Letting It Out

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They get back to the apartment around 1:00AM. It is dark inside when Ann opens the door, but still hot. She goes straight to the window and opens it as wide as she can before the slider stops. She can feel the cool air against her neck and chest. It makes her skin feel clean after hours in the smoky bar. Her shirt still smells like cigarettes and alcohol. She looks at Kelly taking off her shoes. “Do you want some water?”

“Yes, please”, replies Kelly, slipping out of her shoes and onto the rug in her bare feet. She is wearing a pair of jean shorts and looks underdressed next to Ann, who is still wearing her grey skirt and nylons from work. Ann goes to the kitchen and runs the tap. She gets two glasses from the cupboard and fills them. Kelly steps in the kitchen and she hands her a glass. “Man, I’m still pretty drunk” says the tall blonde, giggling.

“Yeah, me too. Yeesh”

“Do you mind if I crash here?”

Ann is looking down at her friend’s white feet on the linoleum floor. “Sure. There’s lots of room on my bed.”

Kelly laughs, “Maybe you’ll get some tonight after all.”

Ann smiles and touches her friend on the shoulder, “It’s about time” she says in a serious tone. They both laugh. The two of them often joke about fooling around together, particularly when there are boys around to tease. They even kissed once, at the bar, on a dare. The fact that they left the club early again and Kelly is staying over makes Ann think back to it. They were both drunk at the time – she’d always thought Kelly was attractive, but neither of them had ever done anything with another girl before. It was strange when their lips touched and she felt Kelly’s tongue inside her mouth. It was odd and exciting to feel that part of her friend’s body.

When she got home later that night, she started thinking about it again. In bed, she couldn’t sleep and ended up squeezing her legs tightly around a pillow, imagining a lot of things. Afterwards, she took off her panties and put them beside her under the covers. Slowly, she moved her fingers inside and felt where they were wet, as if she were exploring what belonged to someone else.

This all comes back to her as she is getting ready for bed. The two of them are in the bathroom, drunk, trying to brush their teeth. Kelly has borrowed a shirt belonging to her old boyfriend to sleep in. Both of them are in their panties, wearing just the T-shirts that stop above their knees.

They’re always dressing, or undressing, together. Kelly often says it’s unfair that Ann, a Chinese girl, should have larger boobs than she does. One night, in front of the mirror, they both pulled up their shirts to compare. Kelly’s pink nipples looked minute next to Ann’s, which were thick and brown. She figured it was because she was Chinese, but most Asian girls didn’t have 36C’s. Ann’s mother always said she was special.

Leaning over the sink, brushing her teeth, Ann looks up, but suddenly can’t find her friend in the mirror. As she is about to turn around, a sharp pain runs up her legs and into her back, making her yelp and spit her toothpaste on the counter. She reaches behind to feel her ass stinging and turns around. Kelly is red and laughing, a large hairbrush in her hand. She’d been hiding behind her.

“You bitch!” Ann mutters, trying not to laugh. Her butt is stinging painfully. “Look what you did too me!” She pulls up her shirt to show a large, red welt. “Dammit that hurt!”

Kelly is smiling. “Oh, C’mon. That’s what you get for wearing such slutty underwear!”

“What are you talking about?”

Ann lifts her T-shirt up above her belly button and looks down at her panties. She is wearing a white thong that contrasts sharply with her dark skin. She pushes her crotch forward and lets Kelly see the lace at the front. “I though they were cute?”

Kelly tries to look unimpressed, but she is still smiling. “You might as well not wear anything under your skirt when you go out” she replies.

Ann blushes. When she picked out the underwear that morning, she’d felt a strange tickle go through her body. She liked the way the small strings pulled tight around her waist and between her legs, just barely covering her small tuft of black pubic hair. She was anxious the entire day, thinking about their planned trip to the bar that night. She hadn’t had sex in several months. As usual though, she came home from the bar without meeting anyone worthy of sharing her lacy secret.

Without thinking, Ann reaches down and hooks her panties with her fingers. “You’re right, I might as nişantaşı escort well not wear any” she blurts out, pulling the underwear down her legs. She picks them off her ankles and, after a moment’s hesitation, throws them at her friend.

Kelly recoils, making a face, “Ew!” The panties miss her head and land on the floor near the living room. Both girls run for them, but Kelly gets there first and grabs them in her hand.

“Ew, they’re dirty!” she spits out, loudly, holding them up against the light from the living room lamp.

“Yeah…so are yours” says Ann, pushing her friend onto the floor. Kelly tries to crawl away, but Ann grabs at her hips, tugging at some bright red fabric. Kelly’s panties slip down, exposing her small, white bum. As Kelly pulls harder to get away, they come down her legs and Ann yanks them off her ankles.

“Ha! I can see your cunt!” says Ann triumphantly. She is sweating now and kneeling on the floor behind her friend. There is a small tuft of blonde hair showing between Kelly’s legs.

Kelly turns around, smiling. “Yeah…how do you like it?” she says, and spreads her legs wide, leaning back at the same time.

At first Ann looks away politely, her moment of triumph broken. When she turns to Kelly and sees the smirk on the blonde girl’s face though, she casually lowers her eyes down the girl’s body. Kelly’s thighs are thin and flexed, lifting her pelvis slightly above the carpet. The blonde stripe of her neatly-trimmed pubic hair is arched upward. Looking down between Kelly’s legs, she can see that the hair is trimmed back enough to show a small puffy crack. She can also see a smear of fluid near the bottom, where some of the hairs are sticking together. She doesn’t know what to say.

“How do I look?” says Kelly, reclining backward lazily with her elbows on the carpet. The nipples on her small breasts have gotten hard under the T-shirt because of the cool air coming through the window.

“You look wet” says Ann nervously.

Kelly smiles and sits up slowly, her legs still open. She moves one of her hands down her thigh and touches the outside of the pinkish area between her legs. “Yeah” she says tiredly, “I noticed that there is a lot of it tonight.” She wipes her finger on the inside of her thigh, leaving a small shiny streak. Ann is quiet, staring at the shiny spot on Kelly’s leg. Finally, Kelly pulls her legs together and crosses them. Then she clears her throat, “I want to see you, darling.”

Ann looks up, the expression on her face slowly changing.

“I’ve always wanted to know what an Asian cunt looks like.”

Ann blushes again, suddenly realizing what she has started. She can feel the carpet under her naked bum. “You’ve seen me naked before”, she replies, looking down at the carpet.

“Just your big old tits, darling!”

Ann shifts her eyes to her chest and looks down at the swell of her breasts. She lifts her hands and cups them through the shirt, pulling the fabric tight so her nipples and even the wide areolas are clearly visible. “Yeah, they’re pretty big” she says.

Kelly smiles. “Take it off!” she says, trying to sound more drunk than she really is.

Ann giggles and starts rubbing her breasts through the shirt. “Yeah? You want some baby?”

Kelly laughs too, “Yeah, show me what you got darlin’!”

Ann runs her fingers over the ends of her nipples and then pauses, circling them, making them hard and pointed. She can feel the tingle again, running down her back. “Ooooooh, you wanna see these?” she chides.

“Mmmm, yeah baby” says Kelly. They both giggle, but Kelly’s eyes are fixed on Ann’s chest.

Ann reaches down to the edge of her T-shirt. “All right then” she says, swaying from side to side like a stripper would. She starts rolling the shirt up her stomach. When she gets just below her breasts, she pauses and looks at Kelly. The blonde girl is watching intently. Her hand is slowly moving on the inside of her thigh.

Ann pulls the shirt over her head and drops it on the floor beside her. She leans back on her hands just like Kelly. As she reclines, her breasts bulge from her chest. The dark nipples have grown to a half inch or more and point outward towards her friend. She can feel them tingle every time a little gust comes through the window.

“They look bigger than I remember” says Kelly.

Ann looks down. “I’m getting my period soon. They’re swollen.”

Kelly nods, “Can I ask you something?”


“When was the last time you got some?”

Ann blushes. She thinks şişli escort for a moment. “Five months ago I guess.”

“Wow. That sucks. Was it with Jamie?”

“Yeah” says Ann, becoming redder. “Actually, it was right here, on the couch.”

Kelly giggles as her eyes trace the sofa cushions. “I bet you can remember every detail.”

“Yeah, it was pretty good.”

“Is he big?”

Ann pauses, looking down at her breasts again. She pushes them together, making a squishy cave in the middle of her chest. “He’s pretty big I suppose.”

Kelly watches Ann’s hands. “I bet he likes to come on those.”

Ann blushes and lets go of her breasts. She remembers the last time vividly. “Yeah”, she replies, “but I like him better inside.”

Kelly looks at her quietly for a moment, scratching a stain on one of the cushions. “I’m like that too” she says.

All of a sudden, Ann feels something cold between her legs and gasps, lifting herself off the carpet. “Oh shit” she says, “I think I’m messing up the carpet.”

They both look down between her legs. With the shirt gone, her pubic hair is clearly visible. Instinctively, Ann puts a hand over her crotch and unfolds her legs. She slowly raises her bum off the carpet. As she moves, a thick strand of fluid stretches from her to the carpet. “Oh geez” says Ann, wondering what her friend is thinking.

As if to answer, Kelly leans forward and reaches quickly between Ann’s legs with her hand. Ann flinches. When her eyes open again, Kelly has the shiny fluid wrapped around her fingers. It clings like a thick spider web to her knuckles.

“It’s different than mine”, says Kelly.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Does it change when you get near your period?”

“Yeah. It’s different now than usual.” Ann is still squatting over the spot on the carpet. Her legs are getting tired; they’re starting to shake. She thinks for a moment and then says, “If you still want a show, I should sit on the couch.”

“I do” replies the blonde girl.

Ann stands up, trying to keep her legs together as she moves. Kelly moves to get up too, but Ann puts a hand on her shoulder. “You stay down, sweetheart, on the floor.”

“Ok” says Kelly, smiling.

Ann steps over to the couch and sits on the edge of the middle cushion with her legs together. “You can sit in front of me.”

“Lucky me, front row seat. This is better than the strip bar!”

Ann smiles. She feels especially sexy now, poised on the edge of the couch. Her waist looks small and shapely around her belly button and she likes the way her tits swell and point outward without sagging. She looks down at Kelly. Her friend’s face is very close to the hair between her legs now that her hand has moved.

“Do you trim yourself?” the blonde girl asks.

Ann looks down at her crotch. Her pubic hair is thick and slightly curly despite the fact that she has straight hair. It thins out naturally toward her legs and forms a small, rough triangle above her crotch. “No” she replies, “I’m just like this.”

“You’re really dark. I love your legs.”

Ann flexes her muscles and watches the brown skin on her thighs tighten. She’s proud that she hardly grows any hair and never shaves, not even her calves. Her stomach flexes as she squeezes her muscles, holding her legs tightly together.

“You can feel them if you want.”

Kelly’s hand moves to Ann’s knee.

“Over here.” She guides Kelly’s hand to the top of her thigh where it’s softest.

Kelly slowly runs her hand along the length of Ann’s bare leg. “I can’t believe how smooth you are” she says, “It pisses me off.”

“Try it with both hands.”

Kelly smiles and places two hands on Ann’s knees. She spreads her fingers wide so that they wrap around and over Ann’s thighs. Slowly, she pushes her hands toward Ann’s crotch.

“That feels good.”

“Do you like this kind of massage?”


“Are you going to open your legs?”

Ann smiles. “Maybe, if you can keep this up.”

Kelly grins back. She is on her knees on the carpet and her shirt has pulled up enough that Ann can see the dimple at the top of her bum. She hasn’t put her panties back on. As Kelly’s hands come down her legs, Ann slowly relaxes her thighs. When Kelly pushes upward again, Ann leans back and lets her knees open. She closes her eyes. Kelly’s hands move down her legs again and then up, spreading them farther apart. Ann can feel the cool air on her crotch. “How do I look?” she whispers.

“You look beautiful, honey” says Kelly, assuming mecidiyeköy escort a quiet voice now as well.

“Tell me what you see.”

“I can see your pubes. And your cunt. It looks kind of tight, but the lips are big. Much bigger than mine.”

Ann grips the edge of the couch with her hands. She can feel something sticky near her bum, where the air from the window is making her tingle.

“Am I still all gooey?”


“I can feel it.”

“Here” says Kelly, moving her hand off the leg. Ann feels something warm near the bottom of her crotch and then something wet on her thigh.

“Oh my god” whispers Ann. Kelly is rubbing it along the inside of her legs. It gets cold almost immediately in the air, making the wetness tingle up and down her body. One of Kelly’s fingers is still touching the bottom of her crotch. The muscles in her vagina are twitching.

“It keeps coming out.”

Ann’s lips are trembling now. “Touch me lower down.”

Kelly’s finger trails down the line below Ann’s vagina. When it touches the outside of her bum, Ann makes a sound.

“Do you like that?”

“Uha…” whimpers Ann. The finger pushes harder. “Oh god” she cries under her breath, making a humming sound in her mouth. The finger goes further. She feels her whole body flexing as she tightens around it, losing control of her thoughts. Her eyes open and she looks up at Kelly. The girl’s eyes are blue and shiny. She knows she isn’t drunk anymore, but everything seems hazy. She can feel the finger inside her slowly pulling out as Kelly looks in her eyes and smiles.

Ann pauses for a moment and then speaks, steadily, “Put it in my….”

Kelly nods before she can finish the sentence. Ann leans back again, closing her eyes again. Kelly’s finger touches the outside of her vagina and then trails wet down the inside of her thigh before disappearing. Suddenly Ann feels something much warmer and softer between her legs.

“Oh god…” she whispers out loud. She opens her eyes for a second to see her friend’s blonde head bent down and then closes them again and groans when Kelly pushes her tongue inside. A warm sensation is crawling through her body. She puts her feet against Kelly’s soft tummy. “Kelly, sweetheart, you’re going to make me come.”

The blonde face looks up, sweating. “It’s ok, baby, I want to. You taste so good, it makes me hot.” Her finger starts moving again.

Ann looks at her friend’s small, pale ass bent over on the carpet. There is a faint line where the panties used to be. “I want to touch you” she says.

“You can touch me later. I’m so wet, baby. You can touch me in bed. Your cunt tastes so good…I can’t stop now.”

The words make Ann dizzy. She realizes she’s touching her own nipples and writhing on the couch, but she doesn’t care. “I want to touch you, Kelly, I want to kiss you.”

“You can touch me in bed sweetheart, I’m so fucking wet.”

“I want to kiss you so bad.”

“Later sweetheart, when we’re in bed. You’re making me soaking wet right now, but I want you to come first.”

“Oh!” Ann cries as Kelly pushes two fingers deep insider her. Her legs wrap around Kelly’s arm. The fingers start moving in and out.

“Kelly, fuck, you’re…”

“I want you to come, sweetheart.”

“Oh, fuck…Kelly!”

Ann pushes her crotch into Kelly’s hand, almost falling off the couch. Kelly’s fingers are moving quickly, rubbing and penetrating at the same time.

“I want to taste you, Kelly, I want to fuck you…”

“You will darling.”

Ann leans forward, with Kelly’s hand still deep inside her, and tries to kiss her friend. “Not now” says Kelly, and drops her face into Ann’s chest instead. Her mouth finds one of the swollen nipples and bites down on it.

“Oh!” Ann cries out, putting her arms around her friend’s back. “God sweetheart, oh God, I’m coming, oh fuck…”

Helpless, she squeezes her friend and starts shaking. “I want to touch you” she mumbles before her breath is choked. The orgasm runs down her spine and legs. Her crotch squeezes tightly around Kelly’s hand, pulsing steadily as waves of pleasure roll through her body.

“Annie, Oh God.” Kelly is whimpering now. “You’re so fucking hot.”

Ann can’t speak. The orgasm keeps riding through her, again and again, as she holds her friend’s neck with two hands, shaking. When she finally lets go, they both fall down on the couch. Kelly looks down at her hand and then at Ann. The dark girl looks soft and awkward slumped on the couch with her legs open, but her face is peaceful. Kelly slowly lowers her head onto Ann’s lap. She looks down at her own crotch, licks her lips, and shivers. When the black-haired girl opens her eyes, Kelly looks up and whispers, “You can kiss me now.”

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