An Incubus’s Guilty Pleasure Pt. 03

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Content info and warnings:

This story is about a human/incubus cisgender M/M relationship.

It takes place in a universe where humans know about demons/incubuses, but they’re still rare, partly because of their ability to look human when they want to.

It contains representations of: homophobia, strong language, sexually explicit (obviously).

All characters represented are over the age of 18.



Part Three:

After a long pause, Jamie’s eyes still roaming over my naked body, he sat up without a word.

I hesitated for a moment, wondering if this was a sign of acceptance or anger, but the tendrils of thought I had sent out to meet him only met the same excitement and need I felt in myself.

Without speaking, without even looking away as if he was a man possessed by his own carnal desires, he slipped from the bed and knelt before me.

Obedient. Worshipping. Hungry.

“Can I taste you?” He asked.

I didn’t answer, but instead slipped my fingers through his soft brown hair and pulled his head closer to me, my other hand grasping my—admittedly not small—cock. He gagged a little as it entered his mouth, but then began to lick and suck at it of his own accord.

An involuntary growling moan escaped my lips, seeming to rip up from the very place his hungry mouth was currently devouring me. “St—Stop” I gasped.

He obeyed, if reluctantly.

I scrambled for my discarded jeans and pulled a bottle of lube from it before resuming my position. I didn’t even have to ask before he was slowly running his tongue along the underside of my cock, lapping playfully at my balls, before swallowing me whole again.

How was he this good?

I dripped the lube onto my hand and with a drawn-out moan pressed a finger into my twitching hole. I needed to be fuck and soon, but knew I had to at least stretch myself out a little bit first. Plus, the sensation of finger fucking myself as someone suck me off was slightly mind blowing.

Jamie had obviously been too preoccupied with his task to think much about the purpose of the lube, for now his hand paused in surprise as it moved up my thigh and onto the spot where I was currently two knuckles deep into myself. Ever the quick study though, he pressed his hand over mine and pushed it further in, feeling my finger slide until my hole met my Demetevler Escort palm. I shuttered and yelped with pleasure.

He pulled his lips away from me then, somewhat to my displeasure, to ask, “Let me do it?”

My heart race, forgetting my recent disappointment. I nodded, releasing myself and handing him the lube. I walked forward and laid down, stomach first, onto the bed. “Go slow though, okay?” I instructed, a war raging inside me between rational thoughts of safety and a burning urge for him to thrust the full length of his rod into me here and now and fuck the consequences.

I felt his weight creek on the bed as he knelt next to me, heard the drip of the lube bottle.

“Do you think you can take two fingers?” He asked in a low excited voice.

“Yeah,” I murmured, my face half buried in pillows. I felt a curious finger examining my hole, pushing, stretching, then a second, before they sunk to the first knuckle. I moaned into the pillows.

“Don’t cover your face Sy,” Jamie instructed as he pushed deeper.

I let out a satisfied yelp, squirming a bit under his touch as I felt his fingers begin to move apart inside of me.

He began to slowly work his fingers in and out, relaxing the muscles and massaging every sensitive spot as if he’d been doing this for years.

It was maddening.

“I can’t take it anymore,” I whimpered, “Fuck me!”

He didn’t need telling twice. He pulled his fingers out with a satisfying little pop, leaving me feeling empty and hungry inside.

I glanced back at him over my shoulder.

He was massaging lube onto his hungry cock without ever taking his eyes off my naked form.

The sight was nearly overwhelming. I flicked my tail, which had been resting against my back, up against his chest teasingly. “Make sure you put some on me too,” I instructed.

He nodded and then, glancing at the tail, leaned over and kissed it.

A shudder shot through my body.

His eyes grew wide and a little satisfied smirk appear on his lips. “Is your tail sensitive?” He asked, like a little kid discovering a new toy.

A felt heat rising in my cheeks and ears and knew there would be a blush to rival my scales. I could lie and tell him that all incubi liked their tails touched, but this wasn’t actually true. It wasn’t necessarily something Otele gelen escort strange either, more like having really sensitive ears or liking your fingers sucked. I nodded shyly and his eyes alit.

Jamie took my tail gentle in his non-lubed hand and, leaning in, ran his tongue the length of it. When he reached the heart-shaped tip, he took the whole thing in his mouth and sucked, running his tongue over the tip as he had my cock.

I moaned and shuddered, my toes curling excitedly at the foot of the bed.

“Fuck,” he whispered, “I can’t say I ever pictured myself sucking someone’s tail, let alone having it turn me on this much.” As he finished saying this he poured more lube onto his fingers and pushed it against my ready skin.

I sighed happily at the contact.

When he stopped, I rolled over to my back and watched as his eyes roamed excitedly over my naked body. I spread my legs and he knelt between them, grabbing my legs to pull me up until half my body hovered in the air. I looped my calves from where they rest on his hips up over his shoulders, which awarded me a surprised and satisfied smile from my partner. My tail all the while wound itself excitedly around and between his legs, licking at the underside of his cock and balls, teasing him into fucking me.

I met his hungry gaze with my own and felt him press the tip of his hard cock against my twitching flesh.

I let out a long, aching moan.

He pushing in a little deeper, just enough to tease.

“God, you sadistic bastard,” I moaned as my hips involuntarily ground against him, trying to push him further inside me.

But I’d been calling the shots all night and now, for the first time, he had all the power, and he knew it.

“Tell me what you want Sy,” he murmured, all of the nervousness in his voice replaced by the thick greed that only lust can bring.

“I want you to fuck me,” I begged.

“How do you want me to fuck you Sy?” He goaded, pushing just the slightest bit farther into me as he spoke.

I bit down on my lip in frustration and pleasure. “I want your cock!” I nearly shouted. There was real desperation in my voice now. “Please Jamie, fuck my ass. Fill me up until I overflow.”

That did it.

In one, sharp movement, he thrust in.

I gasped, my eyes going wide and unfocusing Balgat Escort slightly from surprise and pleasure. Then came the relief, the fullness, and the waves of pleasure as Jamie’s hot flesh pounded into my prostate over and over again. Each time sending a jolt of sensation up through my body.

I moaned Shakely, listening to my voice crack and my throat go dry. “Ah! I’m—I’m gonna come,” I moaned.

Jamie’s big warm hand moved from my hip to my aching cock as he began stroking it vigorously. “Yes baby, ah—come for me. Come for me Sy!”

Hot globs of cum flowed onto my stomach and over his fingers as Jamie slowed his pace, continuing to fuck me through my orgasm as he steadily coaxed the last rivulets of cum from my body.

I shuttered under his touch. Every nerve his hands met felt like they were on fire and yet I craved the sensation.

I could feel Jamie’s fingers digging into my hips, could hear his ragging breathing and I knew he was only slowing down for my benefit. It was actually kind of cute. I met his gaze and smiled, then rocked my hips against him, signaling that I wanted him to keep going.

He did not need to be told twice. His speed picking up again and soon he was thrusting back into me as deep as before. Except now, with my body so sensitive, the sensation was even more electric. I felt like some sort of sex-crazed rag doll as my overly-relaxed body was repeatedly pounded by waves of pleasure.

I could feel his pace quickening and reached out with my mind.

I had to focus.

It was time to feast.

Both my body and mind were intertwined with his now, taking in everything he had to give and devouring it.

I could see myself through his eyes, feel his excitement for me. It was turning me on again.

I moaned and that excited him more.

At last the mounting tension broke. Through my mind’s eye I saw his sexual energy exploding out like fireworks and pulled in towards me, into me. I let it fill me and felt the warmth of it surrounding me as my body was engulfed by the feeling of being filled. Hot cum gushed into me like I was going to overflow. The contact only making it easier to take in the energy.

We gasped and panted, staying like that for several long moments as the last explosions of pleasure washed over us.

I drank him in. Body and mind.

At last I unwound my legs and Jamie rolled off, laying down beside me.

He was breathing hard and radiating excitement.

I rested my head on his chest. “So, want to spill something on me next weekend too?” I teased.

“Definitely,” he replied with an exhausted laugh. He kissed me softly on the head and wrapped a long around my bare back.

I closed my eyes. Completely satisfied.

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