Hot Teacher, Lustful Student Ch. 01

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This story is a work of fiction developed solely by me on a cold Dutch winter night.

The sexual fantasy however, is weaved around some real incidents that happened between me and my teacher. At the time of the incident, I had just turned 18 (18 years and 3 months to be exact) while my teacher was roughly 28 years old. I hope you enjoy reading this narration and I look forward to hearing your views.


As is the case with most teens, my first crushes were the teachers who taught me. I had mild to moderate crushes on almost every male teacher who taught me. I completed my schooling from a small tropical town in the eastern part of India. But this story begins when I started taking private tuition at this Academy. Three male teachers taught us there, but my heart settled for this man who taught us Biology and was in-charge of the academy.

He wasn’t particularly hot or anything- but he was good looking. With a light brownish complexion, a dashing smile and dimpled cheeks, he was always very friendly with the students. Sometimes he would leave the buttons of his t-shirt open and reveal his hairy chest, which would make it impossible for me to concentrate. He would crack random quips, often sexual in nature- and I would just burn with desire from inside. I distinctly remember him talking about Julius Caesar but (accidentally or deliberately?) calling him Julie Sexier; or starting the class on reproductive system with a question, “what is sex?”.

Since I was the best student in my batch, he doted on me; needless to say, we were quite friendly with each other. To his question, “what is sex?”, I had replied rather confidently, the character that distinguishes males and females of a species. Even though I didn’t meet his eyes or look towards him when I said this, I think something unsaid and unseen happened that day. Since then, he would crack jokes with me and on me and I would blush furiously. I also cracked elliptical comments on him which he received quite graciously. I still remember the day when I had scored good marks in an exam and he had kissed my hand. The brush of his lips on my hand still sends a shiver up my spine.

Anyways, after my Board exams, I was about to leave my hometown for higher education and I called him up to meet him before I leave. He asked me to drop by his house in the morning. He was alone that day; his family had gone for some function in another town. We sat together on his dining table and talked for a while. We had a lot to talk about. I was barely 18 and was going to live independently for the first time in my life. I told him that I had to go to my school to drop off some books. He suggested that I go do that and come back again while he freshens up; it was really early morning after all and he had just had his breakfast. I think he wanted to take a shower.

By the time I came back, it was around 11 in the morning and the April sun was showing its wrath. He offered me cold drinks and we talked some more about my career and future plans. In about 30 minutes, I got up to leave. It was a rather emotional moment for us- I was leaving, and his tuition academy was also on the brink of closure. To give you some background, I had joined the academy a year and a half ago, primarily because several students of my class were going there. In a few months’ time, most of the students left but I continued. As a result, I grew quite close to all the teachers there; particularly to him.

Coming back to the story: as I started to leave, he pulled me in a hug. Hugging people was not a part of my life growing up- be it men or women. Even today, I Bostancı Escort get very awkward when it comes to hugging people. But that hug- the embrace of the man on whom I was secretly infatuating for over a year- was a moment worth remembering and cherishing; for that hug changed everything. It was one of the tightest hugs I had ever bestowed upon anyone and he perhaps felt it; how else would you explain the events that followed.

He hugged me; I hugged him back tightly. My hands could feel the curves of his back and my shoulders could feel the prickle of his two day old stubble through my shirt. I felt his grip tightening on me; his hands move on my back and his face readjust to mine. It was as if time had come to a standstill. He turned his head a little so that I could feel his warm breath on my ear and his beard rubbed against my soft twink beard. His right hand was now curled all the way around my back to my right shoulder while his left grabbed my waist.

We separated a little so that I could see his eyes- burning red in passion and boring right into mine- consuming the innocent, virgin passion it exuded; unencumbered by a man’s touch. He bent forward and our lips met. Perhaps he knew I was inexperienced for he took the lead. It started with a quick peck on my lips and he moved towards my cheek and gradually down the jaw to my neck. My breathing quickened with every move he made and my grip on his back tightened with every kiss I felt. As he traced his way back to my lips his hand moved to my hairs and he engulfed my quivering lip between his voluptuous ones. As the kiss intensified, my eyes closed and my mouth opened. He tilted my head a little, opened his mouth and his tongue started exploring mine, just as I pulled him closer to me. It was then that I really understood Vladimir Nabokov, for in that moment my teacher was the light of my life and the fire of my loins.

Our kiss spanned several minutes or perhaps an eternity, who knows. All I knew was that I wanted it to last forever. However, it did stop and we did separate. He looked at me; my lips dripping in his nectar; his red from mine. I looked back at him and we both giggled- or at least I giggled and he gave off his radiant smile. He pulled me back in a hug and whispered- let’s go to my bedroom.

There was no one in the house, so we didn’t need to close the doors. It was a first floor house with no other house around, so windows were also open. As we entered his room, he started kissing me again, but this time he pulled out my shirt, put his left hand inside it to caress my back and pulled me closer while he started unbuttoning the shirt with his right. I had my hands on his neck, just below his ears and my thumbs were on his cheek. We continued kissing for a while, and soon enough my shirt and my vest were off my body. I was bare-chested and his hands were exploring my back, my shoulders, my chest, my belly and most particularly my nipples- and all this while he was kissing me. He would suck my lower lips, brush his tongue against them, then push it inside my mouth and wiggle it all around. At times he would lightly nibble on my lips or simply suck on my tongue making me squirm and shiver.

I wanted to do so many things to him, but this being my first time, I was very nervous. I think he realised that I wasn’t going to take initiatives so he took the charge. He started taking off his t-shirt and we had to separate for a while. This cleared my head a little and I started running my hands along the smooth sides of his torso. Once his t-shirt was off, he grabbed my waist again and started kissing along my neck and gradually pushed me down on the bed. I Ümraniye Escort used my hands to break my fall and eventually the two of us landed on the bed. We both had our pants on, but I could feel his hard-on rubbing against mine. Our naked chests also rubbed against each other as he lay on top me and continued kissing me on my cheeks, along my jaw line and moved towards my ears to whisper, “I have been dreaming about this since the day I met you. I am really happy we are doing this. Is this your first time?” My eyes were still closed, afraid that this might be a dream, too good to be true. I merely grunted in response and he buried his nose in the nape of my neck. I could feel his beard prickling against my skin and sending shivers throughout my body.

He moved further down and started playing with my nipples, sometimes licking them, sometimes biting them and other times just flicking his tongue across them. I couldn’t control anymore, I started moaning and held his head tighter against my chest. At that instant, he bit me hard and I almost screamed. He shushed me but smirked at the same time. He came up to my face and with a devilish smile, said that he wants to bite me and eat me but he doesn’t want to leave any marks on my body. After all, I still lived with my family. I didn’t know what to say to this, so I just caressed his back with my hands while he pushed his still clad crotch against mine and began kissing me again, his right hand pushing my head closer to him while his left went down and squeezed my butts.

I drew closer to him as he moved away from my lips and started nibbling my ears. I moved my hands tentatively towards his ass and he whispered again- “I wouldn’t mind if you grabbed my butt you know. You can do anything you want” and kissed me on my cheeks again. He was wearing lower so I could easily push my left hand inside his pants and grab his hairy butt. He let out a loud moan and lightly bit my neck. Encouraged by this, I squeezed his other butt-cheek and pushed my right hand inside his pants as well and tried to reach his hard, throbbing member which was surrounded by a silky bush.

I grabbed his dick along its length and pressed my thumb on its head which was leaking copious amounts of precum now. He hissed in a restless sort of way, clenched his butts and bit my ears again. But in the next moment, he got up, grabbed my right hand from around his dick and rubbed my thumb on his lips. Almost immediately, he bent down and kissed me again, giving me the taste of his pre-cum which I licked off of his lips rather voraciously.

Once again, he started moving down from my lips to my chin down to my chest through my throat and eventually reaching my nipples. My hands were now caressing and sometimes pinching his nipples while his were unfastening my school pants. Every time I would pinch his nipples, he would bite me softly to show his pleasure (or so it appeared to me). By the time he reached my navel, I was completely naked under him and he was moving closer to my pubic area. And suddenly, without any warning, he bit me hard- right near the point where my pubes started and I screamed my heart out while pushing my crotch towards him.

He looked up, again with his devilishly handsome smile, and said, you don’t show this part of your body to anyone do you? Taken by shock, I got a little teary but smiled at the same time. Perhaps he noticed it as well, for he immediately moved up and began kissing me again while his hands caressed my legs and went towards my butts. He said, I can’t not bite you; I know it will be painful, but I will only bite you where people won’t see it. And started kissing me again. I Kartal Escort said, blushing furiously, I like it when you bite me. And in response, he planted several pecks all across my face.

After some time, he coursed his way down again but followed a different route this time. He moved from my lips and started kissing my jawline and moved towards my left shoulder and down to my biceps and to my left nipple. While my right hand was softly caressing his hair, he interlaced the fingers of his right hand with those on my left, started moving it upwards and eventually rested them above my head. He bit my nipple softly and started moving towards my armpits- sending wave after wave of a sensation I cannot describe. His lips were soft on my skin, but his beard was rough. It was ticklish in more than one way which made me thrash and wriggle under him- so much so that he had to grab my waist using his left hand and pin me down using his legs to keep me steady. And while I was just beginning to adjust with this newfound ecstatic agony, he bit me- again- in my armpit.

I moaned loudly but he let it go immediately and began licking the spot where he had bitten me. He went down further along the sides of my torso and bit me again at the hip joint. He continued this for a while- coursing through my body with his lips and tongue and occasionally with his teeth in my other armpit, at the other hip joint and once on the side of my butt as well. Every time he would bite, I would arch my body towards him and moan loudly. And he- he would sometimes squeeze my chest, other times my butt. Every time he would bite, I would fall in a pleasureful sensation marked by a pain emanating from his teeth to my skin and coursing through my nerves.

In a sudden move, he turned me around and began kissing my back. I am not sure when he got rid of his pants, but I could feel his wet hardness along my spine and closer to my butt leaking his love juices. He started kissing my neck while his muscly hands engulfed me in his grip. He moved downwards along my spine kissing all the while and his hands squeezed my chest. He moved further down my back, closer to my ass and his hands grabbed and squeezed my dick. All through this, I couldn’t stop moaning; my body couldn’t stop shivering; my lips couldn’t stop quivering.

He moved further down and bite me again- the hardest bite so far- squarely on my left butt while he squeezed my right butt so hard that I cried out loud. I was teary again but it didn’t stop him this time. He bit me again on the other side and again just below my butt cheek and yet again near my hole- each time harder than the last time and each time accompanied by an equally hard squeeze on my butt cheeks or my dick or my balls. I couldn’t stop my tears- but I couldn’t stop pushing my ass towards him either.

He came up again, all the way to my ears and nibbled them softly while his dick landed between my butt cheeks and he rubbed it against my asshole. He asked me if I was okay and I nodded. He used his left hand to turn my face and kissed me on my lips again while I regained my composure. I could tell that by now he was supremely horny because he couldn’t stop rubbing his dick on my butt-crack.

After a bit, he turned me around and asked me if I wanted to suck his dick. This was a weird question for me- I didn’t have a lot of access to porn films, but I knew that this was something people did. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but I certainly was curious about it. When he asked the question, my eyes widened and he perceived my awkwardness through my expression. He said that it was okay if I didn’t want to do it, but I said I want to try it, although I am not sure if I would like it. His then asked me if I had ever done it before, and to which I replied in negatory and said that I have only ever seen it once in a video. He laughed and said he will teach me how to give a blowjob- I am your teacher after all, he said.

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