My Teacher (Finale)

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He fucked me like a lover. His big, beefy shaft slipped in and out of my hole like a big, driving piston. Another stud appeared beside my fucker and his hand caressed my balls. A finger traced gently traced around my cock-filled hole. They smiled at each other and kissed, the one obviously turned on by the sight of his friend’s big cock powering in and out of me.

Then, he moved around and pulled me back a bit so that my head hung over the end of the table. he began to fuck my mouth as they leaned forward and kissed above me.

They came almost as one, each thrusting his cock hard and deep into my mouth and asshole as they climaxed, filling me with the milk of their loins from each end.

As they withdrew from me, leaving me dripping with cream from both ends, I saw Carl on the floor, the top half of a 69, while being fucked at the same time.

I didn’t get to see the climax of that coupling, as I was eager for more fuck, and someone was eager to satisfy that need.

The youngish blonde, himself only a year or two older than me was joining me on the table. He squatted on his haunches, his nice, pink cock as hard as steel and pointing straight up.

I straddled him, and lowered my butt to the tip of his cock, pausing with the tip just at my opening. I embraced him Çankaya Escort tightly and forced my cum-smeared mouth to his. His tongue invaded my mouth, and we shared a cum-smeared kiss as I lowered my ass and impaled myself upon him.

It was my turn to move, and I rode my hips up and down, fucking myself with his cock. Our mouths stayed locked together as we made love. I was one with him. Our tongues shared the nectar I had drawn from the others, my anus wet and slick with lube and the cream of joyous climax.

I rode him hard, occasionally breaking my mouth from his to urge him to climax, begging him to fill me with his cum.

“Do you like cum?” I asked.

He nodded. He was lost for words. I pressed my belly against his, giving my own cock a little squeeze with our bodies.

“Do you want to lick the cum from my ass? There’s lots. We can share.” I whispered in his ear.

That was the cue, and his balls burst inside me.

“oooh, yes!” I cooed and pressed my mouth hard against his as he bucked and shook beneath me, flooding my hole once more with love nectar. I held him tightly until I felt my ass muscles had milked every drop of semen from him. Squeezed my sphincter tightly as I pulled off of him, wanting Keçiören Escort to keep as much inside me as possible until I was standing. When I bent forward and pulled my cheeks apart to show him my hole, a thick trickle of wetness ran down my balls, where it was caught by his tongue. He licked me eagerly, smearing his face with cum as his tongue probed as far as it could into my hole, tickling and arousing me even more. Finally I needed to have a taste of what he was having, and turned and licked and kissed his face, my ass waving seductively to the room.

Someone filled my need, ramming a thick rod hard into my fuckhole. Carl was laying on his side, watching me, his own face smeared with cum The fucking was hard and intense, and I felt the need for another orgasm of my own.

“Suck my cock!” I commanded the blonde, and he wasted no time wrapping his hot mouth around my shaft, and sucked hungrily. Hot jizz erupted inside me once again, and in turn I let my own orgasm erupt in the mouth of the blonde. He moaned in pleasure, and sucked down every drop of my hot seed.

I was feeling dizzy from exhaustion at this point. I think I had been fucking and sucking non-stop for over two hours. I fell on the floor beside Carl, Etimesgut Escort and kissed him getting a nice taste f spunk as I did. It almost moved me. Almost.

“This is incredible!” I gushed. “When can we do it again?” He just smiled back at me.

We lay together for a while and watched another couple fuck. It was the two studs who had spit-roasted me, and they were incredible. The one was able to suck his own cock while his partner, the one who had fucked me so magnificently, fucked him. The sight of a man climaxing into his own mouth while his lover pumped hot seed into his ass was literally the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life.

I got fucked one more time, that night. Bill rolled me on to my belly and slid his cock into my once again eager hole. He fucked me gently and slowly while everyone looked on. His man, Jacob, knelt beside us and masturbated into Bill’s mouth. When Jacob managed to usher forth one more spurt of jism, Bill’s body spasmed and jerked and he came inside me one more time.

We drove back to my apartment in satisfied silence that night, and crawled in to my bed in a state of complete exhaustion. My head spinning at the thought of how my body had been used to please so many men, so many times.

I didn’t think I had any more sex in me for days to come, but when we awoke, with Carl’s manhood hard against my leg, I begged him to fuck my mouth and drank his cum as though it was a basic necessity for life.

We visited that orgy room many, many times over the next few months, where I experienced even more incredible peaks of pleasure, with many men to satisfy my hungers and desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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