Summer Storm Ch. 01

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I’d known Kara forever it seems. She was still just a little kid when her father took off, I lived just a few doors down from them and had become casual friends with her mother… which became a few nights of drinking and fucking after her husband abandoned them both. But we both knew it wouldn’t turn into more and eventually we went back to just being friends. I was pretty much a confirmed bachelor anyway. But I was very fond of them both and we were a regular part of each other’s lives. And when Kara’s mother had to leave on business trips Kara often stayed with me. She was a cute kid and not much trouble and since I worked out of a home office it just made the most sense. She called me Uncle Bill and I thought it was adorable. She was always a shy little thing, quiet and quick to blush.

As she grew into a young woman she stayed tiny and adorable, adding some sweet curves to her petite frame and though I noticed it never occurred to me to do more than that. Until this summer…

She’d graduated from high school and was set to go away to college in the fall when her mother had to leave for France for three weeks. Even though Kara was of age she came to spend the nights at my place because it had always made her feel nervous to stay at home alone at night. And I liked the company.

“You must think I’m such a baby,” she’d said with a blush when she’d asked if she could stay over.

“Nonsense. I feel better knowing you’re here so I don’t have to worry about you, Kitten,” I’d replied, ruffling her shoulder length light blond curls.

And that had been that, until the second night. A summer storm had rolled in with lots of thunder and lightning late that night. I couldn’t sleep so headed down to the den to stretch out in my recliner. I liked to keep the AC kinda high and enjoyed being able to throw a light blanket on. Truth be told I feel asleep just like that plenty of times while watching a movie. But that night I was restless and cued up some porn, figuring getting off would finally get me to sleep.

So there I was, cock eased out of my sweatpants and slowly stroking it when Kara came down the stairs. Thank heavens I was under the blanket and quickly rearranged myself as I flicked the TV to some innocuous comedy.

“What’s ankara escort the matter Kitten?” I asked as she padded over to me. I noticed uncomfortably that she was wearing nothing but a tiny loose pair of baby blue shorts that sat low on her hip and a tiny cropped T-shirt she’d clearly outgrown, white and thin enough I could see the shadow of her nipples through the material. I may not have noticed any of this had I not already had a good hard on going and I felt an inward start as I realized it was getting even harder as my eyes traveled over the curve of her hip and to her slim thighs.

Then things got worse as she simply pulled my blanket away and climbed into my lap, a habit she’d always had and had never given up, and then pulled the blanket over both of us.

“The storm is too loud,” she replied in that cute little girl voice she still had, “I know it’s dumb but it scares me. Can I watch TV with you Uncle Bill?”

As if I could say no.

She promptly arranged herself with her back against my chest and I prayed she didn’t notice the boner pressing against her sweetly heart shaped little ass. Thinking about anything else was going to be pretty much impossible but I resolutely turned my eyes to the screen over her shoulder as I wrapped one arm around her waist and said, “Sure Kitten, it’s fine.”

Slowly I did my best to relax but the erection wasn’t about to go away with Kara’s warm soft body curled up against me. Or that my hand was splayed across the soft bare skin of her midriff. Then she squirmed a little bit, making herself comfortable, rubbing her maddening ass against my cock as she did so. Her small hand came to rest over mine, shifting it upwards over her ribs, the soft swell of her breast just barely brushing against the edge of my hand.

I swallowed hard.

“Uncle Bill, do you think that actress is pretty?” she asked.

I barely knew who the actress was but she was attractive though an obviously fake redhead.

“I like blondes better,” I responded without thinking about it.

“Like me?” she shot back with a self conscious giggle.

I couldn’t help but chuckle in return and run my other hand through her curls as I replied, “Yeah, like you kiddo. You’re adorable.”

She sighed ankara escort bayan then and asked, “You still just think of me as a kid don’t you?”

“Well I… I…,” I stammered like a fool, “I mean… you’ve grown up into a beautiful girl Kara. You must know that. I bet all the boys are after you.”

“Not so much,” she sighed again, “Most guys just think I’m a nerd.”

It occurred to me then that she hardly ever wore makeup and favored loose dark clothing that concealed the luscious curves and just made her look like a skinny fourteen year old with a cute face. And she did usually have her nose in a book. And was a straight A student.

“Um, well Kitten, young guys are dumb. If you don’t… you know… put things on display… they’re kind of clueless I guess.”

She shifted against me again and I stifled a groan.

“I’m not gonna dress like a slut just to get some guy to notice me,” she complained.

“Good,” I replied, with a little more heat than I’d intended. Maybe it was the suddenly possessive tone of my voice that made her fall quiet.

We watched TV in silence for awhile, with her occasionally squirming in my lap which kept my cock achingly hard against her plush bottom. I knew there was a wet spot on the crotch of my sweats by now, my cock was leaking so much precome. I was a little worried it’d seep right through her thin shorts as well. Without even thinking about it I shifted my hand just slightly to caress the underswell of her breast. We both froze then and I held my breath as I waited for her to leap away and accuse me.

Instead, she slipped down my body just slightly… until I could feel her hardening nipple against the edge of my hand. I think I stopped breathing then… and reached up with my thumb to rub a small caress against the little nub.

She made a tiny little moan at that and then, quite deliberately, rubbed her ass against my throbbing, aching cock. I put my other arm around her and laid my hand low on her belly, my fingertips pressing against the waistband of her little shorts. Meanwhile, I brushed my thumb across her stiff nipple again and again, slowly, soothingly.

I knew this was all wrong. She trusted me. She’d been in my lap hundreds of times over the years. She escort ankara couldn’t really want…

And then she lifted her hips, laying her hand over mine, and with a tiny gesture pushed my fingers past the loose waistband of her shorts. There was nothing on earth at that point that could have kept me from slipping my hand down the rest of the way between her legs and when her thighs parted slightly, pressing my fingertip right up against her stiff and slippery little clit.

It was her turn to swallow hard and then she pressed her hips upwards again, a sweetly begging little gesture, and I obeyed, and began making a slow little circle on her clit, pressing gently as my other hand closed fully over her small ripe breast, kneading it, rubbing the hard nipple across my palm.

We kept on watching the TV though to this day I couldn’t tell you what the show was, both of us pretending nothing was happening as I teased her clit and fondled her breasts while she slowly pumped her hips and ground her sweet ass against my throbbing cock.

Eventually she began to whimper and I slid my fingers down into her slit to find it so hot and wet that it had soaked her shorts. I scissored her tight little clit between my fingers and she began to pump her hips in a tight frantic little rhythm, her breath coming in ragged little pants. It was too much for my poor aching cock and I came helplessly in my sweats, groaning low in a bizarre combination of embarrassment and bliss. I soon felt a flood of slick from her little soft pussy as well as she whimpered brokenly in her own release.

“That’s it, cum for me Kitten…be a good baby girl and cum… you’re so sweet,” I whispered to her, holding her tight against me as her little body trembled uncontrollably and then finally went still.

We both sat there in silence for several long moments as I reluctantly removed my hand from her shorts and let the one that had been squeezing her breast slide down to rest against her ribs.

Slowly she got up and I waited for some sort of recrimination or even tears, not at all sure what the hell I would do.

She moved to the side of the chair and then leaned in to kiss my cheek as she had hundreds of times before and murmured, “Good night Uncle Bill. I love you.”

“I love you too Kitten,” I answered automatically, just as I had a hundred times before.

And then she was gone up the stars to the guest room, leaving me wondering what the hell had just happened here.

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