Hands on the Wall Ch. 02

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Please note. This is a straight continuation from part 1 and will not make sense in it’s own right. Please read “Hands on the wall” first. I am finding that feed back is very welcome and helpful. Thanks, on with the story.

This is not particularly hard BDSM, so perhaps less mental anguish and less domination than some might like.

Hopefully a rollicking good read. Let me know

I deliberately haven’t tried to touch you in the car for the first few minutes. I do exchange hungry glances your way and you are staring at my crotch, where, there is no way I could hide my excitement. I say to you “put your left foot up on the dash board.”

You do this without delay and a smile, probably thinking “big deal.” You settle there and look comfortable and so close to irresistible. If we weren’t doing around 100kmph and I wasn’t so disciplined I could unzip, lean over and have you right there in a clumsy frenzy. Quickly and hard. I don’t, because I am disciplined and I want to see you teased. Wanting to be the one to tease you to pinnacles of delight and frustration combined.

Your smile makes me smile to myself. I reach over and turn on the air conditioning. The blast is a shock, especially for you and where the current of air is blowing. You almost leap off the seat as the icy air blasts past your thighs and right at your exposed pussy. The shock is a real fright but I admire the way you don’t drop your hands. I calmly tell you “stop squirming and hold still” and to “Let the air in and enjoy.” You are biting your bottom lip and trying to get some form of friction on your pussy to combat the mixture of delight and discomfort from the air. I love it and am almost coming in my pants next to you, while trying to keep the car steady on the road.

You start to move your left knee in to stop the air on you and obscure my wonderful view. I reach over and you feel my hand on your knee. It feels like a hot iron with the passion heated blood pumping through me and the contrast of the cold air being blasted at your damp parts. I gently pull your knee back toward me and you groan out quite loudly. You are behaving so well and playing the game, I couldn’t be happier. I am waiting for you to trip up however with a trivial mistake that I can punish suitably. I hold your legs apart for a minute or so and let the icy air current try to find its way into you. I start to firmly run my hand down your thigh, from your knee toward your yearning pussy. You lean your head back and are obviously hoping for a warm and hard contrast to the cold conditioning I have been sending your way. As my hand makes it’s way toward your beautifully manicured mound I reduce the pressure on your leg and by half way there, you can barely feel anything from my contact. As I get to within, inches of your, by now, slightly glistening pussy lips, you can barely feel my fingers and are trying to lift your self off the seat to feel more pressure. I tell you to “remain seated until the carriage has drawn to a complete halt”, in an attempt at humor complimented by excitement in the moment.

With my left hand (not my best but the only one available – while driving,) I continue to tease you. Up and down the inside of your thighs. Scratching with fingers, lightly then hard, all the while taking great care not to even brush a single pussy hair. I’ve turned the air con down a little but now your body, or a certain part of it, is screaming out for any kind of friction. This continues for a good five minutes and you are squirming on the seat. Your pussy is really glistening there in the mixed light and you are moaning lightly with your head tilted back against the head rest.

Every bump in the road is nice but you can feel the frustration growing and my pace (or lack of it).

Just as we turn off the motorway you say “Please pull over, please fuck me, please something, anything in me now… please…. Touch my pussy, rub my lips, please, please my clit, my clit… please touch it.”

I smile back at you and say “shhh, soon…. it’ll be worth it.” We take a corner and I let my hand so lightly brush your pussy that normally you may not notice it had happened. To you though, it feels like lightening and fireworks have combined and hit you right there. You are lunging toward the touch desperate for more contact.

We finally pull up to my home and you are relieved. The seat is quite wet where you’ve been sitting and we can both smell your musty excitement. I remove my hand from you and we sit there for a moment under the security light by the garage.

You catch me staring at your beautiful pussy and we laugh.”Right,” I snap out of it “on to next step, good oh.”

We gaze at each other with a look much more than lust and I don’t know what it is that stops me lunging across the car and just having you right there.

Instead I will myself on with the plan stating as clearly as possible, “there are two items in the glove box that I want you to wear into the house. You can stop the last of us izle now and we can just fuck like a normal couple on the bed or car… or you can choose to carry on.”

You lick your lips and I continue on, “If we are to go on, you will open the glove box and I will help you with the items there. From this point on you must speak only when spoken to (or to utter the word for a release) and do exactly as I say.”

I smile at you soaking in the information, continuing, “Before this though I want to kiss you. When we finish kissing you can decide if you want to go ahead with tonight’s adventure.” We lean toward each other and begin to kiss. The stereo is playing some easy going but pleasant love song from the nineties.

My cock is up against the gear stick and I reach over and pull your slippery self lubed ass cheek toward my body and attach my mouth to yours again.

We kiss for an age and the fumbling and touching is intense. I take great care to not touch your pussy but cant help notice you are rubbing yourself on my gear stick and sometimes against the fabric straining with my cock inside it. We pull away from each other as the car is hardly ideal, despite the attraction we have for each other, it is becoming uncomfortable. You lean back and look at the glove box. You look back at me and I am just smiling, noncommittally, back at you.

I think I detect trust in your eye and I don’t say anything as you reach slowly for the glove box handle. Noting the change in your appearance I hold you back and say, “Hang on, your dress is covering you again.” You can’t believe it, having bitten the bullet and stepped into the breech that I should stop you. I help you to hoist the fabric back up so I can admire you some more before you start and note the frustrated glance.

You had summed up the courage and now I had distracted you and thrown your confidence a bit. But, like the trouper you are, you carry out my wishes and fluff the dress a little more. Then you lean in, give me a quick and hasty peck on the lips and open the glove compartment.

Inside is a brown envelope which I can see has frustrated the hell out of you even more. You were expecting instant gratification and when I nod and say “open it” you practically rip it in half.

There is a look of mystery mixed with enlightenment as you pull out the first item.

A blindfold, the best kind. Lacey and soft but completely rendering the wearer blind to the world. I tell you “you will be wearing this for most of the evening” and you give a little shiver of nervous excitement. You shape to place the blind fold on and I hold your wrists down, “not yet” I offer, while pointing at the envelope. You can’t believe that in your aroused state you forgot about the second item.You giggle and pick up the remnants of a once intact plain brown envelope and peer inside.

Inside is a long, light yellow, almost fluorescent ribbon. You turn and look at me inquisitively, probably thinking – “like in my hair, not since I was twelve anyway?”

I just smile at you and say “give me the blindfold and we’ll put it on then all will be revealed.” Any real nerves are melting away as you hand me the ribbon and put the blind fold on your self.

God, you look incredible, vulnerable, edible, and somehow confident despite your pussy exposed and eagerly gaping at the world.

“I’m going to put the ribbon on you now,” I say explaining myself a little.

You smile and say “okay” and I lean in and hungrily kiss you before starting. You kiss back but I pull away before we get to engrossed again.

I tell you, “I want you to experience some new sensations and I’m going to play with you in ways maybe you’ve never had before… trying things with you that I really like.”

You nod kind of eagerly but look a little anxious.

“Firstly, I am going to tie the ribbon around your waist to hold your dress up.”

You start to say something out of nerves but I put my hand on your thigh gently and say “remember the rules, no talking unless specifically spoken too?” You still look a little scared and I remind you that “if anything is too much, you always have the ‘word’ and to trust me.”

I ask again “do you trust me?” and you tilt toward me and nod positively.

I tie the ribbon around your bunched dress which I am really pleased is compatible with my plans as it rides up high on your lovely waist. The ribbon is tied firm but you can barely feel it and I think it works nicely. I tell you “I am going to leave the car and go around to your side now to guide you out” which you nod too. Before I go I slowly lower my index finger down carefully between your legs. Not touching anything. You are turning you head curiously wondering what is happening with the quiet…

When my finger is right out side your pussy I make contact. One single slide up between your lips and over a small but distinctive bump.

You almost leave the car through the the lying life of adults izle roof and gasp out loud while writhing, both trying to get away from my finger and to find it again.

I chuckle and enjoy your reaction as do you … but I am wanting so much more.

I wander round to your side of the car and open the door. I still can’t believe that you are sitting there in your glorious state and this is going so well. My hard on feels like it is gaining blood pressure every minute. I can feel a pulse in my pants like a drum beat.

I take your hand and guide your head so you don’t get bumped and say “we are going for a walk”. I feel you flinch and hesitate as you remember my neighborhood. I know you are thinking about the street beyond the leafy protection of my driveway and people about so I reassure you by rubbing your arm. “C’mon,” I encourage you gently forward.

Still I take measures to make sure you have no idea which way we are going.

I have no intentions of sharing you but it is nice to you have to trust me and nervous and contemplating imaginary scenarios all in the same state.

I take a moment to place your hands on the gate to my path and step back to admire the view. There you are in your dress. Your beautiful floweriest parts exposed to me in the moonlight mixed with yellow security lights, all filtered by the trees. There is a yellow ribbon holding your dress around your waist. Your legs are straight and your back slightly arched. I can feel the genetic caveman parts welling up in me and I want to take you against my fence. Right there and then – raw. The temptation to just drop my pants at my ankles and plunge in is so great.

I manage to resist and guide you, by locking my arm in your arm and wandering around beside my home. The feeling of half nakedness, mixed with your recent arousal and current blindness is a great combination. Also, encouragingly I can see you smiling in the low light. It is warm enough and you are certainly comfortable.

You are also warmed by the fact we are not on the street and are familiar enough with my place to know that you are being led around the back to the deck. You don’t know it and can’t see it but I have set up some things in the hope that this night would eventuate as it has.

Up the steps and onto my deck I lead you. You know that the beautiful views of the sea and nearby islands are right there but no one has a direct view of my deck. What you don’t know is what is laid out and awaiting you, entirely for your pleasure. If you can handle teasing pleasure, the pleasure will be yours.

I lead you over to a narrow padded bench. The height of the bench is just below the height of your waist and I intend for you to lie face down on it with your high heeled feet spread but still on the ground.

Standing behind you though at the bench I decide to play with your body for a while. I tell you “stand up as tall as you can and slightly arch your back.” Your hands are gently guided to the bench for support. It is difficult to confidently stand tall while blind, let alone naked but you know I am there and use me for balance while you listen and do as I say. “Now put your feet about a foot apart” I say and you do with some gentle assistance from my feet o the inside of yours.

“Hmmm good” I offer encouragingly.

I stand close behind you. You can feel my hardness in the middle of your back. You are told to reach behind and grab my ass and you do so, eagerly and fast.

Firstly I reach around your waist and slide my hands over your pelvic wings. I pull you toward my cock firmly and the sensations for both of us are amazing. I’m still wearing my pants though and you know there is a long night ahead so it is not a quick release. I start sliding my covered cock up against your naked butt and you are pulling me toward you as hard as you can. I begin to run my palms down the inside of your thighs and feel you try and will your pussy toward them for just a touch at least.

I break off and tell you “I am going to treat your pussy now.”

You are so flustered. Every time we gain momentum we stop and the nerves in your groin are starting to ache. It feels like the inside of you is reaching out just to be touched.

I ease you face down onto the low bench. You are on a pillow and soft towels which lightly scented with mint to go with the open air. You sigh contentedly if a little frustrated and I gently coax your legs as far apart as they will go, while your feet are still comfortably on the floor.

You hear the sound of water falling into itself as I squeeze a large spongy cloth into a stainless steel bowl of steamy water (just one of the items I prepared earlier before dinner – a volume of boiling water left to cool with essential oils and sweet smelling aromatics).

I tell you “I’m going to wash your legs and then I am going to wash your pussy.”

You giggle and twitch and say “my pussy the passage izle isn’t dirty.”

I tell you to “be quiet and that is the last warning.”

You say “I’m sorry” in a laughing relaxed voice and I continue with the sponge.

I squeeze a hot squirt onto your arched butt and it runs straight down the through your crack then the length of your thigh to your calf and foot, causing great sensations. The next squirt angles in and over your anus and pussy and slowly out onto your inner thigh and downward. To continue with the teasing theme I run the sponge from your heel clad ankle, right up the inside of your leg.

I am sitting behind you on a deck chair and have the view that every man craves. A wet and hungry pussy begging to be fucked. You are very good though and containing your frustrations aside from the odd wiggle and push, toward the soft sponge.

I increase the height of the strokes and start focusing less on the legs and the area just below your pussy.

Then I start to wipe your bum and part of the clothe makes contact with your lips. Your body starts to tremble a little as I brush more frequently over your pussy lips.

Each time a little harder and I can feel them opening up. You are trying to make your legs go wider. I keep telling you “you are going really well” and “what a beautiful pussy you have.”

Every now and then you can feel my finger through the clothe and I am starting to deliberately slide it between your lips. Light brushes and little flicks of the fingertips at first.

I place my left hand on the small of your back and press down with my flat palm. This gives me a feeling of control and you a sensation of being locked in and ready.

I stand up behind you and you are still frustrated to feel I have all of my clothes on. I think that you know however, I feel ready to explode and take out someones eye, in a neighboring suburb with a shot of cum. This, I know makes you happy. My right hand and especially my longest finger is exploring and parting your lips now and I have dropped the sponge back into the bowl.

You are so wet!

I tell you “because you have been so good and done everything I have said, I will let you cum soon.”

You just grunt, barely comprehending as you are concentrating on my fingers finding the right parts of you. I am deliberately only finding from time to time, not letting you build a rhythm. I tell you “Soon I am only going to play with your clit and it will be amazing, you will want to come very quickly, but you are not to, until I say.” You just moan loudly again and throw your hips around wildly, needfully.

I slightly curl my two longest fingers and bend them in between your lips. Almost instantly I find your little button and you writhe accordingly. You are trying to get on it and off it equally. The electricity is firing through your body and you can feel momentum gaining in an unstoppable way within yourself.

You are bucking and trying to get there and I lean in and whisper “remember, not until I say.” The fingers are flicking and lunging and circling in a non rhythmic way that is both unbearable and frustratingly, infuriatingly pleasurable.

Your soaking pussy is practically eating my hand and the noises are squelchy and grunty and unmistakably wet and raw from both of us. I can feel your body beginning to get to a point of no return so I slow things down and start talking to you.

Quietly and calmly and completely against the internal, joyful turmoil I am feeling, I say “when I have counted down to zero, you may come – not before.”

I see that despite your obvious distraction and arousal beyond comprehension that you have taken on board what I said.

I increase the speed and stimulation of my fingering and you moan deeply and more earthly than ever before. I see your hand clench. I am loving it and my cock is uncomfortable, entrapped in my pants.

The circling of the fingers I know has really got you wound up. I am continuing the pleasure swirl and trying to keep you at a level that drives you crazy without going over the edge.

I can tell you want me to start the countdown and just to find out what I am counting down from. It is killing you.

I take a deep breath and slowly say…


You gasp and almost start coming and I laugh. You feel so relieved but wonder if at even ten you can make it. I increase the tempo even more and knuckle one of my fingers over your clit while two fingers plunge inside. The sensations are sending your mind into delirious incomprehension. You are squirming on the bench…

“Nine,” I offer slowly.

As the count goes down you are writhing and bucking but managing to stay on the bench. I see you put your own hand in your mouth and bite down. I am so horny and manage to slip my pants and underwear down around my ankles so I can feel the night air like yourself. This I do while keeping up the thrusting and palming with my right hand into and over your pussy lips.

Down the countdown goes, number by torturous number… until.


You are beside yourself and are sure that the count has slowed. It hasn’t but was very slow from the start. I kiss your back and while my fingers are pleasuring you you can feel my enraged cock against your thigh and you moan and squeal…

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