Convenience Store Romp

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Susie was a big girl. Every day, she forced her massive body into clothes specially purchased from the “Women’s Sizes” section and trudged to her job at the bank. Upon arriving, her routine consisted of eating two doughnuts – one jelly-filled and one plain – and drinking a styrofoam cup full of coffee. None of that decaf stuff for Susie.

One day, a Wednesday, Susie found herself sitting on the stool at window number nine. The bank was practically empty, so she was able to indulge in daydreaming, one of her favorite pastimes. Susie’s pendulous breasts – 44DDD – rested on the counter, pushed together by her elbows as she braced her face with her arms. The area between her breasts was like a valley, deep and seemingly never ending. When Susie laid in bed at night, she often dreamt of a man pushing her breasts together and burying his face in them. Alas – Susie didn’t have a man. Nor did she have a woman. All she has was an old dido and a TV that, when you tuned the antenna the right way, got blurred pornographic movies.

But back to Wednesday.

The manager having asked her to get something from the back room, Susie hefted her weight off the stool and waddled into the office. She glanced at the desk, which – while fantasizing – she so often imagined herself bent over. Susie dismissed the fantasy as she was so often dismissed — who likes a fat girl? – and decided to take her lunch break. After heating her dinner-for-one microwave entree, Susie hunched over the table, küçükçekmece escort sopping up every last bit of savory turkey gravy with her finger. Rather than buying a Mountain Dew from the vending machine (as she was her custom), Susie decided to walk to the corner store and treat herself to an icee.

The clerk glanced up as she walked in the door and laid the magazine he was reading to the side. Susie walked the aisles, her thighs rubbing together as she did, finally stopping in front of the polar bear logo which mean children once tauntingly told her she resembled. After filling the cup, she turned and approached the clerk, Ken.

When she got to the counter, Susie noticed Ken was thumbing through a skin magazine dedicated to big, fat girls. Huge girls. Girls her size. Susie blushed at first, but then – strangely enough – felt confident. She pushed her breasts together, emphasizing her cleavage, and licked her lips.

Without a word, Ken walked to the front door, shutting it tightly and flipping the sign from “open” to “closed.” He returned to where Susie stood and, in one quick movement, reached out his hand and tweaked her nipple. Hard. Susie gave a squeal. Ken used his other hand to grasp Susie’s other breast, kneading that fraction he could fit in his hand. The rest overflowed. Susie pressed herself into his hands, delighting in the sensation of human contact. When Ken bent his face to her breasts, she was küçükyalı escort even more delighted. He hungrily sucked, filling his mouth with her breasts, tonguing her nipples, licking her aerola. He sucked as hard as he could, like a baby trying to gain sustenance. Susie sighted deeply and made low, gentle moans as he pleasured her. Her hands roamed, resting on his head, trailing down his back, and even slipping into the elastic waistband of her XXL panties.

Ken, noticing her movements, pushed her backwards until she bumped against the counter. He moved his mouth to meet hers, and used his hands to raise her skirt. Ripping off the panties she wore, Ken ran his hand along her pussy easily because she was very wet. Ken inserted a finger into her wet hole and gasped when he felt it be swallowed up. He couldn’t wait to push his rock hard cock into her, but wasn’t yet done enjoying the sensation of exploring her many flaps and folds.

Ken laid Susie down on the floor, which caused her breasts to slide apart, to the side and toward her face. He kept one hand on her cunt, alternating between thrusting with his finger and tracing circles on her clit with his thumb. Susie continued to sigh and moan, amazed at her good fortune.

Ken was intrigued by Susie’s size and softness and the ripples of her body. Unable to stand another minute not inside her, Ken began to rub the head of his penis against her pussy. Lubricated, he spread maltepe escort her lips apart, revealing her hot pink inside. He plunged his cock into her cunt, feeling it close around him tightly. Susie, who’d never experienced the pleasure of having a throbbing cock balls deep inside her, whimpered, fleetingly thinking how much better it was than her dildo. As Ken fucked her, Susie’s tits bounced back and forth, moving in time to his thrusts. Just watching it made Ken want to fuck her harder and faster, and he reached down to again feel them in his hands. Susie reached a finger down to rub her clit, and found it heightened the intensity. Oh, to be fucked!

Not satisfied with only missionary style, Ken demanded Susie get on all fours. He marveled as she pushed her round ass out, waiting for his cock. Her pussy was even tighter in this position, the tightness a shocking contrast to her loose body. Susie swayed and lifted her hips to meet his thrusts, shivering every time Ken’s balls slapped against her ass. Her tits flapped, hanging so low as to drag against the ground. Susie’s nipples were raw from the hard bites Ken inflicted earlier, but she didn’t care – it felt great to have them move against the floor.

Knowing he was near orgasm, Ken had a decision to make – where should he shoot his load? On her creamy ass? In her tight cunt? On her huge tits? Just thinking about the options pushed him closer to the edge. As much as he wanted to watch his cum spray all over her pudgy face, he couldn’t bear to pull out. Coming on her tits was an impossibility for the same reason. He gave himself over to the waves of ecstasy that filled him as his body tensed and he spilled his cum into the warmth of her pussy.

Once his cock was done pulsing inside her, he stood and returned to the counter, ready to ring up her icee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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