Almost Caught

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Solo Male

A boy named Bubba took my anal cherry. I had met him at a church youth group. My parents made me go. I was also going out with another boy at the time.

Bubba and I had been flirting, but the other guy beat him to the punch and asked me out first. Since Bubba had only been interested in going out with me as a means to get in my pants, the other guy loved me, and I was willing to cheat it worked out well on all counts.

Some people from the church had thrown a Halloween carnival at their place in the country. There was a bon-fire, hay rides, etc. My boyfriend was sick and couldn’t attend. Again, my parents made me go and they were there as well.

There was a very high adult to child ratio and over-all it was quite the wholesome event. Well, except for the “Bubba fucking me in the ass” part.

My parents were quite unaware of the interest between he and I, which made things much easier. Also the fact that he was only a year older than me helped. My parents knew all too well about my love for older men and watched me like a hawk whenever I interacted with anyone five or more years older than me. It never occurred to them that the innocent boys they knew from church, in my own age range, and in attendance with their parents, might be a problem.

I had worn a long hippy skirt with no panties. It wasn’t a special preparation for the evening. I had just learned in general that if I wanted to have a sex life under the iron rule of my parental regime, I better be ready to do it quick and dirty, wherever, whenever.

Bubba and I wound up next to each other in a corner of the wagon during the hay ride. His two brothers sat in front of us, sort of blocking us in. We burrowed down in the hay so that our laps were Eryaman Escort well covered. Then Bubba reached over, took my hand, and placed it on his cock. I was shocked, the boy was huge. As mentioned above I had experienced older men. Bubba was my age, but still far surpassed anything I’d had my hands on before.

I quietly jacked him off underneath the hay, making sure that my elbow never left my side and my shoulders didn’t move. A person looking straight at us would never have guessed a thing. I caught his come in my hand and scraped it off on the edge of the wagon as we departed. As we stood on the ground in a little group of kids shaking the hay off of ourselves after the ride, he whispered for me to watch for him to head inside. I just nodded and we parted ways.

While roasting a hot dog at the bon-fire, I caught him make subtle eye contact with me and then turn to walk slowly towards the house. I told my parents I had to go to the bathroom, and excused myself. There was a line at the downstairs bathroom and I winced internally as Bubba passed it and headed up the stairs. If my parents came looking for me and I wasn’t in the line for that bathroom, there was going to be trouble.

Following him up the stairs I found his two brothers waiting. The upstairs was completely empty. I later found out that they had been scouting a location for us, and had signaled Bubba from the upstairs window.

He started to lead me to a bedroom, but I explained to him that I didn’t have long. My parents could come looking for me any minute and all hell would break loose if I was in a bedroom with a boy. We started to go in the bathroom together, but then I realized if my Dad came Sincan Escort up and I was in the bathroom, he would probably check it when I got out to make sure there wasn’t anyone in there with me (he knew me well). Finally it was decided that we’d do it right there in the hallway, and his brothers would guard the stairs.

One brother stood at the top of the stairs, the other in the crook of the hall that hid me from the view of someone standing at the bottom of the stairs. Both brothers had a prime view of the show. In retrospect that had probably been part of the plan, and the reason they were so helpful all along.

Bubba wasted no time. He spun me around to face the wall and pushed me up against it, kicking my feet out to the side. As he pulled my skirt up over my ass and found no panties he seemed to go into overdrive. Wrapping an arm around my waist he used his free hand to guide his cock to my ass. Without warning, lube, permission or any other sort of preparation he lunged into me with all of his weight.

The pain was blinding. The fact that he was huge didn’t help any. I was aware of the existence of anal sex, and had even been planning on trying it. I had just not been aware that Bubba was going to do it to me, right there, right then.

Of course I couldn’t scream, squeal, or make any noise at all without giving us away. I gritted my teeth and held it in. I could see white lights in my head and the world had ceased to exist except for the pain in my ass. I could vaguely feel Bubba’s iron grip on me, one arm wrapped around my waist, the other around my chest, his hand gripping my shoulder. He held me in position and pulled me into him as he furiously Etlik Escort fucked me.

Swimming up into my haze I heard my Dad’s voice from the bottom of the stairs, calling my name. I could feel Bubba speeding up and gaining intensity. Mustering every bit of mind over body control I had learned in my three years of daily yoga and meditation practice, I made my voice sound normal as I called down to him, “I’m waiting in line for the bathroom!”.

The sound of my Dad’s slow footsteps on the stairs didn’t make Bubba stop. He plowed into my ass, desperately racing for an orgasm. Suddenly he stiffened, lunging into me deeply one last time as he came in my ass and held himself there. I vaguely heard his brothers say hello to my Dad as he reached the landing. My Dad was ambling, stopping briefly for a pleasant, “Hey boys, how ya doing?” as Bubba jerked his cock out of my ass and dove into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

My skirt fell back into place as I straightened myself up and flipped my hair back over my shoulders while running my fingers through it. I whirled around and leaned against the wall for support, hands behind my back, legs demurely crossed at the ankles.

That is how Dad found me as he turned the corner. Smiling angelically at him, I said “There’s somebody in there.” He told me about the line downstairs, and I sympathized. I remember thinking that it was strange that the cum didn’t leak out of my ass like it did from my pussy, but being grateful that I wasn’t having to squeeze my legs together to try to prevent cum droplets from spattering on the carpet.

Bubba exited the bathroom and he and my Dad chatted amicably for a moment as I dashed inside to clean up. Upon exiting I asked permission to head back to the bon-fire. One of Bubba’s brothers went into the bathroom after me, to preserve the fake line my Dad believed existed. My poor Dad sat and waited for four people to go in front of him, even though none of us actually needed to go.

No-one ever found out, Bubba and his brothers never snitched. It was perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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