Emma’s Secret Life Pt. 03

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*All characters in this fictional story are 18 or older*

Emma’s Secret Life Pt. 03

As Emma’s father drove the limousine with her sitting stretched out in the back, Emma slipped her hand under her dress and inside her panties as she thought about how her maid, Holly, had given her an orgasm, and how much she was looking to being with her again. Emma felt fortunate to have a maid; how many other eighteen-year-olds have a maid to look after them?

Holly was only a few years older than her and knowing that she had also worked for Bill as a prostitute was wonderful, she could teach her a lot. When the limousine pulled to a stop out the front of a tall office building, Emma removed her hand from inside her panties and pulled her dress back down just as her father opened the door to the limo for her to climb out.

After climbing out, Emma looked up at the office building. It was so tall and seemed to reach into the clouds. Mal escorted his daughter into the building and up to the male receptionist and said, “Ms. Hale has an appointment with Mr. Palmer.”

The male receptionist after looking Emma up and down as if he was undressing her, looked at his computer screen and replied, “You can use the express elevator to take Ms. Hale up the forty-seventh floor.”

After stepping into the elevator with his daughter and pressing the button for the forty-seventh floor, they were quickly taken up to the floor where the office was located. When the elevator doors opened, they stepped out and right in front of them was another male receptionist.

“You must be Ms. Hale, Mr. Palmer is expecting you, please come with me,” he said.

Emma turned to her father and said, “Thank you that will be all for now, I will phone you when I need you to pick me up.”

Mal stepped back into the elevator to be taken back down to the ground floor and left the building.

Up on the forty-seventh floor the receptionist led Emma into an office, then turned around and closed the door behind him leaving Emma standing in the middle of the office. The first thing that Emma noticed was a man in his sixties with grey hair sitting behind the desk. The second thing that she noticed was that there were four other men sitting in the office.

The man with grey hair stood up from behind the desk and came around to the front and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Hale, I’m Mr. Palmer, but please call me Charles.”

“Hello Charles, it’s nice to meet you and please call me Emma,” replied Emma.

“Emma what a wonderful name, that’s the same name as my young granddaughter… here let me introduce you to my colleagues. This is Ed my second in command.” Ed stood up and after shaking Emma’s hand, Charles led her around the office and introduced her to Fred, Trevor and Peter who also stood up and shook her hand.

The smiles on their faces and the looks in their eyes as they undressed her with their eyes, told Emma that she was here for them all. She had expected it would only be one man that would be fucking her, not five men.

Emma knew it was no good complaining about the number of men and she said, “It’s lovely to meet you all… I hope you don’t mind if I make myself comfortable… Charles, can you give me a hand with the zipper on my dress please?”

Emma turned her back to Charles, to give him access to the zipper on the back off her dress. She might have still been a teenager, but she knew how to control men and what she was there for. After Charles had pulled down the zipper yenibosna escort on her dress, she turned back around to face him, letting her dress slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor. She heard the men gasp as they looked at her standing there in just her white lace underwear.

When she stepped out of the dress and bent down to pick up her dress, she heard several moans coming from the men as they watched her pick up her dress and place her dress over a chair.

“Let me help you with your bra,” Charles excitedly said turning Emma around.

After he had unclipped her bra, Emma holding her bra against her chest turned around to face Charles and slipped her bra down her arms to reveal her small breasts and watched his eyes open wide. Charles reached out with both hands to squeeze and feel Emma’s breasts and flick his fingers over her hard-pointy nipples.

“Can someone please help me remove my panties,” giggled Emma.

Peter and Trevor sprang out of their seats and knelt down on either side of Emma. They took hold of the sides of her panties and lowered them slowly down to around her ankles. Emma placed her hands on their shoulders to steady herself as she stepped out of her lace panties. She suddenly felt the cheeks of her ass being kissed and then felt her ass-cheeks being pulled apart and a tongue probe her brown hole before a finger penetrated her asshole.

Charles placed his hands on her head and tilted her head up and kissed her on her mouth, Emma responded by giving him an open mouth kiss and pushing her tongue into his mouth to kiss him passionately.

When their mouths separated Emma chuckled, “Let me help you to remove your pants, Charles.”

Emma began to undo the belt on his pants and after opening them, knelt down and pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles. When she saw his large fat pulsating cock, she was awestruck. The knob of his cock was the biggest she had ever seen. She flicked out her tongue and licked all over and around his large knob, then licked the eye of his cock, already leaking pre-cum.

Charles began to rapidly remove his tie and shirt when he suddenly stopped, gasped and took a deep breath, as he felt Emma take his large knob into her mouth. He placed his hands on Emma’s head and pulled her mouth further onto his cock and then began pumping her head up and down.

One of the other men grabbed her hand and placed it onto his hard cock, Emma began stroking the man’s cock as Charles continued to face fuck her.

Out the corner of her eye she saw that it was Fred’s cock that she was stroking, he had also undressed and was standing at her side. On the opposite side was Peter he too had also undressed, and he was stroking his cock as he pointed and waved it at her face. Emma reached out and took Peter’s cock in her hand and began pumping her hand up and down on his cock as well.

She was stroking Fred and Peter’s cocks as Charles continued to face fuck her. It wasn’t long before Charles was shooting his cum into Emma’s mouth and down her throat. Emma managed to swallow most of Charles’s massive load of cum but still, some escaped out the sides of her mouth and dribbled onto breasts. As soon as Charles had removed his soft spent cock from her mouth and stepped back, Emma turned to face Fred and took his cock into her mouth.

Fred grabbed hold of Emma’s head and began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth at a furious pace. He then pulled her zeytinburnu escort mouth all the way onto his cock and held her there, her chin resting against his pubic hair. Emma knew that he was about to cum and when he started shooting his cum into her mouth, she was ready. She swallowed each load, her mouth constantly being filled with his cum. No matter how fast Emma swallowed she always had a mouth full of his cum. When she started to gag, she tried to lift her mouth off his cock to take a deep breath, but she coughed and cum started running out of her nose.

As soon as he had removed his soft cock from her mouth, Emma wiped her mouth and nose with the back off her hand. She was then pulled up onto her feet and lifted onto the large wooden desk and laid down. Peter tilted her head back over the edge of the desk and drove his cock into her mouth and began thrusting in and out of her mouth; face fucking her at a rapid pace.

Charles’s cock was hard once again and he moved between Emma’s legs rubbing the knob of his cock up and down her slit. Emma gasped as she felt Charles’s large knob being pushed into her cunt. She took another deep breath as Charles pushed his cock deep into her cunt and started fucking her with hard quick thrusts.

Emma had never had her teenage cunt stretched as much as it was by Charles’s cock, as he fucked her with long powerful thrusts. Peter was still fucking Emma’s face, as Fred and Trevor stood either side of her and squeezed her breasts and pulled on her nipples. Emma wanted to scream but she couldn’t because her mouth had a cock buried down her throat.

Her muffled moans and her body shaking told the men that she was having an orgasm. Peter began to fuck her face faster slamming his cock in and out of her mouth. Charles was thrusting his cock that hard into her cunt, that she was being pushed across the table and he had to pull her back onto his cock.

Fred and Trevor now pumping their cocks on each side of her, she was soon going to be covered in their cum. Peter held her head still, keeping his cock buried deep in her mouth as he shot cum down her throat. Trevor was the next to cum and shot his loads over her small breasts, Fred then shot his cum over her face and hair.

As Charles continued fucking her with a steady rhythm and in no rush to cum, Emma began moaning and squealed, “I’m coming, I’m having an orgasm.”

Charles slammed his cock into her cunt and kept his cock buried inside her as he started filling her cunt with his cum. Emma screamed, “I’m coming, oh god Charles you’re giving me another orgasm.”

With their cocks all limp and soft they decided to take a break and have a drink. As they drank their alcohol, they looked at Emma lying on the table covered in their cum.

Charles picked up his phone and said, “Can you bring some towels into the office.”

A few minutes later the receptionist came into the office carrying towels, when he saw Emma lying in the table covered in cum, he couldn’t stop staring at her.

Charles laughed and said, “You can have a turn at fucking the slut if you want.”

Emma didn’t know whether to be upset about being called a slut, or that another man was going to fuck her. The receptionist moved over between Emma’s legs and opened his pants. After dropping them down around his ankles, he drove his cock straight into Emma’s cum filled cunt and started excitedly fucking her as if it was Christmas and he was playing with a new mecidiyeköy escort toy.

Charles and his friends sat there laughing at how excited the receptionist was as they watched him fucking Emma. It didn’t take him long before he was adding his cum to that already inside Emma. After pulling his cock out, he pulled up his pants and turned to his boss and said, “Thank you, Mr. Palmer, will that be all?”

“Yes that’s everything, for now. I will let you know when we’re finished with the slut… you might like to have another turn with her,” chuckled Charles.

The receptionist left the office and closed the door behind himself with a large smile on his face. After Charles gave his cock a few pumps he said, “Give us a hand to stand her up.”

Trevor and Fred helped Emma up off the table and stood her in front of Charles, he smiled at her then turned her around and bent her over his desk. Emma felt her feet being pushed apart, then gasped as she felt Charles’s large cock being pressed against her asshole.

“No, you can’t, your cock is too big,” screamed Emma.

Charles didn’t listen to her, he just kept pressing the fat knob of his cock against her asshole. Emma took a deep breath as she felt the knob of Charles’s cock beginning to enter her ass, she took another deep breath as he pushed his cock further into her ass. With his cock all the way inside her ass, Emma started groaning as she gasped for breath.

After leaving his cock buried deep inside her ass for over a minute, Charles slowly withdrew partly out and then pushed all the way back inside. With each time faster than the last, Charles began fucking Emma’s ass faster and he was soon thrusting his cock in and out at a rapid pace. Emma was no longer groaning; she was trying to lift her ass up off the desk to meet Charles’s inward trusts. She was now enjoying having her ass fucked and was moaning loudly with pleasure.

Peter stepped in front of Emma’s head and lifted it up by her hair. When she saw his hard cock in front of her face she opened her mouth wide to let him shove his cock into her mouth and fuck her face. Fred and Trevor stood stroking their cocks as they waited to take a turn at fucking Emma again.

When Peter’s cock blasted his cum down her throat and he had removed his cock, Fred stepped forward to push his cock into her mouth, Emma squealed, “No, I want you to fuck my ass.”

Charles chuckled to himself as he had heard other females wanting him to have their ass fucked after he had stretched their assholes. When his cock finally erupted inside Emma’s ass, she was disappointed that he had cum; she had loved having her asshole stretched.

When Charles removed his cock from her ass, Emma screamed, “I want another cock in my ass.”

Fred stepped forward and pushed his cock inside the gaping hole that Charles had left, his cock was far too small for the gaping hole and he pulled his cock out and thrust it into her cunt and started fucking her cunt with hard thrusts. As soon as he had cum, Trevor took his turn at fucking Emma’s cunt. When it was Peter’s turn, he thrust his cock into her ass which by this time Emma’s ass had started to return to normal. He managed to cum inside her ass.

With everyone having fucked Emma’s face and cunt, and Charles and Peter having fucked her ass as well. Emma laid there bent over the desk with cum dripping out every one of her holes. After watching the men get dressed and leave the office, she watched Charles get dressed and make a phone call.

As Charles left his office he said, “Your payment is in the envelope on the table, my receptionist will show you where you can take a shower.”

Emma stood up and was standing naked covered in cum as the receptionist came into the office with another man. When they started to undress, Emma knew that the day wasn’t over for her just yet.

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