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Tonight was Halloween and she had been preparing for this night for a long time. Her new found lover had given her so much pleasure in the bedroom, that she wanted to do something special for him tonight.

He loved to lick and suck on her nipples while at the same time inserting his finger into her warm, wet pussy! She loved how his cock would get so hard that it seemed to almost burst out of his jeans whenever he started to kiss her. He was such a great kisser. Ever so softly at first, he would kiss her, then more demanding, his breathing becoming labored as his excitement increased. It was such a turn on for her.

They were to attend a party and she had picked out an outrageous costume. He had a fascination with female vampires, especially Elvira; that sexy, sultry Vamp from late night movies.

She had found a long black strapless gown that accentuated her large soft breasts, almost pushing them out from the confines of her bra. The dress was slit up both sides of her thighs so that when she moved, her full leg would be exposed from ankle to thigh. The dress hugged her voluptuous figure Ataşehir Escort and she knew that once she put on the black wig and red lipstick he would lust for her all night until he could rip the clothing off her and fuck her until they were both satiated. The black stockings and high heels finished the outfit. She turned around in front of the mirror and approved of her reflection. She was a definite Vamp!

When she walked into the ballroom, all eyes were on her. She knew she was stunning and wanted to find her lover to see his reaction. Only moments later he was at her side, pulling her close and ravishing her lips with a long sensual kiss that nearly took her breath away.

He then took Vamp’s hand and pulled her into a darkly lit corner of the hallway, whispering that he was so horny for his little Vamp and he could fuck her right now! She could feel his hard cock pressing against her through his Devil’s costume and replied “why not?” Grinning, he grabbed her hand and together they slipped out onto the patio and into the garden.

The night was cool, Ataşehir Escort Bayan but the heat between their bodies was enough to keep them warm for awhile. They hurried into the garden and onto the gazebo. His hands were already caressing her ass through the silky black material. Cupping her breast, he massaged them while rubbing his cock up against her thigh. He told her that he was going to fuck his Vamp right there and demanded she bend over, spreading her legs so that he could feel if she was wet enough for him. He pulled down the top of her dress, exposing her breasts to his warm touch, then bent her over the bench and pulled up her dress. To his delight she was not wearing any panties and he placed his tongue on her clit to taste her wetness. Oh, she was wet alright and so hot for him, shoving her pussy into his face. He loved her warmth and her wetness and decided that he wanted to fuck her now.

Pulling down his pants, he placed his cock just outside the entrance to her pussy and teased her for moment as she moaned and begged him to fuck her. He Escort Ataşehir gave her ass a slap and rammed his cock home, to the hilt. She gasped and accepted it, pushing back onto his cock to fully envelope it in her hot wet cunt.

Grabbing her tits with both hands, he started to fuck her hard, back and forth, back and forth,and then more slowly. He could feel her every move and the tightness of her wet pussy. She loved it and begged him to slap her ass again. He did requested, but this time he pulled his cock out. To her complete surprise, he slid a finger into her anus. This made her gasp again, but she loved it. He’d done this before and he knew just how to make her into his hot little trampy Vamp!

She was ready. He knew from the way she was breathing and the fact she’d begged him to fuck her harder and harder. He slammed his cock into her pussy again, and this time he would not stop. She moaned and begged for release. Sliding his hand around her hips, he found her clit and rubbed it as he fucked her pussy and suddenly she screamed out his name and came all over his fingers. He then focused on his own orgasm, thrusting into her pussy again and again, feeling his orgasm build in his balls. He suddenly squeezed her tits and came with such force that he almost pushed her into the bench.

“That was fucking awesome,” he told her. Using her best Elvira impression replied “Happy Halloween.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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