Prom Date Ch. 03

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It was after 9am when Sara awoke still holding Amber in her arms. Her vision was a little hazy but her memory was clear as it could be. She smiled to herself and pulled the covers off if her body but kept Amber covered. She gently got out of bed to keep from waking Amber up and headed for her bathroom completely nude. She went about her morning routine of using the bathroom and brushing her teeth and hair before she headed back into the bedroom. Amber had turned on her back and kicked the covers off of her chest giving Sara a wonderful view of her tits.

Sara climbed back into the bed and started kissing Ambers neck and lips until she opened her eyes. She stretched and opened her arms for a morning hug that Sara was more than happy to give her. They both enjoyed the feeling of their nipples pressing together as they hugged and kissed.

“Good morning sweetie.” Sara said once they separated.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

“After the fucking I received last night,” Sara said with a smile “who wouldn’t sleep well.”

Amber laughed and looked at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed. Her eyes got wide and she sat up with cussing and ran nude into the bathroom and started getting dressed.

“What’s wrong?” Sara asked.

“I’m late for work. I was supposed to be there an hour ago.”

She brushed past Sara and started getting dressed as Sara just leaned against a door still nude. Amber was dressed in record time and ran back into the bathroom to spike up her hair. She told Sara she had better get dressed if she was going to walk her out like a date should do. Sara chuckled and threw on her shorts and shit from last night minus the bra. As soon as Amber was ready she grabbed her backpack and headed for the door with Sara following.

Sara’s mother was sitting in the living room reading of of her many Nora Roberts books when the girls came walking in. She put down the book and smiled at them.

“Hello girls.” She said sounding a little sleepy. You two were either watching a really bad Zombie movie last night or you were having some really good sex.”

“Mom!” Sara said turning beat red.

Amber just stood there with Beylikdüzü escort her mouth dangling open with a look that said “Tell me I did not just hear that.”

Sara’s mom just laughed and picked her book back up telling them that it was none of her business. Amber was the first to recover and headed for the door blinking in the sunlight once she opened it. She stopped and turned around to give Sara a hug but instead Sara wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her soft and lovingly on the lips. Amber turn red when she heard Sara’s giggle. A second later Sara broke the kiss and took a step back telling Amber to have a good day and to call her as soon as she was off work. Amber nodded and kissed her quickly on the lips before running down the walkway and across the street to her car and sped off to work.

Sara stood in the doorway and watched her go till she turned the corner then walked back into the house. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her mom leaning against the wall right in front of her. She expected a lecture about same sex relationships being wrong but her mom was smiling.

“What?” Sara asked after a second.

“Oh nothing.” Her mom said. “I just think it funny that’s all.”

“What’s funny?”

“I lost my virginity on prom night to a girl just like you.”

Sara’s jaw dropped but this time it was out of repulsiveness. What person wanted to hear their mom talk about sex? Let alone sex with someone of the same sex. Her mom began describing the events to her first time with another girl but Sara pushed past her covering her ears. She headed down the hall and back into her room grabbing some clothes and heading for a shower.

As she let the warm water fall all over her body Sara took several deep breaths trying to get a handle on what was going on. Last night had all happened so fast. She was not disappointed one bit with what she did or let down in herself. She just needed to ask herself if she was really attracted to girls or if that was just a one time thing. Seconds later her whole body shivered and she shook her head side to side as if she was clearing her head. Things had suddenly become clear to her. The Beylikdüzü escort way she felt when dancing with Amber at the prom, how she was so willing to have sex when she had never thought about it before. Even things that she had never really paid any attention to in school.

She was always looking at the other girls in the gym when they were changing into their swim suits or in the shower after running. She always told herself it was because she was sizing up her competition for men but she had been fooling herself the whole time. In all eight-teen years of her life she had only kissed two men and neither of them felt close to how good it felt to kiss Amber. She had even given a guy a blow job in her closet on her birthday two months ago and thought how it was the most disgusting thing she had ever done in her life. But loved the taste of Amber’s pussy.

There would be no deliberation by a jury for her. The verdict was out, she was gay. She climbed out of the shower and quickly dried off and went into her room and flopped down completely nude on her bed with a very big smile on her face. She was more than happy. She was thrilled. She knew she had found the direction her love life was destined to go and could not wait to explore it. She didn’t notice it right away but her hands were both rubbing her nipples and she had begun breathing harder and harder as she thought about how her life was changing. Before long she was extremely turned on and started moving one hand down towards her pussy as the other caressed both of her nipples. As soon as her hand was at her pussy she slipped two fingers as deep as she could and started rubbing her clit with her thumb. She had her eyes shut tightly as she worked on getting herself off.

Her hips were moving and lifting up off the bed and she was nearing her orgasm and she was moaning softly to herself.

“Sara, I’m sorry if I embarrassed….Oh!” Her mom said walking into the room but stopped when she saw what Sara was doing.

“Jesus,” Amber gasped sitting up and pulling a pillow over as much of her body as she could. “Mom! Haven’t you heard of knocking?”

“Well sorry, I just thought you had gotten enough Escort Beylikdüzü last night with Amber.”

Amber threw one of her pillows at her mom as she was closing the door and got off of her bed to get dressed.

“So much for that.” She thought grabbing a pair of panties.

Once she was dressed she sat back on her bed and turned on the TV to watch a movie or something. Only a minute later her mom came knocking on the door. Sara told her that she should have done that the first time but to come in anyway. The door opened and her mom came in the room and sat on the end of the bed looking at Sara like mothers do when they have something important to talk about. Sara braced herself for the ever famous “Birds and the Bees” talk. But her father had given her that talk two years ago just before he and her mom got divorced.

“Now before you start worrying,” Her mom said after a moment of silence. “what happened between you and Amber is between you. All I want to know is if you are into women I want you to understand that life can be very hard.

I met my first girlfriend when I was your age. I was so in love with her but we kept our relationship a secret from our parents because my mom and dad were way old fashioned.”

Sara listened to her moms story of when she came out to her mom and dad and how they both had freaked. Next thing she had known she was being shipped of to a Military school. Her mom said that as bad as that was if she had not gone there she never would have met Sara’s father. And even though their marriage had ended badly she had always been a blessing to them. Her mom never came out and said it but Sara understood that what her mother was saying was that if she was truly gay and not just experimenting it was just fine with her.

Her mom stood up to leave but stopped before she opened the door and turned back to her with a wicked looking smile. “You know,” She said as the smile made it to her eyes. “Having sex with another girl gets lots better than just kissing touching and licking. There are also lots of sex toys.”

Once again Sara turned as red as she possibly could have. Just before her mother clothed the door she told her that the car keys are on the hook by the door and she would leave a hundred dollars next to them. She didn’t say what it was for but Sara was not stupid. Her mom was telling her to go get some toys and have sex with Amber. Her mom always was an odd one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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