My Exception is You Ch. 24

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Chapter 24 being the Christmas Eve story wasn’t planned, but I’m here for it! Hope y’all enjoy these two together.

Thanks lovelies!


I was standing in front of the stove, just in my damn briefs as Bruno sat on the island behind me. He asked me to make him breakfast and after last night I couldn’t refuse. We were three days into our week alone and I was already over the damn moon. Having him sleep with me every night, wake up, and hang out all day without any interruptions or other people was heavenly.

“Hey,” his foot poked my asscheek and I chuckled, glancing back at him. He was leaning back on his hands, his pajama pants barely on his hips. My eyes wandered over his stomach and chest, noting all the love bites I had given him just last night. “I like my omelet cheesy with veggies,” he teased, smiling cutely as he hung his head back.

“Am I just a servant now?” I turned back to the stove and he sighed happily.

“I should get you a sexy apron to wear for me when you cook,” he murmured and I rolled my eyes, unable to deny the delicious thrills running through me. “I’m serious!” he chuckled, his toes gripping the top of my briefs and tugging at them.

“Would you like me to wear an apron?” I teased, glancing at him as I reached back and grabbed my briefs easing them down. “You want a nice view of this ass?” I pulled the side down, exposing my cheek as he bit his lip.

“Fuck yeah, you’ve got a great ass Clay!” he smiled, poking it with his toes. I couldn’t help but laugh as I turned back to the stove. I was cooking with what we had left, not thinking about going to the store since we weren’t going to be here for a while. But I knew we had to get some shit for the next few days.

It was going to be a simple breakfast. Just omelets and an apple since I wanted to eat them before they went bad. I fixed my briefs, sprinkling the last of our diced peppers and onions onto his omelet. I turned and grabbed some cheese from the fridge, whistling quietly as I finished getting everything together.

“When are you going to answer me?” Bruno asked softly as I plated his omelet, flinching as I glanced back at him. I sighed and turned, handing him his plate as he studied me.

“About what?” I played dumb, knowing what he was talking about but not wanting to explain it to him.

“Come on Clay, every time I bring this up you avoid the subject!” he grumbled and I took a long, steady breath as I went back to the stove to make my eggs.

“I told you I didn’t want it to be like this,” I muttered.

“Be like what?” he snapped and I flinched, pursing my lips as I glared at the pan in front of me.

“You brought it up while we were naked in bed, about to fall asleep. How is that even a time to talk about something like this?” I pressed, glancing back at him as I felt my eyebrows wrinkle. He looked hurt as he pouted, holding his plat in his lap as he stabbed it with his fork.

“So you need time to think about it then, is that it?” our eyes met and he looked so in pain. My stomach knotted and twisted uncomfortably as I lost the ability to speak my thoughts.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t thinking the exact same thing. But I had my own ideas on how I wanted this to go. I wanted to be the one to propose, to tell him I loved him and wanted him for the rest of my life. And it wasn’t because I felt like I had to be the one. I just felt this deep conviction that he had to know I meant it. If I just said yes, if I just answered him it wouldn’t have as much weight as me asking him. He’d done so much for me, for us! I wanted to be the one to do something for us this time.

“Or is it that you actually don’t want to?” he whispered then and my heart sunk, as I stepped toward him. He looked hurt as I grabbed his face.

“Bruno come on, this isn’t fair! Can we tackle one thing at a time?” I begged, feeling off balance and shaky as I leaned toward him. I kissed his lips but he didn’t kiss me back.

“I just want to hear that you really feel the same way,” he sighed, pulling away from me slightly. I bit my lip, hating how hard it was for me to say it. “That I’m not the only one, that I’m not crazy,” he sighed, pushing me back gently. I held his hand on my chest, frowning as I hated the defeated look on his face.

“I’m not saying no Bruno. I’m just saying now isn’t the time,” I insisted and he sighed, forcing a smile as he glanced at me.

“Ok, I get it,” he mumbled, turning to his plate. I wanted to say something, my lips parting as my words would get caught in my throat. After three failed attempts of speaking my mind I sighed and turned back to the stove. He didn’t say anything as I finished cooking. In fact even as I stood next to him and ate he didn’t even look at me.

“Please don’t ignore me,” I sighed, after cleaning up. He glanced at me, his expression complicated.

“Just processing,” he muttered and I groaned, pushing his knees apart istanbul travesti more as I stepped up against him. He whimpered, not resisting but not reciprocating as I pulled his limp arms over my shoulders. I slid my hands up his hips and sides, enjoying the firmness of his muscles as I wrapped my arms around him and caressed his back.

“Bruno I love you more than anything in this whole damn world,” I whispered, kissing his jaw as he pouted and looked away. “This isn’t me saying no. Please understand where I’m coming from,” I begged weakly, feeling myself tremble as he still refused to reciprocate as I kissed toward his lips.

“It’s not hard to confess your feelings Clay. It doesn’t mean anything’ll happen tomorrow,” he muttered plainly and I felt a twinge in my gut.

“Bruno I am worried about the Combine team, getting through my senior year, trying to figure out my future after I graduate. I’m not saying this relationship isn’t important but talking about stuff like that only adds to-“

“I want to be apart of all of those plans Clay!” he snapped, pushing me back harshly. I stumbled, shocked as I caught myself on the counter. He looked angry and hurt as he glared at me.

“Wh-who said you weren’t?” I snapped back, closing the distance between us. He went to push me away but I grabbed his hands and put them on the counter by his sides. He looked away as I pressed my face against his. “Who the fuck said you aren’t part of my future?” I sneered, squeezing his hands as frustration consumed me.

“You can’t even tell me-“

“Bruno I said not right now, I didn’t say not ever! For fucks sake I’ve thought about giving up an entire pro career in soccer to have you by my fucking side every damn day!” I yelled, grabbing his face and making him look at me. His eyes were wide and a bit teary, his ears red as he stared back at me. “So why do you think you’re not apart of my plans for the future?” I demanded sternly, glaring at him. I looked between his eyes frantically, wishing I could read his mind as he stared back at me.

“But if you say it then-“

“Then what Bruno? How does it change anything?” I pressed and he clamped his lips tightly, looking down as his hands pressed to my stomach. He shoved me slightly but I resisted, leaning into him more as I rested my hands on the counter behind him.

“It’s just nice to hear ok!” he sighed heavily, avoiding eye contact with me as I tried meeting his gaze. Why was he so damn sensitive and cute?

“Are you still doubting us?” I asked softly and he scoffed, his eyes snapping to meet mine in an instant.

“Of course not,” he sounded mad.

“So then what’s the point of all this?” I whispered and he sighed heavily. Before he could say anything I kissed his lips, my hands slowly tracing up and smoothing the skin of his back. He was so warm and soft it was mind numbing. “Besides, I’ve had my own dreams and desires about stuff like this,” I admitted, smiling slightly as I noticed his eyes were shut tight. Our lips were still together, his parted slightly as he took a few deep breaths.

“Like what?” he gasped finally, his hands clawing at my hips. My hand slid up the back of his neck and into his hair, knotting gently into his curls as I sighed happily. I leaned into him, enjoying the pressure of his body against mine. Whenever our skin touched, whenever we were close like this, it also had me messed up.

“I may not seem like the type Bruno, but I did dream of the day I’d find a man I loved enough to propose to,” I started, nuzzling his nose with mine as our lips pressed together a bit more. He actually shuddered, his head tilting as his lips puckered against mine. God he was so damn cute.

“M-meaning?” he gasped and I smirked, letting my lips open more. His mouth followed and I could feel the warmth of his breath on my cheeks. My tongue teased his bottom lip, and I was met with a soft moan as his tongue darted out eagerly to meat mine.

“I want it to be special. Something I get to cherish for the rest of my life,” I whispered, nudging his nose with mine gently. He inhaled sharply, tensing up as my mouth brushed against his. His eyes were closed, his cheeks flushed. I slid my tongue along the inside of his top lip, rewarded with a cute whimper when I closed my lips around it and kissed him softly.

There was no hesitation; his hands gripped my hips and urged me closer as his lips wrapped around and slid against mine. When I pulled away he leaned toward me, his lips puckered slightly as his eyes opened slowly.

“To me a proposal, no matter who asks it, should be something more special and romantic,” I whispered, sliding my arm around his waist as I reached up and pushed his hair back off his forehead.

“Th-then I’ll-“

“It’s not the right time,” I whispered gently, cutting off his thought. My lips silenced him. He wasn’t going to get away with proposing to me. Not if I had anything to say about it. I’d play this game until I could plan it, istanbul travestileri until I could figure it out. He was an idiot if he thought I wasn’t going to make him mine. Especially with me travelling if I go pro; I needed something to claim him entirely.

“Clay,” he whimpered, pulling back from my kiss. I smiled, kissing his jaw as he panted. “You c-can’t kiss me like this,” he insisted feebly and I chuckled, letting my tongue run along his jaw toward his ear.

“Mmm, I can’t?” I whispered, sighing as my lips opened around his ear. He shuddered, clawing at my skin as my tongue teased the length of his ear. “But you love this,” I crooned, tracing his ear with my tongue before nibbling on it. He jerked away slightly and I smirked, pressing my mouth against his neck instead. His skin was so smooth, it felt so nice against my lips and tongue.

“How about if I do this to help?” I continued, my hand sliding down from his hair over his chest and toward his pants. He went to stop me, gripping my wrist firmly as I dipped my hand into his pants. His cock was stiff, throbbing angrily against my palm.

“N-no,” he gasped, his free hand flying up to grab my hair. I lifted my face to his, sighing as I brushed my lips against his.

“No? But your body is saying yes,” I teased his tip with my thumb, squeezing and tugging his shaft suggestively. He whimpered, biting his lip as he tugged on my hair. My eyes rolled back as I groaned, loving the tingles in my scalp as I kissed his upper lip. He exhaled, his mouth parting and I didn’t hesitate to thrust my tongue past his lips. He moaned, my tongue coercing and massaging his as I worked his shaft.

“C-Clay please! We promised, hmmm, to eh,” he curled up, leaning into me as his hand slid up my arm to grip the cap of my shoulder. He was so sensitive! It was too fucking sexy.

“Cuddle and watch movies. I know. The idea of your soft, warm, sexy body against mine,” I whispered softly, sucking and nipping at his lips as I continued. “It’s driving me mad and I need to take the edge off,” I insisted, reaching up to take his hand off my arm. “So help me out here Bruno,” I muttered, letting my voice get husky. He shuddered, whimpering cutely as I shoved his hand into the front of my briefs.

“Oh fuck Clay, you’re so hard,” he gasped, his hand wrapping around my shaft. I groaned, my nose wrinkling from the surge of pleasure. God the way it felt when he touched me was maddening.

“Of course I am. My sexy ass boyfriend is moaning while I play with his cock,” I grumbled, my hips twitching as he slowly started tugging and massaging at my shaft. “Fuck this feels so good,” I muttered, grabbing the back of his neck. My lips crushed his, my tongue filling his mouth desperately as I stroked him roughly.

He was panting, gasping for air between our labored kisses. The shaking of his body; the hot, throbbing skin of his cock; and the feeling of his mouth and tongue against mine were doing so much for me.

“You’re gonna make me cum in my briefs Bruno,” I murmured and he lurched, his cock throbbing as his lips fell from mine. “Does that turn you on?” I teased and he groaned, his hand relaxing and then clenching at my hair as he pressed his mouth to mine. After a wonderful kiss, his tongue scorching hot as it swirled around mine, he pulled away to pant as I really jerked his shaft.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, his nose sliding against mine as we pressed our foreheads together.

“I can’t stop thinking about the time you made me cum in that jock strap, or those sexy briefs I bought,” I whispered, listening to him breathe faster as his hand slowed down on my cock. “God the way you socked on my balls, my cock even, desperate to taste my cum soaked underwear,” I murmured and he trembled, pressing his face against mine as his back curved slightly.

“You’re just a gay little slut for my cum,” I whispered and he groaned, his face twisted as he occasionally stroked my dick. “What if I jerk off for you, while you watch, inside my briefs,” I continued and he swallowed hard, exhaling heavily as he continued to pant. “And cum all over myself,” I whispered.

“God Clay yes,” he huffed, stroking my dick roughly. I lost concentration, my eyes almost crossing as I tensed up.

“Fuck you want me to cum?” I almost growled, stroking him just as hard. Both of us were moaning and panting, trying and failing to kiss as our bodies twitched and lurched with pleasure. His thumb brushed my tip deliciously and I nearly blew my load, my knees buckling slightly.

“Oh god,” Bruno cried out as I wrapped my arm around his hips, leaning into the counter for support. My lips brushed his ear as his heat consumed me.

“I want you to suck my dick through my cum soaked briefs,” I whispered, running my tongue along his ear. His arm wrapped around my neck, locking tightly as he tensed up. His hand clamped on my dick, his body shaking as he panted and moaned. I looked down to see him spurting cum over his stomach travesti istanbul and pubes. Some landed on my hand, the hot liquid pooling on his stomach.

“Suck my cum up first,” he panted, gasping for air as he grabbed my head and pushed on it. I groaned, running my mouth along his chest and stomach as both his hands pushed on my head then. My tongue found the pool of cum, sliding through it hungrily. It was hot and gooey, the saltiness mild as I lapped it up. When I got most of it he pushed me away, and I sighed.

“Bruno watch me,” I huffed, pressing my forehead to his as I grabbed his hair. We both looked down as I shoved my other hand into my briefs. I stroked my dick, aching for release as he watched. His hands ran up my arms to my chest, his breathing still heavy.

“So fucking sexy,” he whispered, tweaking my nipples. I trembled, my balls seizing eagerly.

“Do you want me to cum?” I gasped, biting my lip as I worked faster, teasing my tip abusively to urge that unbearable pleasure to well up in the pit of my stomach.

“God yes, I want to taste it,” he murmured, his hands sliding down to my hips. He brushed my thighs and then I felt the heat and pressure of his hand cup my balls through my briefs. He squeezed them gently and that did it. I slammed my hand onto the counter, pressing my face into his shoulder as I humped at my hand. Two thrusts in my cock swelled as the first wave of cum oozed out of me. Each throb of my cock sent thrills through me as rope after rope of cum ran down my hand and coated my briefs.

“Huuuuh fuck,” I gasped, feeling light headed as I slid my hand down to massage and cup my balls. This euphoric feeling was so sweet.

“Let me see,” Bruno whispered and I sighed, still feeling hot as I stepped back and studied him as he admired my handiwork. My hand was still in my briefs, my cock slowly deflating. The cum was quickly cooling, the chill an interesting sensation to the fire that was still brewing under my skin.

“God I want a taste,” he eased off the counter, cautiously lowering himself to his knees. I didn’t stop him, my chest heaving. I still wasn’t fully satisfied and seeing his flushed face rub up against my cock wasn’t helping.

“Bruno I, fuck, I want you,” I huffed as he gripped my hips, his tongue sliding along my shaft through my briefs. Our eyes met and he smirked before closing his lips around my tip. All the blood in my body surged back to my cock instantly, my clean hand finding his hair as I let my head fall back.

“One round, and then movies,” he whispered. I bit my lip, pressing his face into my crotch more as I groaned.

“Deal,” I helped him up, picking him up and carrying him to the couch. We weren’t going to make it upstairs. Not with how I was feeling.

“You’re a damn animal Clay,” Bruno whimpered when I yanked his pants off, leaving them dangling off his cast as I climbed on top of him.

“Only with you,” I groaned, guiding my cock to his ass. He tensed up, arching as I thrust into him. “You’re the best sex I’ve ever had and now I can’t get enough,” I grumbled. He blushed covering his face as I bottomed out. I grabbed his arms and pushed them over his head, leaning down to kiss him greedily. “Don’t you dare cover your damn face. I want to see it, Bruno, how much you love this too,” I grumbled.

“God, so good,” he whimpered as I started thrusting. Movies be damned, I wanted this man for as long as possible. I didn’t care that we had another few days like this. It was never enough. I craved him. I loved him. I wanted him to be mine, for as long as he’d have me.

“I love you,” I huffed and he gasped, clawing at my waist as I lunged into him.

“I love you too!” he cried out, his hips jerking into another thrust.

“Forever,” I breathed and he covered his mouth, throwing his head back as he groaned. Our eyes met and I could see him tearing up, but it looked like he was smiling. He closed his eyes tight and reached up, pulling me down to him. We kissed and he moaned quietly.

“Forever,” he whispered, sighing and then gasping as I thrusted into him again. “Fuck the movies, Clay stay with me like this,” he begged weakly and I groaned, trying to get closer to him as we tangled up together on the couch.

“God I was hoping you’d say that,” I panted, and he laughed before gasping. My mouth descended on his, my tongue demanding as I ravaged him. He was mine. And that thought had me flying.


We pulled up to his parents’ house and my heart felt so tingly. It was an anxious but giddy feeling that felt all warm. Nothing made me happier than seeing Bruno’s family and how loving, supportive, and accepting they were. And it was always so clear how he became such an amazing man.

“I know Jake planned on visiting occasionally,” Bruno sighed as we got out. He adjusted on his crutches as I went to my trunk to get our bags. I slung them on my shoulders, slamming the trunk shut as he glanced at me. “I can carry mine,” he went to take it and I grabbed his hand, putting it on his crutch as I kissed his cute little pout.

“No, now get inside it’s cold out,” I slapped his ass and he sighed, but smiled, as he turned and crutched up to the door. It opened, his mom clapping and giggling happily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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