Emily and Elisa Ch. 02

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That night, Lucas ran the experience over and over through his mind. Stroking himself, he would picture the way Elisa’s lips looked wrapped around the head of his cock. The way her small, pale breasts pressed against Emily’s as they shared his cum in a deep kiss. He came pretty quickly, letting it coat his hand and cock, and continued stroking. He imagined it was Ellie’s hand on him. Then, he thought of the way it had felt to have both his sisters touching and exploring it.

Emily, beautiful Emily fingering herself to orgasm, her other hand buried between her twin sister’s legs. Lucas came again without ever going soft, and fell asleep covered in his own cum.

As Lucas walked nervously down to breakfast, he wondered how his sisters might feel about the previous night, having had time to think about what they had done. What if they told their mom? But, they couldn’t do that. Unless, they somehow blamed it on him. But, breakfast was the same as it always was. Mom would be home early that night, and the girls were sleeping over with the squad.

“Oh, Aunt Jenna has a seminar tomorrow, and needs a babysitter. She’ll pay, but you have to get over there pretty early. How about it, Lucas?” His mom asked over coffee.

“I have a paper due on Monday. It’s on the effects of-“

His mom held up a hand. “You lost me at paper. That’s okay, I’ll just go. I haven’t seen her kids in months, anyway.”

Lucas didn’t really have a paper due, but he certainly didn’t want to watch his bratty cousins all day. With his mom home all day today, he was planning to take advantage of the empty apartment tomorrow for a lot of time masturbating. That was pretty much all he wanted to do anymore. Especially after that first glimpse of his sisters.

Emily called shotgun on the way to the car. They only lived about fifteen minutes from the school, but it was usually fifteen minutes of nonstop chatter of whatever teenage girls talk about. That morning was the complete opposite, until Lucas decided to break the silence.

“Um. So. About yesterday?”

“What about it?”

“I mean, it was wrong. Brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to do stuff like that.” It wasn’t how he really felt, but he thought he should say it.

“Stuff like what?”

“You know what.”

Emily proffered a wicked little grin and said, “You mean like sliding my hands up and down your hard cock? Or how you filled Ellie’s mouth with your hot, sticky cum? Or maybe it was watching us push your cum back and forth with our tongues?”

Elisa laughed from the backseat. “God, Em, you sound like a total slut.”

“Yeah, well, I feel like a total slut. Seriously, Lucas, what you saw us doing before. We were just curious, and it felt pretty good. But ever since I saw your cock, I’ve been horny like nonstop. God, just talking about your big, beautiful dick is getting me wet.” Emily giggled as she looked down at Lucas’ lap. “I guess you like it when I talk like that. Did I make your cock all big and hard talking about how much I want it? Can I see it? Can I touch it?”

Her hands were already undoing his jeans and fishing out his erect cock. She wrapped her soft hand around it and began stroking. Lucas glanced over his shoulder to see that Elisa was leaning forward so she could see. She had hiked up her skirt, pulled aside her panties and was rubbing her pussy. Lucas struggled to keep his eyes on the mostly empty road.

The car swerved and Lucas pulled it straight with a gasp. Emily had lowered her head into his lap and taken half of his cock in her mouth. Her velvet tongue slid hungrily along his shaft as her lips locked down and she sucked hard. His hips rose and he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. Her head jerked up as she gagged. Then, she drove her mouth back down. She began bobbing her head up and down, her hot, wet mouth filled with his throbbing cock. He hit the back of her throat over and over, and she gagged a few times, but managed to fight through it.

In the backseat, Elisa had thrust two fingers in her wet pussy. She worked them in and out as she rubbed her clit with the middle finger of her other hand. Watching her twin sister sucking their brother’s cock, she started cumming with a loud moan.

“Oh god, yeah Em, suck his big cock. Ooohhhh, fuck, I’m cumming, yes, god yessss.”

Hearing his sister’s orgasm, Lucas began pumping cum into Emily’s mouth faster than she could swallow. Cum dribbled out of her mouth back onto his cock, and she bobbed up and down, slurping it back into her mouth. When he finished cumming, she sat up, with a huge grin, lips glistening with his cum. She licked her lips, and giggled.

“That tastes so good. I didn’t think it would, but when I tasted it yesterday, I knew I had to have more. Did you like it?”

“Jesus, Emily, that was the greatest thing I’ve ever felt.”


Class and work that day passed in a haze. Lucas was ordinarily an excellent student, but there was simply no way for him to focus on anything but his sexy sisters. After t├╝rbanl─▒ escort school, he went home. He thought about going to the game, but none of his few friends would be there. Also, seeing Elisa and Emily in those little cheerleading outfits would just make him horny.

“What do you want for dinner?”

Elisa’s pussy, Lucas thought, or Emily’s. Either one would be fine. “Doesn’t matter, whatever you want, mom.”

“Well, I think I’ll just order something.”

“Sounds good.”

Lucas spent most of the night in his room, doing homework, then getting on his computer for some gaming. When his mom went to bed, he went looking for some porn, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the twins.

Quietly, he opened his door and poked his head out. No light was showing under his mom’s door. He crept down the hall, and listened for a minute before slipping into the twins’ room. Stroking his cock inside his shorts, he carefully picked through Elisa’s drawer of bras and panties. Then, he noticed a small pile of clothes next to Emily’s bed. There was a similar one near Elisa’s and Lucas’ hopes and level of arousal rose. In each, he found a pair of panties they had worn recently. Emily’s were some green stretchy material and Elisa’s were satiny and blue.

He rushed back to his room and stripped naked. Laying on his bed, he wrapped Elisa’s panties around his cock and began stroking, while he brought Emily’s to his face and inhaled the musky scent of her pussy. He thought about what it would be like to lick those sweet lips, to dip his tongue inside her. He imagined her shudders of pleasure as he tasted her. He began licking the crotch of Emily’s panties and was soon cumming into blue satin, coating Elisa’s panties, which felt even better sliding up and down his cock. He fell asleep with Elisa’s cum-covered panties on his cock, and Emily’s over his face.

He woke hard. He must have been having a sex dream. He could still feel his cock engulfed in wet heat. Then, he realized it wasn’t his imagination. His eyes opened and he saw Elisa’s mouth on his cock. She had her hand wrapped around it, sliding up and down with her lips as she bobbed her head. Emily looked up from next to her, where she had been watching intently.

“Ooh, he’s awake.” But, Elisa ignored her. “You were quite a sight when we came home.”

Lucas blushed, but realized his sister was more turned on than anything else. With his little sister’s mouth enveloping his cock, he assumed the girls weren’t angry about what he’d done to their panties. He decided boldness might be his best course of action.

“I loved the smell and taste of you on your panties. Can I do it for real?”

Emily squealed in delight and quickly stripped down. Her eyes flashed in anticipation, hungry for the feel of his mouth. She climbed on top of Lucas, straddling his head, and lowered her already wet pussy to his waiting mouth. Her eyes closed and she moaned softly, as his hot breath washed over her. He licked softly along her lips, and she tried to take her time enjoying the tender attention, but her body took over and she ground her pussy against his mouth. Lucas drove his tongue deep inside her, trying to lick everywhere he could. The taste of his sister’s pussy was going to drive him over the edge when Elisa pulled her mouth off his cock. This was almost a relief, as now Lucas could focus entirely on pleasuring his sister with his tongue and lips, although that’s when he realized there wasn’t a whole lot more he could do. Emily was kneeling over him, with his arms pinned under her legs. The most he was able to do was keep as much of his tongue in her as possible while she rode his face.

“This is so hot, Em.” Elisa’s voice came from nearby. He caught glimpses of his sisters kissing. Elisa’s hands were all over Emily’s breasts, rubbing, squeezing, pinching and pulling nipples. Emily began moving faster, her hips bucking harder as she began to cum.

“Oh yes, oh god, eat me. Eat my wet pussy. Fuck, I’m cumming!” Her pussy slid all over Lucas’ face and she finally slumped down on top of him, moving down to lay beside him. Elisa moved in and began kissing her brother. He could have done that for hours, but after exploring his mouth with her tongue, she moved on to lick Emily’s pussy juices off of his face. She finally sat up with a sheepish grin, before her eyes were drawn back to his hard cock.

“I could suck your cock all day, Lucas. I really love it.”

“I’m not going stop you. It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt.”

“Well,” Elisa said, “that’s not all I want.”. She raised an eyebrow at Emily, who replied, “We are on the pill… So that’s one less concern.”

“Wait, you guys are on the pill?”

“Yeah, mom put us on it a couple years ago. Not for sex!” Emily said, giggling, when she saw Lucas’ look of disbelief. “Girl stuff, it does other things, too. You probably don’t wanna hear it.”

“Well, if you’re thinking what I think you are, isn’t it supposed to hurt the first time? t├╝yap escort Wait, will it be your first?”

“Of course, silly.” Elisa rolled her eyes. “Anyway, all those years we danced, well, it’s supposed more comfortable for us.”

Lucas had heard something about that, and then it dawned on him what was about to happen.

“Are you sure we should? I mean, it’s incest.” He was nervous, and somewhere in his mind, there was guilt. Regardless, he could think of nothing he wanted more than to feel himself sliding inside one of his little sisters.

“Oh, and all this other stuff isn’t? Honestly, Lucas, Elisa and I talked about it, and we both really, really want to know what it feels like to have your big hard cock inside us. I want you to fill my pussy with it. God, I’m getting even hornier just saying it.”

Lucas smiled and looked back and forth between his two hot sisters. This was really going to happen.

“Do Elisa first, I want to watch.”

Elisa crawled up Lucas’ body, kissing his stomach and his chest. As her tongue snaked around his, he could still taste Emily’s pussy in his sister’s mouth. His cock was between her legs the head of it rubbing against Elisa’s pussy. She moved beside him, laying on her back, and pulled Lucas on top of her.

Elisa looked deep into Lucas’ eyes and said, “Take me, Lucas. I want you in me.” She reached down between them and guided the head of his cock to her waiting pussy.

Even just having the head of his cock inside a pussy was so incredible, Lucas closed his eyes to focus on the feeling. Elisa’s pussy was hot, really hot, and soaking wet. It was quivering around the head of his cock, eagerly awaiting more. He opened his eyes to see her head tilted back, her mouth slightly open, and she was breathing hard, like she was using her whole body. He kissed her neck and closed his eyes again, slowly pushing his cock deeper into his sister’s pussy.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhh.” They moaned together. Her pussy was tight around his cock, and despite what the girls had said earlier, he wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt her. He raised his hips, Elisa whimpering at the feel of him sliding out of her. When just the head of his cock was inside his sister’s pussy, he thrust slowly into her. Working his way deeper into her with slow thrusts in and out, he stared at his beautiful sister’s face. Her eyes were closed as she bit her lower lip. Hands clenched in the sheets, nothing existed for her but the feel of her brother’s cock filling her more and more. Finally, his cock sank completely inside his sister. He stopped then, gasping for breath. The feeling was completely overwhelming. There was nothing to which he could compare it. He clenched his eyes shut, amazed that he hadn’t already come as he had taken his little sister’s virginity. His cock throbbed inside her, as Elisa’s pussy squeezed down on him over and over. He regained a small amount of his composure and looked down at his sister, who was staring up at him.

“Do it, Lucas.” Emily was staring intently at where her siblings’ bodies were joined. “Fuck her. Fuck your little sister. This is so hot.” Her hand slid down her body and her fingers began caressing the folds of her pussy.

Lucas slowly pulled his hips away with a shudder. It was complete ecstasy. His sister’s tight pussy made his entire cock feel the most intense pleasure. Before, he got halfway out, Elisa’s hands flew up to his ass, pulled him hard back into her. She groaned loudly, a deep, sexy sound that was half-growl, half-moan. Lucas began pulling out again and she pulled him back in again, thrusting her hips into him. He began thrusting on his own, and he realized he was going to cum.

“Ellie, I have to, I can’t, I’m going to- oh fuck. Oh. Oh. Ohmygod.”. He buried his face in his neck as his entire body began to spasm. His cocked jerked wildly inside his sister’s pussy, as it began to shoot stream after stream of cum into it. It felt like forever, but his orgasm subsided, and he lay atop his sister, trying to catch his breath. He was pulled off by his shoulders, and his cock slid out of Elisa’s pussy. Emily got between her twin’s legs to see her pussy.

“I’m sorry, Ellie, I couldn’t stop, I-“

But, Elisa wasn’t listening. Emily, seeing the cum dribbling out of her sister’s pussy, was completely taken over by the idea of eating her sister’s pussy and her brother’s cum at the same time. Lucas moved down to see better exactly how she did it.

Emily was giving Elisa’s pussy long, slow licks. As the cum leaked out, she would lap it up, and lick all the way up her sister’s pussy and give her clit a flick with her tongue. Elisa’s entire body was undulating, her small, pale breasts heaving as her chest rose and fell. Lucas reached out and cupped one, squeezing it gently. Elisa moaned as he circled her nipple with his finger. He realized something.

“Do you always shave down there?”

“We did it a couple weeks ago,” Ellie managed to say between gasps, “we think they’re prettier tuzla escort this way.” She looked down at Lucas’ cock resting against her thigh, and took it in her hand. She stroked it slowly as her sister’s attention to her pussy took her to the edge of ecstasy. Emily had taken her twin sister’s clit into her mouth, moaning deeply as she licked in tight circles. Her fingers slid up and down the folds of Elisa’s pussy. As Elisa’s hand froze, gripped tightly to Lucas’ cock, a high-pitched “Ohhhhhhh” filled the room. Lucas pinched Elisa’s nipple and gave it a little twist, which sent her into a wild orgasm. Her groans and moans sounded like words but were unintelligible. Her body rocked and bucked, spasms took over her muscles, and as her climax subsided, various parts of her body would twitch as aftershocks of pleasure coursed through her.

Emily managed to extricate herself from between her sister’s legs, and saw Elisa’s hand still clenched around her brother’s cock. He was staring down in awe. The intense orgasm his little sister had just had was an incredibly erotic display, and he realized he would soon be hard again.

“You mind if I take over?” Emily asked as she removed her sister’s hand. Elisa mumbled something that could have been anything. She was still trying to recover her senses. Emily bent down and began licking the head of Lucas’ cock. She opened her mouth and bent forward, letting his cock slide in on her tongue. There she waited, holding his cock her in mouth as he grew completely hard again before pulling her mouth away from him. Her slid up Lucas’ thigh to cup his balls, and as she massaged them, a bead of precum appeared at the tip of his cock. She quickly scooped it onto her tongue, sliding it around the head of his cock.

“Mmmm, you like that? You like it when your little sister licks your big, hard dick?” Lucas didn’t know where Emily had learned to talk like that, but it made him even more turned on. “Oh, Lucas, I want it. I want it bad. Do you want to put it in my little pussy?” She put a hand on his chest and pushed him down beside Elisa. Then she straddled him and positioned her pussy over his cock. “Can I? Can I please have it? I need to feel your huge cock filling my tight, little cunt.”

Lucas had been struck dumb by how slutty his sister was sounding. It was better than any porn he had ever seen. His hips responded by pushing the head of his cock up into his little sister. Beside him, Elisa was watching lazily, her hands slowly sliding over her skin. She caressed herself softly, content to be a spectator for the moment.

“Oh yea, Lucas, that feels so good.” She had placed the head of Lucas’ cock inside her, and was looking down at him, chewing her lip, a nervous expression on her face. Her eyes, however, had a mischievous gleam. “Are you going to take my cherry now? Do you think this big thing is going to fit in my tiny, little, virgin pussy?”

Emily grinned then, and moaned as she pushed her tight pussy down onto his cock in one smooth motion. When she got it all the way in, she started rocking her hips back and forth. “How’s that feel Lucas? How’s your little sister’s tight pussy feel around your huge cock. It’s filling me up so good. I’m gonna ride this big dick of yours until you fill my sweet little snatch with cum.”

Lucas couldn’t believe how dirty his sister could talk, but he was loving every bit of it. He decided to see if he could turn her on more.

“Yeah, Em, ride my cock. Your tight pussy feels so good. Take your brother’s big cock and fill your pussy with it. You like that? You like my huge cock, you little slut?”.

He stopped then. He’d gotten carried away and wasn’t sure if he’d gone too far. But, Emily squealed in delight, and slid her pussy back up his cock. She grinned down at her brother and slammed her cunt down on his cock with a soft grunt. She leaned forward and braced her hands beside him. The she began fucking his cock with long, hard strokes. Her ass rose and fell in sharp thrusts. Her mouth was slightly open, her eyes closed tight. Her breath came in short gasps. She rode her brother’s cock faster and faster.

Lucas was mesmerized by Emily’s small, pale, perfect tits hanging over him. They swayed and jiggled with her thrusting. Raising his head, he managed to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. His cock was wrapped tightly in his little sister’s pussy as he moaned onto her nipple, his tongue licking quickly as his lips held it in his mouth. She fucked him faster and harder, and he grabbed her hips so he could thrust into her as she shoved her pussy down onto his dick.

“Oh, oh yeah, fuck it’s so good. Fuck my tight pussy with your big cock. Shoot your cum in me Lucas. Fill my little pussy with that hot, sticky cum.”

Lucas let out a loud, long moan and came with a violent bucking of his hips.

As Emily felt her brother’s cum filling her, her soaking wet pussy swelled and tightened as her breath was taken away by a powerful orgasm. A low, guttural moan escaped her lips, and she thrust her hips through the waves of pleasure.

She collapsed on top of Lucas as they both tried to catch their breath. Elisa began stroking her hair, and Emily simply enjoyed the tenderness of it as she rested her head on her brother’s chest. They all lay there for a while, silently basking in the afterglow of what they had shared.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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