Midnight Gym

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Yes, I work a lot. And yes, work gets to me from time to time. Insomnia is a more then well known, but not really loved friend of mine. Due being a night owl, I came up with the great idea to do some sports late at night, mostly around midnight, to exhaust my body, to be able to fall asleep. And it worked for me.

Spending an hour, or two working out, doing some cardio, pushing some weights or sweating in a sauna, cleared my head. And made me tired. I was sleeping like a baby. In most nights at least.

Luckily there was a gym around two corners from my apartment that had open around the clock. In the night it was for gold members only, so it normally wasn’t crowded at all. I was there three, four nights a week and about two too three other guys were there too. They mostly were there for the same reasons I was there: To clear their head for a good night of sleep.

And there were a few rules in place: Stick to yourself, except with certain exercises you ask someone for help. But keep the talking at a minimum. Because the midnight gym goers I had to deal with, and well I was one them, wanted just to exercise. And wanted to be left alone. And for sure not hearing about anyone’s problems or anyone bragging about who good they are.

The midnight gym quickly turned into an elemental part of my weekly schedule. I went there for years, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Just guys working out. Sweating. Without too much talking. Enjoying some peace and silence.

But one day, I must have been around thirty five years old back then, she showed up. Yes a woman, about thirty one years old, joined the unofficial midnight gym club. And yes, she had our attention from the moment almanbahis adresi she entered the room. We all checked her out. She was wearing some tight fitting clothes, she was working out until her body was covered in sweat, she smelled good and she caught my eye. She might have even given me, and at least one other guy in the gym a raging boner. And yes, it wasn’t the same after she showed up.

One day, I was already working out, she showed up. No one else was around, so I decided to break the rules. I tried to initiate a conversation. But she blocked the code. She told me to leave her alone, in a very kind way, but she told me to fuck off. While giving me a perfect view down her cleavage. Because while working out, you have to wear something deep cut to show off your gorgeous boobs.

But I accepted my defeat. For now. I went back on my exercise bike and was thinking about my next steps regarding her. I clearly wasn’t willing to accept a no. No I really wanted to talk with her, and well stick my dick inside her, but well, I guess you all know what I am talking about.

The next time I ran into her in the gym, she was sitting on an exercise bike. I placed my ass on the one next to her. And then I began to ask her some question. The usual, what is your name, what are you working and how are you?

She gave some answers, and she asked me the same stuff back. The ice was broken, somewhat. But the others that were training were giving me views. Views that were a mixture between being jealous and anger, because well, talking wasn’t at thing that you weren’t supposed to do when you are my gym around midnight.

A few days later it was her and me alone in the almanbahis adres gym. No one else was around. So I came up with a thievious plan: I was going to do some bench pressing. And I would ask her to assist. Something she couldn’t say no too. Again, another unwritten rule of our midnight gym.

In the beginning she wasn’t very pleased that she had to help me out, but it got better with time. She began to cheer me up. She began to motivate me. I pushed a lot. And then it was her turn. She pushed a lot too. I assisted, I motivated her and in the end we had a few laughs. The ice broke on that day. We got training buddies: When we both were in the gym, we both helped each other out. That was all. But it was at least one step in the right direction.

The upcoming weeks we were helping out each other a lot. I was the perfect opportunity to check out her body, and get a little bit touchy. No I was never slipping and my hands accidentally landed on her boobs, just touching her shoulder, her hand or any other body part you have to touch from time to time when you assist someone during workout. She did the same with me, and well, she was even touchier than I was. Something clearly was developing between the two of us.

Then one day it happened again. The two of us were in the gym alone again. We were working out together, our scents were filling the air, and we accidentally bumped into each other. Our bodies were more than just touching. We looked each other in the eyes and shared a first kiss. A first kiss that turned into passionate kissing more than just fast.

Now our hands were all over each others bodies. We were tearing the clothes off the other. Our inner almanbahis adresi animals took over. About a minute later she was sitting on the bench used for bench pressing, with my head between her legs, with my tongue on her pussy.

Soon her moaning filled the room. Then I brought my fingers in the game. In the end three of my fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy while my tongue was teasing her clit. She came closer and closer to an orgasm with every thrust I gave her. Her moaning got more and more intense. More and more tension was building up. Until her legs began to shake. Until she had her first orgasm of the night.

Then, after a short break, she made me lay down on the bench then she climbed on top of me. The moment my rock hard dick entered her dripping wet pussy I began to moan out loud. It felt nothing but awesome.

She rode me hard. She rode herself towards an orgasm. Our moaning was filling the room. It felt better with every thrust. My hands were on her boobs, were playing with her hard nipples all the time. In the end, we came together. I dumped my load deep inside her pussy. Her trembling body collapsed onto me.

We staid in that position for some time, then we got dressed again, removed the towel from the bench and hugged a little bit. We shared some gentle kisses. We came to the mutual conclusion that we were to relaxed for a proper workout. We called it a day. We both went home. Alone, each one of us into their place, to get a few hours of sleep. To thing about what we had done, and to think about how lucky we had been that no one caught us.

We were fucking a few times after our first one, but on long term, it didn’t work out. Our characters, our personalities just weren’t really compatible with each other. All we had was sexual attraction towards each other, and hell yeah, we made the best out of it for some time. So no regrets from my side at all. Not a single damn one regarding what her and I had done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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