Sexually Transmitted Expansion Ch. 09

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Tuesday, October 19

“Is this Charlotte?”

“This is… Char… yeah. Me.” Charlotte had just finished masturbating 15 seconds or so to the memories of the previous night, before her phone began to ring.

“This is Doctor Cronin.” She didn’t recognize the name. This wasn’t the grumpy man that talked over her the previous day. “I’m from St. Rose Hospital. We processed your blood panel. Do you have a moment to talk about your test results?”

“Yeah, is everything okay?” Her heart raced as picked her hairbrush up and moved into the bathroom, putting the phone on speaker.

“So, the pregnancy test came back negative.”

“Good. But why do I feel like there’s more?” She asked, popping a birth control pill into her mouth

“We’d like to have you in for more tests and questions sometime tomorrow for a couple hours. We noticed some interesting hormone levels that we would like to run more specific diagnostics on. We’d like for you to come in tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow? That might not work so well. I have –“

“There will be compensation. We’re conducting research on cases like yours and your participation could be invaluable to many people.”

“Am I at risk in any way?”

“Probably not. But that’s exactly why we’d like you in as soon as possible.”

“Okay, I can come in around 9AM, I suppose.”

“Thanks for your understanding, Charlotte. And your discretion is appreciated with this.”

“Discretion? Isn’t that your job?”

“We’d also advise excessive stimulation, in the meantime,” he said, ignoring the pointed question, “to avoid… potentially dangerous hormonal imbalances.”

“Stimulation?” She didn’t like the way he phrased that last part.

“Sex and masturbation.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

“Unfortunately, no. It’s just a precaution. And we’ll talk about compensation amounts after we run some quick tests.”

“That was going to be my next question.”

“Thanks for your understanding. Just get here when you can. Say you’re there for Doctor Cronin and they’ll take you as a walk-in.”

Annoyed, she slipped on some of her looser jean shorts that had a bit of stretch to them, since the ones Derek returned her seemed to no longer be a viable option. It must have been bloating from whatever the heck was going on with her body. She removed the breast pump cups and emptied them into a half-gallon milk jug she’d been using, since Kim hadn’t returned her pitcher yet. The jug was full despite her having started filling it only the previous day, so she poured the rest into a mason jar and stored it in the fridge. She carefully placed the jug into her large, white, vinyl purse. A surprise for Kim, she thought, smiling.

None of her bras fit anymore, so she put on an oversized mint-colored shirt that had some thickness to it, not caring if she looked frumpy today.

* * *

When Charlotte got to the tea shop, Kim was already standing in line. As she approached, she already regretted skipping on attempting to pull one of her undersized sports bras over her bust, since her shirt was rubbing on her nipples with each step. She had just pumped, so she should be fine for at least an hour, she hoped.

Kim was wearing stylish pink denim shorts with a baby blue shirt tucked into it. Her stance seemed uneasy, constantly adjusting her shorts and re-tucking her shirt. As Charlotte neared the door, she noticed the shorts hugged her thighs so that they bulged beyond the fabric slightly, accentuating her softness. Looking down, Charlotte realized her own shorts, which only extended slightly below the bottom of her shirt, were doing the same thing.

“Boo!” she said as she got in line behind her, prompting Kim to turn around. Charlotte’s gray eyes widened. Kim’s boobs were very clearly a size or two larger, and the spillage of her bust over the cups was visible through her shirt, a struggle Charlotte had grown to understand quite well. “O-oh. I guess I should have said ‘boob’.”

“That was lame even by your standards, Lottie.” Kim furrowed her brows and looked down. “Are my boobs that much bigger?” She asked without a modicum of discreetness, drawing a glance or two.

“…No?” Looking her friend up and down, Charlotte supposed she was maybe a bit softer all over — her butt and thighs had seemingly grown overnight, and she had a bit more of a muffin-top than normal, but the bulk of the growth was in her chest. Charlotte felt a tinge between her thighs, but didn’t comment further.

“You’re a terrible liar,” she said, re-tucking her shirt after adjusting her gorgeous hair that just barely touched her shoulders. “I mean, it’s pretty obvious why this happened, right?” Kim finished her order and Charlotte placed hers, both of them sitting across from each other at a table.

“I’m so, so sorry, Kim. It was my… you know…”

“Sorry? No. Don’t be sorry. I freaking love it.”


“Sorry, not sorry.”

“That’s… I mean, that’s great.” Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat istanbul travesti as she marveled at her friend’s confidence in her own body, envying it, somewhat, remembering her own small freakout she’d had at her jeans being too small. The subject of growth reminded her of how big she’d been filled last night, making her own heartbeat palpable between her thighs.

“I just need to use restraint now, so I don’t have to constantly buy new clothes, which is going to be the hard part. I don’t have any money, ya know.”

Kim curled her finger towards her friend, prompting her to lean in across the table. Quiet as a mouse, she said into her ear. “I am so, so horny right now. Can we please go somewhere after this?”

Charlotte audibly gasped. “What? No, I mean, I have class. Like, classroom class, not classiness class. Though I’d like to think –“

“I flustered you, didn’t I? You always use more words when you’re anxious.”

“No… I just…”

Kim pointed across the table to her shirt, which had small lines of wetness on the mint fabric. “Do you need someone to take care of that?”

“Ugh, what? I JUST–” she stopped herself, realizing how loud she was being. “I just pumped before I left,” she repeated, quietly.

“You’re horny,” she said, a little too loudly. “That happens as soon as you get turned on.”

“Of course I am,” she said, equal parts regular frustration and sexual frustration.

Kim got up, smoothly made a 180, and walked to the bathroom, hips swaying intentionally in her tight pink shorts, and with one palm on the handle, she turned her head and gave Charlotte a side eye and a smirk — a look that felt like it stopped time, briefly. She picked up her purse and checked to make sure nobody was watching and followed her inside. She remembered the phone call with her doctor, advising her to abstain from sex, and she decided once more wouldn’t make much more of a difference, when she’d been either having sex or masturbating nonstop for almost two weeks.

“Oh my god,” Kim said in a hushed breath as the door closed, locking it behind them. “You’re getting bigger too, aren’t you? It’s not just that you’re lactating.” Her shorts were unbuttoned and her hand down her panties already. With her free hand, she lifted Charlotte’s shirt up almost violently, exposing a braless nipple that she immediately brought to her mouth while Charlotte leaned back against some metal shelving.

“Mmmmmhh…” Kim moaned immediately — the sound of an addict getting her fix. The feeling of eyelashes flitting against her breast was heavenly, and she felt her own hand move up to her other nipple, squeezing the firm, milk-engorged breast that was getting ever so-slightly bigger every day, even when completely drained. It was bigger than she could fit her entire hand around, which made her even more turned on as she expressed some of the milk by hand.

“No.” Kim’s hand grabbed her wrist. “We don’t waste any. I’m all out of the stuff I brought home yesterday.” Charlotte remembered the half-gallon in her bag that she was going to surprise Kim with, but it didn’t seem like the proper time to enable her habit. Plus, the feeling of longue and lips on her nipples was nearly bringing her to her knees — a paralyzing, euphoric sensation that she could nearly orgasm from by itself.

“Oh, Kim…” She moaned. “But… you said you need to … self control.” Her hand unbuttoned her own shorts as if it had a mind of its own despite her weak protests. She slid them to the floor, along with her panties, so that she wouldn’t soak straight through the front of them. Her fingers immediately began moving up and down her clit. Kim’s shorts remained on, as she probably had a hard time getting them on in the first place. Charlotte’s other nipple was dripping a small stream that Kim quickly licked up as she changed to the other side of her chest. Charlotte finally grabbed her drained breast as she masturbated with Kim.

Kim’s hands glided up and down the grooves in Charlotte’s slim back, resting on her shapely butt, her fingers softly digging into her warm flesh, eliciting a high-pitched moan that she tried to stifle. After Kim finished draining her other breast, Charlotte couldn’t hold out any more. As Kim wiped a drop of milk off of her lips, Charlotte’s hand scrambled for the vibrator she’d been keeping in her purse.

“You’re bringing that everyw– wait, is that…?” Kim grabbed the half gallon of milk, a frothy, creamy off-white that was certainly not regular cow’s milk.

“Oh, Kim, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. You already don’t fit –“

But her advice was ignored, Kim quickly wrenching the lid off with her hand and tilting the container up, breathily gulping down Charlotte’s breast milk straight from the jug.

“Kim, you shouldn’t…” she tried to gently lower the jug but Kim pushed her away. Charlotte looked at Kim’s body. She swore that her breasts were even bigger than earlier, threatening to completely spill over her undersized istanbul travestileri bra. Not only that — Kim’s stomach was filling out with every swallow of Charlotte’s sweet cream, pushing her shirt forward, stretching out the little bear graphic on the baby blue fabric. She stopped drinking to catch her breath and resumed fingering herself, her stomach, full and firm, bulging over her wrist and forearm, but she paid it no notice.

“Fuck, this is good stuff, Lottie,” she said, bringing the jug back up. Charlotte didn’t want to physically wrestle it out of her hand, and the part of her that loved the sight of her getting her milk fix stopped her from pushing the point too hard.

“You said that you didn’t want to outgrow all of your clothes…” she tried, weakly.

“I already have to buy new ones,” Kim said, catching her breath again. “Plus, how much more could this hurt?” Her pink shorts tightened around her, despite them being unbuttoned and unzipped. Her shirt no longer reached her waistline.

“Kim, you’re filling up! I mean, really getting bigger!” She said, her hands automatically reaching forward and feeling Kim’s swelling chest through her shirt. She could FEEL them getting bigger, each swallow of milk spilling them over the cups of her bra, millimeter by millimeter.

Kim had finished about half of the gallon when she removed it from her mouth with a loud sigh, licking her lips clean, catching her breath.

“Look. Please. In the mirror.” Charlotte begged, pointing, and Kim turned to face it.

“What in…” She trailed off, then quickly undid her own bra and threw it to the ground, letting her fuller breasts free from the underwire prison that was doing far more harm than good. Her soft blue shirt hugged her curves perfectly, her dark nipples obvious through her shirt, and the bottom of her belly poking out from underneath, looking as if she were suddenly in her second trimester. Her breasts, however, were nearing pornstar-size with a completely natural look, and spilling through her fingers as she lifted her shirt to grope herself.

“How is that even…” Charlotte began to wonder, half-moaning.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Kim rasped as she lifted the jug back to her lips, to Charlotte’s dismay. The sides of the jug collapsed as she sucked down most of what was left, in record time, beginning to really struggle to physically fit that much liquid in her stomach. She held her small hands to her gradually expanding stomach for a second. She stood there, digesting for a few moments, considering her limits before setting the jug on the sink.

“Come here,” pulling Charlotte to her, who had been looking on, still holding the vibrator to her clit and moaning at her friend plumping up before her eyes. Kim had a drunken look in her eyes, and was absolutely ravenous for her. The vibrator clattered to the floor and stopped as the two of them tangled in each other’s arms, kissing and moaning, tongues snaking around each other. She could feel Kim’s breasts growing against her own chest, squishing between the two of them like dough rising in fast-motion.

Kim’s hand traveled down the small of her back to her butt, and Kim’s hands did the same thing. She felt the tightening of the pink denim on her butt as her body swelled in response to Charlotte’s milk, both of them moaning louder and louder. The fabric audibly strained as her flesh pushed it to its limits, before finally stopping just shy of ripping. Charlotte’s hands explored her friend’s body as they made out, fingers softly digging into her soft hips, groping her thighs, caressing her ass in her painted-on shorts, careful not to start a rip in them, and paying extra attention to the pale breasts the size of small cantaloupes, with chocolate-colored nipples that were being shoved against her. They seemed to have stopped, or at least slowed their growth.

Charlotte threw her shirt off and moved behind her, grabbing, kneading, and pinching Kim’s unbelievably large tits “Look at how big you’re getting…” She said, looking over Kim’s shoulder into the mirror with her. “If you don’t stop, you’re going to have to order bras in custom sizes,” she said, teasing her. Charlotte pulled the baby blue shirt back down to see how it fared at covering Kim’s new size. The shirt was translucent from how much it stretched, dark nipples visible through the fabric. The bottom of it barely reached her belly button. Kim’s hand instantly wedged itself under her belly to rub her clit and grinded her ass against Charlotte. The sides of her shorts split. She was still growing. Charlotte massaged her heaving breasts as Kim tilted her head back against her shoulder. “You couldn’t stop, even if you wanted to, could you?” Charlotte teased, one hand moving to her friend’s smooth, round belly. She remembered how massive she’d gotten last night and resumed her masturbation as well. “Because you’re addicted.”

That apparently set her off, as Kim immediately grabbed the jug, finishing the couple inches of liquid travesti istanbul in the bottom, in a display of sheer willpower. She began to moan, louder and louder, her slit juices soaking her pink shorts as she began to climax. “Y-yeah– yes… yes! YES! I love your milk so much! I NEED it, Lottie!” Seeing the pure eroticism of Kim giving into her desires pushed Charlotte over the edge too, the two of them moaning in the bathroom, knees buckling as the two of them leaned against each other, Kim bracing herself with one hand around Kim and against the sink. The split on her shorts reached halfway up, and one more formed on the right buttock. Her belly surged forward more, and her breasts hung down a more, nipples level with the bottom of her ribcage. Charlotte’s meager G-cups that had been refilling with milk dripped against the back of Kim’s shirt.

When she caught her breath, Kim slowly turned around and they kissed passionately and slowly in their afterglow. Kim attempted more suckling, but was quickly stopped.

“I think you might have had enough for today.”

“I know, I know… I’m freaking huge. I just… I feel like I need it. I can’t explain,” Kim said, still panting. She looked down at her body. “I really need to stop. There’s no way I’m gonna fit any of my clothes now.”

Charlotte leaned over the sink and took a minute to squeeze the milk out as they talked. Eventually, when she finished, she put her clothes back on. “Oh come on,” she complained.


“These shorts are too small. Am I getting bigger, too?”

“Your stomach is as flat as ever,” Kim commented, squeezing her own belly that prevented her from buttoning her shorts. “But you definitely have a bit more of a booty. Count your blessings.”

“Aw, Kim, I love the way you look,” Charlotte said genuinely, tilting her friend’s chin up with one finger and giving her a kiss on the lips. She wasn’t sure if it was a trick of her proportions, but she swore Kim looked a bit shorter, too. She had to lean a smidge farther than normal.

“Really? I mean, I like it, but I figured you might not like me this way.”

“Uh. Yeah. I’d go another round if we didn’t need to get out of here before someone busts down this door.” She mentally estimated it had been about 15 minutes, and she was almost certain people had heard them. She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement at that fact.

After the two of them got dressed the best they could, they looked at each other while standing in front of the closed door.

“I think we just need to grab our drinks, not make eye contact, and walk straight out,” Kim said, pulling her shirt down over herself as best as possible. There was nearly twice as much Kim leaving the bathroom as entering, she thought to herself.

They felt all eyes on them as they grabbed their drinks from the counter with an odd look from the teenage girl who made them and began the “walk of shame” to the exit, though it was probably safe to say that neither of them felt ashamed.

“Holy cow, look at them,” a guy whispered too loudly to his friend.

“‘Cow’ is right… is that an allergic reaction?”

“She smells good…”

The two girls held hands as they left, resolving to ignore the looks and whispers as they left.

“I think it’s safe to say we should probably find a new boba place,” Charlotte said, grinning.

“…Yeah,” Kim laughed, adjusting her shirt still. “It feels weird to walk with all this extra weight on me,” Kim said as they got to the parking lot. “Guess it’s time to go on a diet. One that doesn’t include Lottie milk.”

“Aww, really?” Charlotte whined, only half-joking.

“You really do like it, don’t you?”

“So do you.”

“So what if I do?”

“It turns out that I have the hots for shortstacks.” She remembered how she’d begun to tease Kim, and felt bad that she may have goaded her into drinking more.

“I need to go or I’m going to get even bigger before I get home.”

“I was… thinking the same thing.”

I already need to figure out what size I am now.” Kim then opened her car door and rifled through her belongings. “Which reminds me,” she said, tossing a soft measuring tape through the air to Charlotte, “I’ll send you a link on how to find your size. Or… we can do it together later.”

“Thanks,” she said, just blushing. She dug through her purse for her keys and remembered her vibrator. “Shoot, it broke,” she said, clicking it a few times and shaking the small silver bullet, to no avail.

“Aww. Well, I can order you another,” Kim said, “And we can go bra shopping later. You need help.”

“Hey!” Charlotte protested.

“Trust the fashion major. You do,” she teased.

“Fine…” She shook her head and smiled. “To be fair, there’s more variables at play now.”

The two of them waved goodbye, and Charlotte watched as Kim had to adjust her seat to account for her plumped features. They blew kisses before parting ways. Charlotte remembered the advice from the doctor she’d completely ignored. At the very least, it didn’t seem to be making her feel worse to keep having sex, she reasoned. Quite the opposite, really. She just had to get a handle on her studies. She took a sip of her strawberry milk tea and drove off.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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