Glory Services Pt. 01

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Glory services

I have two loves in my life: sex and money. Why not combine the two?

Of course, the thought of being a male escort for the ladies was doomed to fail from the word go. Which is why my attention turned to men. Men will just about have sex with anything that moves. All I need to do is lead them on as long as the cash is right, donkeys with carrots on the end of a long stick, or a piece of meat thrown to hungry dogs.

How to set about a business of this nature is a very risky one. For starters, discretion; if they don’t tell I won’t, just as long as I have something to use as blackmail in the long run, not that it will come to that. I intend to have regular customers in for when the time comes.

The second would be how to get the kind of customers I wanted. Men who had plenty to offer both in meat and in cash. That would be somewhat harder as long as I could find a way of getting what I could out of them. It may involve tedious wading through gay hook-up adds and selecting those who would be very loyal.

Finally, what exactly could I offer? What would be my pitch? Something that would reflect on how attractive my business model looks to my clientele.

Blowjob’s galore! Complete discretion, secure location, no one will ever find out!

Not a bad start, I guess. I’ll just have to play it out and hope somebody will take me up on this offer.

A few days passed and my layout for ‘Glory services’ were virtually all set up. I live in a smallish place by myself. Though it does have a garden measuring ten feet wide by fourteen in length. This means that there is space enough to have a garden shed, which may indeed be a good enough close to set up a private, ‘love cubicle’ for my clients. So, I went out and purchased two shed’s and converted them into one with black out curtains. It may seem to the neighbours that I was preparing for an air raid for all they knew but much did I care. I did however consider having a light fitted on the inside of the shed for my customers so that they would have the chance to see the glorious hole in the wall for, you know what. With the door of the other shed fitted to face my kitchen for easy access in and out would mean that nobody would see me, I even had curtains fitted in the kitchen just in case. I even had this ingenious idea to print customer cards so that people could come back for a discounted rate. Maybe in a couple of months the inside of the shed would be filled with graffiti and colourful art depicting what a hungry, cock sucker I was!

With everything I needed in place,

‘Love cubicle’.
Loyalty card.
Pictures of the arrangement.

Soon as the word would get around then people would come flocking from all directions and by my luck will be coming back to get their dicks nice and sloppy!

By the time the Cubicle was finished, it was a little bit more cumbersome than I had imagined. What I had done in effect was move the entire shed to the side of the house where the front connected to the back garden. The result was that I had to make two new doors and take pains to make sure the two windows were tinted but so that neighbours would not be watching, or maybe they should if they knew what they were missing on. Even so, I simply had slide in partitions so they could block out the light. Finally, I had to install two lights on either side of the wall but In order to make the feeling somewhat more erotic was that both lights were tinted red, which resembled one of those brothels in the red-light district in Amsterdam. But at long last, the cubicle was now finished! I did however had on of those feelings that maybe I should do something else. Maybe some graffiti on the inside with some quotes about giving head etc etc. I decided against this and decided just to let the ‘guests’ see to it if they chose.

I then did the only thing I knew I could when I was satisfied with what I had to show. I took to gay dating apps by the score and set up all of my profiles. All I had to do now was wait and see what happened. I went to bed that night satisfied but very excited for what was coming.

The next day…

I woke up about 7 in the morning, had a shower and a shave, had breakfast and brushed my teeth. It was now half-past 7 and I checked my phone and the first thing I saw made my jaw drop to the floor. I found that I had over 400 notifications and over 100 E-mails. It was a good thing that I work from home and that today was Saturday which meant no work because this was going to take a while. From 8 to 12 I read messages that began with, and for batum I am only giving examples of those that don’t start of with; ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ and instead giving you some of the more interesting sounding responses.

“Holy shit that sounds like heaven!”

“Bet you couldn’t take me and my friend if we paid you.”

“Can I bring my dog please?”

(I appreciated his honesty more than anything)

“Can I bring my cousins with me?”

“Could you throw up on my dick?”

“What if I presented to you, my arse? Anadolu Yakası Escort 😉”

“You don’t have Tourette’s, do you?”

(The fact that this was the first thing he had to say was outstanding. Though it occurred to me that maybe this was just someone taking the piss.)

I responded to those that were curious about this and would definitely consider it. I asked for face pics and perhaps a dick pic as well. (Is it not right and just to see what I’m going to get my lips around?) doing this eliminated quite a few chicken shits but as far as I was concerned, they were either pussies or had dicks in so many knots that it would take a team of cousins and a lot of counselling to untie it. What I wanted was men with stiff, long cocks that I could gag on and make them shoot hot cum down my throat all day long, there I said it!

I got into a few conversations on the apps and via E-mails about each other because in mind it made more sense to remember that these were real people on the other side and they needed to know that I was a real person as well. It was an interesting experience because I had a huge revelation about these dating apps after about two hours. That is people will literally block you for no reason whatsoever because some people on these apps, all they want is to get their end away and get so bored, so quickly that they delete the apps before the used Kleenex hits the bin. I say this because a few people did admit to me they were climaxing to the thought and were never heard of again. These people only view gay sex as a fantasy and nothing else. As a Gay man, I’m not too bothered by that, people will make their own minds up and that’s not really my business. It is however a different thing when you lead people on and then waste your time for no reason whatsoever.

But after washing my hands of these ‘timewasters’ came the much more striking clientele, the sort of men I would love to meet. Pleasant, raunchy and talkable. The pleasant guys are always the ones that are slightly reserved and make me feel the most involved in, which separates giving a blowjob to giving a man an unforgettable experience. The raunchier types are somewhat more honest to talk with and will spill their guts out with plenty of hot pictures, always with their cocks out. They are very good to imagine giving head too and seeing again in my mind, since they just found a naughty little part of the country to explore their fantasies. The talkable lot however are quite different again. They are the only type of persons I would consider just having sex with. They were flamboyant in the descriptions of past debaucheries which gave me new ideas to try in the future! Even in cases where I contemplated asking them for sex, I relented because the experience was to offer discretion but spice it up with a twist that would keep a guy’s identity intact but explore a level of kinkiness once they stepped inside. My ideal client would preferably be an early 40’s man with a burning sensation to be honest with himself and let himself go. I would love him to be burly but strong enough to let me know he meant business and for him to be a great person to talk to face to face, even if I was swallowing his very essence.

As luck would have it, I found him. Rick: 40, tall, large belly for a man his height, legs like tree stumps, forearms like RSJ’s, a Lumberjack’s beard, an enormous mouth, a great display of kinky clothing and a gorgeous 8-inch beast with a head like missile ready to explode at a single touch! His profile ran:

Rick ‘with the big dick!’ I love nothing more than embracing guys and showing them why ‘big is beautiful!’ at heart I am a softie but can make myself hard for anyone. There’s a lot to love and a lot of things I want to know about you! So why not hit me up? This Bear is ready for mating season! 😊

The only thing I was kinda in the middle on was him referring to himself as a ‘Bear’ since he was hairless from the neck down, not even having any pubes aside from a strip of hair like a black line down to the base of his shaft. His skin tanned beautifully though, which got me to think that he tanned out in the open. For some reason, this turned me on very much, he was the kind of man who would wear speedos knowing the rode up his mountainous arse!

I knew I wanted him the moment I thought about it for only a few seconds.

Eric: So, I heard that you have yourself a little glory hole?

Me: Oh yes, It’s already to go to anyone who wants to get their end away!

Eric: Haha! I like that! You must have cocks coming at you from all angles!

Me: If only, it just opened today and I’m waiting for my first customer.

Eric: Do I get something special for being your first man?

Me: Hmmm, depends, is there something that you like?

I sent him a picture of me in tight jeans flaunting my arse to him. That would get his attention!

Eric: I think I would love that! I love your body, it’s so smooth from here!

Me: How about you come over here and I’ll show you how smooth my mouth is Kurtköy Escort round that huge cock of yours!

It was a little bold in my end but much did I care! People like Eric have something other people don’t. When you are faced with something that makes your heart flutter, you’re going to get it by letting them get you! The thought of Eric’s shaft banging me till dawn hadn’t quite crossed my mind yet. Not that you could make me any harder than I already was!

Eric: I could cum over right now the way you talk to me! I’ll head down now if you fancy it babe.

I slammed in the address before it even occurred to me to show how much it turned me on that he called me, babe.

Eric: I’ll be there in 5!

5? Was I reading that correctly?! I was already downstairs and in the back garden when I got another message.

Eric: Want me to head in now? I’m, at the place.

Frantically and a little shakily I wrote,

‘One minute, just getting it ready for your huge thing!’

I got into my half of the cubicle and got on my knees. I was wearing a simple shirt and jeans and was just about to think about taking them all off but then,

Eric: So, I just open the door and lock it behind me then?

Me: Yea sure, make sure to lock the door behind you and I pulled the partition so you don’t need to worry about privacy.

What I was worried right now was that this was actually going to happen with a bloke I only spoke to minutes ago! I was so completely at his mercy by his looks, the look of his manhood and how badly my urges truly were. There was no looking back now as I heard a knocking from the door on his side. I messaged him quickly,

Me: Come on in big boy and enjoy the ride! X

The door opened and was shut behind.


Said Eric in a booming tone.

“I love the lighting in here, oh! What have we here?”

He must have saw the wall in front and the single hole cut into it. He bent low to look into it, our eyes met and to say this was not love at first sight would be something of an understatement.

“Wassup cutie?”

Eric said he had calmed his voice and looked more lovable when he smiled at me.

“Your gorgeous!”

Was all I could say, words failing me.

“Did you expect- “

“I need your cock Daddy! I want that huge thing down my throat! It’s what you came for isn’t it?”

It was the first thing that came into my head and continued to tent my pants and probably Eric’s too because he looked almost stunned but his grin became a lusty one who just got told he was going to be slutted over.

“You seem very eager babe! So, I am left with no choice.”

He stood up and he made sure I could see him unzip his jeans to see the object of my desire outlined by his black briefs. I suspected it must have been more than 8 inches but that was just the slut in me thinking in terms of how much I was about to gag on it. I could have reached out and pulled Eric’s undies down but instead I said.

“Come on Daddy it’s not fair to keep that thing from me! Let me have a taste pleassse!!”

Eric however placed his hands on his hips and rocked back and forwards slowly. He was a tease I’ll say that much but he was a mean tease, he knew how much I wanted it and he was going to make me beg for it if he chose. After what seemed like a long time, he hooked his thumbs to the waist band and voila! Down they came and OMG! Their stood the mightiest, meatiest and manliest thing I had ever seen in my life. A man’s manhood is the single defining part of a man’s body. It has impregnated the world and is worshipped for giving us life, it was now ready to receive a very special ceremony for its contributions to the world, courtesy of a cock worshipper in training!

“You want a taste baby? Well open wide and eat up baby!”

Said Eric in what I swear was the huskiest of voices a giant hunk like Eric could say.

He then moved towards the wall and shoved his enormous cock into the hole. I wondered if he was excited as I was. He must have been expecting me to shove my face till my gag reflex was obliterated, actually I had something else in mind. I had gone gaga over Eric for this moment and now it was my turn to make his heart race!

I first got underneath his cock and simply let it lie there on my face just for the heat of Eric’s cock on my face. I let it lay there as it twitched ever so slightly like a sleeping giant. I then exhaled through my nose as a fairly small breath of wind, cool by contrast down the underside of Eric’s cock. I didn’t know for sure if Eric was phased by this so I began to blink and my eyelids did have enough reach to brush themselves between his head and his shaft. His cock pricked (so to speak) which flopped on my face in time with my blinking.

“Jesus Christ baby, I never took you to being this much of a tease!”

Said Eric.

Te-he, I thought. It meant I was working my magic and he was loving it!

However, now was the time to open up my ever so grateful mouth and began to change up my breathing so I Pendik Escort inhaled through my nose and exhaled through my mouth. His twitching became continuous and he pumped his cock in and out in motion, he was dying for me to get his cock in my slutty mouth. What Eric didn’t know was that it was now my cock to worship and there was no way in hell I would rush this magical sequence of events. Like a snake, my tongue slithered out of my now gaping mouth and gave a very gentle flick along his shaft with my tongue. I then gave his shaft another little flick with my tongue. I couldn’t stand this foreplay much longer! All I wanted was a face full of cock! But I crossed my toes in telling myself that I needed to see this through till the very end. I pulled my head away and redistributed myself and was now looking straight at his menacing head twitching in front of my eyes. Unblinking, I pursed my lips and planted very delicate kisses on Eric’s throbbing head. The smell and the feel of his meaty head made me feel like a completely new person. I was no longer a simple, gay man living in the closest in the suburbs. I was a cock worshipping slut, ready to get on my knees for anyone who asked/ordered!

“I love how gentle you are babe. You know how to make a man feel special alright, Haha!”

Ha! He didn’t know the half of it!

Without even thinking about it I simply opened my mouth as wide as I dared and shoved my face onto Eric’s cock. I knew I did something right because it took a while before the tip of my nose touched the wall. Holy shit was it big! I maybe starting to gag somewhat but I was almost content to stay there till I had no choice to back up. It was the longest 3 seconds of my life but it was one of the best for sure! Eric’s cock twitching and pulsing in my throat! Tears of joy beginning to escape my eyes and the gagging sensation in my throat was something all cock worshippers should do! I was gasping for airs with my tongue sticking out as Eric’s cock continued to pulse now covered in gooey saliva.

“Holy shit baby that was, AH!”

I was already deepthroating him again before he had time to finish. I wanted to please him and his cock till he couldn’t take it any longer! This time I stepped up my game and had his cock in my throat for 10 whole seconds. I managed to bob my head even when my nose and chin were pressed hard against the wall and Eric’s grunting was apparent to us both. Before pulling out, a wave of clear saliva shot itself out of my mouth coating the base of Eric’s cock and leaving him in a bigger mess than before, the dirtier the better!

“Babe please! I think your great and everything but this time I just wanna rock that mouth by moving my hips, ok?”

“Sure thing! I’m more than ready!”

I sat there on my knees with my mouth open like a grateful slut that I now was and got roughly one third of his cock in my mouth before I stopped and felt him begin to rock his hips away. He was now the one to control the pace of this blowjob and what a job he did! Saliva came out of the corners of my mouth and either slid down my chin and down his shaft and back through the hole to his balls. It was certainly a much easier time on my throat, that’s for sure. I will however admit that I think Eric though clearly enjoying himself in this, was maybe wanting something that I was doing to him earlier. Not that I cared, if he wanted to tell me then he would! I would also be lying if I said that even though this was getting a little bit tame for my liking, (I say after my performance from earlier)

Eric on the other hand looked to be in a more desperate need at this stage to unload his carnal pleasures into me as his pace seemed to increase, treating my mouth as a pussy and savouring this experience till the very end. Well, maybe we should all find out who gets ready to do it first! I placed my hands on the wall and in time with his own thrusting, began to pump harder again with my lips becoming almost airtight around his swelling cock. I could sense he was getting ready to blow and I would make sure he wouldn’t have any spunk left once I had finished!

“Suck it baby! Ah! Shit! You’re such a tight little! Ah! Shit!!”

Hearing him praise me installed another newfound revelation in the man that I now was. Someone who was not only good at this but able to make a man like Eric almost tremble in delight. Which must have been a testament to his stature and endurance because I was now at full speed once again! His thrusts rose to the point of climax and my bobbing gave my throat a pounding it had never experienced before, along with the saliva and tears, it was paradise!

“Holy shit! I’m gonna cum in your mouth babe! Get ready to open your mouth wide!”

Although I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to just down his cum, having it on my face would be just as hot, so I gave one great, final suck just so I knew he couldn’t hold on and pulled out and got in position just in time for…

Eric moaned and grunted as strings of hot, sticky cum shot out in spurts for a whole six seconds nearly coating my face! I think he wanted to use my mouth to see if he could land his all his cum in me like some perverted fountain statue but his shot must have been greater than I had anticipated. But fuck if I cared! I was now a cum covered, cock, worshipping, whore and I loved it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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