The Illicit Proposition Ch. 03B

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The best and final part,

Chapter 3B
The Proposition

I was sitting on the floor gasping for breath, trying to recuperate, from the best wettest blow job, I ever had.

I guess I’m a freaking weirdo. Because blow jobs and hand jobs, leave me sexually unsatisfied. I want my cock buried deep in a woman cunt, when I come.

Betty was sitting across me on the floor, trying to recover from her own self induced intense orgasm. I knew she was no where near, being sexually satisfied either.

I needed a few minutes to regain my strength, before I could give her what so desperately needed and wanted.

But Betty knew; what Betty wanted and she wanted it right than and there. So needless to say she wasn’t going to give me the time I wanted to recover.

Betty reached over, grabbed my dick, opened her mouth leaned over and sucked my dick back into her mouth. I halfheartedly tried to fight her off, but it was to no avail.

Betty was relentless, as she slobbered and sucked on my pecker, until it was fully erect again, and it didn’t take her very long either. Then she pulled her sucking mouth off my stiff swollen dick, with a popping sound.

She had a look of pure unadulterated lust in her eyes, as she reached over and yanked my shorts and underwear off my feet, and took off my boat shoes.

Betty seemed to be quite pleased with her self, as asked smugly,” Now what do you want to do?”

As I got to my feet, I though to myself, this woman’s as sexually insatiable, as I am.

I reached down took her hands, and pulled her, to her feet. Then I squatted in front of her, put my arms behind her knees and pulled her over my shoulder, as I stood back up.

Betty was giggling as I carried her over to the bed and plopped her on the foot of the bed. She was trying not to laugh, as she leaned back and put her elbows at her sides to hold herself up.

She was looking directly into my eyes, as she stated, “Stud, I think we belong together.”

I wanted to fuck her, so bad. I couldn’t think straight. Consequently, I wasn’t paying much attention, to what she was saying! So I just nodded in agreement with her, and said, “Yeah, I think you’re right. “

Her legs were slightly parted with her feet on the floor. Her shorts were opened from her waist, to her crotch revealing the front of her soaking wet black panties.

Betty asked playfully in a cocky sultry tone of voice,” Now what are you going to do to me, Stud?”

I smirked at her as licentiously as I could, and reached down and put my fingers under the waist band of her panties. Betty closed her legs, lifted her hips, and let me strip her from the waist down, and take off her sneakers.

I kneeled in front of her, and spread her knees apart. When I seen her womanhood, my eyes got wide, and my mouth started to water.

Betty doesn’t have a little girls, pink puffy vagina, with a small slit in it, between her legs.

Betty has a woman’s long well used looking red gash, between her thighs.

Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a thick black triangle above her vagina. Betty’s plump outer pussy is surrounded by neatly trimmed thick black pubic hair.

Her inner pussy lips looked like a couple slices of median rare roast beef that formed a meaty circle around her inviting pink hole.

I just couldn’t help myself, and leaned forward and started kissing the insides of her knees. Betty put her hands behind her head, and fell on her back and began mumbling,” Don’t do that! I’m all dirty and smelly.”

But she didn’t close her legs, or try to stop me.

The sight and musty Avcılar Escort odor of her aroused womanhood, was driving me nuts with a primitive lust; that I never experienced before, so I just couldn’t resist.

Consequently, I ignored her haft hearted pleas. Betty’s twat was so wet; her juices were seeping out of her, making a big wet spot on the bed between her legs.

When I started kissing and sucking on the tender moist flesh of her inner thighs, Betty began moving her hips in the fucking motion.

The closer I got to her twat, with my oral stimulation’s, the faster she pumped her hips moaning, “Don’t stop, please don’t stop. I love that.”

Then Betty put her hands on the back of my head and pulled, as she lifted her hips, burying my head between her soft warm thighs. Betty’s juices were flowing out of her, as I licked around her womanhood.

When I lapped her rosebud, and stuck the tip of my tongue into her anus; Betty jerked her hips up, trying to get away from my invading tongue, and screeched, “Aaaaah nooo, don’t do that.”

When I finally slipped the tip of my tongue between her tangy teasing pussy lips, Betty arched her back, pressing herself harder against my face.

I lapped her snatch like a dog from back to front a few times causing her to mumble incoherently. I teased her with my tongue, by darting it in and out of her warm wet pink hole.

Betty was going crazy, as I tongue fucked her.

She wrapped her thighs around my head and began rapidly jerking her hips up and down, trying to fuck my face, mumbling, “Ooooh please; please stop it, you’re driving me nuts.”

Then Betty pleaded,” please make me cum, I can’t take it any more.”

When I finally touched her clit, with the tip my tongue, she clamped her thighs so tight around my head I though she was going to crush it. Then she gasped,” Aaaaah,” so loud! I could hear her, even with her soft warm thighs compressed around my ears.

Betty has a large clit that protrudes out from under the hood of her vagina, so I gently nipped it between my teeth and began licking around it and over it, in a small figure eight.

It didn’t take long before Betty arched her back and went as stiff as a board and her pussy juices started gushing into my mouth.

Betty’s thighs started quivering around my head. Then her body began shaking and trembling.

Finally Betty let go of my head and opened her legs; as she fell back on the bed. Betty was just laying there gasping for breath, with her legs spread and her feet on the floor.

I took my head out from between her thighs and crawled up on the bed beside her.

I kissed her lips and asked, “Now does your cunt taste? “She didn’t answer, she just mumbled something. I couldn’t quite make out. Then I brushed my lips across hers and asked, “Now what do you want me to do to you? “

She was panting as she uttered, “Give me a fucking minute.”

I teasingly started kissing and sucking on the nap of her neck. As I rubbed my hand downward over her soft warm belly and slipped it between her slightly parted thighs and covered her warm wet cunt with the palm of my hand.

When Betty felt my hand on her love nest, she reached over and grabbed my dick and began stroking it, as I ran the tip of my middle finger her between moist pussy lips until it touched her clit.

When Betty felt my finger tip on her clit, she jerked her hips against my hand and rolled her head to the side, and our hungry mouths found each others again in another soul searching deep French kiss.

When we finally parted lips, Beylikdüzü Escort Betty squeezed my dick and said,” Lover, you’re driving insane, with a passion, I never knew I had before.”

I said, “Betty, I want you so fucking bad, I have to have you. ” Then I took her hand off my dick, and stood up.

Betty wiggled back a little and lifted her legs and placed her feet on the end of the bed. Then she lifted herself up on her elbows.

Betty’s head was between her knees, as she asked in her slutty voice, “Oh really, what are going to do to me, Stud?”

I grinned at her as I grabbed my dick and started shaking it and playfully tapped it on the top of her head, as I said “I’m going to shove this into you, and screw your freaking brains out.”

Betty was bent like pretzel with her legs apart, as she said cockily, “Oh yeah, what are you waiting for, an invitation or something?”

But Betty also had a look of apprehension on her face and she was biting her lower lip, as she darted her eyes back and forth, between my cock, and my face, while I slowly rubbed the head of my dick up and down the length of her warm wet inviting cunt.

As I slipped the end of dick between her pussy lips and nudged it against her hole. Betty sucked in her breath and sighed, “Stud please, be gentle with me. I’ve never been with a man, as big as you are before. “

She paused for a moment then she continued, “Honest Stud, I’m not the whore that my husband make’s me out to be.”

I wasn’t paying much attention to what she was saying all I knew was she wanted me, and I’ve wanted her ever since I was in high school.

I’ve always known my cock was a little larger than most guys! I also knew that Betty’s had a few kids, and according to her husband. God only knows how many other guys; she’s fucked in the past.

So I figured her cunt would be the size of the Grand Canyon…and I’d slip into her easily.

I blew her a kiss; raised my eye brows, as I drove my dick, all the freaking way into her, in one hard swift stroke.

I must have gotten a look of shocked disbelief on my face, as I jammed my cock into her surprising tight cunt! Betty was wide eyed as she stated, “What’s the mater? Didn’t you expect me to be, this tight? “

I mumbled, “Gees, NO. I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Betty sounded like a little girl, as she replied, “Just a little, so be gentle with me, until I get used to having you in me.”

I slowly eased out to her and gently pushed myself, back into her.

As my dick entered her this time, she sucked her breath sighing, “Aaaaah, Oh God your sooo fucking big, it feels like you’re ripping me apart, but it feels sooo good.”

After a few strokes, Betty started to loosen up, and she began getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. As my cock entered her, the muscles inside her pussy would contract around my cock and grip it, like she was trying to hold me inside her.

Betty wrapped her arms around my neck and bite the nap of my neck and started sucking, sending shivers of erotic pleasure up and down my spine into my dick making it swell up even bigger then it already was inside her.

Betty stopped sucking on my neck as she said, “That’s it Stud, do it just like that, nice and easy.” Then she started sucking on my neck again. So I did as she asked, and fucked her gently.

She finally pulled me down on top of her, and we wiggled upward into the middle of the bed, with my dick still buried deep inside her soft snug soaking wet cunt.

Betty was so sex starved that, she whispered breathlessly Esenyurt Escort into my ear,” Oh Baby, your cock fits perfectly in me. It feels like we were made for each other.”

I still wasn’t paying much attention to her meaningless lust induced words.

I felt so good inside her; I couldn’t help myself as I whispered my own honest words of lust, “Betty, my dick feels like it belongs in you. And I’ve wanted you, for so long,”

I think she must have misunderstood what I was trying to say. Because as I whispered my words of passion to her.

She tightened her grip around my neck, lifted her hips and her pussy got tighter and wetter around my dick as she said softly, “Meat, I’ve always wanted you too. I’ll be yours, all yours, if you really want me.”

I felt so good inside her. I thought I died and went to pussy heaven, every time I pushed my dick into her. Betty lifted her hips and contracted her vaginal muscles around my dick and whimpered,” Mmm.”

Her eyes were rolled back into her head, her mouth was open and her cunt seemed to be getting wetter and wetter with each stroke of my cock. Without thinking, I sighed in response to her “Oh God yes, I want you. I’ve always wanted you.”

She nipped my ear lobe as she whispered passionately,” I’m your’s, now fuck me, like I’ve never been fucked before.”

Betty’s passionate vulgar dirty words were driving me insane with a wild animal lust, causing me to furiously pound my pork into her, so freaking hard and deep that the tip of my dick was banging against cervix with my every inward thrust.

I could tell Betty loved it too, because her eyes were closed and she was breathing through her mouth, as she rolled her head from side to side, whimpering and mumbling, passionately “Aaaaah, aaaaaah, that’s it, don’t ever stop fucking me, I’m yours, I’m all yours.”

Her words were driving me crazy with a wild untamed lust, I’ve never experienced before. I was on the verge of cumin.

But for some strange unknown reason, I wanted this horny sex starved woman to cum with me, but not only that. I wanted to make her happy.

I don’t know how long we were going at it, before she finally started convulsing and jerking her hips up and down under me. Betty’s snug cunt started getting tighter and tighter around my dick, as her warm juices started flowing over my cock.

It felt so good. I couldn’t help myself. I pushed my dick, into her as far as I could get it. Then my dick swelled up, as my balls started erupting shooting gob after gob of warm creamy sperm out the end of my dick, splashing against her cervix.

When Betty felt me ejaculating in her, she arched her back, lifting her ass up off the bed, trying to get me deeper inside her, like she wanted to get every last drop of my jizz in her.

When I finally stopped cumin, she dropped her legs from around mine and collapsed under me panting,” I don’t think, I’ve ever been fucked this good, before.”

I kissed her forehead, and collapsed on top of her, with my face against her ear. As I lay there I could feel our combined juices oozing out of her trickling down onto the bed covers.

I don’t know how long I lay on top of her with my pulsing cock buried deep in her womanhood. All I knew is every time I tried to roll off her. Betty tightened her arms around me whispering softly, “Please don’t take it out. I want you in me forever.”

When I finally managed to roll off her, she curled up along side me and whispered, “Meat, I really want you to be my lover and my man. I promise, I’ll make you happy and you’ll never regret it.”

I knew I shouldn’t get involved with her.

But what man can resist; a blue eyed, raven haired beauty, with a great body, that’s jerked him off, sucked him dry and totally fucked his brains out in less than twelve hours?

So of course, I answered,” Yeah, I’ll be your lover, and your man.” Even if I knew it wasn’t going to work.

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