummy with rippling abdominal muscles, muscular thighs and well-defined calves. Her entire body was denuded of any hair after she shaved herself in the shower. She was twelve years my junior at twenty-seven years old. She looked like a goddess and was already an associate in our law firm. How lucky could I get?

She bent over the bed when she was done dressing. “Mommy has to go now. Sorry that I don’t have time to help you with your problem. I’ll ask Carol to see to you. Do you love Mommy, pussy cat?” she asked rubbing me between my spread legs through the bedclothes.

“Yes, Miss Howe, I love you,” I replied arching my hips towards her hand.

“Good, then give Mommy a kiss” I stretched and fastened my lips on hers. Her strong tongue invaded my mouth immediately sending a jolt of electricity straight down between my legs. It was over way too soon as her tongue left my mouth after a few seconds.

“You taste like shit,” she spat on my face. “How can you kiss me with that foul mouth? Don’t you have any respect for me?”

“I-I-I am sorry, Miss Howe, I do respect you,” I stammered.

Cassandra stared down at me with those cold, blue eyes with barely concealed contempt playing on her thin lips. She slipped her hand under the sheets and came into contact with my hairy, slippery mound. Her finger slipped inside my pussy and she held me as one would a bowling ball. Her powerful arms and fingers roughly lifted me and pushed me down onto the bed. She was driving me to a huge orgasm.

“Miss Howe, I’m getting so c-c-close … can I please come now?” I beseeched her.

“No, control yourself, you oversexed slut,” she replied. This was getting increasing difficult to do as she mercilessy pounded me up and down like a rag doll. I was losing the battle as my spine started tingling with the early stages of my my orgasm. She gave my pussy one last poweerful squeeze from which I almost came. Then suddenly she gave me an almighty punch in my solar plexus.

“Horny, disobedient slut!” Cassandra exclaimed. The air whooshed out of my lungs and my eyes flew wide in surprise. I crawled up into a foetal position, clutching my tummy. She coolly looked at me in torment for a few seconds, then grabbed her bags and left the room. I was left writhing with tears streaming out of my eyes in a confusing mixture of pain and pleasure as I heard her high heels clicking down the stairs. I heard saying something inaudible to Carol and then she was out of the front door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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