Emma and Seduction Ch. 02

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My fateful summer continued. Emma was in my thoughts. Emma took up residence in my mind. Obsession. I understood what it was, but I did not understand mine. She was so alive, and young, and lovely. So very, very compelling. I couldn’t resist watching her as she sunbathed in our private backyard. I was a fifty-six year old professor, who had married her thirty-eight year old mother. This was the season of learning about ourselves.

She stopped at my door one day and quietly knocked.

“Come in, come in.”

Emma glided into my library in her bikini. She was barefoot. Her lips were carmine. She had scarlet polish on her fingernails and on her toenails. Her long, brown hair was in braids. She was nearing her nineteenth birthday at the end of summer. She was a smaller version of her mother, but so young, and tempting.

“Good morning, Dick. I see you’re busy writing. Have you ever published anything?”

“Yes, certainly, Emma. I have many papers published in academic journals. Have you ever heard of publish or perish? That’s what’s heard in college and university departments across the country. You see, if you want to rise in the academic world, as I’ve done, you must publish. Oh yes, I have lots of published papers.”

“Actually, I meant something more interesting than that. Have you published novels, or poems? Something that real people would read?”

“Ah, I see. Yes, yes, I’ve had four books of poetry published. And one book of short stories. They haven’t really done too well in the market place, but I’m rather proud of them.”

I rose up, went to my bookshelves, and found my own books there. I took the volumes out and handed them to Emma. She held them and glanced at the titles.

“These are mine. If you want, take them and read them. I would love to know what you think, Emma.”

“Sure, Dick. I will. You’re reading my stuff. I’ll read yours when I can get to them. But I wanted to ask you for your permission. You know I’m working on my tan. It would be cool to get a good tan all over. We have the privacy fence, so is there a problem with me taking off my top while I tan? There’s just you and me here, and no one would know.”

She approached and set the books down on my desk. Then she placed her delicate hand on my arm. This was my chance to be a good stepfather. My chance to set up some boundaries for our relationship. It was the time for me to be the better man and ignore my urges. I should tell her that doing such would be the wrong thing. It would be inappropriate for her to be topless with her stepfather nearby.

“Well…I’m sure that would be fine, Emma. But I don’t know if your mother would be so understanding. Perhaps she doesn’t see that you’re almost an adult. We should just keep that our secret. Yes, you get your tan and we’ll just keep it between us.”

“Of course, Dick. But I don’t think Mom would really mind. I mean, when we were on our own, in our little apartment, we often were nude. Mom and I are really like sisters in some ways. You know, Dick? But, sure. I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”

She took my hand in both of hers and ran a finger across my palm. I looked into her eyes, so moist and brown, and trembled slightly. She smiled and brought my hand up to her scarlet lips. She gave my palm a soft kiss. Then she turned and walked away.

I went to my desk and sat down in my chair. I looked at the lipstick impression in my palm, and brought it up to my nose to smell the aroma. My penis was erect now. I was so aroused. I could still smell the jasmine scent that followed Emma everywhere she went about the house.

Rising up, I went to the french doors that opened from my library to the patio outside. They faced the west and the sun was from the south most of the day. I could see the three lounge chairs on the tiled patio surface. The one Emma used was turned to get most of the sun during midday. It almost faced my outlook completely. She came out as I was peeking through the curtains covering the glass panes on the door.

Emma had exited through the door from the kitchen. She walked over to her chair with a towel over her arm and lotion in one hand. Stopping, she glanced over, and I quickly withdrew from the window. Then, slowly, I peeked out again, and saw her putting the towel and lotion on a small table. Her hands went up and took off her top. Her breasts were freed. She tossed the top to the table. Then she took up the bottle of lotion.

She pressed lotion into a palm. She rubbed it all over the places she could reach. She started at the bottom, working on her legs. She had such pretty legs, with curves and muscles in the perfect places.

Lotion was spread from her ankles up to her thighs. Around the thighs, and close to her vulva, went her delicate hands. I had noticed her round and tempting derriere, of course. She was almost finished when she did her torso and arms. Not quite.

Her hands gently caressed her breasts, her fingers running over the nipples ucuz escort that I could see were erect now. Just as my prick, now in my hand, was erect. Slowly stroking, I watched as she pinched each nipple. Then she sat down, drew her legs up, and lay back onto the lounge chair. Her knees were slightly crooked, and they spread apart and back together as she listened to the music coming through her earbuds.

Emma’s hand reached down to her pussy. Her eyes were shut, but she found what she was seeking. Her fingers entered her bikini bottom and I could see her slowly touching herself. It made me increase my strokes on my hardness. I watched as her other hand started fondling her perky tits. God, she was so fucking tempting.

I stopped abruptly. This was not right. I forced myself to remember this was my stepdaughter. My new wife’s daughter. I had fallen in love with Erica. I was still in love, of course. We were just married less than two months ago. This was wrong. Erica was all I needed. I put my still hard penis back into my trousers, and went back to work, as well as I could.

That evening, after dinner, when I was with Erica in our bedroom, I made a request. My wife was undressing, in preparation for sleeping. She was wearing only a bra and panties, sitting at her vanity. As she used cold cream to remove makeup from her face I was sitting in an arm chair watching. I had already disrobed and put on my pajamas.

“Erica, dear, I wonder if you would mind doing something for me? I notice that you wear nail polish. It’s pink, isn’t it? It would please me if you put on some red polish. Do you mind? I would love to see your fingers and toes with red polish. Just a thought darling.”

“That’s not hard to do, Richard. Of course sweetie. I’d be happy to do that. Would it turn you on a little my dear? You know I’ll do anything for you, my love. I’ll even put it on while you watch. Is that something you’d like, Richard?”

“Yes, perhaps it might be a little arousing. Just a thought dear. Thank you Erica.”

“Well, it’s late now. We’ll do it tomorrow night, dear. I’d have to use polish remover before I could put on new polish. It’s a process that takes some time. We’ll go to bed early tomorrow, and you can watch.”

“Thank you, Erica. You’re a lovely wife, you know that, don’t you?”

With that she rose, having finished her routine. She removed her bra first and her breasts were almost the same as Emma’s, just sagging a little. Then she stepped out of her panties. Her pussy was completely bare. I liked it that way. I supposed that Emma still had pubic hair. I didn’t really know. It would be fun to help her remove it. No, those were not the right thoughts. My loving wife approached as I sat in the chair.

Erica knelt and looked up into my eyes. She reached out her hands, opened my pajama fly, and took out my prick. It began to grow as she stroked it. She smiled up at me as she opened her mouth, and took my hardness into her wet lips. She began sucking immediately. I would have to tell her to use red lipstick from now on.

Her head began bobbing on my cock and I could hear her slurping as she enjoyed this love making. Erica had shown how much she enjoyed sucking my cock. It was a revelation how pleasurable it could be. Her teeth nibbled on my cock head, then she sucked harder and I couldn’t help humping into her mouth. I did so love fucking her face like this. She looked like Emma, but older. I couldn’t hold it. My sperm shot out as I groaned with lust.

“God, that’s so fucking good, baby. So good. Fuck. Take it Erica. Take it all.”

She did, swallowing all of my milk. She liked it. That was good, of course. I kept shooting sperm, as she was gripping my testicles. It pleased me. I didn’t care how loud we were. This was my home.

Erica and I went to bed. I could hear Emma’s shower as I drifted into sleep. It was an old house, and the plumbing could be loud. It was alright, of course. Emma didn’t have to rise when we did. I couldn’t help wondering what she was doing showering this late, though. And I also had visions of what she would look like. I wondered if she touched herself, as I did. I wondered. We went to sleep.

The next day we went about our normal routine. Erica and I arose at seven in the morning. After going through our dressing and showering, and eating some breakfast, Erica left for campus. She had classes to teach, and she would be in her office the rest of the time, until she returned after four.

I was doing my regular work in my library. Courses didn’t change a lot, but each session brought something new that had to be worked into the syllabus of each course. And I was working on a journal article that needed to be submitted soon. I heard Emma moving about the house around eleven o’clock. I came out to see if she wanted me to prepare some breakfast for her.

Emma was sitting at the kitchen counter with a bowl of cereal. She was already ├╝mraniye escort in one of her bikinis.

She had several sets, I had noticed. Today was a bright yellow, with small white flowers. It didn’t really cover much. That was the style, I supposed. I rather liked it myself. Her tiny feet were bare, as usual. It was odd how sensual feet could be. Tiny little toes. I wondered if people did sexual things with feet.

I went to the cabinet and got out some cereal for myself. Joining her at the counter we both ate our cereal together. We made small talk as we ate. As she finished she put her spoon in her bowl and placed her hand on my thigh. I was quite close to her.

“Do you mind, Dick? I worry that I’m going to burn my back. Could you possibly put some tanning lotion on for me? It wouldn’t take a minute or two. I’ll just go get my towel and lotion. Meet me outside, okay, Dick?”

She hopped down and walked away quickly, not bothering to wait for an answer. Of course, I didn’t mind helping her. I’d be happy to. I went out through the kitchen outer door, onto the patio. I sat down on one of the chairs and waited. My penis was starting to grow. I pulled my shirt out of my trousers to cover it.

She came skipping out. She smiled at me as she sat on her own chair. She reached around and undid her top. She removed it and freed her conical breasts. They seemed so firm and pert. I was wondering why it was so warm. But it was summer, of course. It was hot outside, as always in summer.

“Here you are, Dick. Here’s the lotion. Just put lots of it all over my back. I can get most of the rest.”

She held out the bottle and I rose to take it. I sat on the edge of her lounge chair as she turned her back to me. I squirted out some lotion and began generously spreading over her back and shoulders and neck. Then she held out her arms and I rubbed them. I thought that was all she needed. I rose up.

“I’ll just lie down, Dick. Why don’t you go ahead and put the lotion on my legs now. You don’t mind, do you, Dick?”

It was very hot and I was sweating. I was only wearing trousers and my shirt, but it seemed very warm. I sat again and began moving up and down the backs of her legs, spreading lotion. I took my time, trying to do it right.

“That’s great, Dick. Go ahead and get my chest and I’ll be ready. I won’t even have to get lotion on my hands. You’re sweet, Dick. Finish up please.”

She had flipped over, and her firm breasts were rising up, as she spread her legs. My erection felt like it was going to explode. This couldn’t really be right. What would Erica say? But Emma didn’t seem to think it odd. I suppose times were different now. I didn’t want to appear old fashioned and silly.

I put lotion on my hands and began to carefully massage it onto her tummy and up onto her breasts and sides. She sighed as I finished. I couldn’t help noticing that her nipples had become erect as I rubbed them with my fingers. She must have been hot like me, because her bikini bottom was quite wet in the crotch area, from sweat I supposed. I rose to leave, trying to hide my hard on.

Standing beside her chair I was startled when her legs rose, and her tiny feet was placed upon my groin area. Emma was rubbing my hard cock with her feet, and her toes were moving. I was afraid I would come instantly in my own pants.

“Please, Emma, that isn’t right, you know that.”

“Then just step away, Dick. That’s all you have to do. I’m just thanking you for helping me today, silly man. It isn’t anything important. Don’t worry about it, Dick.”

I moved away quickly. Heading for the doorway I heard Emma giggling. I was red in the face. This had to stop. This couldn’t go on. I was the man of the house. The stepfather. She was my stepdaughter. I was in charge and she had to know that.

I spent the rest of the day in my library with the door closed. I didn’t go out when I heard Emma come back inside. I stayed there waiting for my wife to return for the day. As the afternoon passed I began to realize that it wouldn’t be necessary to tell Erica anything about today. It would only make her upset, I was sure. I thought I could handle Emma. She was only a teenager, after all. I was a full professor.

When Erica arrived home I came out and greeted her. She kissed me, and then began cleaning up for dinner. Most of it had been prepared earlier. I merely had to reheat some things. Both she and I could cook. I’d been a bachelor for almost half a century, you know. So we took turns doing the food preparation. Emma came out of her room when it was time to dine.

The evening passed quietly. Emma watched things on her own television in her room. Erica and I watched an old movie on cable television. As the movie played out it occurred to me that I was still curious about something.

“Listen, Erica. The other night. You said you had been here at the university about seventeen ├╝sk├╝dar escort years ago. I was here too. You knew that? I mean, I don’t remember, but did we ever meet? It would be quite a coincidence I know that.”

“Well, my dear. I met lots of people. My ex-husband was a student here. Are you really wondering about other lovers I may have had? Are you jealous my love? No need. Well, I will be honest. I had only one lover here. My husband to be. But I did have a night of sin. It was one time.”

“What was that my dear? We are starting this marriage with truth, I hope. I too, had one sexual experience. You have realized, of course, how naive I was about sex. You have been the teacher, truly, Erica.”

“You know you’re a fantastic lover, Richard. I will say, I had that night, at a faculty party. I was invited by an instructor who wanted me. I didn’t want him, but I did want to rub shoulders with faculty.”

“Yes, go on. I remember, at one faculty party, I was so drunk I made love, for only the second time, with a co-ed someone found for me. I didn’t remember anything about it later.”

“That’s so odd, Richard. Virtually the same happened to me. Anyway, it was shortly after that I discovered I was pregnant with Emma. I’m sure my ex was her father. Yes, I’m sure of that. Oh well, bedtime.”

Then we went in to do what she had promised the night before. I went ahead and got ready for bed, but I left off my pajamas, wearing only boxer shorts. Erica was removing her nail polish.

“Sweetheart, I have a small request for tonight. Would it be alright if you were nude while you applied the polish to your nails?”

“Oh, Richard. I must say, you do come up with some fun things to do. You’re quite the man of surprises, aren’t you darling? Of course, I’ll take off my clothes right now. I’ll even do it slowly. I think you’ll enjoy that.”

Her long, brown hair was just like Emma’s. As she removed her blouse and pants I couldn’t help noticing how similar her body was to her daughter. Just a little more weight. Not unpleasant. She then slowly popped open her bra and giggled as she removed it from each breast, finally dropping it into my lap. I smiled at that. Her hands carefully took her panties down, over her rounded ass, and down her long legs.

I could see her pussy was wet. My cock was already stiff. It seemed to get stiffer as she sat down at her vanity, spread her legs, and began putting polish on each fingernail. I stood up and removed my shorts to free my cock. I was completely nude now, also. After a few minutes she had finished her fingers and was going to begin on her feet.

“Uh, Erica, my dear. It might be fun for me to put the polish on your toes. Do you think I might try that, love?”

She glanced at my erection and smiled. She stood up and brought the small stool from her vanity over to my chair. She sat on it and stretched her feet out to rest on my thighs. Her pussy was so wet that it was glistening in the overhead light. Her labia were swollen. Her toes wiggled.

I took the polish from her hand and slowly began dabbing the polish on each toe. Her feet were only slightly larger than Emma’s. I was being careful but I was also anxious to finish.

“How long does it take to dry, dear? I’ve seen women doing this in movies and it seems to take forever.”

“Oh, not that long at all, Richard. This is quick drying polish. My fingers are already dry, and my toes can be dry in much less than five minutes. Just put it on and wait a minute or two. I have a treat for my bad boy.”

I wondered what she meant. But I finished up with the application. Then I held her feet up and blew on her toes to dry the polish. They were nice feet. Almost as pretty as Emma’s feet. The feet that had touched my cock today. They had made me feel good, I had to admit that. It had been pleasing, very pleasing. I leaned down and kissed my wife’s toes.

“Richard, you are so bad. Here let me do something for you, dear man.”

Erica moved her feet, and they were placed on each side of my prick. She started massaging my cock with the soles of her feet, and her toes were wriggling. They were giving me strange sensations, but it was nicely erotic. I would like to come from this. Yes, I would. I almost had once today. Now I was going to.

At the same time her fingers, with the red nails, were gently rubbing her own clit and labia. She was pleasing herself, as she pleased me with her talented feet. I pressed her feet tighter with my hands and started fucking them. Her fingers entered her pussy and she was finger fucking herself. She was whimpering and I was moaning.

I was humping her toes and feet faster as I watched her face. She threw her head back as she kept having orgasms. Almost her whole hand was inside her cunt. I was ramming my cock as her toes continued to tickle my prick.

“Now! Now Erica, come now with me, fuck. Oh, god, come with me baby. Fuck, fuck, ahhh!”

“Ohhh! Baby, my big man, fuck, Richard, so good baby.”

My come was spurting out onto her feet. I kept fucking her feet as I came and came. It couldn’t last, of course. I fell back in the chair. I felt Erica climbing onto my lap. She snuggled up, putting her arms around my neck. I leaned down and kissed my wife. She was so good to me.

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