Unexpected Guest

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She had no idea he was going to be waiting in her front yard. In fact, it would have been the last thought on her mind. After all, she lived in Boise and he lived in Tucson and they had only ever joked about getting together.

He had been in Boise for a couple of days now, making sure he knew her routine. She had only seen pictures of him, lots of pictures of him, but he was fairly certain she would recognize him if she saw him, so he kind of stayed in the shadows, secretly flanking her for two days now. He felt pretty confident he wouldn’t be discovered. After all, she wouldn’t even suspect she was being followed. It wouldn’t even occur to her.

He felt a little peculiar though, like he was doing something wrong. He wasn’t a stalker but it did feel like he was stalking her or something like that. Overall, he was certain she’d be happy to see him, but still, he did feel like he was doing something wrong, and if anyone was actually watching his moves over the last two days, they’d have pegged him as a stalker. Oh well, he reassured himself, all this silliness should be over by suppertime.

They had met several months ago in an Internet chat room and had actually become quite good friends. They had spoken to each other a lot, both on the Internet and on the telephone. They knew a plenty about each other, and had a very friendly, very open relationship…healthy on all accounts. They knew about each other’s jobs, some family stuff, likes and dislikes, etc. They had become fairly close, all things considered. Hell, they had even had cybersex more than once, both realizing if you can overcome the awkwardness and embarrassment of that, meeting in real life should be a piece of cake. They had laughed together over this revelation.

They were both passionate individuals, and sadly, both fairly lonely. Each tried hard to hide this reality from the other, but sometimes things slipped through. They knew each other well enough to know they weren’t really fooling the other.

Over the last two days he had followed her from her house to her office, and then to her lunch spot and back to her office, and finally back to her house. For two days now, the same routine. He was glad for that. It had been a little tricky for him since he had never been to Boise before, but thank god it hadn’t snowed in the last two days. He wasn’t certain he’d be able to drive in it, let alone follow her without losing her.

Today he was going to finally let her know he was in town…that he was there to see her…to be with her. He was going to be standing outside her house when she got home from work. It was Thursday so he was hopeful she wasn’t going to be going out with friends after work, but if she did he’d just wait for her until she got home. Although he did prefer she get home in the daylight. He didn’t want to frighten her, or get pepper spray in his eyes.

He knew she carried a small canister on her key chain and it wasn’t just there for looks. Oh well. He had his fingers crossed. He got out of his rental car and paced back and forth on the sidewalk in front of her house. If the routine of the last two days was any indicator, she’d be pulling up in a couple of minutes.


As she pulled into her driveway she wondered who this man was, sauntering down her sidewalk, his back toward her, heading to the corner. She instinctively got her mental guard up and as she grabbed her purse from the passenger seat also gripped her pepper spray comfortably in her left hand.

As her car door opened he stopped and turned around. From about 30 feet away he was uncertain if she knew who he was. Her red hair and pretty face shone beautifully under the setting sun. He flashed a huge grin at her but still he didn’t think she knew who he was.

“Hi Renni,” he said loud enough for her to hear him.

“Travis?” She was in disbelief, but at least he now knew she recognized him.

“In the flesh,” he said and grinned again. As he continued to walk toward her she set her purse and keys down on the car seat and met him halfway. They embraced in a true lovers hug, and he lifted her off her feet as he squeezed her into him.

“Oh my god,” she said excitedly, “what are you doing here?”

He kissed her square on the mouth, much to her delight, and then said, “I just wanted to surprise you!”

As they walked toward her car she assured him she was surprised…shocked in fact. Her heart was racing and her creamy white face was flush. She gathered her belongings from her car and they headed up the steps to the front door of her house.

She stopped on the landing of her front porch. “Um, do you have a car here? Did you bring any bags or suitcases, or did you just show up empty handed?”

He motioned to the rental parked across the street. “I figured I could get a hotel room nearby…” he didn’t get to finish when she interrupted him.

“Go grab your stuff, silly,” she said with a smile.

She unlocked her house and walked in as he Maltepe Escort hurried back to his car to grab his bag and laptop computer. As she walked into her house she leaned back against a wall and just grinned, clasping her hand and bringing them up to her chest. She could not believe he was here. What a perfect surprise, she thought, as she unbuttoned her coat. What a perfect surprise.


He made them coffee after dinner. He loved coffee in the evenings, particularly after a nice meal…something Renni knew about him. She wasn’t a big coffee drinker but was glad she had some on hand for him.

“Renni,” he said with a questioning tone in his voice, “are you sure I’m not putting you out?”

He looked at her with his big brown eyes. Even though her name was Dawn, and that’s what everyone called her, he always called her Renni. She once had told him that when she was a kid she had heard the name Renni and from that point on had wished it had been hers. She adored this about him and loved that he was the only person who ever called her this.

“I don’t mind one bit,” she assured him. “Not one bit at all.”

After dinner she had gone upstairs and changed into a comfortable pair of cotton pants and a fluffy khaki sweater. It was cold in Boise, and while not cold insider her house, there was always some kind of chill lingering in the wintertime. A chill that prompts us to wear a warm fluffy sweater inside, even when the cold is on the other side of the window.

He was sitting in a comfortable chair in the living room when she came in with his cup of coffee. She walked over to her plush loveseat, setting his coffee on the table in front of it. As she sat down she looked at him and patted the other cushion. “Come sit by me,” she said in a very warm way. He flashed her a devious grin and crossed the room, never losing eye contact with her.

Renni had pulled her legs up behind her and was sitting sort of sideways on the loveseat. As he sat down she leaned into him and wrapped both hand around him. She nuzzled her face into his neck and kissed him. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she whispered. Shivers shot down his back as her breath vibrated into his neck. She kissed his neck again and hugged him even tighter. “God this is great…” she trailed off as she continued hugging him.

He turned to face her. He wanted to kiss her again…like in the driveway…but longer and with more passion. She lifted her head to look at him and they immediately embraced in a very sexy kiss. Their mouths were very hungry for this kind of kissing…it had been a long time for either…and they wasted no time getting intimate with each other. Their tongues met with perfect timing, causing moans to escape both of them.

While neither had actually admitted this to the other, they had both committed to this relationship some time ago; ending anything they may have had brewing romantically with other people. Somewhere along the line they had fallen in love. As their kisses grew more passionate it was becoming obvious to both: this was the moment they had both desired.

She sat up on her knees and moved her body in such a way that it was obvious to him she intended to straddle him. He moved his body just enough to the left that she could easily sit on his lap. Their mouths never lost their embrace. It was like they had done this a thousand times before. In their fantasies, perhaps they had.

Her knees dug deep into her plush couch and she found her pussy positioned just over his cock. She was careful not to rub up against him. Not yet. Not this soon. She wanted to savor him. She could still hardly believe he was there…there to see her.

As they continued kissing, tongues passionately wrestling, he found his swelling cock was growing uncomfortable in he pants, and he began to wiggle his lower body in an effort to free himself. She caught the drift of what he was doing and pulled her mouth from his. He leaned his head back against the tall couch.

“Oh god,” escaped his mouth. “You can kiss me anytime you want!” He laughed as he said this. He sat more straight up and put his hand on her back to make sure she didn’t fall backward. He had bad luck like this and wanted to make sure this wasn’t one of those time his clumsiness reared its ugly head.

She leaned back against his hand, knowing he wouldn’t let her fall. This inadvertently pressed her pussy into his crotch, discovering what she had sensed earlier. He felt her warmth as she brushed up against him, but it faded fast. She had immediately changed her position. She sat straight up, sliding back toward his knees.

“Finish your coffee before it gets cold,” she instructed as she climbed off. “I’m going to start the dishwasher so we can be done with these silly chores for the night.”

As soon as she had gone around the corner, into the kitchen, he stood to adjust himself. His cock had been cramped in his trousers for too long and Maltepe Escort Bayan he needed to adjust himself very badly. As he began to loosen and relax just a bit, he sat back down and picked up his cup of coffee and took a deep drink. The smell raced to his nostrils and he flared them to gather the entire aroma.

He not only loved the taste of coffee, but the smell he found positively delightful. He was very responsive to certain aromas, particularly those some women could emit when sexually aroused. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Renni was aroused. She was not only not wearing a bra, but based on the heat he felt from her pussy, he was certain she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

He must have been lost in thought because he hadn’t even realized she was no longer in the kitchen and in fact had gone upstairs.

“Travis,” she called. He didn’t answer. “Travis,” she called a little louder. This shook him from his thoughts.

“Oh,” he chuckled realizing the tone in her voice meant she had said his name more than once. “I guess I was dozing off or daydreaming,” he called back to her.

“Come upstairs,” she said, “I’ve run a nice bath for you.” He smiled as he stood. He was glad he decided to come to Boise this weekend. Damn glad.

As he reached to top of the stairs he could see what must have been her room at the end of the hallway. It was the only room with a light on. He walked toward it and could now hear some faint, ambient music playing in the background.

As he walked through the doorway he saw his two bags placed neatly on the settee at the foot of her bed. It was clear where she wanted him to spend the weekend. As he looked around he realized he was in a fairly large room…larger than most master bedrooms he’d ever been in. There was the main bedroom area, complete with all the requisite bedroom items. There was also what some might call a changing room, which was off to his right, past an archway. He strolled to that part of the room, discovering a large walk-in closet, a dressing table, a sink, and a wall mirror. This was her place to get ready…to get dressed. As he turned to look at the opposite diagonal corner of her suite, he discovered this was where the source of running water he could hear. He walked toward the sound, which reminded him somehow of a gentle waterfall.

She was sitting on the step at the foot of the tub, dragging her hand back and forth in the water, testing the temperature. She was wearing only a short, silk bathrobe. Her legs were trim and muscular and were highlighted by the peach and cream colors which dominated her robe. He realized she was one thin drawstring away from being naked.

“Are you joining me?” He smiled at her.

She stepped away from the tub, down a single step, and walked toward the archway leading back into the bedroom. “Use the towel hanging beside the tub to dry off,” she motioned behind her with her thumb. “Everything else you need should be along side the tub.”

She walked past him and into the bedroom. He paused in the doorway for just a moment and noticed something odd. The master bathroom didn’t have a door. Just an arched doorway.

As he looked around, he saw what was probably the toilet area…behind a large oak door with a large gold knob on it. He walked over and opened the door. He was correct. As he closed the door and spun back around, he marveled at the deliberate design and workmanship in this bathroom. It had to be six hundred square feet!

He walked back to the tub area and began to undress. The tub was large and raised nearly three feet off the ground. One had to walk up a single step, and then onto the decking area around the tub to get into it. The tile around the tub was cream and light brown; swirled together like cappuccino ice cream. He stepped into the two-person tub and stood on the first step in. This “tub” was actually more of a sauna or hot tub with contoured sitting areas. What an awesome bathroom, he thought to himself.

As he cozied himself into the warm water, he noticed he could look into the bedroom. He couldn’t see the bed from the tub, but there was a leopard-print chaise lounge in perfect view, along the left side of the room. He leaned his head back and exhaled a relaxing sigh. He let his arm drop into the water, fully relaxing his whole body. He raised his head to look around for bath supplies and now saw Renni sitting on the chaise, facing him. She was still in her short silk robe and was now reading a book. He was too far away to see what she was reading.

He could feel his cock tighten just a little bit at the sight of her. She must have sensed his eyes on her because just then she started to drag a finger up and down her exposed thigh. He wasn’t sure if it was what she was reading, or if she was toying with him, but he really didn’t care. She was gorgeous, she was sitting less than thirty feet from him, and she had just untied her robe Escort Maltepe exposing her smooth, white belly to him.

Without looking at him, she set her book down and leaned her head back into the lounge. She had now adjusted her body so she could see more of her. Just as he looked directly at her robe-covered breasts, the silk material slid off, exposing her left breast, giving him the impression it had only been held in place by an erect nipple.

God she had a gorgeous body, he thought, as he cock began to swell in the water. Creamy skin, good muscle tone, lean features, and wonderfully pink nipples. He took his hard cock into his hand and started squeezing and massaging it. She was a vision of beauty and was purposely now teasing him. This was very sexy…very erotic. Not entirely what he expected from Renni, but not entirely shocked either.

She let her left leg drop off the lounge and onto the floor, sitting more square in the chaise than she had been. This not only exposed her pink pussy to him, but gave her access to it as well. Her fingers started to move up and down each clean-shaven lip, smoothly gliding on the silky skin. Her other hand moved up to her exposed breast and began tugging and pulling at the hardened nipple.

Travis’s cock had grown rock-hard now and felt wonderful in the warm water. He grabbed it at the base and moved it back and forth in the water, enjoying the thickness of the liquid against it. He was very turned on and realized he really wanted to fuck her badly…but he didn’t want to rush anything. This had been such a perfect evening to this point, and he was certain he’d ruin it if he didn’t watch hard for her signals. He didn’t want to blow it. Not tonight. For now, he was content to stay in the tub.

He reached for the soap. Not only did his cock need some lubrication, but he was taking a bath. He needed to wash the day off, and make himself fresh and clean for Renni. As he began to lather himself, he noticed she had now raised her right leg, resting it on the back of the chaise lounge.

She was spread wide and her pussy had opened. Her finger was moving up and down, just inside her wet slit, opening her lips wider and wider on each pass. Every third or fourth time up and down she would stop to swirl her cum-slick finger around her clit. Each time she did this she would make the same motion on her nipple.

She did this a few times and then took her hand away from her nipple, sliding the middle finger into her wetness. With her finger sufficiently moist, she brought it back up to her breast and continued swirling her finger around her hard nipple…this time smearing her slick juices over it. As she started doing this, she slid the middle finger of her other hand into her pussy, past her inner lips and deep inside. A rush of pooled juices ran out of her as her finger plunged deep inside her, and she let out her first moan since they had kissed a couple of hours earlier.

Travis noticed he had been stroking his hard cock pretty vigorously now and had himself on the verge of an orgasm. He had to force himself to stop. He didn’t want to jack off in the tub. He wanted to cum with her…in her…on her…for her. He quickly finished his bath and stepped out of the tub. He grabbed the terry towel and hurriedly dried himself. He didn’t do a very good job, and it’s true he was in a rush, but he also wanted his body to still be slightly wet, warm, and glistening from the bath.

He walked toward Renni. He did not want her to move from the chaise lounge. He wanted to take her right there. She didn’t move…she only continued with what she was doing.

He knelt beside her. He wanted to taste her. He could see how slick she was and wanted to run his tongue up and down her velvety slit. He started kissing his way up her thighs, sniffing her scent as he moved closer and closer to her pussy. Oh god, he said in his mind, as the scent of her sex reached his nose. He was instantly lured in. He couldn’t back out now if he wanted to. Her fragrance was intoxicating and he had to have it in his mouth…now!

He began licking around her probing finger. He didn’t mind that she was still fucking herself, but eventually she would have to stop. He wanted his tongue where she was, but for the moment he’d play with her down there.

She slowly slid her finger out, almost all the way, hoping he would lick her cum off of it as it came out of her. He did not disappoint, and moaned as he worked up and down her sopping finger. She plunged back into her wetness, teasing him as she did it. He groaned as she took it away from him, letting her know he wanted more. This time she pulled her finger all the way out. It was dripping with her juices and this was too much for him. He sucked her finger into his mouth like it was a cum-covered cock and began sucking it…savoring the flavor…halfway hoping it would find a way to erupt inside his mouth.

She lifted his head so she could look at him. She smiled as he pulled his mouth off her finger. He moved slightly closer to her so he could kiss her on the mouth. As he did he slid two fingers into her hot pussy, releasing another wave of stored juices. She moaned as she felt the heavy warmth run out of her, knowing she was dripping down his fingers.

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