A Walk in the Park

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It was a night like any other I was walking in the park when I saw the most beautiful woman she was sitting on a bench crying. Normally I would keep walking but this woman looked like she needed an ear. I went towards her slowly, her long brown hair entranced me. She peered up to me with the most gorgeous hazel eyes and looked fearful for a seconded. I slowly sat next to her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

She said, “I had the most horrible day you can imagine.

I responded with, “Tell me, I’ve got plenty of time.”

She talked for some time but the jest of it was that her car was stolen she lost her job and her boyfriend of 2 years moved to Spain for the work offer of a life time and they had to go their separate ways. I put my arm around her and she buried her tearful face into my chest. I looked down and saw right down her shirt. This aroused me my cock started to become hard. I think she noticed it. She looked up at me and said, “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I really don’t want to be alone tonight.” She looked so sexy even with her makeup running down her cheeks. I wanted to kiss her I wanted to comfort her.

I replied, “I would hate to be alone myself. You can trust me.”

We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and I put my hand gently on the back of her neck. Then pulled her up to me and put my lips on hers. She opened her mouth in response. Our tongues touched lightly at first then soon bloomed into an all out explosion of passion.

We continued kissing. What really surprised me next was the fact that she made the next move. Did I mention she was wearing a dress? She moved over on top of my lap and moved my hands around to her ass as we continued to kiss. I was rock hard and loving every minute of it. She moved around on my lap to put my cock against something really wet and warm. She then started moving her hips back and forth on my hard cock as our tongues continued to dance in each other’s mouths.

She said, “I want you right now right here in the park.”

I said “Oh my God yes! I know a semi secluded place just over the hill there is a small clearing in the center of some bushes I helped find some ladies dog once and he was in there.”

“Take me!” Sshe said, obviously meaning two things. I grabbed her hand and ran threw the park to the bushes. Stopping every 20 feet or so, to touch and kiss each other. When we arrived she went to her knees and started to unbutton my pants. I leaned my head back and looked at the stars thanking all that was holy. I looked down at her and saw those eyes I feel in love with the first time I saw her. She had my pants down to my ankles and my hard cock was right in her face she brushed kuşadası escort her cheek against it. Her lips were so full and luscious they could have been implants.

She took just the tip of my cock in her mouth and started sucking it hard. Soon she had the full length of it in her mouth I didn’t move I just bunched up her hair and let her move at her own pace. She sucked like she loved cock unlike so many other women who do it to be nice. She was really getting off on it, what a perfect woman I thought. She was gorging her self with it. I said, “I’m cumming!” I thought that this would make her stop, but she sucked harder like she wanted to swallow all of me.

Any feeling of doubt of the sexiness of this woman, all the passion within me started surging out of my balls, through my cock into this gorgeous woman’s mouth. Not outside of it or deep in her throat, but right in her mouth all over her tongue. My cum started flowing more than I could ever remember having cum before. She tasted and swallowed every drop of it savoring each burst into her mouth like it was the rarest delicacy in the world. The woman of every man’s dreams was on her knees at my feet.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away from my cock and said, “You are a cock loving slut aren’t you.” “Yes!” she replied. “Make me yours, teach me a lesson.” With her hair in my hands I pulled her to her feet and turned her around. Then I kneeled down grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up licking the back of her thighs and ass as I circled around her panties with my tongue biting and suckling in a rough tormenting way. I continued my abuse up her back as I slid her dress up and off. Her body responded with increasing excitement yet slight worry from the pain being inflicted on her.

She whispered lightly, “Oh God please don’t hurt me.” I kissed her on the back of the neck then bit into it fiercely as I ripped her bra from her body. I turned her around to see her beautiful eyes once again see looked at me with lustful eyes and we kissed again. She unbuttoned my shirt as I roughly sucked and licked her neck. My tongue moved to her left nipple and took it into my mouth I suckled it gently then bit down on it as hard as I could without causing damage. I then moved to the other nipple and just sucked it making her think I was going to bite it. I sucked on the bottom of her breast and her nipples some more and moved down her stomach. I took the top of her panties in my teeth and tore them from her body.

Having let my shirt fall off we were now totally Naked in the bushes we were both ready. I thought to myself how to really make her mine. I pushed her to the ground on all fours and grabbed her hair breathing in her ear. I said, “You like it when I hurt you don’t you, you little slut.” She replied, “Yes make me truly yours.” With her still on all fours I bit hard on her ear and neck and bit and sucked all the way down her back. When I got to her Ass I licked it all over. I breathed Hot air over her asshole and her whole body shivered in apparent thrill and delight. “What are you going to do to me?” She said. At the sound of that I went crazy. I licked and sucked all over between her ass cheeks and circled her pussy and asshole with my tongue from behind. She said, “I want to feel you in every part of my body.”

I stuck my fingers in her pussy and gave one big long lick from her clit over her pussy lips up to her asshole and threw her whole crack. Her whole body shivered, “Please fuck me in the ass,” She said. I wasted no more time. Thankful I left with them I went to my wallet to get a condom. I Put the head of my cock against her asshole and pressed slowly but firmly into it. When the head of my cock penetrated her ass she moaned in erotic pain. Oh it hurts. Please hurt me. Slowly with much resistance my cock filled her. I didn’t move my cock at first I just left it deep with in her giving her muscles time to adjust to Its size. I could have just pumped her there and she would have liked it, but for some reason I wanted to make her enjoy this as much as possible.

Thankful for that blowjob before, I realized I could have come without moving inside of her. I bent down over her back and moved her long brown hair aside and bit her neck as I started pumping. I reached around and began to rub her clit. She moaned, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh please don’t hurt me anymore.” I started to really pump her ass hard now slamming by balls against her pussy biting the back of her neck harder. A scream escaped her lips oblivious to the fact we were in public she started to cum. Her whole body bucked under me shivering and thrashing.

“Ohh Fuck me. Fuck me deeper.” I did slamming my cock as far into her ass as I could. Then I started to cum again I could hold back no longer. “I’m going to pump my cum in your ass, you dirty little butt fucking slut.” Oh no she replied, “I’m cumming again. I’m cumming!” Again her body shivered and bucked under me. I could wait no more, my cock started pumping her full of cum. My cock was draining all I had within her. I rolled off her and pulled her back to my chest. We looked into each other’s eyes and knew there is no way this could be the last time we would be together. We kissed the looked up at the stars

Her kiss brought me back to life. It slowly heated up to a very passionate erotic exchange of pleasure. I grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her to me. I started rubbing her back softly and moved to her ass and petted it lovely. I tossed the shitty condom aside and moved her over me. “That’s the advantage of those things easy clean up,” I said. She moved down over me and replied, “This too you can move from my ass back into my…” She didn’t say it she moved her head over my cock and started sucking again. My god this woman is too much I thought. I looked down at her suckling my cock and looked into her eyes. Eyes that I’ve learned can be totally cute and beatify and display such playful lust at the same time it was amazing.

“You’ve had the lead so far, my turn,” she said licking up my shaft. She moved over top of me and pulled my face into her chest, I licked and sucked her tits ferociously as I placed another condom on. She moved over me and lowered her pussy over, my again throbbing cock. She was squatting down over me a kind of leapfrog squat it the only description I could think of. She put my cock inside her pussy and started moving up and down it. The angle put my cock in heaven I grabbed her breast and played with them. I then moved my hand to her ass and the way she was moving it appeared that I was lifting her up and down over my cock. She bent down toward me and kissed me again. Then she reached down moving faster. Then she grabbed my nipples and pinched them hard.

“I’m cumming.” We both whispered at the same time. She moved her knees down and was over top of me leaning forward to kiss me. Our tongues danced and our body waved together my thrusting up, her moving down over my cock. Our eyes opened with our tongues still together and my cock started its first pump of cum within she sucked hard on my tongue like it was my cock.

She was cumming as well. Wave after wave of pleasure moved over and threw our bodies as my cum went into her and she covered my cock with her juices that were seeping out and over me. Her cumming continued as the last of my cum filled her. She jerked and twitched over me in pleasure. I rolled her off me and held her close. “I know this sounds strange.”

I heard myself saying. “But I feel now that not only tonight do I not want to be alone but for a very long time.” She jumped up startled and looked into my eyes and saw the truth there and kissed me deeply.

She replied, “I love you.” Her eyes got defensive like I was going to reject her statement.

I said, “That what I really wanted to say. I love you my Angel.”

We got dressed. Thanked our luck stars that no one saw us. Later we moved in together. We learned we each had what the other lacked in life and our love gets stronger everyday. I feel the next step is coming in the near future, but for now we just have hot sex every night every where we can…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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