Making Music with Nick Ch. 04

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I have known Nick for ages. We have been friends, have lots of common interests such as history, religion and music, but things have become even more interesting lately, as, when the urge takes us, we have wild sex. So far, anywhere but in a bed. We have done it in the street in the dead of night. We have done it on the beach at sunset. The latest is that I was invited on a pilgrimage, to walk from X to Y, to look at church architecture, to play music…. But the catch was that he had invited one of his friends, Tom, to come with us, with whom he had been going on walks for years. I didn’t even know this guy, and he was much older than me, and quite frankly, he was going to get in the way.

I wanted to look for places where Nick and I could enjoy each other. I wanted Nick to have me against the wall of a church, to feel the delicious combination of the sharp rock penetrating my back, and his equally hard cock penetrating my pussy. I wanted Nick to have me in a quiet corner of the churchyard, where I could lie cushioned on the soft, damp, luscious green grass, wrap my legs round his slim hips, pull him right into me and feel his gorgeous slippery tool pushing me into the earth.

But as we got going, things didn’t seem that bad. At least this guy seemed OK, being very polite and considerate to me, and obviously very at ease with Nick. Once or twice I felt I ought to leave them to have their catch-up talks, so I disappeared elsewhere, and as soon as I was alone, my hand went down there to comfort, soothe and excite.

When Tom wasn’t looking, I started sneaking glances at him. A bit mature for my taste, but not bad for his age, neither slim nor thickset, neither short nor tall, with a pleasant expression and kind brown eyes. I found myself looking at his bottom and his crotch, trying to see what I could see when the soft material of his trousers shifted as he walked. At one point, when Nick had gone to look at a shrine, Tom leaned close to me and said “I saw”. I stared at him, and he just smiled and turned away. Embarrassed, I avoided him for a while, and only mechanically joined in the general conversation.

On the first night we all had to share a tent, and I made Nick sleep in the middle. I was so frustrated, feeling horny and wanting to work it off. I quietly massaged Nick’s tool, watching the sleeping bag rise and fall slightly with the motion. It was unavoidable that he arched as he ejaculated into my hand. I could hear a certain kind of breathing coming from beyond, and knew what was going on there. Then we shifted, and Nick’s hand found its way to my lovely places, as he rubbed, stroked, spread the wetness, and I was feeling the delicious pleasure of secret arousal. All I could think of was Tom pumping his cock, wondering what it would look like, imagining his hand around it, the white juices spilling all over, and under Nick’s hand I climaxed in no time, biting my fist to keep me quiet. Somewhere behind the explosion of stars I was aware of a slight sigh, and as things went still, an owl flew over the tent and we all slept.

The next day I did my best to act as if nothing had happened. There was now starting an easy camaraderie between the three of us, but again I gave them space to have their man to man chat, apparently innocently reading a guide book, but deliberately sitting so my cleavage might show. They both glanced at me at one point, and I was sure they were Ankara escort talking about me. That night, there was a feeling of expectancy in the air. Tom invited me to sleep in the middle. Concerned, I looked at Nick, who nodded agreement. It was a hot night, but I was still wearing a loose t-shirt and an old pair of loose jogging trousers, just to be decent. If Tom hadn’t been there I’d have gone naked, would have laid there, breasts exposed, thighs open, pussy waiting for Nick’s attention. I settled on top of the sleeping bag, as it was too hot to get inside.

Hardly had I laid down, when Nick rolled towards me, kissed me full on the mouth, and started to run his hand around my body, reaching under the t-shirt. In Tom’s full view Nick exposed my breasts, squeezing them and kissing my pink nipples into even fuller erection. His hand then wandered down my body, into the waistband of the trousers, feeling inside, guiding my legs open, while he was still exploring my willing mouth with his wet tongue, letting me grip it as he pulled it half out, then plunged it in again as I tightened my lips around it.

He gently pulled my trousers down, and shifted to kiss the little mound of hair. As Nick’s tongue slid onto my clitoris, Tom leaned over and started to kiss my cheek, my ear, my forehead, before placing his lips on mine in a hot, hungry kiss. I was horrified and thrilled at the same time, being so intimate with a stranger. Tom’s hands started to stroke my throat, my neck, my breasts, so gently, where Nick’s had just been. This was exquisite, being pleasured by two men at once, one paying wonderful homage to my upper body, the other worshipping at the lower temple.

As Nick had moved, I released his stiff manhood out of his trousers, slim, long, familiar, well-loved, desirable, and much wanted. I only had the one free hand to pleasure it, so was content to bunch my fingers up and grip and rub the rough skin of his ball sack, the way he liked it, and tickle and stroke the hair around. I could just reach his private place, and put one finger in, pressing in a circular motion.

Tom was getting so hot, and he pulled down the front of his track suit trousers, and as he too had nothing on underneath, so his erect penis was revealed in its glory. It was hard, swollen and pink, short and thick, very wide at the base, and narrowing for the head, but with a pronounced ridge. He wrapped his hand over it, palm on top, fingers further down, and started massaging it just like that, squeezing the top in his palm, and working the fingers up and down the shaft. That looked interesting; I had never seen Nick do that, and I wondered whether it was good. Liquid began to ooze from under Tim’s fingers as he massaged. I watched, fascinated, until I could feel things were getting urgent for Nick.

Nick moved so that he could penetrate me, and he spread my legs, my knees bent in the air, and slid his cock into me, firstly in as far as he could go like that, then he lifted my bottom a little further and went in up to his balls. It felt like his cock would come out of the top of my head, it was harder and bigger than ever before. It felt like I was being impregnated by a giant. He did not move in and out much, but instead gyrated his hips so that every surface of his huge member found all the corners and extremities of my love canal, and rubbed the entrance of my womb.

Tom was enjoying this so much, Ankara escort bayan his eyes were half closed with desire, and he had changed position on his cock, encircling it and pulling the skin up and down in a more conventional way. His other hand was placed on Nick’s bottom, pushing him harder into me. He was enjoying so much the pleasure his friend was having. Both men were panting and groaning, one with pleasure, one with frustration and longing.

I wanted a change of scene, and I lay flatter and motioned Nick to move down me a bit, to where he could pleasure my clitoris with the head of his cock, and plunge it hard along the front wall of my tunnel. That felt so good, I could have done that all night. I wanted Tom to share in the pleasure we were having, so signalled him to get to one side above my face, where I took his cock in my mouth. I felt the bigness. I felt the smoothness. I tasted the salty creaminess of his pre-cum. I saw his balls close to, and cupped them in one hand like a small bunch of grapes, squeezing gently, stroking the light hair.

Nick was so turned on by seeing this intimate act between his lover and his best friend, that he could not contain himself any more. He thrusted hard and fast, banging me, hurting me, until with an almighty groan, he emptied himself into me, once, twice, three times. Everything went bright white for him, all he knew was that he was having the orgasm of a lifetime, and he just lay there for a little while, semi-conscious, still in my pussy, still between my legs, unaware of the intense pleasure still going on above him. He came to, and slowly pulled his spent member out of me, trails of white juices from both of us dripping from him onto my mound and my thighs. He rolled over, to lie next to Tom and I, his flaccid cock still leaking juices onto his thigh, ignored, while he watched us still heavily engaged.

I lay there with my legs open, pussy still exposed to the night air. I was still sucking on Tom’s hard cock, but pushed him off a moment, and, lost for the right words, pointed down to my pussy, which needed satisfying. Tom looked at Nick for approval, and on his nod, we all moved around so that Nick lay on his back below, and I crouched on top of him, with my breasts dangling above his face, on all fours with my pussy ready to receive Tom’s swollen cock.

And Tom knew what he was doing. He crouched behind me, slid his penis forward along my crack, and after a little teasing around my clitoris, pulled my hips backward towards him and penetrated. He felt huge, and skilfully pushed into me so slowly, one millimetre at a time, and when right in moved his hips in a circular motion so that he caught my G-spot, then dragged out so slowly.

This was absolutely heavenly, I was lubricating so freely, and Tom suggested another change of position, where he was sitting up, and, still fully penetrated, I was to sit on his lap forwards, crouching so that I could move. This position allowed Nick to see not only my naked breasts, pendulous in the moonlight, but also his friend’s genitalia, in particular his wet, slippery cock moving in and out of me and stretching my pussy, and indeed my swollen, wet pussy lips, my clitoris, which Tom reached round and pleasured with two fingers, and my furry mound, which Tom squeezed with his thumb, and which was now soaked.

Nick was so turned on by the sight of the intimate parts, Escort Ankara the detail of the action, the skill with which Tom was lifting me up and down on his cock, and the obvious pleasure we were both having, that he was now completely hard again. Tom could tell by my cries that I was in deep pleasure, and the finale was going to be mutual. Tom asked Nick to lie on his back. Tom pulled out of me, and gently pushed me forward and seated me on Nick’s cock, and as he guided me to lie down, I gently rested my breasts on Nick’s strong chest. Tom straightened my legs backwards, so I was doing the woman dominant position on Nick. Tom then asked me to stay still while he crouched outside Nick’s legs and mine, and edged his still-wet cock towards my bottom, and rested it there. Nick and I wanted to move, to copulate, but he asked us to stay still, and circling his cock head around my private place to wet it, he started to rhythmically press, and edge in. He held my buttocks, and pushed so gently. God! it hurt a bit, but he was so gentle, so soothing, and Nick pulled my face down a little to him, and kissed me gently, and it became all right, quite nice. The only one really allowed to move was Tom, and once he was penetrated as far as he could go into my orifice, he consolidated his crouching position, and started gently pushing me up and down on Nick again, moving with us, watching carefully, holding me, making sure we were all comfortable.

I had never felt so full, so fulfilled. This was intense. I was sure that the two guys could feel each other’s cocks rubbing together through my thin membranes – what wonderful intimacy for them, not to mention the strange but nice pleasure they were giving me. For Nick, it was his girl and his best friend making love with him. For me, it was my guy and an exciting stranger. For Tom, his best friend and a fresh woman.

Gently, gently we went on like this for a while, with me more or less fully penetrated on Nick’s cock and just gripping him with my pussy muscles, and Tom moving gently into and out of my still body. We were all just groaning, and marvelling about how amazing it felt to be communing like this. Tom was the first to come. With skilful, practised control, he did a few little, short strokes inside me, and pulled out and came in his hand, so as not to hurt me. His semen splashed over my back, Nick’s legs and all down Tom’s throbbing cock. He squeezed the last liquid out of it, and sat back between Nick’s legs, sated and happy, to watch the rest.

Now that Nick and I were free of any restrictions, still fully penetrated I kneeled up, and slid my pussy out nearly to the tip of his penis. From there I rammed back down on him, rocked backwards so my pussy squeezed him hard, then forward again, to get some pressure on my clitoris. Leaning forward slightly, I wanted and needed to come, and I bounced up and down on him, riding him, hurting him, fucking him, shouting things, getting more and more excited, him panting and groaning with equal pleasure, until my insides just exploded, and I screamed. Spasms of joy went from my pussy, up my torso, down my legs. Juices just ran from me around his cock, which he was still slowly but firmly pumping inside me. I had barely recovered when, in a burst of short but rough thrusts, he climaxed too, and with a loud cry, arched his body up as he let go of his semen into me. Panting with exhilaration, after a moment I let him slide out of me. Nick caught me in his arms, and Tom settled down the other side of me, and contentedly we rested. No longer was Nick the novice. No longer was Tom the stranger. No longer was I frustrated. Just three people becoming one.

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