Kissing Katarina Pt. 04

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As I read the story to her Kat managed to distract me a little by placing soft kisses on my left shoulder. As I got to the part in chapter one where Evie, the heroine of ‘Fulfillment’, was being seduced for the first time by Harriet, her domineering boss, I felt Kat’s leg slide up over me and felt an amazing and unexpected thrill run through me as her wet pussy lips made contact with my thigh. It was unexpected because, after all our sexual exertions of the day I genuinely didn’t think either of us would be able, or even want, to make love again.

I read in a low, even voice:

Harriet stood in the doorway to her office, her auburn hair up in its usual bun, wearing her standard outfit of white blouse, black jacket, black pencil skirt, tights and low, black heels. She looked on with dismay as a disheveled Evie ran into the office, her work bag over her shoulder, her chestnut curls made into dripping ringlets by the rain she had had to run through. Her rain soaked, white summer dress was clinging to her everywhere. When she’d left the house it had been sunny but, as she’d got off the bus, a huge downpour had started, totally unexpected, and she had been thoroughly soaked by that and the splashes from passing traffic, which seemed to take great joy in driving through the flash floods and soaking the pedestrians.

“Evie, when you have a moment, please?” Harriet said in a stern voice.

Evie looked across thinking, ‘Shit, I am in so much trouble.’

Out loud she said, “Yes, Miss French.”

She placed her bag on her desk and headed to the corner office. As she entered, Harriet closed the door behind her. Evie stood and waited, expecting Harriet to return to her chair, but instead she stood in front of her, looking at her in a way that Evie couldn’t quite decipher.

“Evie, this is the third time this week you’ve been late,” Harriet said sternly, “what is going on?”

Evie looked at her boss, pleading with her eyes, “I’m sorry Miss French. There was a sudden rainstorm and it slowed me down. I kept slipping on the pavement in my heels, and…”

Harriet interrupted her, “Yes, Evie. I can see. But on Monday it was because of that homeless man you decided to stop and help, on Tuesday it was the phone call from your mother and today it’s a rainstorm. This isn’t a good record, is it?”

Evie wondered why Harriet hadn’t sat down. Was she going to be fired on the spot? She hoped not. She loved her job and, despite all appearances, had a secret crush on Harriet French. She considered her boss to be elegant, beautiful and as sexy as hell, although she would never admit it publicly.

“No Miss French. It isn’t. I’m sorry. I’ll do anything to make it up to you. I love my job.”

Harriet got a thoughtful look on her face.


Evie looked at her, straight into those beautiful, dark eyes and swallowed before saying, “Yes, Miss French. Anything.”

Harriet’s face softened, which surprised Evie, and she said in a much kinder voice, “Look at you. You poor thing. You must be soaked to the skin.” She stared brazenly at Evie’s breasts, the nipples of which were clearly showing through the wet material of her dress, “I don’t suppose you have anything to change into, either, do you?”

“No, Miss French. I didn’t think I’d have to bring a change of…”

“It’s okay, Evie. As luck would have it I’ve got that conference in Yorkshire tomorrow so I’m leaving straight from here. I’m sure I’ll have something in my case that will fit you. Let’s get those wet clothes off you girl.”

As I read the ensuing seduction I could feel my own excitement rising as Kat slid herself against my thigh. I had to stop reading for a second to let out a soft moan as I felt Kat’s hand sliding down over my mound, her fingers finding my willing and aroused clit and starting to stroke her. This caused my legs to open a little way, which served to apply more pressure to Kat which in turn caused her to moan. As I carried on reading I could feel myself getting closer. It was such a slow build, not some urgent need, which was hardly surprising given the circumstances. I found that reading and focussing on the story made it that much more intense and delicious.

As I read the words:

Evie marveled at the sight of Harriet’s shaved mound, her puffy lips and how clearly excited and wet she was. She knelt in front of her and Harriet put her hands in her hair and pulled Evie toward her, opening her legs a little wider, and Evie tasted her for the first time.’

Kat whispered, “I’m coming, honey,” and started shaking on me which only served to make her movements on my clit that much faster but less rhythmic, pushing me over the edge, a beautiful, gentle orgasm that washed through me. Unsurprisingly I dropped the book on my chest as I came, pulling Kat closer to me.

Our orgasms slowly abated and we finally kissed. A long kiss that was soft and tender. We had then arranged ourselves, me behind Kat, holding her, kissing her neck as we’d fallen asleep.


The following morning Otele Gelen Escort I slowly drifted up out of sleep as the sun shone through the bedroom windows. I was lying on my side, loosely snuggled against Kat’s back, my arm draped over her waist.

I could hear Kat’s deep breathing, I caught the scents from her hair and skin. I loved the smell of her, the touch of her. I kissed her neck gently and she stirred under me, letting out a small moan, taking my hand in hers and pulling it up to her breast, holding me close.

I heard a murmured, “Good morning, honey.”

I smiled and placed another kiss on her neck, “Morning babe. Did you sleep well?”

“Better than I have in ages. I think you wore me out.”

I laughed, “I think we wore each other out, babe. I slept wonderfully. I feel so refreshed.”

She slowly turned in my arms and we were facing each other. I looked into those glorious, green eyes as she smiled at me and then we kissed.

She said, “So what’s on menu today, honey? Do we make more bread?”

I had a quick think and said, “I think we have enough bread for now. How do you like the idea of going shopping?”

She got a puzzled look, “Shopping for what? Ingredients for new lesson?”

I smiled, “No, I was thinking about some clothes. I’d like to take you out to dinner somewhere special and I want to treat us to new outfits.”

She got a mischievous grin on her face, “You buy extra short dress so I can see all of your legs?”

I giggled, “Okay. As long as you get a short dress as well, it’s a deal.”

She frowned, an expression I wasn’t happy to see, and said, “Not for wearing to restaurant. Will wear in house only.”

I looked at her, gave her a quick kiss and said, “Let’s just look, okay babe? I’d love to see you in something like that. Show off those lovely legs.”

I saw a little fire in her eyes as she said, “Are you making fun, Anna?”

I was horrified, “No! No babe! Really. I told you yesterday. I don’t see them the way you think, and I would be so proud to be out with you in public. Really.”

She swallowed and I watched as she visibly calmed. Quietly she said, “Is possible. With you. Let’s see though. Don’t push honey, okay?”

I gave her another small kiss, “I won’t, babe. I promise. You want to go out to dinner though, right?”

She nodded, “Yes. Would be nice to be out together.”

We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed. I had a sudden memory from the day before.

“What time is it, Kat?”

“I don’t know. Phone and clock are in kitchen.”

I slid out of bed and said, “Give me a second.”

As I was walking out of the door I heard Kat say, “You have nice ass, honey.”

I laughed and pushed my bum out a little, giving it a little shake and she giggled.

In the kitchen I looked at the clock. It was just after nine. I walked back to the bedroom and, as I walked in Kat said, “Nice tits too.”

I ignored her for the moment and said, “Kat. It’s after nine. I’m supposed to be meeting Liz for coffee at my place at eleven. I need to shower and get back to my place and change.”

She slid up and put her legs over the side of the bed. I picked up her crutches and handed them to her. She stood up and looked at me.

“It’s okay honey. Let’s get you dressed and you can shower and sort yourself out. How long do you think it will take? What time are we shopping?”

I thought about it, “Two hours at most. I’ll come and pick you up at one. We can get some lunch in town.”

She thought for a moment, “Okay, but how about I come to your house at one then? Silly you driving just that short distance and I’d like to see your place.”

“Are you sure, Kat?” I was worried about her walking quite that far although, if I thought about it, she’d walked much further from the car to the swimming pool the day before.

She grinned, “I’m not completely useless, honey. I can walk. Just takes a bit longer and will be nice to see where you live.”

I don’t know why but the thought of us being together in my cottage made me go all warm inside. I leaned forward and kissed her, “That sounds wonderful.”

“Want breakfast before you go, honey? Coffee?” Kat asked.

“That sounds lovely.”

“Okay I’ll fix while you dress and I watch.”

I laughed and we went through to the kitchen. I got my outfit from the day before and got dressed while Kat organised coffee, deliciously naked, and watched me, occasionally making complimentary, and silly, comments along the way.

Once I was dressed I helped make toast and we sat and and ate it and sipped our coffee.

I looked at her as we were finishing and said, “I love your body, babe. Not fair flaunting it at me while I’m all dressed, though.”

She cocked her head and looked, “You are nuts. I don’t have fabulous body.”

I smiled, “Oh no? Well it suits me and I love looking at you.”

“Okay, it’s good. I like you being nuts.”

We giggled and I said, Balgat Escort “RIght, I’d better be going babe. See you at one.”

We had a lingering kiss and I grabbed my bag and, as I was about to leave Kat said, “You forgot something, honey.”

I looked around, “Oh! My toy…”

She smiled, “No, I can bring that if you need.”

I looked at her. She pursed her lips and suddenly it was obvious, “Oh god, Kat. I’m so sorry. Will you ever forgive me? I love you.”

She kissed me and with a big smile said, “You’re forgiven. For now. Just don’t do again. I love you too, honey.”

I wandered back to my house in a little dream world, thinking how my life had changed so wonderfully in the last forty eight hours. I got home, went through to my bedroom, undressed and walked into the bathroom. I had a long, luxurious shower, lathering myself completely and then using the shower head to rinse off. As I washed between my legs I got a delightful tingle but, as on the day before, decided I should probably prioritise getting ready.

Keeping in mind the discussion we’d had about skirt lengths, and given the weather was once again looking good, I thought I’d surprise Kat with my black and white floral print mini dress. It has short sleeves, a plunge neckline and is well above mid thigh. For underwear I chose a matching black lace bra and pantie set. On my feet I just wore three inch, grey wedge sandals.

When I was done I went through to the kitchen and looked at the clock. It was almost eleven so I started arranging the coffee, putting the kettle on, putting out mugs, sugar and milk on the breakfast bar. I was just filling the cafetière when I heard a knock on the door.

I called out, “Come on in Liz! The door’s open!”

I heard the door open and Liz walked in. We both looked at each other and burst out laughing.

She was wearing a spaghetti strap summer dress but the pattern was also a black and white floral print, not dissimilar to mine.

Liz came over and gave me a hug.

“Hey Anna, so have you been spying on me getting dressed or something?”

I laughed as I returned the hug with genuine affection.

“I knew that set of binoculars would come in handy,” I said, “Okay, let me pour the coffee.”

I knew from all our previous get togethers that she took her coffee with milk and a half teaspoon of sugar.

Liz sat down on one of the stools and, as I handed her a mug she said, “So come on then. I want all the gossip about our new neighbour. Tell me all the scandal.”

I felt a little blush as I said, “She’s wonderful, shy, funny, gorgeous and sexy as…”

She giggled, “Oh my. I have to meet this vision of heaven. You’re completely taken, aren’t you?”

I smiled, thinking of Kat, “Feels a bit more than that to be honest. I feel a little ache that she’s not here now.”

She got a small frown and said, “So why didn’t you invite her to coffee? I’d love to meet the woman who stole my friend’s heart so quickly.”

“Well, she’s a little shy and anyway, I wanted to catch up with you. If I gushed like that in front of her I think she’d probably be stumped for words. Once she knows you she is a very different person.”

“Are you seeing her today? I feel a bit guilty that I’m keeping you from seeing her. If I was in your place I’d have woken this morning and been straight round there.”

I felt my blush again and she burst out laughing, “Oh my god! You only just came home, didn’t you?”

I just nodded and, holding my mug in both hands, took a sip of my coffee.

“You moved quickly, didn’t you?”

I felt I had to defend myself, and Kat, a little so I said, “Well, it was pretty obvious from the beginning that the feeling was mutual. It just took her to train me into not being awkward around her…”

Liz looked confused, “You? Awkward around someone? Good grief, Anna, what is this woman like? She must be some Amazonian Princess for you to be tongue tied.”

I didn’t want to prejudice Liz by telling her directly so I just smiled and said, “You’ll find out when you meet her, but she really is beautiful, Liz. She also makes me laugh. A lot.”

She smiled, “She sounds wonderful. What did you say her name was?”

“Katarina, which is such a wonderful sounding name, but she likes to be called Kat.”

Somehow just saying her name had an effect on me. I felt a tingle in my nipples and a little twinge down below.

Liz raised her eyebrows, “Wow, Anna. You really have it bad, don’t you? Just saying her name changed your voice and the look on your face. I’m jealous.”

It was my turn to be perplexed, “Jealous? Of me?”

She lifted her mug, took a sip, looking at me over the top of it before saying, “Sort of. Just jealous of being so enamoured of someone. She’s a lucky woman to be admired quite this much. I’m happy for you, hun.”

She put her hand out and gave my arm a squeeze.

The rest of the time was spent telling her about our swimming, the bread making, Büyükesat Escort our plans to go shopping and going to dinner. For obvious reasons I skipped over the details of the many love making breaks.

Eventually Liz said, “Okay I have to go, hun. I’m so happy for you. Come here.”

She stood and held her arms wide. I went to her and she gave me an enormous, arms wrapped hug and surprised me by giving me a soft kiss on my lips.

She pulled back and said, “Been wanting to do that for ages. Got to run! Bye hun. See you soon I hope. Have fun with Kat today.”

She left me standing there somewhat perplexed and confused. At no time in our friendship had she ever let on that she was even bisexual. When she’d had dates they had always been with guys but nobody had entered her life that lasted more than a couple of dates so far.

I shook my head to clear it and decided to just get on with tidying up. Once everything was cleared I looked at the clock and saw it was still only just coming up to midday. Should I go and get Kat so we could leave earlier? Then I remembered she wanted to see the cottage so I decided I’d go out onto the patio with my laptop and write a little of my new book in the sunshine. An hour would mean I could complete the latest scene where Melinda and Jasmine made love on the hillside.

I sat out in the sunshine, my laptop on the outdoor dining table and started writing. As is often the case when I’m writing it served to get little tingles going everywhere. I was feeling the warmth between my legs increasing from earlier and, looking at the time, realised I still had thirty minutes to go before Kat would arrive. I leaned back in the sun chair and lifted the hem of my dress, sliding my panties to one side I started to play. I looked down, watching how my clit was poking out of her hood, stroking her with two fingers. I was so wet that I decided I didn’t want to ruin my panties so I stood briefly, sliding them down and putting them on the table.

I lay back once more and started playing again. I was lost in the world I was writing, mixing that with images of Kat’s beautiful body. Her delightful breasts with erect nipples, her beautiful pussy, wet and open in front of me.

I was close to coming and was moaning, “Oh god Kat, yes!” when I heard a sound behind me. A clattering sound.

I quickly turned, pulling my dress back down to cover myself, to find Kat, leaning on the doorway, on only one crutch. The other was on the ground, clearly the source of the noise I’d heard. She was in a beautiful orange, full length skirt with a black tee shirt. She was staring at me through her glasses.

Kat was blushing furiously, “Oh no. Sorry, Anna. So sorry. I’ll leave. Come back. Sorry.”

I didn’t want her to leave. I stood up and went to her. She shied away from me which horrified me. It physically hurt to see her draw away.

“No, Kat. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have to now I have you. Please, forgive me?”

Still blushing and staring at the ground, she mumbled, “It’s okay. Really. You can do on your own. I understand. I do.”

I recalled the scene from the day before and decided now was the time to be honest with her. To let her know.

I put my hands around her waist and was relieved when she didn’t pull away. I kissed her, which involved me leaning down a little since I had a distinct height advantage with my heels. She returned the kiss gently.

I pulled back, “Okay Kat, I need to tell you something.”

I leaned down, picked up her fallen crutch and she placed it under her right arm.

“Please, babe. Come and sit down.”

I went back to the table and closed my laptop. Kat followed and sat on the chair next to mine, propping her crutches up against the table.

“Kat, I have a confession to make.”

She wouldn’t look at me but said, “Liz is your girlfriend, isn’t she? I saw her from my lounge. Why I came early I knew she left. She’s very beautiful.”

I was horrified. “No! No Kat! She isn’t. That isn’t what I’m talking about.”

She looked up briefly and the look of hope on her face almost broke my heart, “She isn’t? You still love me?”

I took her hand in mine, “Yes, Kat. I still love you. Liz is a good friend, that is all. My confession is about what you just saw and… something I saw.”

Now she looked puzzled, “Something you saw? What did you see?”

I took a deep breath, “You remember yesterday, when I came back to your cottage with the bread making things? You were in the bath.”

She blushed, obviously remembering what it was she was doing in the bath but replied, “Yes, I remember.”

I swallowed, “Well, there’s no easy way of saying this so… I had been there a while. I saw you. In the bath. You had your eyes closed and your headphones on and… well, I watched you.”

Her eyes went wide, “You watched me? You saw me… what I did?”

I nodded, “Yes, Kat. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have. It was a terrible invasion of your privacy but… it was just so beautiful.”

She nodded her head slowly, “And you heard me. What I said.”

“Yes, Kat. I did. I didn’t know what it meant but… well I do now.”

A moment of silence passed and eventually she looked up at me and I was relieved to see a smile as she said, “It’s not fair then, honey, is it? You saw me have orgasm. You didn’t have orgasm. We’re not even.”

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