Making Madelaine Ch. 04

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{Madelaine’s story continues. To recap, Madelaine is 46, a stunning, curvy (not fat at all), sexy redhead who has become my fuck buddy and submissive. Because of my age (60) we both wanted and agreed to her having as much sex as she can get outside of “us.” She loves it when I make her do things (hence the title, Making Madelaine). So far she’s sucked a couple guys off at the mall. She serviced her boss for weeks until he got too involved and in love. Finally, more recently, she sucked off one of my old crude, rough “friends” at a party. He also promised to fuck her raw. She knows if she does, it’ll be a rough one, based on the way he treated her when she sucked him off.}


Madelaine (Laney) had been bugging me for weeks to send her back to the mall to try and suck guys off. It’s her biggest fantasy. It’s the thing that drives her the most crazy. She’s wondered how many she could get, or, how many she could take that way. She says she’s thought about all of it. She wondered if she could repeat with Chris, the “shoe guy.” She even mentioned the two young, kind of nerdy Foot Locker dudes that she disregarded last time.

“Maybe I wasn’t fair to them,” she said with a bit of sadness. “After all, they are both 18, both legal, and no doubt totally horny. I can’t just say no like that. You have to make sure that I suck off whoever YOU want me to.”

The thing that motivated her the most though, was the thought of “Sarge.” He was the big, thick, ex-marine looking dude. Think of Mr. Clean but with a buzz cut. He had the magic she yearns for. He was cocky and in control. He debased her in the way that makes her melt. I knew that day was coming. It was becoming more obvious that “Making Madelaine” wasn’t just for me. She loved it when other guys made her do things.

Sometimes things pop up on their own. It was Halloween. This holiday seems to make people horny. Laney lives in a condo development. It’s an adult place, only a small number of units are allowed kids, or pets and they are in a separate area. She’s lived there for a couple years now and even though she’s friendly with most of them, she doesn’t have “friends” there, per se. They had a yearly Halloween party where the residents dress up and many leave their doors open. People walk up and down the complex talking, drinking, eating. It’s like a block party. I had planned on taking her out for dinner and a night of sex. Both of us had been charged up by her activities of late. However, she said she had to stay in until her 21 year old daughter left for her own party. We texted back and forth.

“What are you dressed as?” I wondered.

“I’m the Mad Hatter, from Alice in Wonderland.”

She sent me a picture. “Whoa,” I thought. She had a green top hat, the kind with the band around it. A playing card was tucked in the band. She had on a green lingerie type top, with straps over the shoulders and a very plunging neckline. She had a green short skirt which flared out, with ruffles. From the lingerie top, there were four straps that went down and connected to her stockings. They were green and white striped, knee high. It was like, punch in the face, sexy.

“Holy,” I typed.

“You like?”

“Words can’t even describe it.”

“Aw, you are so nice. Oops, gotta run, people here for candy.”

She’d call me occasionally. “Guys really seem to dig the outfit,” she laughed.

“Have any of those guys ever flirted with you before?”

“Oh god, yes. Even when before John died. We had even discussed swinging with some of them, but like the other stuff, it just never materialized.”

“Wow, ok. That skirt looked really short.”

“It is,” she giggled. “If I sit or basically move in any my panties show. They are really cute. They are white with green clovers, and really frillly, like old style. They actually stick out. Oops, be right back.”

I heard her lay the phone down. I heard laughing and giggling.

“Oh c’mon, Perry,” I heard her say, “I’ve seen your dates, they are just as pretty.”

“Yeah, but they never looked like that,” he said, no doubt referring to her in her revealing outfit.

“Perry! Stop!” I heard her giggle. She returned to the phone.

“What was that?”

“Oh, that was just Perry, my neighbor. “He’s one of the worst flirts around. He always told John he was going to “steal me away” from him. He’s like our complex’s version of George Clooney. He’s a silver haired charmer. He’s rich, an investor or something. He’s always got 20 year old women on his arm. He’s dressed like a doctor. Oh, it’s time to go house to house,” she said. “It’s like a costume parade. kağıthane escort We walk to every unit and everyone sees everybody else’s outfit.”

“Wait!” I said.

“What?” she asked.

“Are you up for some fun?”

“Ohhh,” she sighed. “You know I am.”

“Are any of the guys getting handsy?”

“God yes, I’ve already had a number of them flip up the back of my skirt so they could see my ass in my panties. Perry just drunkenly stepped right up, grabbed me in his arms and had both hands on my ass.”


“I know, but it’s always been that way,” she said. “It’s kind of like the mall thing. John always loved me to tease, even let the guys touch me, but only those couple times did we ever do anything with anyone else.”

“But you want to, right?” I already knew, I just like hearing her say it out loud. “Remember how, at the mall, you felt like you HAD to please the guys after all those years of teasing but never following through?”

“Yesss, sir. Are you going to make me do dirty things to my neighbors?” she asked in a little girl voice.

“Yes. You’ve teased them for years now too, it’s time to pay.”

“Ooooo,” she said, exhaling sharply.

“Keep your phone on you and keep in contact. When something happens, anything sexual, you let me know. I’ll direct you.”

“Oh god, sir, I love your direction,” she panted.

Ten minutes later she called me. “Ok. I’m outside. A minute ago, Jim, the maintenance guy got his hand inside my panties, on my ass!”

“What? How?”

“Because I’m a slutty flirt ‘cuz my guy makes me.”

“True. He felt your naked ass?”

“Yes, and he kissed me. In front of everyone. Everyone laughed. They are all pretty much drunk and having a good time. I’m not the only one being pawed.”

“No, but you are probably the only one who is going to put out,” I chuckled.

“I am?”

“Yes, where’s Jim now? What’s he like? Just so I can picture it.”

“He’s one of those guys who still slicks his hair, like he’s Elvis. He also dyes it, it would be gray. He’s in his 50s. He’s got a big bellly, big, thick hands. He’s from the south, he’s got a drawl even though he’s lived in the north since he was little. You aren’t going to make me please HIM, are you? I mean Perry is interested, and a couple others…”

“Have you teased him before?”

“Well yes. John loved me to walk around the house in just short nighties or open robes whenever he’d come in to fix something, “just to give him an eyeful.” He really loves my tits. I’ve let him see them fully a couple times when I “dropped a towel,” or just acted like I didn’t know he was coming and was still topless.”

“See? You teased him unmercifully. So, yes you are going to please him, you know why? Because you’re a slut, and I want you to.”

“Oh…fuck…that made me wet,” she said, just above a whisper.

“Go somewhere, let him feel all of you, then suck him off.”

“Yes sir,” she said in a defeated tone.

A half hour later she called. “I did it. You fucker,” she laughed. “I can’t believe I got that sweaty guy’s cum in me. I mean it’s IN me, I swallowed that, for you.”

“Awesome, how’d it feel?”

“Embarrassing, degrading, humiliating…everything I ask for and crave, sir. I went right up to him after we hung up and I asked him to come back to my unit. He asked why, I said, “I want to give you something.”

“I don’t know why, but he was leery. He didn’t want to leave the group or the keg that was outside. Embarrassing as it was, I had to coax him.

“I’ll let you feel more of me on the way…” I said. “That did it. We walked back to my apartment, his hand was down the back of my panties the whole time. His thick finger teased my asshole but never penetrated it.

“I got back and pulled him inside. I know how you like the public thing, the risk of getting caught, so I didn’t close the door and my screen door is all glass. I remembered what you said, to “let him feel all of me.”

“I pulled the top and bra down over my tits so he could feel up my bare breasts. Then, I slid out of my ruffled panties and he grabbed both hands full of my ass like Perry had earlier. Guys really seem to dig my ass,” she giggled.

“I dropped to my knees and took his cock out. He was thick, as I expected, but not so long. I gave him head right there in my doorway, just for you, sir. He’d wanted me since I’ve moved in and now he was getting me, like you wanted. The debauchery of it all made me so wet I played with my clit while I sucked him. I saw people walk by but at least my light was off. Still, there may have been enough light outside for them to see the Mad Hatter sucking off Elvis. I’m sure I’ll find out tomorrow.

“I finished him off and he just blubbered a thank you as I licked the rest of it off my fingers for him. I’m in my apartment now, sir. What should I do?”

“Go back to the party. It looked like you had a bra on in the picture.”

“Yes, just a real light, thin one.”

“Take it off.”

“I figured,” she giggled.

“Also, leave your panties off.”

“But sir! The skirt is SO short!” she begged.

“Do you want to be a slut, or not?”

“I do,” she conceded. “What should I do? I’m so fucking wet. Plus, I need to clean off my face,” she laughed.

“No, don’t.” I ordered. “Rub it in, let it dry, but don’t clean it. I want them to be able to smell it, or at least sense it on you.”

“Fuck, you are so dirty,” she moaned. “I love you for it.”

“I love you too, Laney. Then, go back out to the party group dressed like that. They should get even more handsy. Let them. Don’t resist any touches.”

“Oh. Fuck.”

“Call me back when you can.”

“I will.”

She called a little later. “Fuck, I’m in the bushes. I had to hide just to be able to call you, they are very persistent. I gotta be quick. I don’t know how many times my skirt has been lifted, showing everyone I’m naked underneath. They are delighting in making me squeal. Even the women are doing it. It’s like they are punishing me for being dressed like a slut. Sir, I’ve had so many fingers in me I can’t count, it happens every time someone pulls me aside. You told me I can’t stop them. I’m so horny I could fuck a fence post!”

“I’m sure you won’t have to,” I joked.

“I want to suck more cock,” she pleaded. “It’s such a need for me now. It’s like all those years of teasing it made the walls of denial come crashing down. It’s like I need to make up for ALL of it.”

“You do, but not all in one night,” I laughed. “But, I’m sure there’s more you can do.”

“What should I do, sir? It’d be hard to get anyone alone. It’s not like a bar or the mall where I could just pick one out and focus on him. They are all swarming me.”

“See what you can do. I have faith in my slut. If you get any chance, you know my wishes, and how I like it. Try and make it happen.”

“I will, oh, here they come, gotta run!”

A little later another call. “Sir, you really should come here next year, you’d love it. Some of the other women are getting into it, too. They are flashing their tits and mooning guys, everyone is fueled by alcohol. Some of the guys are losing their focus on me,” she pouted. “Several of the women here have nice, fantastic, big boobs.”

“Yours are pretty spectacular. However, I think this gives us opportunity, with attention off you a bit. I have a challenge.”

“What is it?” she squeaked.

“Next guy, doesn’t matter who it is, next guy to get you alone, I want you to proposition.”

“Proposition? Is this like the 1920’s? What do you want me to say, sir? Never mind, I’ll do it,” she whispered. “Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Here comes Mel.”

“Who is Mel?”

“He’s the dude that always threatens to call the police any time anyone in the complex is having fun.”

I told her my idea. She meekly said, “ok,” then hung up.

She called me again. “You sick, dirty fucking man,” she panted. “I was thinking, “Oh, maybe I’ll go to Perry” for your challenge. Then Mel walked up. Good old Mel. He’s like George Costanza on Seinfeld. He’s balding, overweight, though not quite as much as George. He’s also whiny and a big complainer in the complex. “We laugh and call him the “noise police.” The women around here have all jokingly said we need one of us to “bite the bullet” and give him some sex so he can let off some of that steam.”


“I guess I was the one that bit the bullet, sir. His face went from angry to bliss when I told him what you wanted me to say. Sure enough, he was there just to bitch about us being too rowdy. He led me away from the group, who were distracted by Susan waving her shirt over her head with her big boobs waving. He took me around the corner.

“How did it happen?” I asked.

“He asked, so what’s this about?” His face was all sweaty.

“I asked him if he was really going to call the police.”

“If you all don’t settle down…” He was trying to be all confident and strong, but it looked like a totally idle, impotent threat.

“I asked him, “If I…take your mind off of it, will you let us be?”

“He was eyeing my cleavage the whole time I talked. “How?”

“I pulled my top down and showed him my tits. He exhaled sharply. His eyes were on fire.”

“He just muttered, “I don’t know.”

“I told him to touch them. I might’ve begged, sir.”

“He took his big sweaty paws and squeezed my tits like they were Charmin. He whined that he just wanted to get some sleep. I told him, Mel, it’s 9 :30, we’re adults. Everyone here is having fun. You want to have fun too, right?”

“I guess.” He was still fondling me and trying to look under my skirt. My pussy was bare and nearly open for viewing.

“I’ll get naked for you if you promise to be quiet and leave us be,” I bargained.

“I don’t know…” He was stammering nervously, sir.”

“I stripped for him, I didn’t have to do much, my top was already down. I stepped out of my skirt and laid everything on the ground. I was naked for this nebbish of a man.”

I laughed, “nebbish,” I like that.”

“YOU liked it. I was naked. He only pawed me after I told him he could. I swear it was like he was trying to tenderize meat, he had no skills at all. I told him I’d please him, if he’d stay quiet. I took out his cock. It was laughable. It was 3 or 4 inches long, and hardly wider than a pencil. I stroked it a few times and I heard him gurgle. I was just about to put my mouth on it when his cum started spraying me everywhere!”

“Oh man,” I laughed.

“He shot it all over me. It’s on my face, my hair, my chest…everywhere. He took off, probably from embarrassment. I doubt we’ll see or hear from him again tonight. Sir, should I clean it off?”

“Can you rub it in to your skin? You are still naked, right? See if you can use it like lotion.”

After a minute she said, “ok, I rubbed it in. It’s dried on my tits, my tummy, my neck. I even rubbed some on my legs, he came so much. God, I’ve got so much on me I’m like a glazed doughnut,” she giggled. “But won’t this turn off guys? I smell like I’ve been to a gloryhole.”

“Maybe,” I said. “But I like it. And, if it turns them off and keeps them from getting that amazing body in any way, than they are the biggest fools ever.”

“Can I…get dressed now, sir?”

“Yes, do you want to do one more thing?”

“Anything,” she cooed. I told her what she could do.

At midnight she called me again. “Hi, it’s me!” she giggled. “I’m just taking a break. So I did what you wanted. I walked right up to Percy after the whole, “Mel disaster.”

“He said, “did you just…suck off Mel?”

“You know how I am when I’m being submissive, I just feel like I have to reveal my slutty nature. I said, “yes, I did it to get him off of our backs, we won’t be hearing from the cops tonight.”

“Yes, but MEL,” he said, his face filled with disgust.

“I told him what happened, that I didn’t even really have to put it in my mouth before he exploded all over me.”

“Yeah, I can smell that on you, ” he said, “disgusting.”

“I thought that was it. I was too disgusting for him.”

“If so, then it’s totally his loss, the fool,” I said.

“No wait, listen. So I started to walk away. He stopped me. He gave me a big kiss. His hands found my naked ass under the skirt.

“I didn’t say YOU were disgusting, just Mel and his gross cum,” he laughed.

“Well, you might’ve just tasted him,” I reminded.

“He gave me the fake gag, thing with his finger. Then he smiled. “I’ll live. Can I …take you somewhere and get you cleaned up?”

“We ended up in the shower at my place. He lathered me up and slid his wet, soapy hands all over me. He had me purring like a kitten. I sucked his cock and licked his balls as the water ran over us. Then, he bent me over and fucked my slut pussy slowly, lovingly. Then, he stopped. He dried me off with a towel, I felt like a queen. He picked me up and carried me to the bed. He fucked me for an hour, sir. He fucked your slut’s wet, willing pussy for an hour. Finally, he came in me, with my legs spread as wide as they could get. He filled me, sir. He filled your whore.”

“Wow, that’s awesome,” I said, now stroking my own hardness.

“I gotta go, sir. He’s ready for round two,” she giggled.

I didn’t hear from her until the next morning. They’d fucked all night.

“Sir, thank you, thank you SO much for being so dirty to make me do these things!”

“It’s what we both need, and desire,” I said. “I may need to come over and take care of my own needs,” I joked.

“Oh god, sir. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day. He fucked me RAW,” she giggled. “Oh, but I can always use my mouth. Which reminds me. This week, the mall thing, ok? I can’t wait much longer. I can’t wait!”

“You won’t have to,” I smiled.

{Stay tuned for more, Making Madelaine}

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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