My Secret Dreams Come True Ch. 10

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I woke up about 9 o’clock the next morning. My brother was sleeping peacefully on the floor. I crawled over to the window and looked out. Will’s car was in the driveway. My stomach began to churn and my heart pounded.

I crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom. My face still hurt and I had a black eye. I washed up a little and made my way down to the kitchen. Will sat at the table sipping a cup of tea. Sitting beside him was a man I’d never met before. He was gorgeous, kind of resembled Will. He was about 6’1 with semi long brown hair and gray eyes. He had a nice build and was very attractive.

I grabbed a muffin and cautiously took a seat a few chairs away from Will. “You can come a little closer. I’m not mad anymore,” he said.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Well, I’m still mad. I’m just not as mad.”

“Who is this?” I asked referring to the guy beside him.

“This is Chritophe. He’s my cousin. He came to visit.”

I looked over at Christophe and smiled. “You can just call me Chris,” he said.

When Ankara Escort Will was finished with his coffee he motioned for both f us to follow him. I stood up from my chair and followed him. He stopped in the center of the TV room and turned to face both of us. “Chris, you sit over there on the love seat. Jimmy, sit over in the corner on that chair,” he directed us.

I sat down in the chair and waited anxiously to find out what he was up to. Will walked over to the stereo and turned it on to our favorite radio station. He started to dance to the music in his usual seductive way. Then he started stripping! First came his shirt, revealing his chiseled torso. Then he unbuttoned his jeans and ever so slowly lowered them to his feet and stepped out of them. Next he made a big production out of taking his boxers off. I was on the edge of my seat staring at his naked form. He was still dancing and his soft dick bounced around tauntingly.

All of a sudden he pointed at Chris and Sincan Escort motioned for him to come stand up with him. He jumped off of the love seat and was quickly by his side. I felt a pang of jealousy race through me. Then it donned on me that that was what he wanted.

I watched as he stripped his cousin down to nothing. He grabbed him by the throat and started kissing him roughly. He took his expert tongue and traced a path to just behind his ear. Chris groaned loudly and sank to his knees. Will knocked him down to his back and moved his tongue down to his nipples and sucked and nibbled on them. He was squirming under my lover. I noticed Chris’ cock standing straight up. It looked to be about 9”. And that’s where Will’s attention went next. At first he just poked at the tip with his tongue. Then he went to short little licks all around the head. Then he slipped just the head into his hot mouth. I remember thinking his moans would wake the whole house and they would come to see Etlik Escort what was wrong. We remained alone while that beautiful piece of meat slowly disappeared down his throat. His head bobbed up and down slowly.

After what seemed like hours but was probably only a few minutes, Will sat up. He stretched out to grab a pillow from the couch and put it under his ass. He spread his legs as wide as they would spread and stroked his own 12”. In a flash he reached out and grabbed Chris and pulled him back and down on top of him. He reached down and guided his cousin’s cock to his hole. The boy took the hint and slid it in. Will let out a soft grunt. He pulled Chris’ face down to his and locked him in another passionate kiss. Chris started to pump into him. He started out slow but soon they were humping like animals. After about 10 minutes his speed increased. Will started working him harder and reached his hands to twist his nipples. Chris let out a loud scream as he slammed into him and held himself there. Will arched his back and cried out as cum erupted from his own cock. When both orgasms had subsided Chris fell down n to his back and waited for his breathing to return to normal.

Will got to his feet and walked over to me. I could see cum dripping from his ass and running down his thigh. He grabbed me wrist and yanked me to me feet. “You’re taking a shower with me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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