Florida Cougar Ch. 02

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The black Maserati gleamed in the soft light of the garage. Connor’s eyes seemed to adjust slowly as he took in the way in which it dominated the concrete floor and put to shame the large, equally obsidian Mercedes Benz sedan beside it.

“It’s his favorite new toy,” he heard Debra say from right behind his left ear as he felt her breast on his shoulder blade and her lips near his earlobe. “He won’t let anyone else drive it.”

Connor felt his body tingle at feeling her so close again. This woman was a sexual force and his body was useless against her. He felt her hand take his and the cold metal between them. He looked down at the keys in his hand.

“But he’s not here is he Connor?” She smiled that lip-curling smile with which he’d become so familiar and walked to the car where she stood at the driver’s side door. In his hungry staring, he almost forgot himself and had to lurch suddenly out of his stupor to beat her to the door and open it for her. She saw his near-mistake and giggled as he took her hand to ease her down into the low, black leather bucket seat.

As she bent her legs to fit, he saw the hem of her dress ride up to expose her uppermost thigh and the garter belt and ties that held her black stockings in place. His cock leaped into the soft fabric of his expensive cotton suit pants, reminding him of the lack of underwear Debra had silently insisted upon by offering him only the clothes on the bed and hiding what he’d worn when he fell into her world.

Debra saw his response to her choice of lingerie and smiled up teasingly.

“We’d better be off Connor. Our reservation is in less than a half hour.”

“Yes Mrs. Debra,” he smiled back with the growing confidence that came with relishing this role she seemed to delight in watching him play. “Right away ma’am.”

Behind the wheel of the Maserati, with the feel of what had to be a $6,000 suit on his body, Connor felt a potency that radiated out into the heavy Miami night.

Debra sat next to him, dancing slowly and sensually to the soft, Latin music pumping from the car’s insanely high-tech sound system. He watched her periodically in the mirror and caught her eye at every glance.

Those impossibly blue eyes bore into him from the mirror as her full, firm breasts writhed under the taut fabric of her tiny black dress. The glimmer of perspiration was apparent on her lined, freckled chest as she danced and her beautiful muscled neck shone out as she tensed it vigorously, allowing her red ponytail to whip back and forth against the high backed leather seat.

From the corner of his eye he could see her hands, and their long, age defined fingers rub her thighs, knees, and stomach as she swayed to the rhythms. When she moved deeply, her hands grabbed the dashboard and her back arched suggestively forward while her sinewy, creaseless arms showed their feminine power.

As he took her in with his eyes, Connor marveled at the sexual dynamism of her fifty plus year old body.

Intermittently she would lean into his ear and whisper a direction, guiding them towards the lights of South Beach to a destination that only she knew and was a mystery to him.

As her orders purred off of her wet, pouting lips and into his quivering ear, her tongue or teeth would glance his earlobe and make his body shudder as he fought to keep control of the insanely powerful mechanical beast that he guided down the Highway. Connor’s body had never felt so alive or dominant as it did behind that wheel and swathed in the expensive fabric of the perfectly fitting suit. He felt even more vital when he compared his body’s growing power with his mental need to stay attentive and servile to Debra’s every need. Feeling her power over him made him ache with passion. The truth of her dominance over him was taking its root in his mind as he looked up and caught her eyes again in the rearview.

They flashed back at him as if saying, “I know.”

Whatever Collins Ave hotel to which she had guided him was called, Connor couldn’t place it. It sat next to and between the hot spots of South Beach but was apparently much too exclusive for Connor’s broke hipster standing.

The valet was waiting for him as he opened the door and Connor had his ticket before he even noticed extending his hand. Men in white shorts, polo shirts and blazers surrounded Debra as she unfolded herself out the driver-side door.

A feeling of strange pride filled him as he watched the twenty-something guys his age or younger take her in and fall, if only momentarily, under the spell of her mature sensuality. Connor took her hand from the limp grip of the awed, young bellboy who had been struck dumb by Mrs. Debra’s eyes and smile. His suavity was met with an approving nod and grin from her and they went confidently together into the dark, cool lobby of the hotel.

He could hear and feel the ocean beating at them from the far side of the seemingly empty lobby. All the fashionable, beautiful people who populated it sat Bayan Escort Gaziantep along its deeply set walls and seemed to take in the newcomers without any apparent interest. Debra pulled him gently down the length of the place before turning right and stopping at a small concierge desk under a gaudy white chandelier that held faintly burning candles.

“Good evening miss,” came the voice of the reed thin, immaculate Maitre D. “It’s lovely to have you back.”

“Thank you so much,” Debra purred, allowing him to kiss the back of her extended hand.

“The cabana you requested is ready and right this way,” he demurred, releasing her palm and motioning subtly for them to follow.

They followed him through the mesmeric dining room. Soft, ambient music played over the diners who spoke quietly over their plates of expensive looking seafood and exotic cocktails.

Moonlight, along with its reflection off the undulating night sea, lit the room in concert with candles on every table and in more chandeliers strung from the high ceilings.

The Maitre D led them past the corner tables to a curtain that he parted for them and outside to a candle lit walkway that followed out towards the beach. After a few seconds along the path, they came up to four cabanas set behind tall palms. If he hadn’t been shown them, Connor would never have known of their existence.

“Enjoy,” the Maitre D smiled with a knowing grin and parted another curtain revealing an open, wood slatted door.

“Thank you again. Our meal will be on account tonight, so no bill will be necessary.” Debra said in a measured yet honey sweet tone.

“Of course,” he replied with a curt smile before disappearing into the pathway.

When Connor turned Debra was already disappearing into the cabana.

Once he followed her inside he took in the six by ten foot room with a circular padded seat that encompassed a small table. Long swaths of white cloth covered the side and back walls and a huge window comprised the far wall. The view of the ocean was uninterrupted and Connor moved in behind Debra, pressing against her softly from behind as she stood gazing out at it.

“What a great spot,” he said, feeling her round ass cheek against his thigh muscle.

“It’s beautiful. I love it here.” She leaned into his thigh as if provoking him.

“I’ve never seen this place from the road or the beach.” He murmured as he shifted, moving his growing, slightly throbbing erection towards the center of her as she leaned into him.

“Well, you’ve seen it from the road and just never noticed it’s there. That’s the point of exclusivity Connor, certain people shouldn’t feel welcome in certain places.” She pushed back against his cock and rubbed ever so subtly down on it between her ass cheeks. “And as for the beach view. It’s tempered glass, it looks black in the moonlight and reflective during the day. We’re practically invisible right now.” As she announced their invisibility, she pulled his head down to her neck as she grinded harder against his cock.

His lips kissed the soft, fragrant skin of her neck. The strong muscles that held her head to the side and allowed him to taste her rippled against his lips and cheek. He could feel the lines of her superb age as he kissed hard on her tightening skin. She pushed hard against his erection with her ass and he felt her hand reach back to gauge his length through his thin, light pants.

As she caressed his cock, his hand grabbed her left breast and he felt her nipple straining out through her bra and thin dress, eager to be touched. He squeezed her trapped nipple and she moaned suddenly and sharply. Grabbing his cock hard in reply. Her hand left his head and took his away from her breast, moving it down her dress towards her hips and thighs. She guided him towards the high hem of her dress and helped him pull it up higher on her gorgeous legs. The light fabric pulled hard and tight on the meeting of her hip and thigh and she pulled his hand south again where she pushed him under the band of her panties and let his fingers loose in the soft bramble of her red bush.

The tips of his fingers delighted in the softness of her pubic hairs and the way his touch made her writhe in his arms. His index finger ran down, feeling her hairs moisten at the parting of her pussy lips. She shuddered and moaned loudly as his finger ran the quivering wet length of her swelling slit.

“Touch me,” she moaned gently in his ear as he ran his finger teasingly up again.

His obedient index slipped into her pussy at the lowest parting of her lips and he felt her wetness grow as she bucked against him, her hand pulling his hair, grinding his face into her neck and cheek as she moaned again. The throbbing hardness of her clit brushed against his finger as he played shallowly inside her, his middle finger joining the invasion. The second finger caused her to curse breathlessly and her back to arch away from him, pinning her hand between her ass and his throbbing hard cock.

Her head turned suddenly towards his and her Goddess-like blue eyes came level with his mortal green ones. Her trembling lips grazed barely against his and her breath was on his face like an entrancing garden breeze.

“Tease my clit Connor. Touch it now.” Her lips were so close that it made him swallow the words as she spoke them.

Between his fingers he took the hard, throbbing flesh of her swollen clit and rubbed it as gently as she could bear.

At the first touch, Debra’s mouth found his and their tongues met in a dance that muffled the moaning scream of pleasure that came roaring from her engorged and burning pussy. Her fingers squeezed expertly around the sheathed shaft of his cock and he felt it pulsing in her familiar hand.

As their mouths danced, Connor ground on her clit with her fingers. Her flesh rippled as he teased her pussy open and rubbed her clit harder and harder. Debra bucked hard against him and almost fell into him

She pulled her mouth away and caught his eyes. “Lay down,” she ordered breathlessly and without a smile. “On your back Connor.”

He complied and watched her stand straddling over him. Looking up he saw the trail of sticky shine he had left on her upper thighs near the fabric of her sheer black thong and lace garters.

“Take them off.” She ordered evenly. Amazed at how delicate they were, Connor reached up to finger the thong, somehow knowing what she meant. “Tear them,” her eyes burning against the red hair flowing and free down her neck and shoulders. He did as told and ripped the fragile thin elastic waistband by tearing it away from her as hard as he could.

The residual snap was loud and left a thin welt on her left inner thigh. Her eyes closed and she cried out gently at the pain but when she looked down, he could tell she burned hotter than ever. She turned over him and faced away as she crouched over him in her heels. Her luscious ass poised above his eyes and her dripping wet pussy near his hungry mouth.

He felt her watching over her shoulder as she sat back on his face and buried her pussy in his mouth. His hands, the left still grasping her ruined thong, grabbed her milky white dimpled ass cheeks and spread them wide to taste her more deeply.

His tongue explored and entered her as his hands groped her ass. Her clit ground down on his tongue and he teased it when not licking her shiny, swollen pink lips. Through the miasma of his pleasuring her and the beautiful moans from her throat, Connor felt her free his cock from his fly and begin to stroke him again. Her expertise was as incredible as the previous hour and he felt his body flame with the now familiar consuming lust for her entire being.

“Lick my ass Connor,” she moaned. “Eat Mrs. Debra’s beautiful ass.”

Quivering, tight and pink, her asshole sat just before his eyes. She shifted down to ease his access and he moved hungrily to tease it with his tongue. As the tip of his tongue flitted over her asshole Debra screamed with pleasure and he felt her body go rigid in ecstasy. Spurred on by her passion, Connor licked harder and her response grew as well. Her hand stroked his cock with abandon as he spread her juices and his salivation over her slickening asshole.

He could see it widening at his touch and it made him wild to know how filthy she was and how good he made her feel. This Goddess wanted him to eat her ass and was pleased by his work. Realizing this made him want to cum but he fought hard and instead eased his pinky against Debra’s pulsing asshole.

“Oh Connor, yesssssssssss!” she cried out madly. “Do it. Stick it in. Finger my ass!” She sat up in a crouch now and he could see her jacking him off as she moaned. His finger slid into her hot, tight asshole and his mouth went back to eating her enflamed, soaking pussy.

Her response was cataclysmic;

Her back arched.

Her ass cheeks went rock hard.

Her hand grasped the head of his cock with ferocity.

Her pussy gaped and unleashed a torrent of her juices across his face.

Her torso went stiff as her body emitted a sound that encompassed all passion and blasted the room with echoes.

The orgasm was potent and came in waves as he moved ceaselessly on fingering her ass while he ate her pussy. Every peak and valley drove him crazy with lustful pride.

As she caught her breath she moaned, “yes Connor, yes baby, thank you Connor, you’re such a good beautiful boy.”

His name on her lips and knowing he pleased her was too much. Balls shuddering and cock going stiffer, his neck shot his head against her ass and he felt the fiery lightning of his cum shoot up his shaft and explode out of him.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” he heard his Goddess giggle and moan. “More cum from my beautiful boy.”

As he fell back in exhaustion he felt her rub him clean and heard her suck his gift into her mouth.

Then there was a knock on the door.

“That would be dinner,” she said standing up and pulling down her dress as she wiped his creamy cum from her lips with her tongue. “Maybe I should have cancelled the appetizer,” she said with a sly winking smile.

He laid dumbly and spent in front of her, shocked and frozen.

“Get up Connor,” she laughed, “you’ll give the waiter a fright if you stay like that and Mrs. Debra will never have her delicious meal.” She went to the door without making sure Connor scrambled to his feet.

She didn’t have to, as the door opened Connor’s zipper went up and he smiled oddly at the waiter, the wet, torn panties still in his hand.

Raw oysters, mango and steamed, cold lobster tails served as an appetizer to a meal that mostly consisted of Connor and Debra gazing at each other and laughing at themselves.

She asked about his music and she was eager to know more and listened like no one ever had to his feelings and theories on the subject.

Over sips of champagne and Debra’s almost constant stroking of his thighs and cheeks, Connor found himself rebuffed when he ventured questions that probed into her life. The most he learned was that she married her husband young and they never had kids. At this time in their life they lived almost entirely separate lives and that he paid her handsomely to ignore his indiscretions while expecting her to remain faithful.

“How’s that going?” Connor asked with bravado uncharacteristic to their relationship.

“I’ve never strayed a moment in my life dear boy,” she responded with a smiling, yet inscrutable innocence.

His confusion over this exchange shifted them back to his music and they stayed there over their dinner of poached grouper and citrus rice and into the dessert of a fresh fruit plate.

After coffee had been served and cleared, Debra climbed lithely into his lap and they kissed sweetly for what seemed like an hour while they flirted and spoke nothings into each other’s eyes and ears.

As the food and “exertion” washed over them, Connor felt himself tiring suddenly.

“Should I take you home Mrs. Debra?” He asked after minutes of staring into her eyes.

“Did I ask you to take me home Connor?” She asked with a sudden flare of hurt anger in her voice.

“No ma’am,” he stammered, furious at himself fro breaking the spell. “You just seemed tired…”

“The night is young my beautiful boy,” she purred up at him, her fingertips grazing his temple and cheeks. “Unless you want to be free of an old woman like me.”

“Never,” he heard himself say suddenly and with a crazed honesty. He immediately regretted the odd desperation in his tone.

She laughed at his answer with her light, airy giggle. “You’re so sweet baby. I’m so glad I picked you from my bushes.” She kissed him deeply as she sat up in his lap. The kiss was electric and the pawed at each other like pre-teens as their mouths ate at each other ravenously.

“Get me out of here Connor,” she whispered in his ear after disengaging. “I have something to show you.

The walk back through the hotel was uneventful save for the looks they received from all the twenty-something self-important posers in the lobby bars and lounges. Connor was well aware that they looked exactly like what they were, two people with at least 3 decades between them who had clearly been making each other cum in the very recent past. His suit was disheveled enough to show off the telltale creases and Debra’s lustrous mane of orange hair looked wild and gave her a very strong “freshly plucked” look. Connor simply smiled back though, prouder in her company than he ever had been and fingering the torn, moist thong in his left pocket. His free hand cupped Mrs. Debra’s lovely ass and pulled her to him. Her smiling gaze at his gesture made him want to sing with happiness.

Back behind the wheel of the Maserati, Debra re-commenced her unique giving of directions and his earlobe and body sang in unison at its usefulness. Heading back south and off the beach, Connor got a bit mystified by her directions as they seemed to be heading inland and south but not towards her house directly.

“I think you’re going to like our next stop,” Debra said softly, with palpable anticipation growing in her silky voice, “take the next exit Connor.”

As he steered the mighty car onto the next highway off ramp, Connor scanned the swampy environs for a touchstone in his memory. He could find none.

After following Debra’s instructions and passing back under the highway and onto a smaller road, he turned left onto an access road and up to a security gate. After seeing a camera take them in, the gate opened and Connor drove right down the driveway behind a white stucco wall. In the driveway was an assemblage of cars that would have made Connor jealous if the Maserati was his. Not a single beater landscaping truck sat parked among the Porsches, Ferraris, Benzs and Bentleys. Another valet appeared at his window when he stopped and another ticket appeared in his hand.

After helping Debra from the car himself, Connor noticed a pert smile on her lips and heard a gruff voice behind him bellow. “Welcome.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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