Mary Peters Ch. 02

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After Mary had finally got her breath back, she carefully and quietly slid back the bolt on the toilet cubicle door and, collecting her thoughts and trying to make her exit as normal as possible — just in case – she walked boldly out into the washroom area as if nothing had happened. It was deserted!

Mary looked carefully around just to make doubly sure she was alone and, deciding that all was well, she crossed to the hand wash-basins and carefully washed her hands and did her best to remove the excess moisture that, even now, was seeping from her well-used and still distended labia. She finished drying her pussy lips — canting up her short school skirt to help her do so and then, using a fresh paper towel she finished up by drying her hands.

‘Phew, that was close!’ she said to herself under her breath. ‘I really must be more careful next time!’ And the prospect of there actually being a ‘next time’ made her grin.

Touching up her hair and doing her best to make sure that she looked as normal as possible, Mary pulled a funny face at her reflection and bobbed her tongue out in a childish kind of way. Putting her head on one side she pouted at her reflected image, blew herself a kiss and then, taking a final deep breath – which could easily have doubled as a sigh – she turned away from the mirror, passed through the inner and outer toilet area doors and out into the corridor.

The corridor was deserted, but then she expected it to be, as all the kids would either be at lunch or out in the schoolyard. Mary walked off down the corridor with her head held high and looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She headed for her locker. She was hungry now and she grinned broadly to herself as she remembered that, waiting in her lunchbox, she had packed one of the biggest bananas she had ever seen!…

For Mary, the first two lessons after lunch passed reasonably uneventfully. Although she had three more classes that day, the first was a waste of time in Mary’s opinion. It was supposed to be some sort of sociology class. But it normally ended in mild anarchy; as the teacher was quite young and inexperienced and usually struggled to control the class – and so it proved today.

The second class was similarly unremarkable and passed boringly slowly — so much so in fact that one of the boys dropped off to sleep only to turn bright red with embarrassment when he was rudely awakened by a non-too impressed teacher bouncing a piece of chalk off his head. This caused wild eruptions in the classroom, which lasted some time and even Mary — who usually had little in common with her class mates and tried not to get too involved in their actions – managed a giggle.

It was the third class however that got Mary’s attention…

‘Hello again class.’ The familiar voice called out – making Mary’s heart miss a beat ‘So, we meet again…I’ve missed you!’

Mary couldn’t believe this was happening. What was Mrs. Brown doing in the classroom? They should have been having boring old Mr. Smith. Mary’s mouth went dry and she felt herself gently and almost involuntarily squeeze her thighs together as she took her seat about half way back along the column of desks.

‘Right then class, Mr Smith has had to go home sick…’

There were a couple of cheers. Mrs. Brown gave the culprits the evil eye and the cheering stopped at once

‘…and as I have a couple of free periods this afternoon,’ she went on ‘I will be looking after you until home-time. Now then, as I have no real idea what you have been doing with Mr. Smith — and as I KNOW you need to revise heavily in order to get through the coming exam in my subject – we will ataköy escort have a class revision on what we were looking at this morning. Please, get out your exercise and text books and we will begin.’

There was a low mumbling around the classroom as the prospect of a double lesson with Mrs. Brown — their second today no less — began to sink in to the assembled class but after a few seconds — and with a few more sharp words — Mrs. Brown soon brought her charges back under her control…

And so the afternoon passed.

Mrs. Brown took them through much of what they could expect to face in the coming exams. She recapped much of what they had covered that morning. She sought answers from the pupils whom she deemed most in need of encouragement and passed over those — like Mary — whom she knew would be finding this class quite boring and for whom, in her heart of hearts, she knew the exams would be little more than a formality.

And then, finally, the harsh clamouring din of the home-time bell echoed throughout the school.

For some it was a blessed release, the chance to escape school at last and to get home to the T.V. and the P.C. and the weekend.

To others it was just the end of another boring day of seemingly pointless drudgery, made bearable only by the fact that it was Friday and thus they had two full days to chill-out and recover and prepare themselves for Monday’s onslaught!

But for Mary it was a moment she had, in a way dreaded! For now, she wouldn’t see Mrs. Brown for a whole week — not until their next scheduled morning lesson next Friday, which was a whole 7 days away. True, this extra class with Mrs. Brown had been a most welcome and arousing bonus, but now that it was over she felt thoroughly deflated and not a little sad. She decided that she needed cheering up…

Mary closed the cubicle door once more and this time she hurriedly stepped out of her small panties and stuffed them into her school bag, pausing first to sniff briefly and deeply at her own womanly scent which had soaked into the gusset.

She hitched up her skirt around her waist and unbuttoned her cardigan and white school blouse. She put both of her hands under the cups of her amply filled brassier and caressed herself through the sheer material as only she knew how. She pushed the restraining cups up and clear of her now heaving, well-formed breasts which, though smooth and firm, lay down against her lower chest. Her slightly upturned nipples were as hard as two bullets! She dropped one hand to her moist pussy and her long slender fingers expertly sought out and found her little pleasure centre, she began to rub herself gently there…

Mary had made her way to the toilet as quickly as she could once class had been dismissed. Deciding that the noise she had heard from the outer toilet door that morning was probably caused by a draught, she was now more relaxed.

She knew that she had plenty of time to pleasure herself now that school was out — and especially on a Friday afternoon — as most of her fellow pupils would either be racing off home to get out of their detested school uniforms or would be dawdling along the streets, talking far too loudly and about nothing in particular as they made their way home. Only a comparative few would still be around and even they would be outside in the playground, yes, she had plenty of time! Her legs began to tremble and she sat down on the toilet seat and leaned back against the cistern like she had at lunchtime…

‘Oh Lucy, oh yes, that’s it.’ Mary murmured under her breath, as she fantasised once more about having wild lesbian avcılar escort sex with Mrs. Brown. ‘Oh God yes, lick me there…make me wet, make me cum. Oh Lucy, Oh God yesssss!’ It had been some minutes since she had rushed into the toilet area and Mary was now well on her way to a mind blowing climax!

She pinched at both of her nipples in turn and sighed with pleasure as she did so. Her other hand continued to rub at her now moist clitoris and she dipped her long index finger deeply into her sex. Doing her best to simulate being penetrated by a thick artificial phallus, she stuffed another finger in to her streaming pussy and then another and then she closed her eyes and the image that swam on the movie screen formed by her eyelids was that of her lover, Mrs Brown, fucking her to distraction from behind with a huge strap-on dildo and crying out herself as she too, received pleasure from making this young woman in front of her come!

Suddenly, the cubicle door slammed back against the wall with a resounding crash and Mary’s eyes flew open in shock! She screamed, jumped to her feet and tried to cover her semi-naked body whilst her racing senses tried to take in what was happening.

‘So! What in the hell are you doing here young lady?’ A stern voice cried.

Mary, her pulse racing in her temples, a little light headed from standing so quickly, was finding it difficult to focus on the face that peered in at her. But she already knew from the voice who it was in any case. Mrs. Brown!

‘Miss Peters, I say again — what the hell do you think you are doing in here?’ The harsh voice went on.

Mary didn’t know what to say. She looked at Mrs, Brown’s face and could tell that the teacher wasn’t too pleased. She let her eyes roam quickly all over her fantasy lover’s body — even now taking in the beauty and firmness before her – and still she couldn’t formulate any kind of reply. She was rooted to the spot with fear and, strong-willed as she was, Mary felt the first sting of tears beginning to well up in her eyes…

‘Miss Peters, I will ask you just once more young lady; what are you up to in here? And who, while we’re at it, is ‘Lucy?’

Mary stared into the teacher’s eyes for a few more seconds then the tears burst forth and began to run down her cheeks. She sat down heavily on the toilet seat, buried her head in her hands and began to sob loudly…

Mrs. Brown, for all her austerity and professionalism, seeing the effect she had had on this young woman, felt a real pang of sympathy for Mary. A sense almost, that she had betrayed her at a most vulnerable time.

That Mrs. Brown had come into the toilet area at all had, in fact, been pure bad luck for Mary. Going around checking that all the pupils had left the building and hadn’t set it on fire or anything of that nature, Mrs Brown had been seized by the sudden desire to urinate and had chosen this particular toilet block to relieve herself.

Her desire to pee had died stillborn however, as she had become aware of someone — a young woman obviously — doubtlessly masturbating in one of the cubicles. And it was at that point that she had briskly crossed the floor of the toilet area and flung open the cubicle doo, which Mary had forgotten to lock earlier in her haste to pleasure herself.

Mrs. Brown stood in front of Mary for a little while, her mind in a turmoil – not quite knowing what to do next.

The site of the young woman’s shoulders heaving up and down as she sobbed her young heart out and the knowledge that she should report this matter to the school’s headmaster right away filled her mind with a beylikdüzü escort whirl of conflicting thoughts.

If she let this go then surely, she would be betraying her position as the protector of her charges. ‘What if’ she thought to herself ‘Lucy’ were a girl from a lower year. Lesbianism wasn’t something the school looked favourably upon — what if this young woman had had lesbian sex — and under aged sex at that — in school time and on school grounds with another pupil?

On the other hand, the crying girl in front of her had — on the face of it at least – done little more than use her own time to relieve what must have been a powerful desire in the first place to risk — as she undeniably had – discovery by anyone entering the toilet block. And maybe ‘Lucy’ was just a fantasy figure in any case…

Suddenly, Mary looked up. Her face was bright red, her cheeks soaked with tears, her hair all ruffled and the little bit of eye makeup that the school permitted the older girls to wear, had run down her wet cheeks in thick streaks.

‘I’m sorry Mrs. Brown — truly I am!’ She blurted between sobs. ‘Please, don’t report me to the Headmaster — I beg of you! Please, please!…’ Mary dropped her head into her hands again and the sobbing began once more, harder this time, as if the poor girls life was about to end — which, if Mrs. Brown reported this little indiscretion, then academically it well might!

Suddenly, Mrs. Brown made her mind up. She reached out her hand and gently placed it upon Mary’s heaving shoulder.

‘There, there, Mary’ She said in the best soothing voice she could manage. ‘Please stop your crying. I promise I’ll not report this episode — but you must tell me — is this ‘Lucy’ a girl in your year, or perhaps a girl in a lower year? Please, tell me Mary, have you been having sex here — at the school — with a fellow pupil? Or is ‘Lucy’ just a fantasy figure. Someone you’ve made up?’

Whilst she’d been speaking, Mrs. Brown had been gently squeezing Mary’s shoulder, trying to console her and calm her down. Trying to get her to open up about why she had felt the need to sit masturbating in the toilets — especially on her own time, after school – and then suddenly, as if she’d reached a monumental stage in her young life and made a final decision Mary looked up into Mrs. Brown’s face once again.

‘It’s you Mrs. Brown! Its you! YOU’RE Lucy! Oh God help me, please God help me! I’m so sorry Mrs. Brown I just can’t help it’ Mary cried… ‘I love you! I know you will hate me now and I know that you’ll report me and I know that they’ll throw me out of the school and I know that…’

‘Stop!’ Cried Mrs. Brown, anger and shock in her voice. She paused for a few moments — gathering her thoughts. When she spoke again, her voice was softer, calmer. ‘Please, please, Mary, stop crying. I shan’t report you. Truly I shan’t. But please, stop crying — and lets get you cleaned up so that I can take you home’ Mrs. Brown gave Mary’s shoulder a last squeeze then moved away in order to give the girl a bit of privacy as she got dressed.

Mary put her panties back on and started to tidy her clothes and it was whilst she was blowing her nose loudly into some toilet paper and flushing it away that she suddenly realised what Mrs. Brown had said:

‘Lets get you cleaned up so that I can take you home!’

Mary walked unsteadily out of the cubicle and found Mrs. Brown waiting for her.

‘Come on Mary.’ she said surprisingly softly ‘Lets get along to my office and we’ll tidy up your face and then I’ll drop you off at your house. All of the rest of the school will have gone home by now, so no one will see us.’

Mary followed Mrs. Brown out into the deserted corridor and the few yards that took them from the lady’s toilets to Mrs. Brown’s office. Mary wasn’t totally sure, but she thought that she detected an extra little wiggle in Mrs. Brown’s walk as they made their way down the passageway…

To be continued…

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