Wanderlust – Sabrina Pt. 04

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4 — Her Son

Sabrina rolled out of bed. She dug out of her drawers some pink panties, stepped into them, then shifted her bits to sit neatly inside. She snatched an over sized cream coloured t-shirt off of the ground and let it drape over her top half. Puffy faced and still waking up, she left her bedroom and started on her way downstairs.

She could smell coffee, and hear shuffling in the kitchen. She hoped Monica was making breakfast for them both that morning. “Goodmorning Monica,” she called.

A young man stepped out to see who was approaching, and he froze at the sight of her. “Uhh…” He looked her up and down, appreciating the sight of a shockingly beautiful yet dissheveled blonde wearing barely anything by the foot of the stairs.

Sabrina’s legs twitched and then squeezed closer together, a futile reflex to try and hide the flagrant bulging of her panties. “Oh! I thought Monica, ahh! Hello! Who are you…?”

“H-Harvey,” he said. His eyes going lower and now sitting square upon that bulge. “Harvey Junior.”

“Oh! You must be Monica’s son!” Sabrina quickly turned and bolted back up the stairs. “So glad to meet you! One moment please!”

As she went he watched her breasts and overstuffed panties swing against herself with every step. It was a lot to process, so early in the morning.

After a few moments Sabrina came back, now with her hair sorted out and tied back. She’d put her leggings on and a little skirt over that, providing cover for her more anomalous features, and a sports bra under her t-shirt was now taming her bosom.

Cautiously she walked into the kitchen, where Monica’s son was sitting on a stool by the counter with a coffee and a bagel. He firmed up as she approached.

“Hello again. Sorry about that. I didn’t know we were going to have company. I’m Sabrina.”

“Sabrina. Pleased to meet you. Uh… coffee?”

“Sure,” she said. She went to the cupboard to grab herself a cup. Harvey Junior noted that she seemed to know where everything was — she must have been staying in his family’s mansion for a while.

She was without a doubt the most attractive girl he’d ever seen, and that was saying a lot considering his mother’s connections to the modeling industry. His heart beat faster as a dainty hand holding an empty mug was extended toward him. His mind was reeling. She was an absolute angel, of the very busty sort… yet what was going on in those panties earlier?!

Sabrina examined him as he poured. She only saw a bit of Monica in the young man – he must have mostly taken after his father. He was of average height, a little husky of build. His eyes were icy blue, and his light brown hair had began to recede.

With her cup filled Sabrina grabbed the jar of sugar and started pouring a thick stream in. As she found a spoon and started to stir Harvey Junior asked, “so, how do you know my mother?”

“I’m her assistant.”

“Oh, I see. An assistant.”

“Mhmm. And what brings you home? Wouldn’t you be at college until May?”

“It’s Reading Period. I thought I’d come here to study instead of stay on campus. There’s a lot of distractions there this week.”

“Oh, I see. It’d have been nice if your mother had warned us that we’d run into each other like this.” Sabrina waited a moment as she was stared at, then started to sip her coffee. It seemed he was indeed easily distracted.

Harvey seemed to break out of a trance, and his temples were starting to glisten. “Yeah! Yeah, it would have. But I forgot to tell her.”

Sabrina nodded. “Okay… hehe.” The tension was becoming unbearable. “Well. It was nice meeting you Harvey Junior.”

He nodded, looking at her with glassy eyes. Sabrina hesitated a moment, then nodded back to him and proceeded to quietly leave the kitchen for her room.

“Holy shit,” Junior whispered again.


Junior was up in his room as well now, a safe place to sort himself out after that morning’s encounter. He sat on the edge of his bed, staring out his window.

He couldn’t believe it. Sabrina was the the most gorgeous, sexiest girl he had ever seen, and she was staying in his house. And… she must have had a cock? A real life futanari! Or at least, he was pretty sure she did, that she was one, yet the memory of his first seeing her was already growing hazy. He’d accessed and embellished upon that image too many times within the banks of his mind; he couldn’t trust it any longer.

Futanari was one of his most favourite secret fetishes. There was just something about a very feminine woman wielding a superior piece that made the neurons in his brain fire, made him sweat and swell. He’d never thought they could be real, though there were rumours about them existing lately. Now he was pretty sure there was one, one incredible one, just a few doors down the hallway.

She was apparently his mother’s assistant. She certainly didn’t look like any normal assistant. His mom must have taken Sabrina on for other reasons.

That bitch. She was always having too much fun, Anadolu Yakası Escort with no respect for his father’s passing. He suspected she was playing around even before he’d died.

Junior’s hands tightened around his pillow. He’d never figured out how to have fun. He’d always been a shut in, who stumbled in the presence of women. He’d never had a girlfriend, and if not for a few alcohol fueled incidents on campus, he’d be a virgin. He was at that moment extremely jealous of his mother.

He wondered what more of Sabrina he’d see over the unfolding week at home. He yearned to see her again.

Hours later she still seemed content to just stay in her room, and Junior, at a loss of how to initiate any more interaction with her, had done the same, studying his texts. His mother still was nowhere to be seen.

It was getting dark by the time he heard a knock on his door. His head shot up from his textbook: “y-yes?”

“It’s me again. I’m going to order pizza,” Sabrina said outside.

“Oh, cool!” He cringed, already regretting the eagerness in his voice.

“Yeah… well I’ll leave some for you in the kitchen, alright?”

“Uh huh. Great. Thanks.”

“No problem.”


The next morning Monica came home.

“Junior! Junior, you’re here?!”

He was on the couch, watching the local news. “Yeah mum.”

“Okay! How’s it going honey? Is it reading period already?”

“Yeah. I’ve been here since yesterday.”

“Alright honey, alright.” She stopped just outside the living room, unsure what to say next. If she’d known he were coming back, she might have arranged for there to be less occupants in her house.

“I met Sabrina.”

Monica seemed to fluster a bit, as he suspected she would. “Oh, you two have met! Okay!”

Turning back to the TV, Junior nodded. “Yeah. Your… assistant?”

“That’s right. I’ve taken her on to help around here. You know, it’s so hard taking care of this big house on my own, and-“

“Good morning Monica. Welcome back.”

Both mother and son turned to look at the radiant angel standing at the foot of the stairs.

“How was the film festival?”

“It was great Sabrina, thank you. My bags are by the door.”

Sabrina quietly went to take her bags away.

Monica and her son both looked at each other, wondering what they could possibly say now. She clearly wasn’t the sort of girl you hire just to handle your bags. Eventually they decided they’d rather avoid the awkwardness, so Harvey Junior turned back to the TV, while Monica went up to her room.


Monica had a full schedule of chores for Sabrina to perform that day. Junior stood just outside his bedroom, staring down the balcony to the ground floor where Sabrina was mopping the tiles. She was dressed conservatively, and as Junior watched he was starting to wonder if he’d really seen what he’d thought he’d seen the previous morning. She wore some black leggings, over which a pink frill of a skirt hung off of her hips and circled her curvy bottom. Above she wore a plain white t-shirt, which hugged her upper features wonderfully, and her hair was tied back in a ponytail.

From his distant vantage point he wasn’t seeing much indication that she was anything too abnormal, but the sway of her gait and the sight of her breasts squeezing against each other between her arms as she worked made her a fine sight indeed. He kept watching.


Monica came out of her room and stood on the balcony. “Sabrina,” she called downstairs. “Are you finished everything?”

“I’ve still got to sweep around the pool. But everything else is done,” she replied faintly from downstairs.

“Okay, well it’s six now so forget about that.” Monica went into her room and grabbed a duffle bag, then went downstairs.

Harvey Junior was going to have to figure out dinner for himself that night, because the two of them headed immediately after for the door. He didn’t see them again until the next day.


The next morning Junior sat in the living room with a cup of coffee and a textbook open in his lap. His mother’s car was back, and so must they also have. In the kitchen he’d seen a huge a pile of dishes and platters in the sink, and the garbage bin was full of styrofoam containers – they must have had a feast while he was asleep.

It wasn’t until eleven that he heard stirrings upstairs, and eventually both his mother and Sabrina came down.

Monica was soon getting started on her morning yoga routine while Sabrina began to load the dish washer up. Shortly after she was grinding up a smoothie for her mistress. After handing off the tall glass of health slop Sabrina took Junior by surprise by going to the living room and sitting down on the couch one spot over from him.

“Hey Sabrina. What’s up?”

She sent him an impish little smile and shrugged her shoulders. Junior’s pulse quickened.

It was day three of his visit home and only his second time in close proximity to her. In that big house Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan it was easy for them to avoid each other. He’d have to get the best of the moment, if only because she might hide herself away again or go somewhere else for the rest of the week.

“All that… all that takeout. You guys?” Inwardly he cringed at his awkwardness.

She nodded. “Mhmm.”

“Wow. You must have been starving.”

“Yeah. I get that way sometimes. I can have a huge appetite.”

Junior nodded also, then took a moment to just inspect her. She had a pleated skirt on that reached pretty close to her knees, and knee high white socks below that. As usual her top, a white t-shirt, was an attention grabber as it stretched to accomodate her chest. She turned her ocean blue eyes on him in return, and for a moment they sized each other up.

It was time to make a move, to cut the bullshit. “So you’re a futanari?”

Sabrina twitched. “A f-, a futanari…?”

Junior’s cheeks started flush. He pressed his case. “Uh huh.”

“I’ve heard that term before.”

“And you are one. I saw it, when you came downstairs Monday morning.”

She squinted at him, taking a moment to measure her reply. “Okay… so what if I am one?”

Junior sipped his coffee thoughtfully. “I dunno. I just think that’s kind of cool. I didn’t think they were real, but now I see it’s true.”

Sabrina shifted uncomfortably. “I see. That’s good, I guess, that you’re okay with what I am. I-I mean, since I’m living in your house and all.”

“Oh, I’m totally okay with it, it’s awesome. And… and anything I can do for you here, just ask.”

Sabrina’s nose wrinkled, and she smirked.


“That’s odd of you, Harvey Junior.”


“Well, I’m here to serve. And here you are offering to do things for me.”

Junior’s mouth opened, but he didn’t have any response.

“Thanks Harvey-Swanson-Junior.” Sabrina got up. “I’ll keep that in mind while you’re here.”

With a confident swagger and silent footsteps in her high socks she left the living room.

Not long after that conversation and the completion of Monica’s morning yoga routine Sabrina and Monica left, and weren’t seen again for the rest of the day.


The next morning Junior was lying in bed. He could hear his mother’s car pulling in to the driveway outside — they were back. He could only fantasize as to what they’d gotten up to that night, what it was that they had to do away from him. It bothered him that that fantasy would feature his mother, but then, any fantasy featuring Sabrina was so sweet.

He heard two sets of feet going up the stairs, and then a pair of doors opening and shutting at opposite sides of the upper hallway.

It was as good a time as any then to get his day started. He grabbed a stack of textbooks and his notes and went downstairs.

Sabrina and Monica both left their respective rooms and stood before each other.

Monica looked Sabrina over. Her blonde hair was tied back into a cute ponytail, and she wore her sports bra, squeezing and controlling her tits into some tight mega-cleavage while baring her slim tummy. Below that black yoga pants were worn over nothing, clinging close, showing everything delicious and everything insane about her lower body.

“Ah, maybe you should wear something different, hun, at least while my son is here.”

“I’ve got a lot of chores to do today. I want to dress comfortably.”

“Yeah, but uh, it’s just I don’t think Junior should, ah, how do I say this…?”

“It’s okay Monica. He already knows what I’m like.”

“What? Oh. I figured you’d have kept it secret.”

“I would have but he already told me he knows, so… what’s the point in trying?”

Monica exhaled, feeling a little embarrassed, but moreso just tired after the night they’d had. “Geez. Okay.”

Sabrina gave a little nod of her head and started on her way downstairs. A mischievious grin was forming on her face.


At the sudden burst of noise Junior peeked over the top of his textbook. She was vacuuming the living room carpet, right in front of him. As he took the sight of her in his brain seemed to throb and he went dizzy, as if a little trigger of adrenaline had just fired off against his synapses. About a foot of soft cock was plastered to the inside of one of her thighs, and he could make out as well her large balls beneath it.

It was such a shocker to behold, defying belief, an absolute monster of a unit attached to such a lissome, fertile and feminine figure. She was calmly carrying on as if it were no big deal. His eyes travelled up, admiring her faintly toned stomach, her slender waist, and of course her fantastically large chest.

She looked to him for a moment, and he quickly turned back down into the textbook. She switched off the vacuum. “Is the noise bothering you?”

He shook his head.

“Okay. Because if you like I could do something else right now. Most of my Escort Anadolu Yakası chores today are to clean up in here, but I could-“

“No Sabrina. Not at all. Please… continue…”

She giggled softly. “Okay. Can you lift your feet?” She switched the vacuum back on.

Though his book remained open in front of him he watched through the corner of his eye as she got closer. Soon she was sweeping the vacuum back and forth between the couch and the coffee table, right under his legs, and really making a thorough job of it. Her gigantic softy was close enough to grab, and he could see right down her sports bra into her deep cleavage. If seeing her was hot before now Junior was on overload.

When she was satisfied with her work she packed up the vacuum and left. Junior was feeling dazed from what he’d just endured, but after a moment he’d recovered enough to consider reading his notes.

She returned. She had a bottle of windex and a rag in her hand.

Sprit, sprit, sprit. Squeak, squeak, squeak…

She was bent over in front of him, making a real job of getting the glass surface of the coffee table spotlessly clean. Her slender arms squeezed her tits together and bonked them into constant motion with each rub of her rag.

He was starting to sweat and feeling light headed. She was just too much.


It had gone on like that for what seemed like hours. Sabrina had gotten the living room absolutely spotless, and he’d watched the whole thing, filling his mental spank-bank to full capacity. The rest of the day had been an agony of lust at what he’d seen, and lying in bed now he’d rubbed his dick raw. It was late yet he was still going.

She was incredible. It seemed to go against the laws of nature that anyone should be so sexy. She’d broken something in his mind, and now he couldn’t seem to help himself from tirelessly stroking out his frustration until he finally succombed to sleep.


It was the small hours of the morning when he’d finally passed out. Now amidst a fresh new day he awoke, feeling dirty, tired and a little ashamed… and already as well, horny at the thought of her.

“I need to clear my head,” he mumbled to himself. “Got to… get out of this house…”


“Touchdown! Hahaha. Dude, you suck now.”

“Fucking… god damn it.” Junior dropped his Xbox controller into his lap. He took a deep swig of his IPA, set it back down and waited for his old buddy Robert to set up the next game.

He used to be the best at Madden. Robert didn’t stand a chance against him, back when they were in high school, and he still was owning whoever would play him at his college dorm. “Yeah you know, maybe let’s do something else. Tonight, I dunno, my shit’s out of whack.”

“Alright bro,” Robert said. He groaned as his thick body rose off of the couch, then headed towards his kitchenette. “Beer?”

Junior picked up his bottle and slammed the last of it down. “Yea buddy.”

Robert was one of his best friends from high school. After graduation everyone had moved on to ivy league universities or family businesses, but Robert had chosen to stay home, to ‘find himself’. Their entire group, coming up in a prestigious private school, were extremely well to do yet he was the only one who’d chosen to simply stay home in his family’s wealth. The rest had succombed to the pressure to create their own.

The three years at home had definitely taken their effect on him, because he was about twenty pounds heavier and smelled pretty rank. But that didn’t change the fact that he was always there, ready to hang out just like in their high school days. He was dependable like that.

Junior went over to the fridge where Robert stood and accepted his beer. “Yo, after these ones let’s get out of there.”

Robert wedged the top of his bottle against his countertop and put some weight on it, and the cap popped off and fell to the tile floor. “Where? I’ve got tons of beer right here. Snacks, too.”

“Let’s go to a titty bar.”

“On a Thursday?”

“Hell yeah bro,” Junior said. “What’s the difference to you anyway, your life’s a weekend.”

“Sure, but some semblence of working regularity I try to maintain, so-“

“Let’s go look at some titties!”

Robert exhaled sharply, then took a moment to accept where things were going. “Alright bro. Cool.”


They got out of their Uber. The sun had just about reached the bottom of the skyline, painting it orange and pink and lavender above.

“I aint never gone t’a strip joint before,” Robert slurred.

“Well we’re legal for everything now. Tonight is going to be a night of firsts for you.”

“Cool.” Robert started towards the entrance, so Junior caught him by the edge of his Hawaiian t-shirt and pulled him back.

“Wait bro. That was firsts, plural. I’ve got something to show you before we go in.” He started to walk towards the far end of the parking lot, where the corner of it nestled into the darkness of the shadow of a neighbouring building. He was pulling his wallet out of his pocket as Robert started to follow.


They grabbed seats at the foot of the stage, wide eyed with their hearts pounding. Junior’s grip was tight around his beer bottle. With a flick of his head he inhaled with a sharp snort, coaxing any straggler particles sitting in his nose into his sinuses.

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