The Gatherer

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Chapter 1

The night seemed to be dragging on at a snails pace for the two security guards as they stood watch in the long hallway of the hotel Monaco. The two men stood by the double doors of the VIP suite on the 25th floor of the luxury hotel keeping watch on the long hallway leading to, and away from the room. Inside sat the President and CEO of Com-Tech Inc., inventor and manufacturer of the worlds most destructive and frightening weapons of modern warfare.

Both men looked down to their comm.-watches as they heard a beep come though their earpieces. The man on the left spoke.

“Go ahead Sir.”

“The night’s entertainment just got off the south elevator, she’s coming your way. She was cleared by the metal detector down here, but we need a more thorough search before she sees him.”

“10-4 Sir.”

The man on the left turned to the other guard and said. “I got the last one, it’s your turn.” With a smile and pat on the shoulder.

The both turned down the right side corridor, which lead to the south elevator and saw the “entertainer” approach. She was a beautiful woman, short but curvy, with shockingly blonde hair and bright red lipstick. She carried a small handbag, and wore a short black slip-dress with no bra or stockings, the guards eyes moved up her body from her feet to her long legs, her tiny waist, and then her medium but perfectly round breasts.

The man closest to her walked towards her, his ogling eyes hid behind his ray-ban sunglasses.

“Stop right there miss, and place your hand-bag on the floor!”

“Is everything alright?” she asked in a worried tone as she complied.

“Just a security check ma’am.” The guard stated.

“This is really a bit much you know.” She said with an indignant tone.

The guard picked up the handbag and opened the zipper. “Do you have any weapons or drugs on you that you’d care to tell me about now?”

“No!” she exclaimed. “And I would appreciate it if you’d leave my things alone!”

The man placed the handbag on the floor and slid it the 20′ to his partner. He didn’t pick it up, but kept his gaze on the woman while his hand rested on the hilt of his berretta 9mm.

“Now ma’am, I will need you to go into the room just to your left and sit on the stool in the middle of the room! Leave the door open!”

“OK, but if I am late, and he is upset, I am mentioning this!” she said with a scowl.

“It’s all by his orders ma’am.” He replied with a sneer.

She went into the room and sat on the high stool. As she sat her dress rode up slightly and her thong-clad posterior received a shock of cold as it contacted the steel seat. The man walked in, turned on the light, and closed the door.

“I am sorry for the inconvenience ma’am, but I am going to have to search you before you can see the president. If you choose not to comply, you will not get any payment, and I may tell the police of your career path.”

“Fine!” She spat at him. “But make it quick!”

With a smile the guard turned and opened a small drawer in the corner and put on surgical gloves.

“Please stand and remove your dress and any undergarments ma’am!”

With a fierce glower she stood and pulled the straps off her shoulders, and down her body. As the dress moved over her breasts the man stared with great interest. He nipples were small, pink, and cute, and her breasts were medium, but very firm, and stayed where they were without the support of the dress. She pulled the dress all the way down her body and kicked it away from her slightly, then removed her shoes. She stood there in a black lace thong shooting daggers from here eyes at the security guard practically drooling at the sight of her body.

“Please remove your…um…undergarments as well ma’am!” he said with a quivering undertone.

“You’re a fucking pervert!” She yelled at him.

“Comply or you must leave ma’am!” He ordered.

“Fine! Is this how your get off you sick fuck?”

She pulled off her panties rather unceremoniously and stood there obviously fuming at the situation. He walked towards her slightly and admired her perfectly shaved Escort Bayan Esenyurt pussy and young firm body. She had very nice muscle tone, but was still perfectly feminine. He noticed that her nipples became rather erect and he looked up at the air vent over the stool with a smile.

“Now please sit on the stool and place your hands on your knees! Do not remove your hands from your knees at any time.”

She did so and shivered as the cold metal of the stool once again shocked her now completely naked ass and slightly protruding lips of her pussy. She placed her hands on her knees, and kept her legs closed as to not give him any more pleasure from the situation than she had to.

He slid his hands fully into the surgical gloves and approached her. He first ran his hands through her hair and rather roughly rubbed her scalp and neck. He then began to feel all over her shoulders and down her chest. She grunted with anger as he fondled each breasts and nipple, even exploring under each breast.

“Open your mouth please ma’am, and keep it open!”

She did so and almost gagged as he stuck his fingers into her mouth and explored her mouth, cheeks, and teeth. When his fingers left her mouth she closed it and swallowed. He looked at her with a scowl, probably for doing so before he instructed.

“Lean back, rest your back on the wall, and fold your arms over your chest please ma’am!”

She did so.

“Now open your legs please ma’am.”

He knelt in front of her, between her legs, and looked in amazement at her pink lips and pussy. He took one gloved finger and began to palpate each lip, listening to her gasp slightly and then grumble at him under her breath. He then reached into another drawer next to him and removed a small plastic bottle containing a lubricant. He applied it to his gloved fingers, and then quickly, without warning, he thrust his finger into her spread pussy. He explored each inch of her inside checking for any concealed items. He found nothing, but checked thoroughly none-the-less.

She began to close her legs, and he held them open forcefully.

“We are not done yet ma’am, please remain in this position!”

“You can’t be fucking serious!” She shouted. “This is a fucking outrage! If you weren’t paying me triple I’d fucking leave your man high and dry!”

“Like you said ma’am, we’re paying, you do what the fuck you’re told!”

With that he took his lubed finger and slowly but forcefully forced it into her anus. She screamed quickly and let out a string of profanity at the man the like of which he had not heard in years.

Satisfied that the woman was clean he stood, and asked her to get dressed, which she did quickly and silently. He turned and opened the door while she was still half naked, the other guard was at the door with her hand-bag in his hand. He entered the room and handed it to her.

“I left the condoms, lube, and vibrator in the bag, but the cosmetics, perfume, nail clipper, and wallet must stay out here until he is done with you!”

She snatched the bag from him and stared at him in the eyes. “I know how much was in my wallet, and every shred of paper in there as well. Anything missing, I rip your balls off!”

“Slut!” he spat at her.

Chapter 2

The two men lead her to the double doors and knocked on them thee even times. A green light hidden in the molding of one door turned on and the man on the left, the one who had explored the woman’s body, opened the door partly and leaned his head inside. The woman could not make out what was said, but then the man opened the door fully and motioned for her to go inside. As she entered they closed the door behind her.

The woman stood looking at a large man with a round belly and balding head sitting on his bed in his bathrobe. He was smoking a large smelly cigar and had two glasses of some liquor on the night table. The room was huge, more of a medium apartment than a hotel room. The bed was a huge four-poster bed with gold posts and intricately crafted head and footboards.

“Please sit here dear.” The Escort Bayan Avcılar man said with a slight southern drawl as he patted the bed next to him. “I want to have a word with you first.”

She walked across the room with a big smile on her face looking longingly at the man on the bed. She sat next to him, turned to face him with legs crossed to her side. She reached up and ran a fingernail down his ear as she looked at him. She placed the handbag on the floor next to the bed and smiled silently at him.

“I know it’s your job to please dear, and I appreciate that. I just want to know if there is anything that would make you uncomfortable. I don’t want to make this unpleasant for you.”

She smiled a toothy smile at him, leaned over, and said in a seductive whisper. “The only thing that would make me uncomfortable is leaving without you being so satisfied that you can’t stand” and with that she pushed him back on the bed and kissed him long and passionately on the mouth. As she kissed him she ran a hand down his chest, over his large belly, and down to his semi-erect cock. As she felt it grow harder she stopped kissing him and said, “I think I will be quite comfortable Sir.”

She stood and slowly pulled her dress down her body. He watched with amazement as this young nubile thing stood before him. His cock grew hard and poked out of the folds in his bathrobe. She reached down to the belt of his robe and untied it, pulling the robe aside and looking down at his now rigid member.

“They do make everything bigger in Texas, don’t they?” She asked coyly. “Just relax Sir, I’ll handle this.”

With that, she kissed her way down his neck, over his chest, belly, and down to his pubic hair letting her breasts slide over his rigid manhood. She knelt on the floor in between his now spread legs and looked at his cock and balls. She took one of her fingers into her mouth and closed her lips around it tightly to muffle the sound of her false nail popping off. She slid the nail to the roof of her mouth and let suction keep it there. Then she stuck out her tongue, and slowly licked up the length of his engorged member, listening to him gasp and moan as she approached the head. She took him fully into her mouth, and quickly slid all she could into her. He gasped as he felt the small needle hidden in the false nail in her mouth prick the skin of his head.

“No teeth m’dear, I don’t like biting.” He gasped through his moans.

“Sorry Sir.” She quickly said with a smile. “You’re just so delicious.” And she went back so sucking and licking his tool.

She played him like a harmonica, making him moan, and grasp the sheets in pleasure. She brought him to the edge of climax, and then eased him down without letting him finish. She teased him, and amazed him with techniques he had never felt before. Then she stood, looked him in the eye, and took off her panties.

“How do you want me Sir?” she asked.

“Use your imagination m’dear.” He said between quick breaths.

She saw his eyes start to get a little bleary and knew the drug in the needle she pricked him with was working. All the blood in his rigid cock was now infused with a powerful narcotic that was beginning to leave him delirious. She crawled onto the bed, knelt down on all fours, and lifted her perky ass into the air while settling onto her knees and elbows.

“Take me big boy.” She said to him.

He wasted no time in settling behind her, grabbing her hips, and thrusting his rigid cock into her all the way. She moaned and squealed remembering that her dispatched mentioned he asked for a woman who was loud when he called the fake escort service. She felt him thrust with all he had, and began to feel him get more urgent and forceful with his thrusts. She knew he was close to orgasm, and she was close to leaving. Finally, with one last thrust he pulled her hips back to meet him, and she felt his member swell and explode into her. He groaned and she screamed in a fake orgasm as he came. He collapsed onto her, breathing hard as she felt his cock start to go limp.

“Good Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü night.” She said to him as he fell unconscious. All the blood in his rigid penis was now back in his circulatory system bringing the drug to his heart, brain, and every other part of his body. He fell asleep fast and hard, drooling all over his face without even closing his eyes.

“Couldn’t even make me cum you fat fuck!” she muttered at him. “Now then President, we need to talk. What are you here in New York to do?”

He moaned, and groaned a little rolling his head from side to side. “To…to sell…sell the new cannon.”

“What cannon?”

“The fusion burst cannon.” He said again almost too unconscious to speak.

“Who did you sell it to?”

“I made a deal with the Pakistani representative, and the French. The American was uninterested.”

“You traitorous Son of a Bitch!” She said to him through Clenched teeth.

She took his bathrobe and wiped the cum now rolling down her thigh, then she went to the bathroom and peed out the rest along with the micro-thin latex layer she had applied before she left base. She got up, and walked back to the bed to get her clothes when she heard a knock at the door.

“Sir…SIR!” the guards voice yelled. “SIR…Comm says you look like you’re in trouble, do you need us?”

The woman wondered how she could be so careless. The room must have a camera. She left her clothes, and mounted the unconscious man. Taking her fake pinky nail off she exposed another needle and injected it into the carotid artery in the man’s neck. His breathing stopped almost immediately.

She placed his now limp cock under he vagina and began rocking back and forth moaning. She turned in mock surprise as the guards kicked down the door and came in with guns drawn. She rolled off his as she heard the guns fired off three rounds, all missing her by inches. She rolled off the left side of the bed onto the floor where her handbag still lied. She opened it quickly as the men ran to get a line of fire on her and took out the vibrator. She rolled under the bed as two more bullets ripped large holes in the night table and floor. She came out the other side of the bed and thrust the hard plastic vibrator into the second mans crotch, making him wince with pain as his left testicle was ruptured. As he fell in pain she grabbed his gun from his hand and put three rounds into his chest. The other man fired with impunity hitting his now dead partner four more times, missing her once. His gun clicked empty as she sprang up from behind the bed. He put his hands up and began to back up as she shot him right through the head painting the walls red with his skull and brains.

She quickly took his extra clips, and his jacket and put it on.. She went to the phone, picked it up, dialed #
and left it hanging off the receiver. Then she shot out the window, and jumped into the fire-escape ledge. She felt the shattered glass pierce her bare feet and yelled. She heard two more pairs of footsteps enter the room behind her and she hid behind the brick wall. Bullets came flying out of the window and she heard the unmistakable sound of an M-16 letting lose. She also heard a helicopter a little less than a ¼ mile away coming in fast. It would be a race.

A man’s head peeked out the window and luckily looked the wrong way. She shot it twice and heard his body hit the floor inside as he fell. As the barrel of the M-16 came out the of window she jumped from the balcony feeling the jacket fly from her body as she fell through the night air. The helicopter came over the building just as she jumped and came within reach of her hands. She grabbed the sled rail on the bottom and felt two strong hands grab her wrists. Bullets from the M-16 riddled the side of the helicopter, but did not hit anything vital. She heard the Gattling gun inside the chopper let lose with a few hundred rounds ripping the man in the window, and the entire room apart. The hand pulled her into the shopper cabin, and placed her naked body on a bench.

“How’d it go Mel?” the middle aged man in fatigues asked her.

“I got full info Sir. It’s the Pakistani’s and the French, President Goodall turned it down.”

“Damn!” the man exclaimed. “I was hoping the Pakistani’s wouldn’t have the capital. So how’d you make out?”

“I lost my wallet, and the prick was a lousy lay!”

With a laugh the chopper doors close, and the pair head home.

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