Tornado Warning

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Lori was in Atlanta for a seminar and after the last day, a bunch of the attendees had gathered in the hotel lounge for drinks and food. They had chatted into the evening. Some people had gone out for a formal dinner but Lori and a handful of people had been content with the finger foods offered by the lounge.

It was past 10 PM when Lori made her way to her room. She’d only been in there about 20 minutes when a paper got slipped under her door. She thought it was unusual for the final tab to come this early, they usually did that around 3 am. As she picked up the tab, she found a note attached.

“Dear Guests, the tornado watch has been upgraded to a warning for the next several hours. Should the weather get worse and an imminent tornado warning issued, we would ask that you make your way to one of our five stairwells and / or to the meeting halls on the main floor. All of these locations are built to withstand severe weather including the top tornadoes. Should we need to evacuate to these areas, a message will be issued over the hotel phones. Thank you.”

Lori watched the storms being tracked on the weather channel in her hotel room for a while. Eventually, she gave in to the exhaustion and went to bed. However, just in case they had to evacuate the rooms, she’d prepared a few things and wore a camisole and shorts to bed instead of her night gown which was rather flimsy. She also put her windbreaker close to the bed so she could slip it on in a hurry if need be.

The evacuation alarm sounded around 12:30 and a voice came over the phone speaker “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Tom Greenwood, the night shift manager. Our area has been put on an imminent tornado warning. To ensure your safety, we need for all our guests to gather either in the meeting halls or in the stairwells. Please do not use the elevators at this time as power outages are possible at any time. Please do not leave the building. Please proceed now.”

Lori grabbed her wind breaker and put it on as she slipped into her flats before also grabbing her purse and the backpack she’d prepared. As she made her way to the door, she slung the purse strap over her head and across her chest. She then put the backpack on her shoulders and headed out the door. Several other patrons were also headed towards the stairs.

They all filed down towards the bottom. There, a hotel employee asked them to sit down in the stairs, saying that they were safe there. Lori took her back pack off and sat with her back to the wall on one of the landings. She put her back pack under her knees and her purse on her lap and waited.

At the bottom of the stairwell, a metal door that would normally open to the parking lot was held shut with ropes as well as the regular latch. They started hearing something pounding against the door. Not like a knock, more liked pellets hitting the door. Lori wasn’t the only one with a questioning look on her face. The hotel employee said

“Relax folks, this is simply hail hitting the door. We’re very safe in here. Unfortunately, I can’t really speak for our vehicles but at least we’re all safe.”

The thunder was so loud, they could not only hear it but also feel it rumbling. While this was no different than thunder in the mountains, the cacophony of thunder and hail against the metal door was overbearing. Lori wrapped her arms around her knees and started shaking.

That’s when the power decided to go off. Lori inhaled sharply at the sudden darkness. Then, the emergency lights came on but they were not as bright as the regular lights.

An older gentleman, seeing Lori tremble, got up and came to sit next to her. “Are you scared or cold?”

Lori looked at him and said “Bit of both actually.”

“Would you feel better if I held you?”

Lori nodded and the man put his arm around her shoulders and held her close. With his other hand, he cupped her face and pulled her against his chest. Lori kept trembling for a while and the man whispered “It’s okay baby girl, we’re safe here. I’ve lived through tornadoes before. It’s not as bad as it sounds.”

Lori put her own Üsküdar Escort hand on his arm and was amazed at the contrast. Her white hand was almost gleaming against his dark brown skin. The man would have been in his late forties, early fifties judging from the amount of white in his curly hair and the lines on his face. His hands were big and strong yet gentle and soft. Lori felt herself relax against him, even though he was a stranger.

They stayed like that for over an hour with the hard rain alternating with hail pounding the metal door. The man kept saying soothing things to Lori, stroking her hair and caressing her back.

Then, it quieted down and some people started getting up. The hotel employee spoke up “Ladies and gentlemen, may I ask you to please stay put for another 15 – 20 minutes, just to make sure the danger has passed?”

Lori stayed tucked against the black man who had been so kind to her. A while later, the door to the lobby opened and another hotel employee poked his head in and said “All clear! Thank you folks! You may go back to your rooms now. Unfortunately, we still don’t have power so the stairs are your only option. If you need assistance, please let us know.”

People were getting up and going back up the stairs. Lori didn’t move. She figured that it was better to be safe in the stairwell than in her bedroom. The old man nudged her a bit “It’s safe to go back to our rooms now, baby girl.”

“Is it really? I mean, how do they know this isn’t just the proverbial eye of the storm?”

The man hugged her close and kissed her forehead. “The weather trackers have radars and all this technology and they relay the information to everyone. The hotel manager probably has a battery operated radio. He wouldn’t let us return to our rooms if there was still a risk. He wouldn’t risk a lawsuit, would he?”

“I guess not.”

“Ready to go back?”

Lori straightened up and looked at the man who’d held her through the worst of the storm. “Thank you.”

“So where are you from?”

“I’m from Montana where the mountains prevent the possibility of tornadoes. This was my first tornado.”

“Well, I don’t think we really had a tornado go over us this time but I think it was close. Glad I could be here to help.”

As they got up, Lori put her back pack back on her shoulders and he helped her straighten the straps. “What did you have in there?”

“Stuff I would absolutely not be able to evacuate without.”

“Like?” The stranger had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. He was teasing her.

“It doesn’t matter. And I noticed I wasn’t the only one with a bag of stuff.” Lori was laughing now.

They started up the stairs and when they made it to the fifth floor where Lori was staying, she opened the door and heard her companion say “I’m on this floor too. Room 512. You?”

“Room 510. So we were neighbours. How come I didn’t see you when we first evacuated?”

“I think you were too scared to notice much of anything. I was right behind you.”


They reached her room first. Lori took the key card out of her purse and with shaky hands tried to slide it into the door slot. He grabbed the card from her hand and said “Allow me.”

He slid the card into the door and it opened.

“How did this work when there’s no power?”

“The doors are on emergency power.”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

As the door opened, Lori could hear that there was still hard rain hitting the windows and still lightning and thunder. The man put his hand on Lori’s shoulder and asked “Will you be okay, or would you like for me to stay with you?”

“You’d do that?”


“Even though we don’t even know each other?”

“I’m sorry. Where are my manners? My name is Leroy White. I’m from Savanah.”

“Lori, from Montana.”

“I know that up until now we were strangers but somehow, I feel drawn to you, Lori from Montana and I just want you to feel safe. Chivalry isn’t dead yet in this world, you know.”

Just then, another bolt of lightning lit up the room and Üsküdar Escort Bayan Lori jumped. Leroy put his arms around her and pulled her to him “It’s only lightning. It’s okay.”

When Lori relaxed, Leroy suggested they go look outside. They opened up the drapes and saw that the storm was still whipping rain against the building. Leroy pointed at the cars in the parking lot below “See, all the cars are still there and upright. That means we didn’t have a tornado.”

“I guess. But it doesn’t mean there can’t still be one.”

“True. But I’m sure the worst is over.” Leroy pulled the drapes closed again and said “We really should try to get some sleep.”

Lori nodded and then headed to the bed.

Leroy asked “Do you want me to sleep next to you or over there on the couch?”

“You won’t be much comfort over there on the couch. As long as I get this side of the bed, I’m fine.” Lori sat on the side of the bed, took off her flats and swung her legs onto the bed.

Leroy smiled and said “You going to keep the wind breaker?”

Lori laughed “Gee, I’d forgotten I had that on.” She took off the jacket and dropped it on the floor next to the bed.

Leroy slipped into the bed next to her. Lori hesitated a moment, suddenly realizing she was gingerly getting into bed with a complete stranger. She looked at him and he saw the hesitation in her face despite the lack of light. Just then, a bolt of lightning lit up the room and Lori hurriedly made her way into his arms. He spoke softly to her “Don’t worry baby girl, I won’t hurt you or do anything to you that you don’t want me to.”

Leroy gently caressed her hair and her arm and Lori slowly relaxed. Outside, the storm continued to rage. Leroy, after another bolt of lightning startled Lori, gently kissed her on the cheek and said “Shhhhh, you’re safe baby girl, you’re safe.”

Lori, snuggled up against Leroy’s body, was finally warming up. For his age, he was in great shape and Lori could feel the strengths in his arms and legs. With him kissing her cheek and caressing her, Lori felt herself relaxing as well. Eventually, she turned to lay on her back, still within his arms.

Leroy propped himself onto an elbow and whispered “I don’t want to push you, baby girl, but the best way for you to forget what’s going on out there is to give in to the oldest distraction in the world.”

Lori didn’t need a drawing to understand what he meant. She reached up to his face and kissed him on the lips. That was all the invitation Leroy needed. He kissed her, gently prying her mouth open with his tongue and reaching in to caress her tongue with his. They kissed for a while, Lori indeed forgetting all about the storm outside.

The kiss got more passionate and Leroy had pushed his leg between her knees and was gently pushing against her vulva, creating a delicious pressure down there. His hand made its way to her breast and he caressed her through the fabric of her cotton camisole. Lori’s nipple hardened in response and she moaned. He pushed her camisole up further and bent down to take her nipple in his mouth. His tongue twirled around her nipple and tantalized her. Lori arched her back, pushing against his mouth.

His hand had been caressing her other breast and now made its way to her shorts. Lori felt him cup her sex gently and press down just enough to make her tingle. He then pressed his middle finger down until it parted her pussy lips. Lori moaned and pressed up against his inquisitive finger. He caressed her slit with his finger as he took possession of her mouth again.

Her hand made its way between their bodies until she felt his erection straining against his shorts. When she struggled to find her way in, he reached down and helped her by pushing down his shorts. He sat up and took them off and also took off his shirt. Lori looked at him and was impressed with his beautiful hairless chest. Lori sat up and pushed him down, caressing his chest lightly. She caressed every square inch of him, often coming back to his nipples. His nipples stood up to her caresses. She tentatively Escort Üsküdar kissed one and he moaned. Emboldened, she gently sucked on it and felt him hand in her hair, encouraging her to continue. While she sucked on one nipple and then the next, just as he’d done for her, Lori reached for his cock.

Lori had heard and read so many stories about black men being well endowed and until she had felt him, she’d been a little apprehensive about it. But here he was, indeed well endowed but not overly so. Leroy was on the bigger side of average. Lori stroked his cock and heard Leroy moan. After sucking on his sensitive nipples for a while and stroking his cock, Lori turned and took him in her mouth. She circled the head with her tongue and he moaned loudly. He then said “Turn around more baby girl, straddle my face so I can taste you too.”

Lori did as Leroy asked and soon felt his tongue on her core. It was hard to concentrate but Lori still tried her best to focus on the beautiful cock in her hand and mouth. She stroked it with her hand while sucking up and down his shaft, taking as much of him as she could. Meanwhile, Leroy was busy licking her pussy lips and sucking on her clit. When he felt her start tensing up and lose concentration on his cock, he pushed her off him and said “Lay down on your back.” He positioned himself between her legs and resumed eating her out. Soon, he had her back to the edge and focused on her clit and pushed her over the edge into sweet oblivion.

While he let her come back down to earth, he reached into his shorts’ pockets and pulled out a condom. He slipped it on and positioned himself at her entrance. “You ready for me baby girl?”

Lori nodded and Leroy slid into her easily. She was still wet from her orgasm. He pulled almost all the way out and then plunged into her again. Again and again, he pulled out and plunged in, causing sweet friction for both of them. At one point, he pulled out and moved her legs up to rest against his chest, penetrating her again, deeply. A sharp intake of air greeted the deep penetration and Leroy smiled.

“You like this baby girl?”

“Mmmmmm, yes.”

He slowly moved in and out, taking care not to hurt her. Then, he stopped again and said “How about we move around again?”


“I’d like it doggie-style for a while, if you don’t mind.”

Lori nodded and when he pulled out, she turned around and got on her hands and knees. Leroy wasted no time and positioned himself between her legs and, grabbing her hips, penetrated her again.

“You’ve got one sweetly tight and hot pussy baby girl.”

Lori could only moan as he moved in and out of her. Lori could feel his dangling balls hitting against her pussy lips so she reached down and, making a V with her fingers, she parted her lips and pushed her clit out slightly. When his balls hit her clit, the sensation was amazing. Understanding what she was doing, he reached around and replaced her hand with his and increased the tempo. Lori moaned loudly, enjoying the sensations that were rippling through her body. Then, he started rubbing her clit with his fingers. Soon, he had her going over the edge again. Lori let out a groan as her pussy clamped down around his cock. Leroy moaned too, enjoying the tightness. As her pussy stopped its spasms, he withdrew and turned her over, laying her down on her back.

He then re-entered her gently and paused when he was fully inside. “You ready for one last go?”

Lori nodded and he started moving inside her. Leroy supported himself on his elbow and turned his arms in, teasing her nipples with his long fingers. Reacting to his touch, Lori arched her back and in doing so, changed the angle at which he entered her, causing even better friction. Within moments, with his fast pace and his teasing of her nipples, Leroy had Lori come once more but this time, he didn’t stop, he kept going until he reached his own release.

They both caught their breaths and then cuddled and fell asleep. A few hours later, they were awakened by the sound of the phone. Lori reached for the phone and answered the wake up call, thanking reception for it. After they both got up and she got dressed and ready to leave, they had one final kiss.

Lori said “Thanks. Your methods worked well at calming my nerves last night.”

Leroy smiled “My pleasure baby girl, my pleasure.” And he left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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