Afternoon Delight

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The cool air felt good on my sweat soaked golf attire as I stepped into the house. I draped my sodden shirt and shorts over the rim of the clothes hamper so they could dry a little before contaminating the other dirty clothes. My wife complains when my hamper begins to smell like a gym locker.

I smiled as I stepped into the shower; it had been a fun morning. I shot an 83, 5 strokes better than my 16 handicap, and as a result, my partner and I had split the $200 winning pot. I had added to that by making a birdie on the number 1 handicap hole and collecting a $25 skin. Pretty much fun and a satisfying round.

As I was enjoying the feel of the water rinsing the sweat from my body, I thought I heard the bathroom door open.

“Meester Lewees?”

“Yes,” I responded hesitantly.

“It ees Maria, I clean bathroom now.”

“I’m in the shower, Maria,” I said thinking she would clean some other area of the house until I got through. I didn’t hear anything else and figured she’d moved on.

My eyes were closed as I let the warm water run through my hair. Then I heard the shower door open and as I squinted through the water running down my face, a beautiful little foot with perfect red toenails appeared through the door. That was followed by a gorgeous ankle, calf, and thigh, then the tan naked body of the sexiest woman I have ever seen.

“I guess you wanted to start with the shower,” and without giving her the time to answer, I grabbed a handful of blonde hair on the back of her head and covered her pouting lips with mine as our wet bodies met. Our lips opened and she tasted delicious as I sucked her tongue into my mouth. It was like I could feel her taste buds. And when she sucked back, I started rolling my tongue around every area of her mouth and the inside of her lips. Our tongues went back and forth and our breathing got faster; I could feel my cock getting firmer as we ground our slippery bodies together.

Our mouths moved apart and I licked her cheeks and eyebrows, then nibbled on her earlobes, pulling on the dangling gold earrings, the only things she hadn’t taken off. I could begin to hear little moans as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, allowing me to gently bite her neck. To relieve a little pressure on by now raging hard on, I moved my hips back and slid my hand down to her perfectly lasered pussy. She moved her legs apart to give me full access and as I ran my middle finger between her labia, there was a wetness a lot thicker and slicker than shower water.

“Oh, oh” she groaned as I ran a couple of fingers lightly over her clit.

She reached down with her right hand and cupped my balls, and with her left hand she offered me her left tit. I couldn’t resist, I sucked as much of it as I could get into my mouth and then as I released the pressure, I grabbed he nipple with my teeth and pulled it as far out as it would go. It stayed hard as I moved and repeated the maneuver with the right one. Perfect 34c’s, with little brown areoles, just slightly darker than her gorgeous tan body, unblemished by tan lines. As I went back and forth, sucking and biting, her moaning became more pronounced and her cute little nipples got longer.

We were both getting pretty worked up and my cock was beginning to throb. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and it was just juicy. Time to have some fun.

“Maria, Escort Keçiören you were a bad girl to interrupt my shower, and I think you need to be punished.”

“Oh no, Meester Lewees, please don’t punish me,” she said, so excited and out of breath she could hardly get it out.

“No need to beg, Maria, bend over the bench.”

“Pleeze don’t hurt me, Meester Lewees.”

I ignored her by grabbing her shoulders and turning her toward the bench. I grabbed the towel off the door, folded it twice and put it on the back of the bench. I snaked my left arm around her tiny tight waist and, as I pulled her against by hard cock, used my right hand to grab her blonde wet hair and push her head down on the towel.

“Now spread your legs and get that tight ass in the air.” She complied without protest.

I let go of her waist and hair and grabbed her arms, forcing her to balance with her head on the towel. I placed one strong petite little hand on each cheek of her ass, noticing the red nails matching her sexy toes.

“Now, spread those cheeks,” I demanded. She wasted no time grabbing each side of her firm ass and pulling it wide open. The button of her asshole looked so inviting. I stepped back to enjoy the view, the tight wide open ass, glistening pussy lips hanging down, and the most gorgeous slender tan muscular thighs with the hamstrings stretched tight from being bent over with her ass in the air. Goddamn! That’s the most erotic picture I have ever seen and I’m going to ravage it until she collapses from orgasms.

I squeezed a little shampoo along the top of her crack and watched it slowly run down, some of it pooling in the indent of her puckered little asshole. I squeezed some more on my right middle finger and laid the tip of it gently on the open entrance of her ass. Her hips wiggled and she continued to pull on her cheeks to keep her ass spread. Her lack of fear of the position she was in was evidence that this was no virgin asshole.

I begin pushing my finger firmly into her tight hole, slowly at first, but as it popped past the trap door, I pushed it all the way to the knuckles. She let out a big breathe with a soft little “Oh!” but continued to hold onto her ass. As I slowly moved my finger up and down her shute, she began breathing a little faster and I could feel her pussy and ass contracting.

Time to open the hole a little wider. I used the shampoo nozzle to lubricate my index finger and begin pushing it in to join the other finger. Her moaning got a little louder and she began rotating her ass to make a little extra room.

Watching this beautiful ass being violated made my cock get even harder, if that was possible,. After moving both fingers up and down, I figured she was dilated enough for the final act. I used my free hand to squeeze more shampoo on my now throbbing cock. As I removed my fingers, I put the head of my steel hard cock on the dilated button. Before it could start closing. my mushroom moved to her sphincter and I could feel the pop of her trap door letting me in.

An “aaahhh!” was followed by her hands slipping off her ass cheeks. She shoved back as I grabbed the front of her pelvis and, pulling her tight, buried my cock to the balls in her ass.

Her moans were sounds of sheer ecstasy and as her hips rotated, the contractions Keçiören Escort Bayan of her ass milking my cock.

“Rub your clit,” I told her.

She reached under herself and began rubbing her slick mound. Every few strokes, she would move two fingers inside her pussy and rub the back wall so I could feel her going up and down my shaft through the membrane of her asshole. Her rubbing slowed down but not her contractions.

“Ahhh, ohh, fuck my ass, fuck it hard,” she almost screamed as she fought for breath, her ass grasping my cock so hard, that I was having to fight to keep from exploding.

“I’m commming!” she screamed, and her asshole tightened so hard it was like sucking me all the way in.

I couldn’t hold it, I pumped her so full of cum it began squirting out around my cock. As she collapsed onto her knees, my cock popped out, suctioning out even more cum. I leaned over and cupped her tits, her nipples hard and standing straight out from the intense orgasm.

“I’m so weak, I can’t move,” she said.

I stepped back under the shower and watched, cum still dripping from her ass onto the tile. As her breathing returned to normal, I reached down and lifted her to her feet and asked: “Was that enough punishment.”

“Oh, Meester Lewees, I theenk I can’t help being a bad girl.”

We hugged tightly as the water rinsed over us. I decided to use the shampoo for its intended purpose and sprayed it first on her head and then my own. We began sudsing each other’s hair, then took turns rinsing. We each took a bar of soap and began washing each other’s body. I gave her gorgeous ass a little extra attention and when I moved to her bald pussy, she began to purr again. I knew then we weren’t through for the day.

She leaned up and kissed me softly then, as she wrapped her arms around my neck, became more insistent and her tongue moved between my lips. My cock was getting hard against her firm little body. I leaned down and picked her up under her thighs and she immediately locked her legs around my waist.

I flipped the shower off and pushed out of the stall, carrying her easily toward the bedroom, dripping water all the way, with me getting harder feeling her pussy squeezed against me and riding up and down with each step. Our lips never parted and our tongues continued to play. I laid her shiny wet body on the bed with her head at the foot, then climbed in on the other side in the opposite direction.

I slide my left arm under her hip and with my right arm over the top, rolled her onto my face. Her knees spread over my head and she rose slightly, putting her pussy right over my mouth. I grabbed the top of her thighs and buried my face in her succulent bald pubes. I could feel her taking my growing cock into her mouth, a perfect 69.

I sucked her entire pussy into my mouth and began to softly chew her pussy lips. I sucked the ever increasing sweet tasting pussy juice and started running my tongue up to her clit. Her body reacted as she moaned and sucked my cock harder and deeper. I paid more attention to her clit and she began to spasm, no longer able to maintain her rhythmic sucking.

“Oh, oh, oh, you’re making me come again,” she almost screamed. Her thighs were pinching my head and her pussy started to spasm as her hips bucked up and down, contracting Keçiören Escort so hard and fast it was almost smothering me.

I wouldn’t let her go and she started yelling “stop! stop! I can’t take any more, it’s too tender!” I licked her hard little clit one more time just to feel her jerk again, then rolled her over on her side.

As she recovered, she reached over and wrapped a hand around my, now throbbing and leaking cock. “The bed is wet enough,” she said as she sucked off the pre-cum.

She turned around and climbed up my body to give me another of her wet kisses. She moved down and sucked my right nipple into her mouth, as she sucked it in she grabbed it with her teeth and bit down with her sparkling eyes and wicked little grin letting me know she knew exactly what she was doing. As she moved to the other side, she mischiefly whispered: “Did it hurt so good?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said knowing I was going to get the same treatment on the other nipple. She chewed and pulled on my left tit until I was ready to yell from pain and pleasure, then she let go with a pop and moved down to my balls. Her mouth sucked in one, then the other, back and forth several times; then she sucked them both all the way in and made a little humming sound making them vibrate. Her tongue licked up the shaft of my rock hard penis and when she got to the top she swallowed it all the way to my scrotum. I could feel her sucking hard and it felt like she was fucking me with her throat.

I stood it as long as I could but warned her: “If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum down your throat and I want to be in your pussy.”

She teased me by going up and down one more time then straddled me and lowered her well lubricated pussy onto my shaft. With me totally buried, she sat back with that lascivious grin and started flexing her pussy muscles. The feeling was heavenly and I reached up and pinched her nipples between my fingers.

Her hips started moving slowly and I could feel her hard clit rubbing against me as she moved backward and forward still milking my cock with her well-conditioned vagina. Her breathing got faster and her pussy started contracting. I was about to come but was determined to wait on her. I didn’t have to wait long as she moved faster and got tighter and tighter.

“I,mmmm readddy,” she gasped and her orgasm started in waves.

I pulled her hips down hard and tried to fill her cunt with cum. She collapsed on my chest, still having little contractions, totally exhausted.

“That was exquisite,” she muttered. She nestled her beautiful face between my neck and shoulder, still out of breath. My cock slipped from her pussy followed by the feel of warm cum beginning to run out.

Then I heard the front door open. Uh Oh.

“Meesis Lewees, Meesis Lewees.”

My wife raised her head from my chest and breathlessly tried to respond: “Ye Ye Yes, Maria. Wi Wi will you start in the ki ki kitchen.”

“Si, Meesis Leewees,” she said, but I think I heard a little giggle.

Joan collapsed back on my chest and laid there a couple of more minutes before rolling off. She closed the bedroom door on her way to the bathroom. I watched the roll of her firm little ass and noticed the sheen on her legs as our juices ran down her thighs.

“Maybe Maria would like to come help us in the shower,” I suggested.

Without turning Joan threw me a middle finger salute and said: “In your dreams, lover boy. Now get your ass in here and clean up, you’re taking me to lunch while Maria cleans the house.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Think I’ll use my golf winnings to take her somewhere nice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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