A Little Car Ride And A Little Walk

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Jackie called me and asked me to wait in my garage. It was some time after midnight and I had a pretty good idea what she had on her mind.

The horn blew and I hit the button to open the door. She was in her Saab convertible, the lights off and top up.

“Well,” she said, “get it off and get it going.”

I knew exactly what she meant, and quickly had my clothes off, tossing them through the door and, I hoped, on to the washing machine. I hoped. I grabbed the remote out of my car and walked towards hers, hitting the button once I got out of the garage. I hopped in and commented on how nice the car was.

“Yeah, 2008. I’ve had it for a few months. But it’s hard on gas and, since it’s a turbo, it burns 92, which is outrageously expensive,” she replied.

I had to smile. I had a 07 Accord and I think she burned more gas getting to the gas station than I burned getting to work. But I wasn’t going to tell her that. Besides, she could afford it.

“Where are we off to?” I asked.

“We’ll see, honey. We’ll see,” was all she said.

Soon we had driven out of the neighborhood and headed east. No traffic, although I saw a cop going the other way. But a divided highway didn’t give me much worried. And Jackie was driving right at, or maybe just a little above, the speed limit. Which probably made her stand out. Ha!

About 10 minutes after we got on the highway, we were on the Interstate, headed south. It didn’t take long for us to get out in to the less populated areas, but still “in town”. After about another 20 minutes of driving, she turned on her turn signals and got off at one of the newly built rest stops that TxDOT had so thoughtfully dropped a ton of money into.

There weren’t any cars there, but there were three trucks parked in the truck lanes at the far end. Jackie parked at the curb.

“Okay, rookie, let’s trade,” she suddenly announced.

“Wha?” was all I could say, confused and surprised.

Just then she hit the button and the top started to retract.

“Chinese firedril,” she shouted, and hopped out of the car.

“What the fuck,” I yelled.

She stood in front of the car, standing in the headlights. “Come on girl, get in the driver’s seat.”

I started to crawl over the console.

“No way, babe. You come around front.” she barked. kuşadası escort Kind of menacingly, but in a friendly sort of way.

I choked. Well, it looks like she’s forcing my hand. With that, I opened the door and got out. I really thought about running around back, but I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. And so did I. So I ran to the front of the car and she suddenly put two hands up, indicating that I stop.

“You think anybody’s awake up there?” she asked.

“It doesn’t look that way,” I answered. “Besides, they’re what, a hundred yards from here?”

Suddenly she held something up in her hand. Another set of keys. She smiled and pressed one of the buttons. THE PANIC BUTTON! The alarm started to go through all of its gyrations, honking and tooting and whiring and only god knows what noises. I didn’t, because I was suddenly deaf, dumb and blind. Welded to my spot. Just as suddenly, it stopped. The alarm had been sounding for three or four hours. Or seconds, didn’t really matter.

She giggled and ran to the passenger side and hopped in. I suddenly unfroze and ran to the driver’s side and slid behind the wheel.

“Onward, James,” she said, in her best, deep British accent.

All I could do was stick it in to drive and pull out. Did I say it was a turbo? Well, it took a second, but when the turbos spun up (did I say that I was a race fan? We used to go to lots of Champ Car races and the US Gran Prix) the tires lit up with a squeal and little puff of smoke. As I drove by the trucks I looked at them. No lights. No horns honking. Nothing. I don’t know whether I was relieved or disappointed. Relieved, I think. I wasn’t ready to get caught, even from a hundred yards away.

About five minutes later, Jackie told me to take the next exit, which was a farm to market road in the middle of nowhere. Well, actually just a little further out than that. I turned right and we headed along a road that was PFB, except for a glorious full moon.

“I just love that moon,” she shouted over the wind noise. Actually, it wasn’t that windy. When you pay for that kind of car, they engineer the noise away.

Suddenly she said “turn right up here.” It wasn’t much more than a break in the fence line, with a narrow, “paved” road leading into what we in the Hill Country call a forest. She told me to stop just before we got to the trees.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” she said. “I’m going to get out. You press start,” she said, handing me a kitchen timer. “When it goes off in five minutes, you start off as slow as you can. Just a crawl. And turn on only the parking lights. You need to turn off the headlights in case somebody drives by. And get you foot off the brake, you ninny. When you get up to me, start the timer again and drive past. When it goes off again, turn around and slowly come back. I’ll get in then. Got it?”

I nodded. “No you don’t, but you’ll figure it out.” With that, she pulled on a pair of flip flops from under the seat and stepped out of the car.

“Okay, start it.” With that she walked off into the moonlight night. (Wow, that almost sounded poetic, should this be under erotic poetry?)

I sat there, scared shitless. What if? I don’t know “what if”, but I didn’t have the foggiest idea what to do “what if”. So I sat. And waited. And waited. And damn neat jumped out of my skin when the timer went off. Five minutes? I wasn’t sure whether it was “already” or “finally”.

But I put the car in gear, crept forward until I got into the trees and turn the parking lights on. I rolled along, the speedo saying 6 mph. It only took a few minutes before I saw her naked butt in the distance. As I drove by, I waved and she smiled at me.

“Timer,” she said. And I remembered to start it.

I drove on. It was just about half a mile when the timer went off. But there wasn’t a place to turn around and the road was too narrow and had ditches on either side. It wouldn’t be a three point turn, it would be more like a 31 point turn. I drove along just a bit more and saw a little dirt road. I rolled up to it and as I turned in I saw what looked like a house at the end of what was obviously a driveway. But it was dark and it was really late, so I didn’t sweat it.

It took another five minutes to get to Jackie, her breasts jiggling as she walked towards me. When I came along side her, she opened the back passenger’s door and pulled out a couple of towels and sat on one.

“Okay, drive back to the edge of the woods,” she commanded.

I drove on, at more like 25 this time. When we reached the edge, she motioned to my right. “Turn around over there,” she said. I could see a small access road to the field, and did as she said.

“Back to the edge,” she told me. When I stopped, she calmly looked at me and said “Get out, you’re turn,” and handed me the flip flops. “You’ll need these, the road can be more than a little rough.”

Numbly, I grabbed them and stupidly got out of the car. She got out and walked around front and got in on the driver’s side.

“Same rules apply. Five plus five. And don’t worry, I’ll pick you up. And you almost never see anybody on this road this time of night,” she said. “Well, almost. The occasional teenage boys sneaking a six pack,” she smiled.

I started walking. The road started to get darker. It never got real dark, between the wimpy trees and the now lowering full moon. Well, I guess there was another one, too.

I had a little start when lights hit me from behind. It was Jackie. She had driven all the way up to me without the lights.

“Hey there. I could see without the headlights so I figured I’d surprise you.”

“Fuck yeah,” I kind of shouted. A quite sort of shout. I didn’t want to wake anybody up.

“Okay, see you in a few.” And she drove off, lights off, again.

It seemed like another forever, but this time I heard the car just before she hit her lights.

“In you go,” she said. “And you might want this,” handing me a hand towel. I knew exactly what she meant. I was porno gushing wet, but I had gotten a little excited on the way.

We drove out and turned left, taking a different route back to civilization. We finally hit a more significant highway and she stopped.

“Let’s not be quite so noticeable. Nobody but drunks and cops. The first are no problem, the second are major problem.” With that, she hit the button again and the top went up.

We motored along in silence. Suddenly she asked “Well, how was it? How are you?”

“I don’t know. That was exciting. Kind of like the first time, only less scary. I think I enjoyed it.”

“Good for you. Pretty soon we’ll have you walking down the mall at noon.”

I audibly choked.

“Don’t be silly,” she told me. “I wouldn’t do that, never mind have you. But maybe we’ll get you out to Hippy Hollow some time.”

As usual, my little excursion ended with “nothing done”. Except that I had done something that had me turned on every time I thought about it. Good thing work was a few days away. I wouldn’t have survived going in!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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