Kenya Goes to Zambia

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Zambian Nights: Another sultry tropical tale

It had been a long, hard days travelling in the Kafue, Zambia’s biggest national park. But satisfying. We had seen elephant, lion, puku, sable, an incredible array of birds. We reached the camp a few hours before sunset, and pitched our camp. It was the most extraordinary setting, right on the banks of the Kafue River.

At the back of the camp site was a crystal clear hot spring, in front was the river, where herds of elephant, large pods of hippo and scores of buffalo moved noisily back and forth, grunting, bellowing, trumpeting and groaning.

We built a big fire against the lions, cooked a sublime meal, drank some whisky. You snuggled against me, and I relaxed back against the big leadwood tree under which we had pitched our camp. You slid your hand down and began to fondle my cock through the soft cotton of my trousers, and as I began to stiffen, you turned and whispered in my ear “I want to fuck you, right here, under the stars as the sun goes down.”

I kissed you back and slid my hands across your breasts, you weren’t wearing a bra, your nipples stiffened in the cool evening breeze, and you moaned as I pinched your left nipple. I slid my hand down to your thighs, and began to softly rub between your legs as you leaned back and began to purr like the lioness that you are.

Just then the late afternoon that had been resonating to the sounds of fiery-necked nightjars and hippo was broken by the sound of a diesel engine. We broke away from each other, dismayed. Company. The last thing we wanted.

A battered old Land Cruiser waddled into camp. We groaned, our idyll had been broken,

The engine cut, and in the glow of the sunset, one of the most beautiful and sexiest women we have ever seen climbed out of the Cruiser.

She had long, dark blonde hair and the longest legs this side of a giraffe, unrestrained breasts that shifted gorgeously inside her completely see through top, dark, Italian looks and a mouth that screamed out to be kissed. She was wearing the shortest shorts I have ever seen, but this was no bimbo. “Shit,” she said, “If I had known there were people here I would have put on some clothes, sorry people.”

“Fucking hell,” she said, “I’m supposed to be at Nanzilha tomorrow morning at sparrows fucking fart to guide some clients, but the Cruiser’s got a petrol block and I need to flush the lines. Do you mind if I camp here tonight? My name’s Francesca, by the way.”

Turns out Francesca is a Zambian born and bred of Italian and British parents, a wild child who never really left the bush, despite a three year stint at UCT getting her zoology degree.

We invited her to the fire, where the remains of our steaks were sizzling, and she ate with gusto, juice from the meat dripping down her full lips. We popped a bottle of red wine, then she hauled a joint out of her bush shirt, and we all got very mellow. It was a magical African evening, the sounds were intense and we watched as an elephant ghosted past in the distance.

We were all getting a little bit silly. Then Francesca pulled a film canister out of her pocket and said, “Does anyone want to do a line of coke?” We said why not, and snorted the white powder, and immediately felt the erotic rush.

Francesca stood up, and said “have you seen the hot springs, there is the most amazing beach there?” We walked with her, and there, Keçiören Escort behind the camp, were these limpid pools, with a soft sandy beach all around. She stripped off her clothes and dived into the water, we hesitated briefly then followed.

Francesca emerged from the water and we both gasped. She had the body of a goddess, long, rangy legs, firm, high breasts with big nipples, a sexy swagger made more pronounced by the dope and coke. She spread a bunch of kikois on the sand and lay down, as we, in turn, stripped and dived into the hot spring.

The hot water was sublime, erotic, caressing, and we played with each other in the deeper water, forgetting we had an audience. You reached under the water and stroked my cock, it started getting hard as I slid my hand up between your thighs and found the wetness of your cunt. The tip of my finger slipped inside you, another finger found the opening of your arse as you kissed me deeply, your tongue caressing my lips.

“Hey you two,” Francesca’s voice broke the moment, “don’t be so fucking selfish, share the bliss.”

We broke our embrace and looked up. She was up on her haunches, and then slid down and opened her legs, and began stroking her breast, then slowly slid one finger through the wet slit of her cunt.

“Come on, let’s join her,” you whispered in my ear, and you stood up in all your magnificent nakedness and sauntered across, proud and erotically beautiful. You sank down beside her and lay back on the sand between her legs and begin to kiss her, she kissed you back, and the two of you embraced in a wonderfully erotic twining of wet bodies.

I’m not sure what to do with myself, and then you turn and whisper “join us, lick me.” You are lying on your stomach, kissing Francesca, your thighs open and wide as you kneel, your cunt wet and extended. I kneel down and begin to slowly lick you, up from your clitoris, through your cunt lips and then slowly, very slowly, sliding my tongue into your vagina.

You are doing the same thing to Francesca, at the same time pinching and caressing her nipples, then sliding your tongue up her body and kissing her deeply, tongues mixing and sliding together, your hands slipping and sliding and sweaty and slithering up the crack of her arse as she slides both her hands up onto your arse cheeks and spreads them and pulls your vagina down onto her face. She slowly, slowly, licks your cunt and slides her tongue down and starts to tongue your arse.

Her low-slung breasts are beautifully rounded melons with just a slight sag, the jutting nipples erect and dark. Her chocolate colored areolas are oval shaped, large and crinkled. Her pubic triangle is thick, dark and damp. She sat down, spread her legs and began to finger her cunt in full view of you.

You watched, fascinated, as the fingers of one hand spread her lips while the other stroked and rubbed her clit. “Join me? Please?” She whispered, her voice husky.

Your cunt was wet. “God, you’re so sexy,” Francesca said. “Your cunt is perfect. Let me see your clit.” Her tongue ran along her lips, leaving them wet, glossy.

“What a beautiful cunt,” Francesca said. “I can smell it from here. Slide your fingers in and out while you stroke yourself. I want to see you cum. Your juices are running out and down onto your lovely brown asshole. God, sometimes I wish Etimesgut Escort I were a man and could fuck a cunt like yours.”

The sight of Francesca masturbating was extraordinarily erotic. You slide up and begin to kiss her deeply, your right hand slipping up and grabbing her hair, caressing her head, pulling her mouth down onto yours, your tongue slipping between her delicious lips, kissing and kissing, as you feel your wetness growing and getting deeper. Her tongue dances in your mouth, you dart yours in and out for fun, then slide it in deeper, as your nipples rub together. Then you roll onto your back, and she cups your face and kisses you deeply.

And she whispers in your ear: “You know you want it. You want to feel my breath against your skin. Feel my mouth caress your body. You want my fingers. You want my fingers tickling and teasing, sliding in and pleasing you. You want my hands. You want my hands squeezing and stroking, kneading and petting you. My Mouth, my tongue…”

She teases your nipple, lightly pinching and twisting it between her fingers. Your chest presses against hers. Nipples brushing against nipples.

Her hands cup your face and her body slides down yours inch by inch, caressing. Her tongue licks and teases your nipples, suckling, down your stomach, flickering around your bellybutton, kissing your skin.

Her hands move lower and up between your legs, cupping your cunt from behind. You shifted your knees apart to give her easier access. She slid her middle finger between your lips while still stroking the outside with her other fingers. Her middle finger went right to your clit and began to trace soft circles around and over it. Then you slide down and begin sucking her cunt.

You change from licking to gently sucking on her clit, then searching again with your tongue, probing, tasting, exploring outer and inner lips before returning your attention to her swollen clit, pushing two fingers into her cunt at the same time. Her breathing quickens, hands become more urgent behind your head, holding you there, urging you on. “Oh fuck, baby….that’s so good….don’t stop….please don’t stop….oh fuck….fuck!” Waves of pleasure sweep through her and she lets herself go in her orgasm. Muscles contract, her body goes tight, then follows the slow release of tension as she comes down from her peak Raising yourself on your knees you ease your fingers out and lean forward to hold her. You are transfixed by her beauty, watching the way she walks, the shape of her hips and the way her body moves. “It’s your turn now,” she says.

She starts to stroke you, soft hands move higher, cupping and surrounding your breasts, you close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of her hands and mouth on your skin. She slides her hands up to your shoulders again, and eases her weight forward slightly, pinning you down, then lowers her head to kiss you.

You are so turned on, so wet, desperate now to have her between your legs, but don’t want the eroticism to stop.

“Open your eyes” she says, “Watch.” She releases your hands, draws herself up and kneels above you. In the late sun she looks like a goddess, she oozes female sexuality. Her hands glide across her body, beginning with her breasts, pinching her own nipples, she moves her hands down, across her stomach, over her hips and down the outside of Demetevler Escort her legs then slowly, deliberately, she draws her hands up her inner thighs.

She moves her left hand to her chest again, stroking her breasts, her right hand continues its path until with four fingers she covers her cunt. Closing her eyes she starts a slow circular rhythm before spreading her fingers, running her middle finger up and down her lips, making it slick with her juice before slowly sliding it in.

Sinking down she lowers herself onto you, skin against skin, electricity passing through your nipples as they touch and with just one of her legs between yours you can feel the moist heat from her cunt on your thigh as she slides down, kissing and nibbling over you body, heading for your hot, wet, waiting cunt.

Her mouth explores all around your cunt, but never quite touching it, kissing into the hollow at the top of your inner thigh, feeling with her tongue. Your cunt is on fire, the sensations radiate out through your loins. You are aware of someone breathing quickly, heavily, then suddenly realise the noises are coming from your own mouth. “Oh fuck… fuck, that feels so good.”

Making her tongue harder she starts to lick at your clit, your body starts to go tense as the waves of pleasure head to an orgasm. Slowing for a second she raises her head. “No, not yet my love. Not until I’ve finished with you,” she teases. With that her tongue softens again, moving her attention back to your lips, two fingers pushing into you, filling you, slipping in easily. She starts to work her hand slowly back and forth, no pain only pleasure. “Oh baby, can you feel my fingers? I love how wet you are, I love the way you taste. I want to make you cum. Cum for me, my love.”

Dipping her head she gently sucks your clit, before starting her rhythm again, briefly in circles then up and down, her rhythm becoming harder, regular, faster.

She is kneeling, her wet cunt glistening in the sunset, and I couldn’t take it any more. I slide my cock inside her, and begin to stroke her breasts.

“Enough, enough,” she gasped and slid out from beneath you, and leant forward and took my hard cock in her hands and began to suck it. You joined her, and kissed her with my cock between both of your lips, your tongues meeting, the sensation was almost unbearable. Then she slid down and lay on her back, my cock between her legs, pointing up, and pulled your head down between her thighs. You held my cock so that it was riding between the lips of her cunt, then started to tongue from side to side, licking her cunt lips and licking my cock, her wetness getting more and more intense as you licked.

“Fuck, fuck, please fuck me,” she moaned, and you guided my cock inside her, she was wet, wet, wet and tight, and my cock was clenched by her cunt as you held it there, and slid your body up both of ours and rubbed your breasts against hers and kissed her deeply, and she slipped two fingers inside you and arched them up against your G spot and then she started to come and squirted wetness and screams and you pulled my cock out of her and slid it inside yourself and we got into a slow rhythm as Francesca slid down and inserted her tongue onto your clit and began to lick as you slid a finger up her wet arse and slowly caressed her and she arched her back and screamed fuck I’m coming again and you could feel her contracting and squeezing and you started to come and your cunt squeezed my cock and you came and came and came and I slid out and Francesca pulled my cock into her cunt and fucked me and fucked me as you kissed her and kissed her and the two of you rubbed your nipples slowly against each other and I came as we all collapsed in a heap and the African night descended.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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