What Friends Are For

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This story includes an unexpected opportunity and sexual arousal leading to the conjoining of a wife and a friend! If this is likely to offend your sensibilities, please pass this story over. Or perhaps, you should pass this whole site over, as there are likely to be similar stories inside!

All, constructive, criticism is welcomed, as this is new to us and we are feeling our way.

What Friends Are For

The front doorbell rang, Chris went to the door.

It was Harry, a friend from the snooker club.

“Hi Harry,” said Chris. “Come in. What can I do for you?”

“What are you doing next weekend?” asked Harry.

“Nothing special, as far as I know!” Said Chris, “Why do you ask?”

“Well,” said Harry, “I was supposed to be taking my lady friend to see a show in the West End next weekend, but she’s had to go up North, to visit her sister who isn’t very well. Rather than waste the tickets, I thought you might like to take Mia. They’re good seats, and I don’t want anything for the tickets.”

“What show is it?” asked Chris.

He knew that Harry’s tastes were a bit different from his own, and he didn’t want to commit himself to something he wouldn’t want to see. Harry was a widower, his lady friend was a divorcee. They were both about 50 years old and Chris thought that he was unlikely to enjoy the sort of show they would like!

“Oh, it’s that new musical everybody is raving about.” said Harry.

Chris thought that probably the only people raving about it would be others in Harry and his lady friend’s age bracket.

“Thanks for thinking of us Harry, but musicals are really not my scene!” said Chris.

“Oh dear,” said Harry, “I know Mia likes musicals, so I thought it would be nice for her.”

“Yes, she does like musicals, but I really don’t enjoy them at all,” said Chris, feeling a bit mean about not wanting to take his wife to a West End show. Then he had a thought, “Tell you what Harry, if Mia wants to go, why don’t you take her!”

“Oh, I don’t think I could do that,” said Harry. “The tickets are for Saturday evening. By the time the show finishes and we get out of the theatre, it would be very late for getting home to Suffolk. Even if there was a train that late! I had booked a room at the Strand Palace Hotel, overnight, and intended to come home Sunday after lunch.”

“That’s a shame,” said Chris. “Look, let me have a word with Mia, she might still want to go if you can change the room for two singles.”

“Do you really think so?” said Harry. “Would you be alright with that?”

“Of course, I’d be alright with it. I know you’d look after Mia properly.” said Chris. “I can’t make any promises though, I can’t speak for Mia, but I will ask her!”

“Thanks, Chris,” said Harry. “Let me know as soon as you can, so I can sort the hotel out.”

Mia, Chris’ wife, was out shopping. When she came back Chris told her about Harry’s offer and his own suggestion.

Chris was surprised to find that his wife was quite keen on the idea!

“I would love to see the show,” she said. “I haven’t been to London for ages, and I quite like Harry, he’s good company and young for his age.”

“Right,” said Chris, “I’ll call him and make sure he’s sorted the hotel out. Don’t you keep him out too late though, or you’ll tire the old boy out.”

“He’s only 50,” said Mia, “That’s only 14 years older than me!”

“Yes, I was forgetting that you’re so much older than me,” said Chris with a grin. At 32, he was a whole 4 years younger than the lovely Mia!

“I wonder what I should wear,” said Mia, “I suppose we’ll be out for dinner as well, so I’d better take something smart for the evening.”

“Your black cocktail dress plus the usual trimmings would be right.” said Chris. “With your black silk evening jacket over it.”

“Good idea,” she said.

Chris phoned Harry and gave him the good news. He asked him how he’d got on with the hotel booking.

“Oh, yes! They said it would be fine, and they’d give us two singles next to each other,” said Harry. “I’ll make sure Mia has a good time.”

Saturday morning arrived. Harry came to lunch and the three of them had a light meal together. Chris remarked how excited Mia was, and she said, with a smile, “It’s not every day a married woman gets taken on a date, is it!”

Soon after lunch, Harry and Mia left to get the train to London.

Chris noticed how sexy she looked in her tight jumper, jeans, boots and soft leather jacket. With her 35, 25, 36 figure she looked great. He sometimes forgot how attractive she was.

Chris was going to spend the evening at the snooker club tournament, and have a few beers, he reckoned he was going to have more fun than Mia!

Harry and Mia caught the train to Liverpool Street station, in central London. Then they took a taxi to the Strand Palace hotel.

When they got to the reception desk, they had a problem. There was no record of Harry’s call, changing the double room for two singles, and they were now fully booked!

Harry Eryaman Escort was crestfallen, they were not going to get to enjoy their fun weekend after all.

Mia was practical. “Does the room have twin beds?” she asked.

“No,” came the reply, “It’s a king size double! But there is a sofa, if that helps!”

“Can we see the room, please?” she asked.

“Yes, of course, I’ll get someone to take you up.” Was the reply.

When they got to the room Mia exclaimed that it was beautiful, with great views over the surrounding area. The bed was a very comfortable king size, but the sofa seemed a bit small for sleeping on!

“I don’t mind it being small, “said Harry “If you don’t mind sharing the room.”

“Yes, it’s OK,” said Mia. She wasn’t going to miss the show if she could help it! “Whatever you do, don’t tell Chris we shared a room.” she said.

When they were on their own in the room, Harry said, “I’m so sorry Mia, I did phone and ask them to change the booking, honestly!”

“Are you sure you didn’t just want to lure me into your boudoir,” said Mia with a wicked grin.

“No, honestly!” said Harry, then he realised she was only pulling his leg. “Mind you,” he thought to himself, “I certainly wouldn’t mind getting her into that big bed,” and he found himself getting slightly aroused, and felt his face redden!

Mia saw him blush and was sorry that she’d embarrassed him. She put her hands on his shoulders and gave him a small kiss on the lips, “No problem,” said Mia. “Now, where are you taking me for dinner on our date?”

Harry explained that the show was an early evening performance, so he thought that they could go to dinner after it finished. They could have tea in the hotel before they left for the theatre.

“Do you like Chinese food, Mia?” he asked.

“I love Chinese food,” she replied.

“Well, I thought we might go to Chinatown after the theatre,” said Harry, “and go to one of the Chinese restaurants there.”

“Oh, I would love it!” said Mia, and she gave him a hug!

They went to the hotel’s tearoom for refreshments, then back to their room to change for the evening.

Harry, opted to change in the large bathroom after a shower, but Mia said that he’d spoil his clothes with the steam and spray. She’d have a shower first, while Harry got his clothes ready. Then Harry could go in the shower, while she got dressed. Harry could get dressed while Mia turned her back!

Mia laid her evening clothes on the bed, took her bathrobe, and went into the bathroom to undress. She brought her clothes back out, dressed only in her bathrobe, before returning to the bathroom to shower.

Harry couldn’t help snatching a look at her lovely, milky white, firm breasts, when the bathrobe gaped open as she put her day clothes in the wardrobe. Then, as she turned to go to the bathroom, he got a flash of her pussy with a small triangle of pubic hair just above it. “She keeps it nicely trimmed,” he thought. He had to turn away to hide his erection from her!

While Mia was in the bathroom, Harry got undressed and put on his robe. He could hear the shower running and imagined how Mia must look with the water running down her lovely body. His cock was erect again!

Mia soon returned, looking pink and fresh. “Your turn,” she said. “I’ll get dressed while you are in there, and I’ll do my hair and makeup, at the dressing table.

While Harry was in the bathroom, Mia got dressed for the evening. She put on a black lace bra and panty set. The bra was half cup as her cocktail dress was cut low at the front. The panties were very brief and, as with the bra, were see through!

She checked herself in the mirror, seeing how her nipples, pubes and pussy were clearly on display. She loved this lingerie!

She completed her underwear with a pair of dark coloured hold up stockings with black lacy tops. When she put on her dress, she noticed that the short skirt only just covered her stocking tops when she was sitting!

Harry showered and soon returned. Mia was busy making herself even more beautiful.

“Keep your back turned,” he warned her. “I’m going to get dressed now!”

“Ok,” she said, “I won’t peek!” But she angled herself so she could see him in the dressing table mirror. She wanted to see if he kept himself fit, as he always seemed so trim and upright!

Harry discarded the bathrobe and Mia took a deep breath. He had no underwear on under the robe and, as he bent to pick up his boxers from the bed, she saw his cock swing down. It was big, in fact it was very big. Bigger than Chris’! It had to be 8 inches long and fairly thick. It was a magnificent cock!

She was so busy looking at his cock that she almost forgot to check out his body! He was in good shape, a bit of thickening at the waist (he was fifty after all) but otherwise a fine figure of a man!

Her eyes went back to his cock again, just as he was pulling his boxers up. “Wow,” she said to herself, Sincan Escort “I wonder what that would be like inside me.” His girlfriend, Peggy, was a lucky girl!

Mia put the finishing touches to her makeup. She couldn’t get the sight of Harry’s cock out of her mind, she realised that her nipples were hard in her lacy bra, and her pussy was moist!

“Must stop thinking about it.” she thought.

“Come on Harry,” she said, “We’ll be late if you don’t hurry.”

Harry was dressed apart from his tie and jacket. He was wearing a nice grey lounge suit with dark brown slip on shoes.

He was doing up his tie. “Here, let me help you,” said Mia, “pulling the knot tight and straightening it out. She had her hands on his chest, he smelled good. “You’ll do,” she said, kissing her fingertips and placing them on his lips. “Let’s Go!”

They took a taxi to the theatre. They had good seats and the show was marvellous. Mia enjoyed every minute of it!

After the theatre they walked to Chinatown.

It was a lovely warm evening. The lights in the bars and restaurant windows were bright and colourful and there were coloured lanterns suspended above the streets. Many of the buildings were decorated with Chinese dragons and had Chinese style gates. Some of the street signs were written in both English and Chinese.

They chose a restaurant, and enjoyed a very good meal, with a bottle of Champagne.

“Let’s walk back to the hotel,” said Mia, “I’m enjoying myself so much, I want to make the most of it!”

“Ok,” said Harry, “why don’t we have a stroll through Soho?”

“Oh, yes, let’s do that,” said Mia, “it’s so sleazy!”

She put her arm through Harry’s and hugged him. She was having fun and Champagne always made her happy and relaxed.

As they walked through Soho, they passed lap dancing clubs, strip clubs and shops, selling all manner of sex aids, still open despite the late hour!

Mia was amused by the number of small cards pinned up outside some of the building entrances advertising ‘Model’s Services’, ‘Sexy Massage’, ‘French Lessons’, etc.

The photos displayed outside the strip clubs were turning Mia on. “Can we go into a strip club?” she asked. “I’ve always wondered what they were like!”

“They’re a bit sleazy,” said Harry, “Don’t tell Chris that I took you into one and corrupted you during our date!”

“You haven’t yet!” said Mia, looking at him with an impish smile!

Harry paid the entrance fee and the girl taking the money gave Mia a funny look! “She doesn’t look like a working girl,” she thought, “what’s she doing down here?”

Downstairs in the club it was dark, except for the brightly lit stage. Mia could make out the outlines of the audience in the reflected light, and she noticed that there were no other women there!

There were empty seats in the front row and Mia led Harry straight to two of these. They settled into their seats just as the show began.

On the stage there was a pole for dancing and a single divan bed with a scarlet cover.

Music began to play, and a young woman with large soft breasts and a shapely backside, came onto the stage, dressed only in sparkly lingerie. She writhed and undulated around the thick chrome plated pole in the centre of the stage. She performed some painful looking moves and after a while removed her bra and tossed it to the side. She continued to ‘dance’ a while longer before removing her panties, then started to rub her completely shaven pussy up and down on the pole!

“She’s getting more out of it than the audience,” Mia whispered in Harry’s ear. “Do you think she gets paid for it as well?” Harry chuckled!

A couple of other pole dancing acts followed, pretty much as the first act, and none of the girls looked as if they enjoyed what they were doing.

Then an attractive, and totally naked couple, came onto the stage. They started to dance sensuously to soft music and began to rub themselves on each other’s bodies. They caressed and stroked each other, and both became aroused. Her nipples visibly hardened and stood out stiffly from her nicely shaped breasts, while his cock swelled to a good length and stood out straight from his underbelly!

The girl took hold of the man’s cock and made as if to lick it, without actually making contact. She opened her mouth, as if to take it in, but turned her head away at the last moment.

The man kissed the girl’s nipples but didn’t suck them as expected but kissed down towards her shaven pussy. He stopped short of her clitoris, but she threw her head back as if he had sucked hard on it!

After a few minutes they moved to the bed and began to have simulated sex. They were very good, moving and writhing on the bed in such a way, that the audience couldn’t be sure if they were actually making love or not.

At the end of their act, as he positioned himself, and began to lower his body as if to penetrate her, the stage lights dimmed slowly to darkness!

As Etlik Escort the house lights came up, the couple took a bow at the front of the stage and walked off to deserved applause!

Mia found that she was holding her breath, she was thoroughly aroused. Her nipples were swollen inside her bra and her pussy was wet. She wanted to see more but that was the end of the show.

As Mia and Harry climbed the stairs to leave the club, she was groped two or three times by men around her in the semi darkness, on her breasts and between her legs. She didn’t mind at all!

Back on the street Mia turned to Harry and said, “I loved that, I wonder why more women don’t go to see those shows.”

“I don’t think many women are as open minded as you are, Mia.” Said Harry.

“More fool them,” she replied!

Harry and Mia continued their walk back to the Strand Palace Hotel. They arrived in time to get a nightcap at the hotel bar.

Mia had really enjoyed her date, the show had been great, the visit to Chinatown with dinner very interesting and enjoyable. As for the visit to the strip club, she was still buzzing. Every time she thought about the couple’s erotic dance, she felt a bit light headed and horny!

Finally, it was time to go to bed. As they went up to their room, Harry was not looking forward to sleeping on the sofa.

He wasn’t at all upset about having to share a room with Mia, but if he got a look at her semi naked, or lightly clad body again, he might be embarrassed and have to try relieving himself without her noticing!

Mia was wishing Chris was there, she felt so horny she would have dragged him straight to bed to fuck him, frantically. She wouldn’t even be able to masturbate, with Harry sleeping on the sofa, in case he heard her.

As she thought about Harry, a vision of his substantial cock and fit body popped into her mind!

Harry usually slept in just a pair of boxers, tonight he would keep his boxers on and wear a tee shirt as well, in deference to Mia.

He removed his shoes and socks, hung his jacket up and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. In the bathroom he removed his trousers, then hung them up when he returned to the bedroom.

Mia had brought a pink silk, nightdress. It was her favourite night wear. It was figure hugging in all the right places, and she loved the feeling of the silk on her body.

She hung her jacket in the wardrobe, then went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She would leave her make up until she showered in the morning.

She thought it would be fun to undress in front of Harry, so when she returned to the bedroom, she unzipped her dress, wriggled it down so it dropped to the floor, and stepped out of it!

She rolled her stockings down and took them off, then removed her bra and let her gorgeous breasts swing free. She hesitated with her fingers in the waist of her panties and decided to keep them on. Then she slipped the silk nightdress on.

She didn’t look at Harry, and at first, didn’t know if he was actually watching her, until she glanced in the dressing table mirror, and saw the huge bulge that had formed in the front of his boxers. She felt her nipples growing hard, she knew that he couldn’t miss seeing them making points in the silk nightdress!

Harry was desperately trying to hide his raging hard on! Keeping his back to Mia he went to the wardrobe and took the spare pillows and bedcover over to the sofa.

Mia said, “Thank you for a wonderful evening, Harry. I enjoyed everything so much and I really enjoyed your company. It was the best date ever!”

“You made it fun, Mia.” said Harry. “You were the best partner I could’ve had for the evening. It’s a good job you’re already married, I think I have fallen in love with you”!

Mia giggled. “You shouldn’t say things like that,” she said in a soft voice. “But we did have fun together, didn’t we?”

Harry turned the main room lights out, leaving just the two dim lights on each side of the bed.

Mia got into bed, sliding under the bedcover, and lay her head on the pillows.

Harry lay down on the sofa with his legs drawn up, due to the shortness of it. He pulled the spare bedcover over himself. It was very uncomfortable, and he had only just laid down! It was going to be a long night!

Mia turned the bedside lights out, “Goodnight Harry,” she said.

“Goodnight Mia,” said Harry.

Mia lay on her back, her hand automatically slid down her front and pulled her nightdress up. She cupped her pussy and slid two fingers into her wetness. She was far away from sleep, she wanted to be fucked.

She began to finger herself slowly, trying not to make a noise, so Harry wouldn’t hear. As she rubbed her clitoris, she couldn’t help making a little gasp, she hoped Harry hadn’t heard it.

Harry had heard Mia gasp, he’d seen her hard nipples making little mounds in the front of her nightdress as she got into bed. He knew that she was aroused, and probably rubbing herself off. He was wishing it was his hand on her pussy, and his fingers inside her.

Suddenly the lights each side of the bed came on and, in a husky voice, Mia said,”Come to bed please Harry, I need you!”

Harry knew he shouldn’t, this was his friend’s wife, but he had a deep need of her which he wanted to satisfy. He needed her, too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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