Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Here I am a normal twenty year who had everything, living with this thirty year old babe who loves to be fuck, working at her law office, living with her. An ideal gig and then wham! She dumps me for some rich guy her own age.

So things were getting desperate for me and I had to find a new job and place to live. That’s how I came to be getting drunk, sitting naked at a computer applying for this odd dream job.

Room and board, great pay. But there was a catch.

I work live situation with two Gay Guys in a clothing optional life style and I was hired to be their ‘Gal Friday’. There fem servant/helper.

But I was desperate and so I agreed.

My online interview ended but not before I end up showing off my naked body to one of my new bosses, a good looking black guy who shows me his naked body as well. He has the biggest package I’ve ever seen, at least eight inches.

With that he ends the chat connection and the web cam goes dark. Here I am sitting with my hard on thinking what the hell did I get myself into. Oh Fuck. I finish off my brew and open another one.

Hell. I never did ask him about the CD’s. I wonder what that was all about. But, the ad said

I didn’t need to bring my own, so I should leave my music collection here for now.

I wonder if cold showers really does take care of hard ons. But, then, Demetevler Escort I ain’t taking no cold shower to find out. I’ll just shower and brush my teeth and such and pack my stuff. I have some time to kill.

I’m trying to get my wits about me as I just stare at my lap top’s Desktop back ground slide show. I have on my AHH show, Ass and High Heels. The images that slowly appear and disappear on the screen are of hot looking women showing off their asses, wearing at minimum high heels, as well as pictures of babes with heels and thongs, and/or other pretty clothing items. It always makes my hard cock twitch to look at these. I’m a real ass man.

Oh Hell. I grab my cock and just begin to stroke off. I figure I need the release. I find a porn video of some gal sucking off two guys and enjoy the show and just edge for a while. Just teasing myself, and feeling that heat of desire run through my body but I don’t allow myself to cum, recalling what David said, just keeping those flames burning bright.

I finish one video with her getting covered in two creamy loads. I just love looking at that and imagining what it would feel like to have all that cum on me. I get up and grab some lotion to anoint my erection and begin another vid with a similar theme.

I lose track of time in all Otele gelen escort my edging and my drinking when I finally focus on the clock… I realize I have just twenty minutes to meet him at noon. Fuck!

I hastily shut down the machine, shove her bath robe in the hamper, and run headlong into the shower. A quick hot shower, dry off, brush teeth, gather all the toiletries and shove them in my back pack with my lap top and smart phone. I find my flip flops and trench coat, slip it over my naked body, and try not to think as I turn off the lights and head downstairs to wait.

Whew! As I check the time, I’m three minutes before noon. I don’t really have time to think and I’m still a bit flushed from the shower and running around. It feels weird and exciting to be outside all naked like this in public. Well, no one can see that I’m naked, but I know I am underneath. I feel my cock getting hard again. Oh great, like I need that.

A silver Tesla pulls up in front of my Ex’s place and the door opens. I spot David inside.

“On time. Excellent. Get in and let’s do this,” he says in a commanding tone. “And undue the coat and put it on the seat, then toss the flip flops in the back, you won’t be needing them. They were only to keep you from getting arrested while you wait.”

Oh Balgat Escort Shit. What now?

“Are you in or out?” David asks.

“Ahhh… in… yes… in.” Hell, I’m such a loser. I look around and see that there is no one else around, thank God. I quickly remove the coat, toss it on my side of the seat and then step out of the flip flops, and bend over and quickly toss them in as well. Then I set my naked butt onto my coat and shut the door. “There see I’m in.”

“Excellent, here is the cash; you can count it if you like.” David says as he undoes his seat belt.

“I trust you,” I say putting it in my back pack that I leave in the back of my seat. I just wish

I ‘m so damn turned on by all this; I’m embarrassed by my rock hard stiff that I’m sporting.

“I see you’re already eager to see me. Excellent, this is a good reason for a taste test.”

With that, he grabs my cock in his warm black hand and leans over and before I can say boo, my cock head is inside his warm wet mouth. Fuck!

He’s going down on me right in front of the building… ahhhh but… oh fuck… my Ex never made me feel like this… oh… shit… Oh God… I don’t know what he’s doing but he sure can do it… ohhhhh.

I am losing it. I feel my cock begin to make pre-cum and oh Hell… he’s fucking good… and I was so on the edge… I’m about to burst.

“Oh man!” I moan. “I’m going to cummmmmm! Fuck Yes!”

I spurt out a thick one and he expertly swallows it all. Oh shit, this is amazing. Oh shit… oh shit… ohhhhhhhh…

Finally, I come to. My cock has settled down to its two inches, my body is all flushed and hot and I thank god I’m sitting on my coat to absorb my sweat and juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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