Confusing Massage Experience

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Writers Note: All of these stories are real, from my experiences. I share them here because I have no other place to share them, it would be considered creepy in polite society. I don’t try to describe the details to the Nth degree. I allow the reader to fill in some details based upon their personal likes and dislikes, that’s what I do when I read your stories… The only thing that have been changed are names and addresses.


Ok, so I never shared a story in real time before. I am traveling in North West Indiana. On a lark I looked up Asian Massage Parlors on the internet and only found one in the area.

This place didn’t have a website and I could only find a couple of reviews, so I had very little information to go on. The best I got was the public review that said they had a decent table shower (“although they weren’t that handsy with my junk”) and “first timers would leave very happy”, and that the rates were $40 for a half hour and $80 for an hour.

At $80 per hour it would seem that you could get a decent table shower and a good hand job. It was too expensive for a place that pushed full service. However I spent most of my time there confused. Now that I am sitting in my hotel room, a mile away, I am still confused. So this is how it went.

I drove to the spa. It was in a small strip mall with one other store. There were no other cars in the parking lot, I didn’t notice any out back. I wondered how the girls get to work…

I went into the spartan lobby. There was nothing but another (locked) door, and a sign just above a door bell that said “ring bell”.

I rang the bell. A woman came and opened the door and welcomed me. She looked like 60 years of being “ridden hard and put away wet” as my Texan friends say. I struggled with entering. If she was my masseuse, I would never get an erection. I have had a number of 50ish masseuses that still looked good with taut bodies, but this woman wasn’t one of them.

She brought me into a long dark hall, with at least eight massage rooms, to room number three. She asked me for $40 dollars. I said, “no I want to do 60 minutes.”

She just looked at me and said “work it out with her”.

So now I am wondering if this is a full service spa. With $40 as a house fee, it can often lead to the girl giving a short massage, and then requesting $120 to complete the deal. As I have said before, you give up all of your bargaining chips when she has your hard-on in her hand.

Now I am wondering, “did I screw up”? kartal escort She never asked me if this was my first time at their spa – a frequent question. You would think the safest thing to say is that you have been there before, and they will know that you are not a cop. However, if you tip your hand, by asking where the bathroom is, or requesting a service that they don’t offer, they conclude that you are a cop. You don’t want that.

By asking for the 60 minute service I was afraid I showed that I was a first timer, not to be trusted.

She brought me to room 3, showed me in, asked me if I wanted to take a shower, (I said yes) and told me to take off my clothes and wait.

So I am hoping she would send someone who was born at some time since 1990. She did.

I was sitting there with a towel barely wrapped around my ass when Lee came in. Let me review from the bottom up.

A great pair of Fuck Me red pumps. Then a pair of long slim, shapely legs that lead to the bottom of a very short dress. The dress was a skin tight tiger stripe with a lot of cleavage and spaghetti straps. Further up was a full long head of long black hair. Her face showed some age – maybe 40 – 45. Looked like some possible bad plastic surgery. At this point I thought I would be fucking her in thirty minutes, so I am running through my personal calculus. She had a great body under the skin tight dress. A very shapely ass, tight belly and decent (real) B cup breasts. I figured I could focus on the tits and not on the face…

She confirmed that I wanted a table shower and took me down the hall to the shower room.

This is where it got a little weird.

After she closed the door I immediately hung my towel on the wall hook. She warmed up the water, cleaned the shower table cushion and then turned around to address me. I am standing there with a cock that was only at about 40% full mast. She giggled nervously – not the response from someone I expected to fuck in 30 minutes. She had me lay down on my front and started to wash me down. I expected a little ass play, or for her to at least contact my shaft and balls – but nothing.

Still, I was a little aroused. She had me flip over, and then responded when she saw I was still at about 40%. I expected her to stroke me a bit to get me fully hard. All she did was bump it a few times with her wrist as she was soaping me down. This isn’t going as well as I was hoping it would.

She continues the table shower, kaynarca escort and then had me stand up so she could dry me off. Typically they will start at the top, dry your torso down to your crotch and then stroke your cock a bit when they get there. Then they would dry your back and play with your ass a bit when they get there. Finally they kneel down in front of you to dry your legs, getting themselves dangerously close to blowing you.

All she did was hand me the towel to dry myself. Now the reason why this is strange, is that she just scrubbed you down while you were laying their naked, it is too late to pretend you are a legit spa.

So I dried myself off and she led me to a small steam room. She said “sit here to warm up for a few minutes. ” I sat on my towel without wrapping it around myself. She came back in five minutes and seemed to be surprised that I was sitting on my towel with my junk exposed – however she did just scrub me down in the table shower, it is too late for modesty.

She then took me back to my room. I laid down on my belly and she started the massage. It was a strange one. She used no oil, but possibly a little powder to smooth her strokes. I wasn’t used to this. I was again expecting that this would be a lazy massage before she would proposition me for full service.

However she was relatively attentive with the massage. It was pretty relaxing overall and continued for about 25 minutes. At no time did she cross the line; she kept it legit, with the exception of never covering my ass with a towel.

She then had me flip over on my back. She did cover my cock and balls a bit with a small towel and continued the massage for about five minutes.

After this she said “ok, times up”. I tried to explain that I wanted the 60 minute massage, but she said that wasn’t possible. Now through this conversation she is standing just next to my right shoulder, with her hands resting on my chest. I knew there had to be more to the massage than this, or she wouldn’t wear such a sexy dress. I decided I had to get more aggressive than I typically do.

So I asked her “what else is on the menu?”

She laughed and in broken English she said “No menu, No menu”.

I replied, “there must be something else on the menu” and I put my hand on her ass, over the dress.

She laughed and again said “no menu, there is no menu”.

I then took two steps and slipped my hand under her dress, and grabbed her thong kozyata─č─▒ escort covered ass, meanwhile I removed the towel and let my semi hard cock spring out into the open.

She said again “we have no menu.”

I replied, that “you must have some other options because if you didn’t you would be kicking me out by now.”

She laughed, as I took my hand off her ass, and slid it up to feel up her tits. She didn’t stop me, so I pulled the shoulder strap down and exposed her left tit. She squealed a bit, but didn’t try to stop me. I then sat up a bit and pulled down her other shoulder strap to expose her right tit.

Her tits were really perky B cups with nipples like pointy hard erasers. They felt great in my mouth. At this point she finally grabbed my cock and slowly started stroking it. I followed up by lowering her dress so much it dropped to the floor, leaving her in her fuck me shoes and a pink thing. I pushed it a bit more and pulled the thong down so it also hit the floor. Now I am again expecting that we will be fucking soon.

She didn’t argue, so I pushed my luck a bit more. I sat up with one leg on each side of her, my cock resting on her belly. I continued to feel her up and suck on her tits. She kept stroking me. I then surprised her by standing up. Now we were standing face to face, and crotch to crotch. This was a step too far. She started saying “no no no, what are you doing, you need to lay back down” .

For about 30 seconds I tried to get behind her, so she was between me and the table. After 30 seconds of this I complied and laid down on my back. She then reached down and magically came up with a bottle of massage oil. She started oiling up my rock hard cock and started to stroke it vigorously. I had to stop her after a few minutes to delay my orgasm. She understood why I stopped her, and she started to stroke me a bit slower. However, once I started sucking on her tits, and squeezing her ass she picked up the pace and finished me off.

Once I finished, she stayed naked while she cleaned me up. Then I got up, to get dressed. She put her thong on, and then assisted me in getting dressed. She then slipped her dress back on. I reached into my pocket and took out two twenties. She said she wanted one more, and I just chuckled and said “you would have had to do a little more to get another one.” And I left.

It was strange that she was so hard to read. Often the girls like to tease you a bit throughout the process. I always thought that they believed teasing you more would help their tip, and get you so aroused that you wouldn’t last too long. She made it seem like she wanted to do a legit massage, even though she gave me a nude table shower, dressed pretty provocatively, and didn’t protest when I stripped he naked. In the end it was a pretty great experience, even if it was confusing.

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