Steamy Release

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After a long, hot shower, I rub body oil into my skin while my body is still warm from the hot water. I enjoy squeezing the cold oil onto each breast. Watching the oil drip over my nipples give me a flash of you shooting your hot, creamy cum on me. I instantly feel a flood of warmth between my legs and my clit swell.

Caressing my skin, I close my eyes to intensify the sensation of my hands gliding over my feet and ankles, up my calf and onto my thigh. The oil makes my brown skin glow and feel so supple to the touch. I repeat the same ritual on the other leg until is reach my inner thighs. I feel a tingle as my hands slowly massage and get closer to the heat emanating from the mound of pleasure at the meeting of my thighs.

Just then, I feel the slightest kiss on my shoulder. I open my eyes to see you reflected in the mirror.

“How long have you been standing there,” I ask.

You reply, not with words, but by brushing your fully erect manhood on my check. My mouth instantly fills with moisture as I imagine sliding all of you in my mouth. But, I want to pace myself and fully silivri escort enjoy you. So instead of wrapping my lips around you, I hand you the body oil to rub on my back.

I’m seated at the vanity in the bathroom, so I can see you pour the oil into your huge hands and rub them together to warm the oil before you touch me.

You start by massaging my shoulders. I let out a deep moan and tell you how amazing your hand feel. You use just enough pressure to help release the days stress. You smile when I moan, because you know you are hitting the right spots. Instead of moving down my back, your hands slide towards my full breast. You cup each one in your big hands and slowly circle my nipples with your thumbs. My breathing has quickened and my brows are furrowed because of how good you make me feel with your hands.

You instruct me to stand up. I obey. Finally, my back has your full attention. Your rub and kneed your way down my body until you are cupping both cheeks of my full ass in each hand. As you squeeze and oil up my cheeks, merter escort I feel your fingers graze my pussy from behind. Your big dick jump on my back, so I know you felt how slippery and wet I had become.

You reach between my legs and slide your fingers from my clit to my ass. I watch you lick my juices off your fingers. God, I’m so turned on. You put your fingers deep in my pussy and I shudder with ecstasy from your touch. “Open up, so can see how good you taste.” I part my full lips as you slide your fingers in my mouth. I can smell and taste my love on your fingers and I want to suck every ounce of me off your hands.

You slowly bend me over the sink and place one foot on the stool to maximize your stroke capacity. You slap your big dick on my ass cheeks to tease me.

“Please, give it to me,” I beg.

You like when I ask for it. You masterfully open my love and guide yourself inside me with one graceful gesture. My body shudders with pleasure. No matter how many time we make love, the incredibly explosion mecidiyek├Ây escort of pleasure I feel, as your head and shaft stretch my pussy to accommodate you, always surprises me.

You start with a slow, deep stroke. I can see your face in the mirror and the pleasure you are obviously feeling makes me ever hotter. You kiss the back of my neck while you stroke my pussy. You quicken your pace and I grind my ass on your dick to get you deeper inside me. I reach between my legs and caress your balls while you give it to me. You moan with pleasure and tell me I’m going to fuck around and make you cum. Then you smack my ass and tell me to behave and take this dick like a good girl.

Just then you grab my hips and I know you are about to fuck me hard. Your pace quickens, and I see the sweat bead up on your forehead. I encourage you and tell you to fuck me harder. You comply. You wrap your arm around my waist to get as deep inside of me as possible. You are so deep and I’m experiencing that perfect spot between pure pleasure and pain. Your balls slap my wet pussy and make a sticky sucking sound each time you thrust. Your dick hits my spot and I scream that I’m cumming. You try to hold on, but the convulsing of my pussy walls on your dick are too much and you cum with me.

You hug me tight from behind, your jagged breath on my neck and tell me you love me. I respond…”you better, because now I have to take another shower!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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