Plea Deal Pt. 03

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I woke up the next morning and jumped in the shower. I usually shower at night because I like to sleep in as late as possible. But, I was nervous about what was to come and knew it would be more severe if I wasn’t thoroughly clean. I covered my hand with soap and cleaned my crack and my rim like always before slowly inserting a finger inside. My cock flinched and tingled in response to the first penetration my hole had experienced. It was a foreign feeling, but one I knew would become familiar soon. I couldn’t help myself. I was a horny teenager and the last two days I had been repeatedly stimulated, giving blowjobs to my dream daddy and had no release whatsoever.

I knew Senator Davis’s command and I even thought about texting him to ask for permission to cum. But I was already in the shower, begging for release, and the finger in my hole was taunting me. I finally grabbed my rock hard cock with my free hand and used the soap to relieve the strain that had been begging to be released for days. I thought of Senator Davis’s cock replacing my finger and pictured his face in my mind as I tugged and quickly reached orgasm, spasming and groaning as spurt after spurt landed on the shower floor and twirled down the drain. I knew I was in trouble.

My father was suddenly effusive of Senator Davis. Before my internship, it was always a mixed bag of complaints and good days. I thought my dad hated the senator at times. But now, every morning, our car rides consisted almost exclusively of him telling me what a good man he was and what an opportunity I had this summer. I just quietly agreed with my dad. I was afraid I was not going to meet the friendly version of the man today, especially after the mistake I made this morning.

We said our farewells as the elevator door opened and we went our separate ways. I checked in with Senator Davis and asked if there was anything I could get him.

“Coffee, son. Grab it before you get here each morning from now on.”

I hurried to the kitchen chiding myself for not thinking of that myself. I panicked over how he liked his coffee. Dark roast with a splash of half and half? I remember him pouring in an unmeasured amount and wondered how to replicate it. I opened the fridge, grabbed the carton, and splashed some in his steaming cup. As I re-entered his office, he told me to shut the door behind me. I handed him his coffee and he took a sip. I waited for a reaction, but didn’t really get one so I assumed he was satisfied.

“Let’s see how you did, boy. Pants down.”

I unzipped my pants and dropped them, turning and bending my exposed backside to him. I felt his big hands cusp each cheek and gently pull to expose my hole. I was stunned that I was instantly getting hard again having recently jacked off and with the mix of guilt and nervousness that consumed me. But his touch filled me with lust regardless.

“Much better.” He gave a soft spank and returned to his desk. I pulled my pants back up, relieved that I at least passed that test.

“That’s my hole now, and I expect it to always be that clean. You understand?”

“Yes sir.”

I remembered his command to look him in the eyes when speaking and was worried he could somehow read my thoughts – that he would see it in my eyes that I had disobeyed this morning, cumming without his permission.

“Anything else this morning, sir?”

He simply shook his head before inquiring “Are you all squared away for this evening?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Do you remember the place?”

“No sir.” I lied. I don’t know why I did.

He scribbled out his address on a mini note pad and tore it off for me.

“Thank you, sir.”

“I’ll be in a meeting most of the day to go over that bill with colleagues. So you’ll be free to do as you like but I will need you to grab me lunch. I’ll text you when we’re on break to come bring me a water bottle and get my order.”

“Yes sir.”

I spent most of the morning on my phone. I had found a nice, quiet corner about 20 yards from his office that seemed to be a place that people didn’t pass often. I texted friends, scrolled through social media and played some games all morning long until my alarm went off. I had set a timer for 10am to go find the room he told me he’d be in. I still wasn’t very familiar with the layout of the building and wanted to be ready for him when he texted. After finding the room, I headed toward the nearest vending machine I knew of to wait by it and get the water right when he texted so it would be as cold as possible. “Pathetic,” I muttered to myself, half smiling.

He texted me a few minutes later and I grabbed the water and hurried to his meeting room, eager to please.

“Thanks, son.” He opened it right away and took a swig. “Grab me a burrito bowl from Chipotle and feel free to get yourself something, too.” He handed me a $100 dollar bill and a note with how he liked his meal. “We’ll be on lunch right around noon.”

“Yes, sir.” He went back inside the room and I headed off towards my corner.

The istanbul travesti day was pretty slow and uneventful. Other than grabbing him lunch, he didn’t have anything for me to do. He finally came back to his office at half til 5 and gathered his things to leave.

“See ya soon, boy,” he winked as he went on his way.

My nerves were debilitating. I hardly touched my dinner, telling my parents that I had a big lunch when they pressed what was wrong with me. I rushed off, telling them I was going out with friends. By the time I pulled up to the senator’s house, I could feel my pulse in my throat. Last time I pulled up to this house, I was on the verge of tears, escorted by a cop, fearing the legal consequences of my actions and resulting fallout for my family. Tonight, I wasn’t sure what I feared but it seemed so much more daunting.

I froze at his doorstep, arm shaking as I reached out to knock. I hesitated, but the door opened anyway. He was still in his suit and had this determination in his eyes that drove me wild. He pulled me inside and, after closing the door, turned me around and pushed me up against it. His left hand held my hands together, behind my back as his big, powerful body pressed me awkwardly against the door. A cold metal met my wrist, and with a click I knew he was cuffing me. I wanted him to take me right there. He drove his weight into me and leaned in, speaking lowly. “It’s time for your sentencing, boy.”

I felt possessed.

He released me and turned me away from the door, placed his arm in the center of my back and led me down his stairs. He sat me down in a lone chair in the middle of a room. He stood over me menacingly, ready to serve as my judge.

“You are charged on account of driving under the influence of drugs, reckless driving, and exceeding the speed limit.” His brow lifted and he smirked. “How does the defendant plea?”

“Guilty, you’re honor.”

“Having pled no contest, you shall hereby serve three months of voluntary servitude. You are ordered to submit to your master’s will and follow command with exact obedience. Failure to meet these terms means that you forfeit your plea deal and will be tried in court according to your crimes. Do you accept these terms?”

“Yes, you’re honor.”

“On your feet.”

I stood quickly, straight as a board. He maneuvered behind me, undid one of my cuffs and brought my arms around in front of my body. He refastened the cufflink, so that I was still restrained but now with more range of motion in my arms.

“Time to undress.”

I began removing my clothes, learning to operate with my hands cuffed together. I leaned forward and pulled off my socks, unfastened my pants and dropped them to the floor. I stepped out of them, using my feet to kick them off completely. I began trying to take my shirt off before quickly realizing the impossibility. I looked at him for instruction. He again unfastened one cuff and I pulled my shirt above my head and threw it with my pants and socks on the floor. I removed the final article, sliding my underwear off and stood sheepishly before him completely naked.

He silently looked over me before approaching to put my cuffs back on and commanding me to follow him.  We entered a room that was mostly empty. There was a table against one wall and a closet. He forced me to the middle of the room and grabbed my hands and lifted them above my head. I looked up and saw a ceiling restraint, which he attached my hands to with a hook that inserted into the cuffs. It became abundantly clear how helpless I was now standing naked, restrained, vulnerable and hornier than ever. He knew, too, the power he held and the license he had to do whatever he pleased with me. My shaking legs and rigid erection ensured he knew the emotions I felt. I was truly exposed in every way.

To my astonishment, he grabbed my dick with his big hand and began jerking me, sending pulse after pulse of numbing pleasure through my body. I’d masturbated plenty, but this was my first time being touched by someone else and it was immeasurably better. My legs trembled and my body danced back and forth involuntarily, unable to control the feeling. His jerking was clumsy and a little rough, but it didn’t matter. I’d never felt like this before. I stared into his eyes and tried to stop myself from moaning. I knew I wouldn’t last and with my resolve fading quickly, he began talking as he stroked me.

“You are mine now.” Those words elicited a moan I could no longer suppress.

“Your dick.”

“Your mouth.”

“Your hole.”

“Your virginity.”

I was moaning consistently now, despite my best efforts, and my orgasm began to swell. The overwhelming sensation forced my eyes shut and my back arched when suddenly he removed his hand. The high that was swelling was abruptly interrupted and I felt the pleasure subside, leaving a tingling sensation and an intense disappointment. My captive body strained for his touch to return. A single drop of precum surfaced istanbul travestileri and my dick twitched as it tried to recapture the sensation he took away. I looked into his eyes and silently pleaded for his hand to return.

“Have you been following my rules, boy?”

My heart sank and his expression indicated that he could read my reaction.

“I am sorry, sir. I couldn’t help it. When I was using my finger to clean myself in the shower like you asked… I couldn’t help it.” It was all I could say.

His countenance changed. His playful smile and mischievous eyes became more sullen. “Then this,” he scooped the precum off my cockhead with one finger and pushed it in my own mouth, “is the last drop of cum you will spill tonight.”

My body was aching, so desperate for release that I begged. “Please, sir. I will never disobey again. I’ll do anything.”

“Yes,” his smile returned more sinister than ever. “You will.”

He reached above me where my arms were bound and pressed a button that raised me up even further. My arms stretched and my body straightened as it continued to force me up towards the ceiling. When he stopped, the heels of my feet couldn’t even reach the ground. I was suspended to stand on the balls of my feet as my body was pulled up straight to the ceiling like a pencil with my rigid cock jutting outward. He grabbed it again and my body responded immediately. I knew he would only tease me, but my body couldn’t resist the stimulation. The swelling feeling began to build and I started to whine, knowing it would be abandoned. I moaned as he jerked me off and he stopped once more. My cock tensed and my hips pushed outward trying desperately to create contact with anything that could give me release. But it was futile. I tried to tell my body to relax, to understand that the thing it longed for wasn’t going to come.

As the pleasure subsided once more, I became acutely aware of the pain that was building in my muscles. My arms and back were getting sore from stretching. My calves were tight from the strain of trying to support the weight of my body on the balls of my feet. My head drooped in defeat.

His hand returned and I shuddered. The physical pleasure was gradually becoming overwhelmed by the aching in my muscles. Sweat trickled down my forehead and my legs began to quiver. I was moaning constantly now, practically howling.

He teased me over and over again, expertly bringing me close before pulling back and leaving me exhausted and frustrated. I begged him for relief.

“Please sir, I can’t take it anymore.” I was panting as I spoke. “I can’t take it.”

He teased me one more time, taunting me as he jerked me. “You want to cum, boy?”

I knew he wouldn’t allow it. He rubbed the largest vein in my dick slowly with his finger, tracing it up and down, and circling the opening of my cockhead. “You like it when Daddy touches you?”

I could only moan.

“Beg me to let you cum.”

Those words alone set off another wave. I was close.

“Please sir,” I fervently begged. “I beg you, sir.”

“Not good enough. Tell me you need it.”

I was yelling, so close to orgasm. “Sir, I need it. More than anything. I’ll never disobey again, sir.”

The feeling coursing through my body was a new phenomenon. I felt the usual stir before orgasm – the pleasure of his touch on my skin and the tingling sensation in my scrotum. That feeling right before the trigger is pulled, the sensation quickly spreads and sends wave after wave of intense pleasure coursing through your body. Only, something was preventing the trigger. I couldn’t orgasm.

I started to panic and my begging became more real. I no longer was begging for pleasure.

“What can I do, sir? Please.”

My body reacted to the pleasure, grunting and squirming, trying to initiate orgasm. But all the squirming only strained my tired muscles even more. The intensity of it all was overwhelming. Pain, pleasure, fatigue, panic.

I moaned, arms above me, legs ready to give out when he picked up the pace. The pleasure finally began to grow and spread. Like a dam was burst, the sensation quickly overwhelmed my body more intensely than I’d ever felt. My hips bucked violently and my breathing became stunted. I closed my eyes and exhaled sharply, humming from the pleasure – when he stopped me once again. His hand left my shaft and my cock twitched, trying to finish the job. His hand grabbed my scrotum, and with a firm squeeze I felt the sensation diminish. My cock flinched once, twice, three times. I was whining like a puppy and finally my legs gave out. A cramp seized my calf and my knees buckled. My feet left the ground leaving me dangling from the ceiling like a chandelier, exhausted and powerless.

He reached above me and pressed a button that lowered me slowly until my knees met the carpet and my body slouched forward. My arms were still cuffed above me, but the rest of my body was slumped over my lap.

“Thank your master, boy.”

I raised travesti istanbul my head enough to look him in the eyes and thanked him. I was grateful to be off my aching feet.

He reached to the knot in his tie and pulled it loose. I was completely exhausted, but hungry to watch him undress. He undid his top button, then the next, and the next. My eyes fixated on him, longing to see his body. I dreamed about this moment. His white and silver chest hair peeked through the opening as he continued to unbutton his shirt. When he reached the bottom, he pulled his shirt tails out from their neatly tucked position in his pants. His eyes were locked on mine. I was mesmerized. His hands undid his buckle, and pulled the belt through the loops around his waist. He cracked it in his hand and smirked.

Even while slipping his arms through his suit coat, his eyes never left mine. He shifted the coat off and folded it in half and gently tossed it on the table behind him. He unfastened his pants, slowly unzipping with this look on his face. He knew I was captivated. I could tell in the intentions of his movements. He paused with his fly slightly open before lowering his pants and slipping his legs out. I stared at the center of his newly exposed briefs. They hugged him tightly, beautifully displaying his sturdy thighs and ample package. I had already met what was underneath, but I was desperate to see him completely bare.

He opened his shirt wide, slipped one arm out, then the other and threw it on top of his coat.

“Wow.” It escaped without effort. He was exactly what I imagined.

The corner of his lip turned in a half smile and he stepped closer.

“Worship me, boy.”

“You’re perfect, sir.” My eyes traced the length of his body. “So manly. Thighs built so powerfully. Underwear full. Round belly. Chest hair so welcoming. Arms strong. Beautiful eyes. Dimples. Charm. Charisma. Sex Appeal. A real man. Not like me, sir. That’s why you own me, sir. Not our deal. No, that is just your gift to me. Even if you didn’t fix my mistake, I  would still belong to you. A boy like me was made to serve a real man like you. Use me. Take what is rightfully yours.”

As I worshipped, he stepped closer and buried his briefs in my mouth and nose. I inhaled his manly scent, natural like his body. I kissed his pouch and breathed him in.

“You’re making Daddy hard, boy.”

His pouch was tenting and I eagerly kissed as much as I could.

He put his thumbs in his waistband and pulled them down, stepping out and finally standing before me in his perfect form. His thick cock was even more beautiful framed by his bare thighs and strong belly. His body was lightly covered in gray hair just as I had hoped. No maintaining his bush or shaving his chest. As soon as he was close enough, I swallowed his cock. I bobbed up and down on his shaft and endeavored to pleasure him like he deserved. Before long, he began to thrust into me.

“Suck Daddy’s cock, boy.”

I moaned on his shaft, sliding my tongue along the ridge of his head.

He placed his hands on the back of my head. “This is my mouth now, boy. Relax your throat for Daddy.”

I eased back and surrendered control to my master. He gripped my hair on the back of my head and established a rhythm in his hips, using me as he pleased. He drove in and out relentlessly, forcing himself down my throat.

“Oh my,” he hummed above me as he continued his motion. “What a hot mouth. Like a wet pussy.”

My cock was stirring again, incited by his dominance and his praises.

“Look at your dick twitch, boy.”

It twitched again for him.

“You love being used, don’t you.”

My mouth was full, but my cock did all the responding anyway. It was now twitching constantly, rocking along as he bucked in and out of my mouth.

“You need your master, don’t you.”

I moaned my pleasure on his cock.

He gasped and pulled out suddenly. “You’re gonna make Daddy cum.”

I needed his cum. I looked up with pleading eyes.

“What a desperate little cocksucker.” He chuckled and grabbed my hands, unhooking my cuffs from the beam and raising it back up to the ceiling. My arms fell to my side, sore and throbbing. I didn’t care. I was possessed – only one thing on my mind.

He pulled me up to my feet and brought me over to the table. There was a metal loop in the table, which he released by pressing a button somewhere on the side of the table. He aligned my cuffs beneath it and locked me in place.

I heard him open the closet behind me and return. He spread my legs a bit and squatted at my feet, attaching each ankle to a table leg with a restraint. I knew what was coming and I was extremely nervous, but desperate for him to take me. My heart pounding in my chest reverberated against the table, accentuating my anxiety as I could literally feel my heart beat back against my chest. A finger approached my hole, and probed around the rim, lathering me with oil. He spread some lubricant around and my exposed ass quivered. His finger retracted as he applied more lube before penetrating me for the first time. My cock stiffened as if he had slid his finger directly inside it like a finger puppet. It throbbed beneath the table as he explored my untouched rectum with his invading finger.

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