Enslaving Doctor Jake Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story are 21 or older.

Author Notes: I apologize for the poorly edited version of Chapter 1 of this story. Hopefully, the corrected story will be posted soon. I greatly appreciate the story idea/suggestion from Vinner0071. And finally, trigger warning–this work of fiction contains a homophobic slur.


Dr. Jake Henderson had been enslaved as a harem boy to Sheikh Hassan, thanks to the betrayal of his former med school classmate, Chase Williams. His promising career as a neurosurgeon was obliterated. His dream vacation was violently terminated. His burgeoning love for Chase was wrenched savagely away. Chase was a man, he lamented. He could have loved him forever. How did things go so wrong for Dr. Jake?

Dr. Jake’s passageway to the United Arab Emirates was relatively uneventful. His handlers took decent care of him, keeping him well-fed and hydrated. At all times, he was either naked or allowed only a skimpy pair of briefs on his voyage across the Atlantic. There were frequent times on his journey that he felt cold and vulnerable, something he knew he must grow accustomed to in his new life as a harem boy.

The worst they did to him was chain him on display during parts of the day, encouraging some of the captors to grope his body and leer at him as they were going about their chores and tasks. Jake was trying to reconcile the fact that his body was no longer his to control. None of the men dared physically assault him; Jake assumed this to be on the order of the Sheikh.

He had a lot of free time to contemplate and process his thoughts and the previous events. Jake couldn’t erase the betrayal of Chase Williams. Just as he thought all of his dreams were all coming true, the bastard had literally fucked him over. Jake’s new lover and his new job had been ripped away from him simultaneously. He ruminated in the memories and wondered how Chase could live with himself, knowing the life and hell he created for Jake. Tears and despair overcame him. Jake had worked so hard to become a neurosurgeon. It was all for nothing.

It took weeks to get to the UAE by ship, but from Jake’s understanding, they made good time. He didn’t mind putting off the ultimate meeting with his new owner for as long as possible. Jake was terrified of what lay ahead with his new life with Sheikh Hassan. When they arrived at the destination port, Dr. Jake was anesthetized again with an injection of a powerful sedative.

Jake awoke in a beautiful ornate bedroom with three stylists to greet him. He was sprawled out on the bed, completely naked. It felt as though he had slept for days. He was groggy from the residual effects of the drugs. Jake found himself still collared and cuffed. The men attending him explained that the restraints would be needed indefinitely to ensure his compliance with his new life. The men introduced themselves and said their role was to ready Jake for the Sheikh. Their names were Hamza, Ahsan, and Farhan. Hamza seemed to be the one in charge of Jake’s ‘presentation.’

“You are an exceptional being,” Hamza admired. “Our Royal Highness will be pleased to make your acquaintance. “Please know that the collar and cuffs are programmed to shock you should you become violent or resist in any way,” he reminded Jake.

Jake was already well versed on the security features of his restraints. “I promise I will behave,” he smiled at the men. “I have nothing to gain from resisting you.” He wanted to build up their trust. He had thought long and hard about attempted escape on his voyage. He didn’t think it was possible, that the odds were highly stacked against him. “What is the Master like?” he asked.

Hamza beamed, “He is handsome, smart, kind, and compassionate! You are lucky to be chosen by him! We should all be so fortunate!” It seemed as though Hamza wished he could be in Jake’s shoes.

Jake was dubious. He hoped any of the comments spoken by Hamza could be true. ‘I wasn’t exactly given a choice,’ he thought. “Are there many of us harem boys?” Jake asked.

“You are number 14 of an elite group,” Hamza enthused. “Our Royal Highness is a busy man who has to care for his wife, children, and harem boys. Of course, the harem boys must also care for Sheikh Hassan.” Hamza’s eyes twinkled when he talked about the harem boys.

“Yeah,” Jake responded. He was astonished. “I don’t know how he has the energy to keep up with all of that.” Jake thought the man must have an incredible ego to want to ‘entertain’ such an entourage.

“You will soon find out for yourself,” Hamza answered. “Sheikh Hassan is a fascinating man who is a marvel for all to behold!”

‘We will see about that,’ Jake thought. The one man Jake had been most fascinated by in this world, the one he thought he could love unconditionally, had betrayed him. Chase Williams was now the reason that Jake was in this predicament. Jake wasn’t sure how he would ever forget or forgive Chase. He hoped that Chase was somehow wallowing İstanbul Escort in misery right now.

Hamza interrupted Jake’s thoughts. “We need to begin,” he said. The men trimmed Jake’s thick, wavy brown hair, which often had a way of being unruly, transforming it into a coiffed style. They gave him both a pedicure and a manicure. Although Jake was naturally smooth, they explained the need to wax certain areas of his body, most notably his anus and surrounding tissues. It hurt like hell for Jake, but he had done his fair share of manscaping in his day. Jake liked to keep things neat and tidy. He was a gay man, after all. Jake’s ‘pussy’ had to be most presentable for ‘Our Royal Highness,’ his stylists insisted. “Your pussy has to smooth for the Master,” Hamza insisted.

Jake was relieved they only ‘spruced’ up his axillary and pubic regions. The royal stylists weren’t going to denude him completely. The former doctor would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the spa-like treatment, though. He could get used to all of this pampering!

Finally, the men said they needed to cleanse his ‘pussy’. It had to be immaculate, ready to eat if needed. Hamza asked Jake, “Have you ever received an enema?”

Jake sheepish admitted, “Yes, I have.” While he was indeed a virgin until surrendering himself to Chase, he had experimented a bit with his own ass play. He also prepared himself for Chase the night of their encounter, ensuring a pristine environment for his former buddy. Additionally, he had experience in the medical arena with enemas on the GI rotation back in his med school days. Nurses loved to make med students administer them.

“Oh good,” Hamza sighed. “This should be less traumatic for you then.” The men mixed a concoction of powdered milk, water, and molasses. They had Jake lay on his side in a fetal position and gently, almost lovingly, inserted the enema tube inside him. The men were careful to use plenty of lubrication. They infused the solution from the enema bag into his rectum, filling him up steadily in a matter of minutes. The solution was warm and engorged his abdomen. Jake focused on deep breathing as the enema distended his colon. “Good, my boy,” Hamza soothed. “Hold it all inside you. The longer you hold it, the better.”

Jake clenched his anus, trying desperately to keep the liquid tight within his GI tract. After 10 minutes, he was allowed to get up to the toilet and release the liquid contents. The process was repeated 4 more times. The final enema was a soap sud enema. The men were ultimately satisfied that his colon was cleansed when the enema was released and saw clear sudsy returns. His colon cleanse lasted at least an hour.

Next, they laid him in a giant mud bath. “This bath will detoxify you and aid in relaxation. You need to be in your best emotional state when you meet Your Highness,” Hamza said. Jake was astonished at the extent of this ‘prep’ work. He was skeptical that his nerves would be quelled by these efforts.

The stylists showered him, dried him, and rubbed him down with light aromatic oils. His skin was glistening from his treatment. Hamza placed Jake in a turquoise thong. He smiled at Jake and declared him “worthy and ready” for Sheikh Hassan. “You will do well! We’ve never had a boy so willing and ready for Our Highness!”

Dr. Jake was led from the ‘prep room’ to another part of the palace, where he was ushered into an expansive suite. It was ornate in detail. There was a large king-sized bed on a platform stage surrounded by a canopy which was the focal point. Hamza said, “This is the designated rendezvous point for Our Royal Highness and all his harem boys. His family knows not to disturb him whenever he is here.”

The men left Jake alone and told him he could make himself comfortable. The doctor didn’t feel any desire to relax. He was collared, cuffed, and thonged. He was tense and nervous. He paced and paced some more. He made his way to an adjacent parlor and sat on a chair, waiting for his Master to arrive.

He felt that he was back in medical school and residency. The culture there was abusive. The attending physicians often took glee in abusing the young students and residents. He knew resident doctors who died by suicide because they couldn’t take the abuse. He was glad to finally escape that environment. Now he was thrust back into abuse with no way out. He vowed that he would survive and make the most of his situation. He was strong and would persevere.

Jake didn’t have long to wait. Within 10 minutes, there was a bustle of men entering the suite. He rose to greet the assembly. It was his new Master and two secret service guards flanking him. Jake wasn’t sure of the protocol, so he smiled at the men shyly but remained quiet. He felt it was best to follow their lead.

The men wore traditional Muslim dress: a white robe (thobe), white headscarf (ghutra) with a black rope band surrounding it (egal). The Sheikh was shorter than Jake at 5 feet 8 inches but still commanding Kadıköy Escort in presence. He weighed 170 lb but was athletic in build. It was difficult completely to discern his physical features in his modest clothing. He was dark in features with a trim beard. Jake was astonished by his handsome looks. He expected an old man but found a 40-year-old distinguished royal man.

“Welcome, my boy,” the Sheikh greeted him. “I was briefed by my servants that you are extremely polite and well-mannered. I was so pleased to hear that. It is not always the case, especially with American boys. Sometimes this first meeting requires brute force.” He smiled at Jake. “Based on the reports provided to me, I expect no need for that. I sincerely hope you and I will not have any unpleasantries.”

Jake was smiling back at him. He remained a bit hesitant. “Yes, Sir,” he managed to reply.

“Excellent,” the Sheikh purred. “I have been looking forward to our meeting since the day I made your purchase. I must say your performance that day with Dr. Williams was astounding. You do not disappoint in person.” Jake looked down at the mention of Chase’s name. He didn’t want his feelings for Chase to show.

The Sheikh was reassured by Jake’s docile demeanor and dismissed his security to stand guard outside. Their protocol was to never stray far from the Sheikh.

“I know you had a promising life in the U.S. as a neurosurgeon. And I realize that your life with me will be much different than what you are accustomed to,” the Sheikh said. “But I promise to take good care of you as long as you behave as my loyal servant. We must have a symbiotic relationship, you and I.” He was studying Jake as he said this, eyeing his muscular physique. He seemed to be marking him as his property even further if that was possible. The man lingered his gaze on Jake’s supreme round buttocks displayed fittingly in the thong, licking his lips in anticipation.

“We will have time for pleasantries later,” he said. “Come with me. Time for you to learn more about your Master.” The man took Jake by his cuffed hand and led him to the bed, where he sat Jake down on the edge of the bed. Sheikh Hassan stood tall before his slave and undressed unabashedly, removing his robe and headdress. Jake observed the scene keenly. The Sheikh’s body was magnificent. He had broad shoulders and well-defined pectoral muscles, displaying confidence and masculinity. His brown skin was glorious in contrast to Jake’s alabaster complexion.

Jake could tell that he was an athlete. He would later discover he was an accomplished equestrian. Jake wished he could ask the Sheikh questions about his life, his family, and his wife. He wanted to know more about this man who now stood domineering and naked before him.

The Sheik’s cock was an impressive site to behold, 8 inches, uncircumcised and ready for attention. The man’s body was adorned with a modest amount of body hair covering his chest. He had a good pelt that was attractive yet not overwhelming, just the sort you want to nestle your head against. As he completed his disrobing, he commanded Jake, “I want you to suck my cock. Make love to it. It is your first time, so please show me how much this means to you.”

Jake replied timidly, “Yes, Sir.” He leaned inward but found it was more natural to get down onto the floor. He lowered himself to his knees, submissive to his Master. He was facing the man’s cock and inhaling the scent. This was going to be the first cock he ever sucked. He never had the chance to suck Chase’s, even though he would have loved to if given that opportunity.

Jake opened his mouth and licked the glans pulling gently on the foreskin to fully expose the glistening meaty head. The pre-cum was oozing from the meatus, and Jake lapped it up eagerly, “Mmmm.” He had longed to suck cock and was finally getting this chance. He continued to suck on the glans. He licked the shaft up and down and made his way to his new Master’s balls, taking one and then the other into his mouth and sucking on them gently. He inhaled deeply, and the aroma of the man was intoxicating to Jake. He looked up at the Sheikh, who eyed him back and rubbed Jake’s head and neck in an approving gesture.

“That’s right, boy. It feels so fucking good!” he praised. “Now, take it all in your mouth. Show me what a good cocksucker you are!” Jake complied and took the glans back inside his mouth, suckling gently. He let the man’s cock slide against his tongue; he relaxed his throat muscles as the cock descended his palate and touched the bed of his tonsils. Jake had prepared for this day long ago, having many thoughts and images of what it would be like with a real man inside his gullet. He controlled his gag reflex like a true pro. The Master was impressed, “Fuck yes, my darling boy!” The Sheikh began to thrust his cock in and out of Jake’s throat while holding onto the boy’s head for leverage.

Jake impulsively placed his hands on his Master’s hips for traction but was extremely cautious not Ataşehir Escort to fight him. He allowed the process to continue as nature intended. He just used the man’s legs to steady himself during the act so that he didn’t lose his balance and topple over. The Sheikh fucked Jake’s throat while Jake gazed up into the man’s eyes. He noted his Master losing himself in lust. Jake was enjoying himself, much to his surprise, as his own cock became rigid, swelling within the confines of his tight thong.

The Sheikh was overcome and shouted, “Oh fuck! Yes, I’m going to cum! Take my load!” He shot his massive effusion deep into the back of Jake’s throat. “Swallow your Master’s seed, boy! Take it all! Make me proud!” he demanded as he held firm pressure on Jake’s head, lodging it forward against the man’s pubic bone. Jake’s nose was wedged tightly against his Master’s pubes as he sucked and swallowed on his new Master’s cock, taking all of his cum.

Jake was effective and swallowed the Sheikh’s load like an ace, letting it meander down his esophagus. He found himself somehow eager to please this new man in his life. Additionally, it was his first taste of cum, other than his own, and he was zealous to experience it. He made guttural noises while working on the Sheikh’s ’emanation.’ The salty and bitter concoction was like nectar he had longed for all his life.

Sheikh Hassan was clearly impressed with Jake. He pulled the boy up by his collar and gently kissed him. “Hmmm, no cum left,” the Sheikh noted. “You are an unparalleled cock-sucker!” he commended. He moved Jake onto the bed, laying him on his back. He continued to kiss and grope the slave’s body lovingly. The Sheikh rolled him over and focused on Jake’s buttocks, prominently displayed in the thong. The Sheikh was also pleased to note Jake’s erection not so subtly hidden in his thong underwear, which he slowly peeled away from the doctor’s body. “Time for this to go. I don’t think you’ll be needing it.” He whispered sweet words to him, “I have a feeling you will become my favorite harem boy in no time.” He continued to worship the new harem boy’s body, giving it proper exploration just as any new owner might do.

The Sheikh leaned in, parted the boy’s buttocks, and viewed his hole up close for the first time. “Mmmm, so tasty and fresh!” He dipped and licked his tongue at the anal rosette giving Jake his first-ever rim job. He buried it and swirled it around, moistening the boy’s cunt, getting it ready. Sheikh Hassan knew that Jake would need to be well-lubricated before any penetration occurred.

Jake was in heaven, “Oh my! Sir! Mmmmmmm!” His body was quivering, and his erection was hardening underneath him as he lay on his belly. The Sheikh’s whiskers were ticklish against his hole but still an incredible sensation. He wanted the moment to last forever. He was almost sad when the man stopped his efforts, and the glorious rimming ended.

When he was sufficiently recharged, and his erection regained, the Sheikh declared, “It’s time for me to stake my claim on your pussy. You are mine. No one but me shall ever fuck you again.” He stared intently into Jake’s eyes, “Do you understand me, my boy?” He had rolled Jake supine onto his back.

“Yes, Master,” Jake replied. The doctor was throbbing hard with eager anticipation. His sexual encounter with Chase flashed briefly in his mind. Chase quickly vanished from Jake’s subconscious as the Sheikh raised the slave’s legs up into the air.

The Sheikh flexed Jake’s meaty thighs and placed the legs over the top of his shoulders. “Your cunt is a vision of beauty,” he marveled. The Sheikh rubbed his glans at the puckered hole. He was massaging Jake’s hard, throbbing cock. “I love seeing how much you desire, want, and need me!” he gushed. “Tell me you want me!” Sheikh Hassan demanded.

“Fuck me, Master!” Jake moaned. “I need you inside me!” And Jake wasn’t lying. He needed this. He needed some sense of new belonging. He needed to forget about Chase and the world that had been taken from him. He needed the void and his emptiness to be filled with something.

The Sheikh slowly eased his glans inside Jake. “Fuck, you are so tight!” He allowed the boy’s pussy to adjust to the welcome intrusion. Jake focused on his breathing and relaxed his muscles which enabled the Sheik’s cock to continue its slow, penetrating entry. His Master bottomed out, pressing his pubic bone against Jake’s perineum. “OH FUCK! I’ve never fucked a more exquisite pussy!” he exclaimed.

Jake was in ecstasy, “Oh yes! You’re fully inside me now. Oh God, yes. You feel so good, Sir!” He was staring up at the man who now staked claim over him, over his life. The man paused and waited for the slave’s body to fully acclimate. Then slowly, he began thrusting in and out of Jake’s cunt.

“Fuck, boy!” the Sheik cried. He was picking up his intensity, driving his cock harder and faster. “Your cunt is mine! You are truly my bitch! By Allah!” He leaned in, kissing Jake, thrusting his pelvis in a wanton intensity. He could feel Jake’s hard cock rubbing against his abdomen, which excited him even more, their bodies grinding furiously. Jake focused his energy on his anus, clamping and relaxing to provide further stimulation for his Master. Jake knew what a good bottom should do.

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