The Hairem Ch. 1

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I am Abdullah I live in London with my Harem or should I say “Hairem”. I am legally wedded to Farah and Abida my two wives but I have five other women in my “Hairem”. They are all excessively hairy. I have loved hairy women since I was young and all my hirsute women wear the veil. Underneath their veil are the most voluptuous hirsute women.

I have oil fields and varied interests in business but my interests in women are constant – they all MUST BE HAIRY. They say I am well hung. Some people inherit their father’s nose; some their mother’s legs; I inherited large equipment from Salim my father the great cocksman of Arabia they said he had a hundred wives and fucked a thousand woman. I would say that it was an exaggeration but he sure had a voracious sexual appetite. He always had a woman between his legs and the size of his equipment I am told was an unparalleled 14 inches, which I daresay, is an exaggeration but then I myself am at least 12 inches long and three inches thick.

I may have inherited it from my father but I never knew him. He left my mother shortly after my birth like several of his other woman but he was so rich that he could afford to take care of them all. Perhaps his large equipment led him astray. I honestly didn’t recognize that I was any different from other men until I had my first sexual experience. One day I had been making out on the living room couch with a young aunt of mine Sara. She was sexy and like all Arab women very very hairy. She had bunches of hair in her bushy armpits and her crotch hair ran all the way down and meshed with her very hairy legs. In short she was a hairy ape. She took off her panties and opened her legs. I then took off my pants and pulled out my hard-on. When she saw it she began to say “Allah you look like Salim you are hung like a stallion”

She Alanya Escort escort pulled my cock and tried to take it in her mouth she could hardly get her lips around my prick. I could see her hairy pussy was wet as she grasped my tool with both her hands. “I remember trying to suck your father Salim but I could hardly put his cock head in my mouth and you are as large as him” she moaned as she licked the length of my shaft. She reached an orgasm as she tried to get on top of me and I slowly entered her. I was amazed at her hairiness like she was taken aback by the size of my penis. It was a huge jungle of jet-black hair in her bushy armpits even her eyebrows were bushy and I soon came in her pussy.

When I came to England to study at Oxford I had my first real experience. Though I was a rich Arab I had many women pursuing me but they were all shaved and had virtually no body hair and they hardly turned me on till I saw Bella the young Portuguese girl in my class. It was by accident that in the library I saw her armpits as she lifted her arms to pick a book from the top shelf I was on the other side as I saw her extremely bushy armpits under her loose-sleeved short-sleeved top.

I pursued her with expensive gifts and I met with her frequently during the semester. One day I called her to my apartment for dinner. She didn’t know that I was lusting for her especially the tufty jet-black hair in her untrimmed underarms. She was dressed like a young woman who wanted to be attractive. I could see the curve of her breasts under her silk blouse. She wore a very short, clinging skirt and perfume. We sat on the couch in front of the fire and had wine. The room was dark and there were candles. Soon she was in my arms and we were kissing with her tongue exploring the inside of mouth, and I had unbuttoned Alanya Escort bayan her blouse and unsnapped her bra. She purred when I touched her breasts and pulled my head down so I could kiss them. Gently I sucked her nipples into my mouth and my hand went down and I ran my fingers through the shock of hair in her unshaven underarms. “Aaaaahhhh” I moaned, “I love your bushy armpits Bella”. I then put my hands down to her thighs and then upward. When her legs opened for me, I pushed her panties aside and felt the delicate softness of her hairy pussy.

“I think we had better go into my bedroom right now,” I said and I lifted her and took her in my arms to the bedroom my tongue twirling the long bushy hair in her unshorn gleaming armpits. The furry hair in her armpits was matted with a bit of sweat but tasted great. In the semi-dark bedroom we undressed, watching each other and when we were naked we slid under the sheets and she came to me and pressed her nakedness against me. Her hand went down and touched my cock. She stopped for a moment. She didn’t say anything, but her hand went up and down my hard-on as though she were measuring it to see if it really was as big as she thought. Then she threw back the covers and without any hesitation she took me in her mouth. Her right hand gripped my hardness and her mouth and tongue explored my knob. When I put my hand on her back and touched her hair while she sucked me, I could feel her trembling with excitement. “Darling Aby you are so big” I hated being called Aby I was proud of my name Abdullah but hearing the hirsute Bella say it I did not mind as she sucked my massive dick.

She was more sexually experienced. I had my brief encounter with hairy Saira at home but Bella seemed very comfortable. She straddled me, bent forward as she Escort alanya reached back between her legs and took my cock in her hand. She guided it to where she wanted it to go and I felt it nestle into the opening of her warm bushy cunt. She pressed herself back on it and the head went in.

Bella was ecstatic. She lifted up just a little and then pushed back again and I went up inside her about half way. She came down to me and kissed me gently over and over. I began moving inside her, not thrusting, just moving where I was, gently back and forth. She began to rock with me and little by little I slid deeper inside her. I had been inching up inside her this way for a while when she paused. I put my hands into the bushy hair, which adorned her armpit forests. “Raise your arms Bella I want to see the long thick hair in your unshaven armpits,” I moaned again.

She fucked herself slowly on my rigid erection. She gasped and moaned, pressing herself against me. She turned herself around as she sat on me so that could see my dick coming out and then going back inside her. I could see her hairiness and her tight brown hole. I liked that.

She got off me instantly, lay on her back, opened her legs and I got on top. She helped me find my way and in a moment I as once again deep inside. She got very excited and grabbed me so hard it hurt. But I hardly noticed because my cock was clasped tightly in her hot silky hairy cunt and my cock was taking charge. We began to fuck seriously. I pushed myself hard up inside her and gave her short snapping thrusts. We were sweating and the aroma from her extremely bushy armpits matted with perspiration wafted into my nostrils. We went on for a while and then she said in a breathless, quiet voice, “I’m going to cum, Aby.” And she did cum. Wildly she began to fuck me back as I thrust into her.

It was my first experience of a woman shuddering to her climax under me. She was moaning and I was afraid that I was hurting her but little did I know that she was moaning in ecstasy as she writhed against my big cock.

My first sexual experience was over

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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