Chatting with Tom

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Big Tits

“Hey Bree! Your favorite weirdo just got on and wants to talk to you.” You hear some stuff being dropped on the floor down the hall as footsteps begin to get louder. Bree runs into the room, still in her blue jeans and pink halter top. “I thought you were in there to change for tonight?”

“I’m working on that. Geeze.” Standing beside you, she leans over to see the screen. “What did he say?”

“Not much. He just typed your name and asked how your day went?”

“Tell him I just got home, that my day was fine until somebody spilled a drink on my pants…and tell him I’ll be right back and that he caught me in my underwear changing.” Bree starts laughing. “Yeah, tell him that and see what he says.”

You’re already typing what she said. You chuckle as she finds another way to mess with Tom. Tom is a neighbor who lives down the street. He moved in several years ago around the beginning of Bree’s junior year. Tom’s a bit weird, but not because he has a few physical disabilities. Tom’s weird because he has an almost stalker-like fascination with Bree, and has no problem letting her know that he likes her. And Bree loves messing with him because of it. She probably brings a lot of it on herself. “What are you laughing at Bree?”

Pointing at the screen, she says, “Duh. He offered to come over and help me change. Wake up John. Maybe I should be typing.” Without skipping a beat, Bree pushes your chair back a bit and sits on your lap, pulling the chair back up so she can type. With no armrests, you reach around and rest your arms against her legs, your hands resting just above her knee.

Now Bree’s a beautiful girl. You’ve known her for about five months now, and while you are just friends, her definition of friends has resulted in somebody asking you that once. Her body could get her a modeling job if she wanted: shapely legs, a tight yet round ass, well endowed breasts, and a developing hourglass figure. She has been working out on the equipment her dad owns to help keep in shape. And every time she decides to sit on your lap at the computer, she reminds you of all of that.

Bree laughs again, just before she wiggles her ass in your lap as she scoots back and turns her head. “Can you believe he said that?”

“Amazing.” You quickly look to read what was said. Something about how he had a dream about her last night. Oooooh, that’s what she meant. Apparently the dream was a fun dream for him as she finally kissed him first. You chuckle as she types back to him, asking if she used tongue or not. Not surprisingly, the response was yes. As Bree starts to type again, you stop her. “Wait, I have a thought.” You lift your hands off of her legs and reach for the keyboard. You type back a response and hit enter.

Laughing, Bree reads what you typed. “That’s odd, as I usually don’t use tongue on the first kiss.” She smacks the side of your leg. “Nice. I was going to ask if he liked the taste.” She starts laughing again. “Well, I guess he didn’t like hearing that, he sounds a bit upset.” She pushes your hands away and starts typing again, “Anything else happen?”

You read as Tom types back that the alarm woke him up before anything else could happen. Bree starts laughing again. “Now what do you want to say Bree?”

“I don’t know. You start typing.” Her hands limp off the keyboard and rest between her knees as she leans back.

With your chin on her right shoulder, you reach up and begin to type. You start asking him what he would have done if the alarm hadn’t woken him up, what Bree was wearing, and where were they at? Each time you come up with some odd response like you did before. Each time Bree laughs. It isn’t until Tom begins answering your question of whether this was the only time they kissed that you begin to notice that Bree is slowly rubbing the inside of your legs. You keep typing as you inch your feet forward between hers. Two minutes later, you use your feet and legs to spread her legs apart.

You keep typing, this time with Bree telling you how her day went so you can tell Tom, with some embellishments. As you type about how Bree started feeling horny during her music history class, you notice that her hands are no longer rubbing your legs, but you can feel her arm flexing against yours as you type. With your chin resting on her shoulder, you carefully lean your head forward and glance down, confirming that her hand is moving between her legs. At an opportune moment, you apologize to Tom and ask how his day went. Once you have him talking, you pull your hands away from the keyboard. You startle Bree as your left hand gently rests against her and squeezes.

Stuttering, Escort Ankara Bree manages to speak. “I…I’m sorry.”

“Bree,” you grab the button on her jeans, “it works better if these are undone.” You unbutton her jeans and pull the zipper down. Letting go of her hand, you reach up and type something in to make Tom think you’re listening, then reach back down again. Bree is still a bit frozen in place. You grab her left hand and place it back between her legs. You then help her move hand in a circular pattern against her cotton panties. After a few times around, you let go and she keeps moving on her own. You whisper softly into her ear, “See, that wasn’t so hard. Now enjoy yourself while I end the chat.”

You get back to Tom and explain to him that talking to him about his dream and about your day has made you even hornier, so you need to go take care of it. You end saying you’ll talk to him later. With his final surprised response, you close the window and turn off the program you were chatting with. By that point, Bree is leaning back against you instead of sitting upright. “That’s right Bree, get comfortable.” Her head leans back against your shoulder as her head turns toward yours. With her breathing heavy on your neck, you decide to find out if she does use tongue on the first kiss. As you lean in for the kiss, your breathing against her lips causes her to purse them. Almost as soon as your lips touch hers, hers spread open and a tongue comes out. Not wanting to disappoint, you both begin kissing for what seems like minutes for each kiss.

While kissing, you reach both hands back down between her legs. Her left hand is still rubbing against her panties. You pull her hand away and rest it to the side. Then, using your left hand, you pull her panties away from her skin enough to slide your right hand inside. With your right index finger, you begin rubbing against her clit, gently massaging the skin that covers it. In response to your touch, Bree’s back arches as you begin to rub. The kissing stops as she takes a large breath and opens her eyes, looking intently into your own.

“Are you okay Bree?” Her head shakes yes. “Does that feel good?” Her head shakes yes again. “Do you want me to stop?” She begins to bite her lower lip and her eyes slowly shut. After a few seconds, her head shakes no. You slide your fingers down a bit so they are resting against her slit, then you slide your index and middle fingers gently inside, feeling a slight wetness against your fingers as you do this. That opens her eyes as her back arches once again. She looks you in the eyes once more. “Bree. Are you sure about wanting me to continue?” This time her head shakes yes without hesitation. You pull your fingers out. “Then I want you to stand up.”

Bree leans forward and untangles her legs from yours. Setting her feet on the ground, you push back in the chair to give her room as she stands up. She turns to face you, “Okay John, now what?”

Sitting forward on the chair, you reach out and grab her jeans. As you start to pull down, Bree leans forward and rests her hands on your shoulders as she pulls her legs out of the jeans. Once they are off, you reach for her panties and pull them off. As they get tossed to the side, Bree steps forward and shoots her arms into the air. Slipping your fingers under her shirt with your thumb outside, you slide your hands upwards against her skin, pulling her shirt up as you go. Bree leans forward to allow you to untie the knot behind her neck, before pulling the shirt completely off of her. She then stands there in nothing but a pink, strapless bra, which you reach out and undo the front hook of and let it drop. Bree stands naked in front of you. Firm, fit, and well built, her body is just how you imagined. You stop her as she starts to get on her knees.

“Look at you. You’ve been a naughty girl.” Bree smiles with a devilish grin. “It’s time for you to go to your room and dress like one. Now go.” With a giggle, she stands back up and turns towards the door. As she begins to leave, you give her a little spank. Her hands grasp her ass as she runs out of the room and down the hall to her bedroom. As you begin to hear her rustling through her drawers and closet, you log off the computer and get up off the chair. Looking around, you decide to grab all of her clothes. You hear a drawer slam shut as you pick up her bra and jeans, then walk around to her shirt and panties. As you start to walk towards the door, you hear another drawer shut and some mumbling from her room. You find the laundry shoot in the linen closet and toss everything down it, then head Ankara Escort to her room.

As you lean against the door frame, you watch Bree pulling a pair of baby blue stockings up as fast as possible without damaging them. You smile as she carefully attaches the stockings to the garters of the matching corset she has already put on. A matching pair of elbow-length gloves lay on the bed next to a matching pair of heels. As she finishes attaching the garters, you ask a question. “So when did you get all of this?” you ask as you wave your hands at the outfit. She then pulls a pair of panties up over the garters.

“Remember my cousin’s wedding that I had to go to earlier this year? Well, I was a bridesmaid for her.” Bree slips her right arm into the gloves as she speaks. “She bought all the bridesmaids matching sets of these for us to wear under our gowns. I’m sure you can guess what color the gown was.” She sets the heels on the floor to slip them on. “Maybe it was a bit much, but it was her wedding and none of us were going to argue.” She steps away from the bed and puts her arms out. “Do you like it?” she asks as she starts to turn around.

“Maybe more of an innocent slutty look, but yes, I like it.” You reach your arm out and she steps forward to grab your hand. Pulling her into your body, you grab your other arm around her and begin to kiss her again. Her body relaxes in your arms as saliva is exchanged during the tongue wrestling. As the kiss ends, her body stiffens up a bit and she begins to pull you towards the bed. You are then shoved back onto the bed. As you pull yourself upright again, you look to find Bree already down on her knees. Reaching out, she grabs onto your jeans and begins to unbutton and unzip them. Reaching into your pants, she pulls the top of your boxers down enough to grab your stiffening manhood out.

“Wow. I didn’t expect it to be so big.” Bree’s eyes open wide in amazement.

“Uh, thanks. I think.”

Bree’s hands begin rubbing up and down your shaft. After a few times, she leans forward and spits onto the head, then proceeds to rub it in. A few moments later, she repeats this. After a few minutes of doing this, your dick feels harder than it has ever felt before. Standing upright at about seven inches, it is prime and ready to enter into any orifice Bree presents. It takes only a few seconds later to realize the first one will be her mouth.

As she leans forward, her tongue comes out to meet the head. It rolls down from the tip and around the edge of the head before going back into her mouth. Bree licks her lips before she begins again with a moan. As she finishes licking the head, she begins to lick in lines down the shaft, going down one side before coming back up the other side. She repeats the motion over and over again until the entire shaft is moistened. Lifting her head back up, she then opens wide and engulfs the head of your dick in her mouth. You can feel her tongue going back and forth across the tip. While doing this, she glances up to look you in the eyes with a grin. Staring you in the eyes, she then begins to lower her mouth further, making it almost halfway down the shaft before she stops and pulls it back out. With a quick swallow and lick of her lips, she grins and tries again, this time making past halfway. You can feel the back of her throat against your tip. Lifting her head back up, she takes a big breath and looks you in the eyes with a grin. “Third time’s a charm.”

This time, you almost immediately feel the back of her throat as her teeth lightly run along the skin. You then feel her begin to swallow as she pushes herself farther. You watch as she gets the entire length of your dick into her mouth, straining herself to the limit of tearing up as she proves that she can handle you. You smile as you grab her hair and pull her off.

After she catches her breath, she opens her mouth. “Why did you stop me?” she asks.

“Because I don’t want you passing out this early in the game. That would take the fun out of all of this. Now, think you could continue WITHOUT choking yourself?”

Bree looks at you and laughs, “I’d love to.” Without hesitation, her mouth is back around your dick as she begins to take it more slowly. Flicking her tongue across your tip, running it along the shaft, occasionally using her teeth, and sucking on your head and balls, she does it all as she works you closer to orgasm.

A few minutes later, you grab her hair again. “Bree! Time to choke yourself again.” She gets a big smile on her face just before you push her down between your legs. She opens her mouth and begins to engulf Ankara Escort Bayan everything once more. You once again feel the swallowing as your tip reaches the back of her throat. You feel her tongue moving back and forth against the shaft as her face reaches the limit. You look at her as you feel yourself releasing hot, sticky cum down her throat. Her eyes begin to tear up as her gagging reflex begins to kick in. As you feel the initial burst slow down, you pull her head up enough to get yourself out of her throat. “Keep taking it all,” you tell her before she can take her mouth off. As she struggles to avoid a gagging, you continue to let loose in her mouth, which is clamped tightly around your head. Bree begins to stop gagging and switches to swallowing what is already in her mouth as your continue to unload.

As you begin to feel the orgasm slow down, you relax your grip on Bree’s head. Bree slowly lifts her head off of your dick as more cum slowly trickles out. With a last swallow, Bree smiles and looks up at you. “That was amazing. I never knew anyone could cum that much. I thought my head was going to explode the way you kept filling my mouth. And the feeling as you shot it down my throat. We HAVE to do that again.”

“Well, with the right help,” you wink at Bree as she stands up, “it wasn’t too hard. I have to say, you swallowing was the weirdest feeling. And it felt good. We’ll try that again, but first….” And with that you scoot forward and sit on the edge of the bed, reaching out and grabbing Bree by the waist as you settle into a comfortable position. Pulling her closer, you reach for her panties and pull the crotch to the side. Leaning forward, you stick your tongue and take a lick. “Mmmmm. Tastes like you enjoyed that too.” She shakes her head yes. Taking a few more licks, you realize that each one is making her more and more wet. You slap your knees. “Take a seat Bree.” She doesn’t hesitate a second as she climbs onto your lab. “How does that feel?

“Stiff. It feels stiff.” It takes a second for this to fully register with her. When it does, she quickly reaches down and tries to stick it inside herself. When that doesn’t exactly work, she uses her legs to lift her body up, then helps guide it in as she sets herself back down about two inches. “OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! That’s tight. I’ve never felt that before.” With a smile she pushes herself a bit further, and then further, and the further, until a few minutes later as she finally gets the entire length inside. She leans against you as she rests, her breasts pushed against your chin. “I can’t believe I got all of that in.” she softly says between her breaths. “Give me a minute.”

“Take your time.” Your response gets another smile from her. You push her body up a bit and pull down the edge of her corset before beginning to lick her breasts. More sensitive than you expected, you can feel her body clench up as you work her nipples with your tongue, hands holding her waist. As she begins to feel up to the act again, you finish sucking her right nipple and let go. Her breasts pull away as she begins again.

“Okay, I’m going to take it slow until I get used to this.” Her body begins to slowly lift up. When she almost pulls off, she slowly starts back down. At the bottom, she gives you a quick kiss, and then starts over again. After a few times up and down, she starts to get used to the motions and speeds up a bit. After a few more times, she gets a bit faster and eventually stays at that rhythm. While she fucks you, each time she comes down you lick one breast, and each time she goes up you lick the other breast. After a while, her nipples harden like rocks.

It doesn’t take long with all this stimulation to feel like you need to release again. Suddenly, Bree’s moaning turns into yelling, “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”

“What?!?” you ask.

“I feel like cumming!” she yells back.

You grab her waist and help speed her up. Within a few minutes, as you are about to release, you feel Bree tighten up around your dick. As she begins to moan and yell louder, you lose control and finally release your load into her. A few seconds after you feel this begin, Bree lets out one long moan as her body slams down as far as possible and stops. Both of you let out long orgasms, releasing everything you have together. Minutes later, you both collapse in each others arms on her bed.

About thirty minutes later, Bree wakes up with an orgasm as you finish working her pussy with your tongue and fingers. As she grips the bed sheets, she unloads on your mouth. A minute later, she lifts herself up on her elbows and looks towards you. “Hey, that’s not fair. How am I supposed to enjoy it if I’m asleep?”

“Don’t worry, we’re just getting started.” With that, you stick your index finger into her pussy and begin rubbing her clit with your thumb. “And it’s only mid-afternoon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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