Nickolas and Jason Ch. 08

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“What?” Nick asked.

“I said — I think I might be in love with you.” Spider shrugged. “You asked me what was going on.”

“Yeah I did…wasn’t expecting that.” Nick frowned.

“So.” Spider chewed a nail.

“So what?” Nick sat on his bed. Spider sat next to him.

“Where do we go from here?” Spider asked as he turned to face him, his eyes were red from the tears and Spider felt horrid for what he’d done.

“I don’t know Jason.” Nick sighed. “Where do you want to go?”

“I kinda want to be with you. That’s what I’ve always wanted. Just been to much of an arsehole to say it.” Spider smiled sadly. “And now I’ve probably ruined it, haven’t I?”

“I don’t know.” Nick lay back and held his hands over his face. “I have so many feelings for you and they’re all so conflicted. I don’t know what to think.”

“Shall I go?” Spider stood to leave.

“No.” Nick shook his head. “If you go I might never let you back.” Spider sat back down on the bed. Nick still had his face covered. They sat in a strained silence for around ten minutes until Nick sat up and sighed, he wiped his red raw eyes and looked at Spider. Spider slid close and put an arm around Nick and pulled him to his chest. Nick sighed again and his body trembled lightly.

“Oh Twinkle.” Spider soothed and kissed Nick’s temple. “I’ll never hurt you again, I will look after you.”

“I just don’t know if I can trust you.” Nick said softly.

“Do you think you could maybe grow to trust me?” Spider asked.

“I don’t know Spider, I really don’t.” Nick said into his shoulder.

“Do you want too?” Spider asked and desperately hoped he did.

“I do.” Nick looked up at him and Spider tentatively kissed his lips.

“It’s all going to be okay. I promise.” Spider held him close.

The next few days were a blur to the two. Nick felt distanced and unsure, everything he thought of Spider he was confronted with a rush of love and then the crippling agony of what he had done. They spent some time between classes together but the two didn’t really interact. The rest of their friends thought that they’d just had another falling out. Spider had confided in Nile who had done his best to give the right advice, but he knew it was ultimately down to the two boys — they had to sort their situation out on their own.

“Want to do something tonight?” Spider asked Nick who was lounging on the Drama Club’s sofa.

“Sure, what?” Nick looked up.

“Dunno, could go for a walk maybe, its nice enough today.” Spider sat on the arm and stroked his hair softly.

“Yeah, we can grab a takeaway and have a picnic.” Nick smiled.

“Sounds like a plan.” Spider looked up as the door opened, happy that Nick finally wanted to do something with him. Maybe he was getting over his insecurities. Trevor, Lion and Claudia came into the room and Spider felt the atmosphere change. Nick withdrew into himself and couldn’t help glowering at the girl. “Hey, stop that.” Spider said softly. “There’s no need.” Nick frowned and turned away from him as Nile and Nathan came in. Nile looked over and raised an eyebrow and Spider just rolled his eyes. Nathan sat with his arms around Claudia’s waist. His head was on her shoulder and he was chatting to Lion about sports. Spider looked at her and her eyes met his, he smirked despite himself and she looked away, embarrassed. They hadn’t discussed the incident — even when they’d been alone it hadn’t cropped up. Spider had made sure she got the impression that it wasn’t going to happen again though. Before lunch he excused himself to go smoke and went to sit under his favourite tree. Shortly Nick joined him and snuggled into his side, his unsure ness had crept Kolej Escort back and he needed comfort. Spider slung an arm around him and finished his cigarette ten he nuzzled into his head. Nick looked up for a kiss and Spider kissed him gently, telling him he’d be smoky. Nick whispered that he didn’t mind and the two kissed.

“Get a room!” Nile appeared and lay in the grass in front of them. Nick looked terrified and his eyes shot to Spider.

“Nile knows.” Spider soothed and leant against the tree pulling him back.

“About?” Nick asked.

“About everything baby.” Nile rolled onto his back and grinned. “You keep him in line!”

Spider leant back on his elbows and looked at the view from where they had chosen to picnic. It looked down across the city and the soft lights made it seem unreal. They had finished their take away and now Spider was waiting for Nick to make the next move. It didn’t take him long and soon he’d sat to face him.

“I think I’ve got things in my head sorted.” He said.

“Oh yeah?” Spider smiled, he didn’t want to press him.

“Yeah. What happened has happened. We will just start from now.” Nick nodded.

“I am glad to hear that.” Spider shuffled closer.

“But you must be honest with me.” Nick told him. “I want to know if you’ve done anything else with anyone.”

“No! I have…oh.” Spider paused. “I’ve kissed Nile.”

“God that doesn’t count. I doubt that’d ever stop.” Nick teased and Spider laughed.

“C’mere.” Spider pulled him over and kissed him. Nick wrapped his arms around his neck and Spider deepened the kiss, he wanted to make sure that Nick new that he was loved. He kissed down his neck and stroked his back, pushing his shirt up and running his fingers over his soft skin. Nick’s hands gripped him, as his kisses got more urgent. Spider stroked his stomach and soon was fiddling with his belt.

“No you can’t!” Nick gasped. “We’re outside!”

“Twinkle there’s no one around for miles, relax.” Spider murmured into his ear. “Trust me.” He rubbed Nick through his boxers and felt him growing hard despite his nervousness. Slowly he rook the others cock from its underwear and began to stroke it slowly, pumping it with his hand as he kissed along his shoulder. Nick moaned softly. It felt so good but he was sill worried someone would catch them. Spider moved down and gently licked the head of his erect cock, his tongue dancing across the sensitive opening before he took it into his mouth. Nick groaned and laid back, his hands found Spider’s hair. Spider suckled on his member for what seemed like a torturous eternity, he kept at the same speed and Nick was calling out like a cat in heat. Spider looked up at him and smiled. “Can I fuck you?” Nick nodded and allowed Spider to remove his clothes. They were soon both naked in a blur of kisses and touches; Spider worked himself into Nick, his wet cock glistening in the evening’s light. Spider was kneeling with Nick on top, his legs around his hips. Nick moved on Spider’s cock fluently and Spider realised that he wanted to come. “Oh, you’re liking this tonight baby.” He moaned.

“Your cock feels so good. I want it all.” Nick gasped and bobbed faster. Spider complied and began to thrust up into Nick hard; the red head threw his head back and groaned with pleasure. Spider watched as his body moved, his hard cock weeping between them, the feel of being inside his ass, so tight and warm. Spider began to pant and held Nick closer feeling the tingling sensation begin to build in his balls. He pumped Nick’s cock and watched in delight as he came over his hand with a moan and a shudder. Spider then Rus Escort relaxed and let his orgasm flood Nick’s ass. “Ooh god.” Nick breathed and put his head on Spider’s shoulder. “That was amazing.”

“It was.” Spider agreed and kissed his head. They stayed together for w while before Nick became stressed at the point of being naked in public so they dressed and began to walk back into the town. Spider was content with his feelings for Nick at the moment and he was happy that Nile knew, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted any of his other friends to find out, so he decided he’d keep it quiet while they got settled. Nick walked beside his new love, he had thought over their relationship deeply. While he was happy to carry it on, he didn’t trust the dark haired one at all and vowed to himself to not get too involved as he might get his heart broken. They walked back and soon were near Spider’s house.

“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Nick smiled shyly. Spider pulled him towards him for a cuddle and kissed him softly.

“Yeah you will…unless…” Spider smirked. “You want to come in for round two?”

“Ooh now that sounds like a plan.” Nick giggled and they wandered up to Spider’s house. When they got in they found Casey and Josh talking to George from next door.

“Hey George!” Spider beamed. “How’re you doing?”

“Not so bad Spi, you keeping out of trouble?” George grinned; he was Casey’s best childhood friend.

“Oh of course!” Spider laughed and took Nick through into the kitchen to get a drink.

“Not seen that one before.” George commented to Casey. “Is he Spider’s new boyfriend?” Spider and Nick heard this from the kitchen and Nick saw Spider go very red.

“That’s Nick, he’s sweet. I’m not too sure what stage they’re at but I think they like each other a lot.” Casey commented. The two went to Spider’s room in silence and sat on the sofa.

“I didn’t think you were the type to get flustered.” Nick dared to comment.

“Me? Oh god yes.” Spider nodded and put his drink down. “Everything flusters me, especially Casey, he knows which buttons to press.”

“He thinks I’m sweet.” Nick smiled.

“Well you are.” Spider leaned close. “And I know this because I’ve tasted you.” To demonstrate this he licked Nick’s neck and Nick melted. They moved to between the sheets and began their lovemaking. Spider was gentle and tender and tried to convey his love to Nick though his touches and kisses, his gentle moans and his closeness. By the end of the night Nick was shattered as the four orgasms took their toll and he fell asleep in Spider’s arms.

“Spiiii-deeer!” Casey called jovially through the door. “Get yourself out of bed, breakfast time!” Spider grumbled and rolled over putting an arm around the still sleeping Nick. They were left alone for half an hour and then Casey flounced in. “I said breakfast!” Casey clambered onto the end of the bed. Spider scowled at him and Nick just looked terrified. “Scrambled eggs okay?” He beamed. Nick nodded, his eyes wide as saucers. “Super. Bring the bedding down Spi, it’ll smell of sex no doubt.”

“Get out!” Spider laughed and threw a shoe at him. Casey left the room and trotted back down the stairs. Spider got out of bed and stretched. “By the way, he does that a lot — you’ll get used to it.”

“Will I?” Nick smiled and Spider felt himself blush.

“Yeah, you will.” Spider nodded and gave him a kiss. “I’m going to shower, join me?” Nick got of the bed and followed him into the bathroom.

Claudia sat on her bed and thought long and hard. There was no doubt in her mind that she loved Nathan. She may be ‘in love’ with Yenimahalle Escort Spider but Nathan still had her heart and it was killing her inside knowing what she’d done to him, and getting worse every day she let him carry on like nothing had happened. She tried to think of the outcomes if she told him. One, he’d leave her. Two, he’d be upset but they’d work through it. Neither was a choice she would have chosen but she knew she had to do it. Plus a little voice kept wondering if Nathan did leave her would Spider want her for himself? He certainly hadn’t mentioned it, but maybe he was feeling bad too? She took a deep breath and picked up her phone.

Lion, Spider, Nile and Trevor were in the Drama Hall. Nick had excused himself to take a phone call so he wasn’t there when the door flew open and in stormed Nathan when he joined the room he saw Nathan confronting Spider.

“You fucked my girlfriend you little rat!” Nathan raged.

“Whoa whoa woah!” Spider waved his hands. “It was a total mistake it wasn’t meant to happen!” Lion and Trevor looked totally shocked as the revelation broke and Lion was too shocked to move when Nathan grabbed Spider by the shirt.

“How fucking dare you! She’s mine! Why did you have to do this?!” Nathan gave him a shake. Lion wanted to move but found himself glued to the seat, Trevor’s shoving didn’t even move him so they were glad when they saw Nile go over, they thought he’d calm it down. But to their surprise Nile pushed Nathan off Spider and gave him a rough shove of his own.

“Hey watch it buddy.” Nile snarled. “It takes two to tango!”

“He should’ve known better!” Nathan stared at Spider. “I’m going to get you, you bastard.”

“Dude, Spider’s fucking GAY. We all know that, she was easy and has always wanted him, it’s clearly her who was gagging for it.” Nile told him. Lion and Trevir had managed to move and stood by Nile. Lion held his shirt firmly as he noticed his fists were clenched ready to protect Spider. Just then a red faced Claudia came in, she had obviously been crying a lot. “Oh well, look who it is.” Nathan took a lunge at Spider and miraculously Nick and Trevor held him back until Lion positioned himself.

“Nathan please, calm down.” Nick flapped.

“He fucked my girlfriend Nick!” Nathan scowled.

“Yeah, I know.” Nick tried to soothe. “But it’s in the past.”

“Did you know?!” Nathan suddenly asked.

“Well I just found out recently…” Nick stammered.

“Oh my god, one of my oldest friends didn’t even bother to tell me?! Thanks a lot!” Nathan tried to get past and gave Nick an unfriendly shove. Lion found himself pushed aside as the rage took Spider and Nathan was pinned against the wall with Spider snarling in his ear. Nile blocked Lion from pulling him off and Trevor stood with Nick.

“You fucking touch one hair on his head and I will destroy you. You got it?!” Spider’s breath hit Nathan’s cheek and he realised he wouldn’t win at all. He nodded with a scowl.

“Nile move.” Lion said. Nile shook his head. “Well at least stop him!” Nile shook his head again. “Protecting your beloved, how very noble.” Lion muttered under his breath.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Nile asked drawing himself up.

“Nothing.” Lion looked away.

“Jay, let him go.” Nile turned and gently pulled Spider off Nathan. Nathan stormed out and was followed by a sobbing Claudia. Spider went over and sat on the sofa, his hands trembled ever so slightly.

“You okay?” Trevor sat by him.

“Yeah, yeah.” Spider nodded with a faint smile. “I had it coming so I can’t complain.”

“Well I know that I need a smoke.” Nile sighed. “Coming Spider?” Spider nodded and they headed for the door, before they left Nile and Lion locked eyes.

“Oh deary me.” Trevor said and leant on Nick. “What a cluster fuck.”

“I know.” Nick muttered gently.

“One things for sure.” Lion frowned, sitting with them. “Our group of friends wont be the same ever again.”

The End…for now.


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