Worth The Wait

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I was able to arrange an overnight trip away. He didn’t want our first time to be rushed and hurried, like our other meetings. On those occasions he would stop short of fucking me. Bringing me to orgasm after orgasm with his talented fingers and wicked tongue before letting me return the favour by taking his gorgeous 10″ cock in my hands and teasing and tormenting him with my mouth and tongue. I adore making him moan, knowing I’m giving him as much pleasure as he gives me.

When we got to the motel he put our bags up in the loft bedroom, and came back to me and we kissed and touched and just enjoyed the feeling of being close. It wasn’t long before he was undoing my belt and my jeans. He slid his hands inside and cupped my butt in his hands and pulled me close so I could feel how hard he was already.

All the time we were kissing, his magic tongue thrusting into my mouth in time with his hips thrusting against mine. He had me a moaning puddle in minutes. I started to pull his shirt from his jeans. I wanted naked skin against mine.

I took a step backwards so I could get at his buttons but he took that opportunity to slip one of his hands down into my panties. He slipped a finger inside my pussy… I remember him saying how hot and wet I was and how much he needed to taste me.

I pulled his shirt off and started working on his jeans. Damn man wouldn’t help me, he just kept tormenting my pussy with his fingers and sneaking kisses, sucking my tongue into his mouth… and whispering against my lips what he was going to do with me. He said he was going to make me cum so many times before he was going to let me have his cock. He said he wanted me so wet and so ready for him.

I told him there and then I was “so wet and so ready for your cock already.” He laughed and called me his horny little büyükesat escort bitch, but he was going to make me wait a little bit longer. I was fast reaching that point where I knew I was going to cum soon…just from his tormenting fingers alone.

I started to moan and push my hips against his hand, forcing his fingers deeper inside my pussy. He start to rub my clit with his thumb. He curled his fingers up inside me and just as he said… “cum for me now Lucy” he found my g spot and that was it… I exploded. I was cumming so hard he had to hold me upright.

“That’s one” he said… “and now I think we should get more comfortable sexy.” He led me by the hand up the few stairs to the bed where we stripped the rest of our clothing off. I reached out a hand to touch him, laying my hand on his chest and slowly trailing it through his chest hair. He let me touch him for a little while, but as soon as I started to move my hand down to his cock he stopped me.

“Uh-uh” he said, shook his head, and rested his hand over mine. I laughingly called him a meanie and a tease… and he just laughed and said I was going to find out exactly how much he liked to tease. I never knew that sex could be so much “fun” until I met him.

He laid me down on the bed with all the pillows piled up behind my back. He ran his hands all over my body starting at my shoulders and working his way down my sides, letting his thumbs almost touch my nipples. He moved my thighs apart so he could kneel between them and his hands moved over my belly and down my outer thighs.

On the sweep back up my thighs he let his thumbs slip over my pussy lips so softly and so gently, up over my clit and back down again and again, repeating the action so softly until I literally was begging cebeci escort him for more. He was gazing at my pussy “such a beautiful little pussy” he said.

He leaned down then and flicked his tongue up and down my pussy lips. He held me open with his thumbs and thrust his tongue inside. The sensation was electric and I moaned and arched my back. He changed tactic then… he gently closed his lips around my clit. I was waiting for him to lick…or suck, but he just said mmmmmmmmm… and it felt incredible. Finally he started to suck gently, and then flicked with his tongue, over and over again till I was moaning and begging him to let me cum.

And cum I did, so powerfully and so hard that my hips came up off the bed and he had to move with me. He continued to torment my clit right through one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had. I lay there trying to catch my breath, his hands gently stroking my stomach and thighs.

I looked up at him and told him I wanted him to fuck me. Right then and right now. He stared straight back into my eyes, he knelt closer to my pussy and held his cock at the base…and just rubbed the knob over my clit, letting just the tip slip between my pussy lips and then back out. Back to rubbing over my clit. Each time he did it he let a little more of his cock inside.

He was teasing me mercilessly, until I was trying to move closer to make his cock move deeper inside me. Finally he couldn’t hold back anymore. He took hold of my ankles, put them on his shoulders and he thrust almost all the way inside me, and almost all the way back out. Leaving just the tip in my pussy.

“Do you want more?” he said. I was past talking, eyes almost shut… I moaned “yesss.” “Lucy…look at me baby” He looked deep into my eyes kolej escort as he slowly pushed every last inch of his cock into my pussy. I remember him saying “God you’re hot and so tight.”

He held still for a few moments and then started to move slowly out…then all the way back in hard, fast and deep. Over and over again until another orgasm swept over me. Twice more he made me cum before he pulled out, “I can’t take much more baby” he said. He moved up to kneel close to my mouth so I could suck him.

I cupped his balls with one hand, squeezing them gently, and stroked the length of his cock with the other until he moaned he was going to cum. I could feel his balls tighten more and more. Time for me to tease a little… payback.

I circled my thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock and squeezed… “oh you know you’re going to pay for that one next time sexy” he laughed on a groan. “I know” I said with a wicked grin.

I gave him a moment to calm down, and then reached out with the tip of my tongue and flicked it quickly back and forth under the head of his cock. I urged him closer so I could gently suck his balls into my hot mouth. I wanted to drive him as crazed and he does me. “God Lucy…please” he moaned. I sucked his cock as deep as I could… once, twice…

When he started to thrust his hips I stopped and looked up at him. His eyes were closed, head thrown back in sheer pleasure… “Tim… look at me baby” I said, parroting his words from earlier. He opened his eyes and stared down at me. He tangled his fingers in my hair and urged me to suck him again. I took his cock deep in my throat…and moaned.

He pulled back a little and then he was cumming. The first few spurts hitting the back of my throat, some landed on my face and still more on my breasts. I let my fingers trail through the cum on my breasts and then licked every drop off my fingers.

He smiled down at me, that very satisfied male smile that I love so much to see on his face. “You messy messy man” I said. He laughed out loud and said… “Yes and you love it sexy bum.”

And he’s right, I do.

MMMMMM deliciously messy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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