Kitten: Another Lazy Sunday

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I watched a lot of TV, I did a lot of laundry, caught up with email and talked to some friends.

I was having a great day! Just what I needed. A little R&R and some “me time” to round out the weekend. I guess I’m becoming a little domesticated but doing laundry and other menial jobs really sets my mind at ease lately. I am *not* looking forward to next week. Project launches and meetings abound.

I finished dinner and poured another glass of wine. I settled down on the couch and folded my last piece of laundry. Perhaps folding is an over statement, it’s a black thong. As I touched it and felt the smooth fabric against my skin I felt a little tingle and remembered the fond times I’d had teasing boys with it. It’s funny how just a little thong showing above your jeans can drive boys a little crazy. It’s as if they think that thong = nympho. Maybe so in my case. Maybe so.

MR G: Good evening.

I had been hoping he’d message me! Our chats had turned into all out fantasy stories. He is a bit of a word smith. I can’t ever recall wanting to touch myself so much since this all started. This morning I had a bath and came 3 times in the tub. I was a complete prune when I finally poured myself out of it.

I’m giddy, maybe he’ll regale me with another tale now if I ask nicely.

BECCA: Hello. 😉 How are you?

MR G: I’m just fine thank you. Out for a drive. Currently sitting in a parking lot enjoying the view of the lake and the city skyline.

BECCA: Awwwww you’re such a romantic.

MR G: I’ve been called worse. But that’s not why I’ve messaged you.

BECCA: Oh really? Is it story time?

MR G: Once upon a time, a man visited your city and came to your house.

BECCA: Where are you???

MR G: Bellfield.

Shit. That’s my town. He only lives about 30 minutes from here but obviously he’s gone out of his way to be close by. We’ve been talking for a couple of weeks. He’s made me wet with his words, he’s made me cum without actually touching me. He’s called me pet, kiddo and princess, each time sending my imagination spinning into an abyss of pleasure and wonder.

He’s seen me. A lot of me. I’ve sent photos. We’ve talked about getting together but never set any specific plans in place.

I am drawn to his conviction, the way he writes, he knows what he wants. The way he can command me with a simple message to do things and I’ll feel obligated, nay *compelled* to comply. On this particular Sunday however, I was feeling… playful. Hell he was in *my* town, take back the power Becca!

BECCA: What do you want?


MR G: I want you to tell me your address.


Well. Escort Esenyurt I guess this is a predicament I should have anticipated. Not sure what I was thinking there.

BECCA: I look like crap. I have no makeup on, I’ve been in my sweats all day.

MR G: Address.

I am smitten with this character. He’s completely dismissive at times. I’ve said it before, it tickles me.

BECCA: Number 27 concession road 3, are you coming?

Not sure what I expected. I didn’t hear anything. Not in the next 2 minutes, or 5 minutes. 10 minutes raced by and my heart began palpatating. I couldn’t let him see me like this. I’m not pretty enough right now. Yet I am inclined to let myself be and welcome him into my humble abode.

Scenario after scenario ran through my head. He likes me, he doesn’t like me, he’s not the guy I thought he was, he fucks me like a little play thing on my couch, I suck his cock and please him. I wonder if he has a nice cock?


Fuck. Me.

Becca. Shit. What the hell.

My legs nearly quivered as I navigated my way up 4 stairs, around the landing, and up the next 4 from the basement to answer it.

I hadn’t been upstairs in at least an hour or two, I was a little surprised at how quickly it had become dark outside. I approached the door, gingerly adjusted the curtain on the glass side panel and sneaked a glimpse through the glass at my mystery charmer.


That is definitely him.

He stood a good 6′ tall. He was wearing jeans, nice ones that fit him well. I’m no fashionista but I can guarantee those did not come from some random outlet. His frame was silhouetted against the light from the street and I drank in the sight. A boxy man. He appeared strong, slender but not skinny. He wore a t-shirt, the semi-fitted kind. It hung on him quite correctly. He wasn’t overweight but also didn’t appear to care. It was hard to tell but I don’t think I’ll be finding a six pack under there.

Somehow his appearance matched his personality exactly. Confidence flowed from his stance like light from a bulb, there was no denying his purpose.

I watched his lips moved and could make out him saying “Hello?” from the other side of the door. My gaze darted to his eyes. He was grinning, looking directly at me.

Shit. I’ve been staring.

I slammed the curtain over the panel again and my body tremored.

I stood, my back to the door and leaning hard against it.

I whispered out loud as I tried to breathe, “One, two, three”, twirled around and flung open the door.

I struck a pose, intending to be sexy that I’m sure Escort Avcılar came off as something between silly and ridiculous. My hand against the door frame, the other on my hip. One leg straight, the other positioned just so to make a V shape in the shadow that cast across the landing outside.

He man-giggled at me as he spoke, “Hello, Becca”.

I mustered an ounce of confidence and stood strong.

“Hello, sir. Can I help you?”

I peered over his shoulder as I caught a flash of headlights on the road. That, is a black Mercedes. It must have been obvious what I was thinking, he slowly turned his gaze towards the car as well.

He laughed and turned his face back to me, “Becca, it’s not mine. I have friends in high places. I borrowed this one for the drive.”

I’m not sure I wanted to be on a first name basis with this man. Just who did he think he was already? Besides that, every time he said my name I melted a little inside. I stood awkwardly in that damn doorway far too long and watched him, got completely lost in him.

Sensing my dreamy state, he drooped his head, cocked it to the side just a little and asked “Soooo may I come in?”

“Yes. Yes come in. Please.”

I retreated from my command at the door and gestured for him to come in. He breezed by and I caught his scent. Subtle, but intoxicating.

He kicked off his shoes, placing them side by side on the mat and glanced back to me.

“Oh!” I realized we were just standing there “Come downstairs. I’ve got the TV on. Can I get you a drink?”

He followed me back down the stairs. I took a seat at one end of the couch, he at the other.

“You’re brilliant” he chuckled “Just… brilliant” and smiled at me. I feigned modesty but a grin escaped my face. He disarmed me completely, I felt my pulse slowly return to its regular pace.

We flirted, small talk, he was as charming and quick in person as he was in our little message sessions. Not to mention, gorgeous. This man is, an anomaly in the system. I felt as though I were orbiting him and he was completely prepared to reel me in closer whenever he liked.

Soon I began dropping all of my stresses and life and worries on to him. One after another, they just poured from my lips like water out of a hose. I was rambling but could not stop.

He raised a finger, “shhhhh… it’s ok my dear, it’s ok.”


I inhaled deeply as I got lost in him again.

“Just breathe, you’re fine” he chuckled.

I relaxed and giggled myself.

“Perhaps you just need a back rub.”

It wasn’t really a question, or an offer. It was somewhere between an instruction and proposition. It doesn’t really matter what it was because I had already made up my mind to say yes.

“Hmmmmm. Well…”

I tried to drag it out, play hard to get.

“Sure!” I said. “I probably do.”

He motioned for me to come closer and sit in front with my back to him. I eagerly complied. I tilted forward and slung my hair to the side, partly because it was in the way and partly because I like to play with it when I’m nervous.

I heard, felt him sigh deeply as his hands firmly caught grip of my shoulders, massaging their way around and up the back of my neck. He spoke to me, though I couldn’t tell you what exactly he was saying. His voice became just a soothing backdrop.

He moved one hand ever so gently around the side of my neck and I quivered. I was fully clothed but felt exposed. My hair stood on edge and I felt the familiar rush through my body, my face flushed and I was definitely getting wet.

His hands persuaded the blouse off my shoulders, reached around me and pulled be back toward him. I felt his hot, sweet breath in my ear. My nipples were hardened, aching for attention. His hands found their way down my top, gently brushing across my cleavage and sending a wave of pleasure through my core each time they grazed my pert nipples.

“Spread your legs” he whispered, the feel of his mouth on my ear making me squirm with delight. I adjusted and opened my legs. His mouth found my neck, rolling tongue massages from my shoulder to my lobe. His hand traveled slowly, deliberately down my body, fingers coming to rest on my wet pussy. I was dripping, my body language practically begging him to release me.

Again he whispered at me.

“What do you want?”

“Touch me.” I’m sure it was basically a whimper by the time it floated from my lips. His other hand left my chest and crept up my chin. I felt two fingers near my mouth and as I instinctively started to suck on them he started rubbing my pussy. Firm pressure with at least a few of his fingers running circles over my clit. Slow at first, then he increased his speed. My hips bucked with his motions.

“Are you ready to cum?”

It took intense concentration just to eek out a “yes”. He grabbed a handful of my hair and twisted me around to look him in the eyes. My breath left me, shocked and excited by his sudden dominant act.

“Cum for me, kitten. I want you to.”

His middle finger parted my soaking slit, his thumb made rhythmic dance around my pussy. He made a come hither motion, and I came.


The wind was knocked out of me. I curled forward, convulsed even. The pleasure began in my core and exploded out to every nerve in my body. Waves of orgasm washed over me, the first so intense I screamed.


He tightened his grip on my hair.

“Good kitten, very good.”

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