Lisa: A Tale

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Chapter 1

My name is Lisa. I work as a secretary in a large downtown insurance company (if I tell you the name, I will have to kill you). My friends and co-workers tell me I’m hot. I look in the mirror, and I can sort of see what they mean, but I’m not particularly confident of my ability to attract the opposite sex. So I often find myself alone on a Friday night.

This particular Friday evening, I am at a local popular hookup bar (don’t ask me to tell you the name. You already know what will happen to you). Not the sort of place you’d expect to find a hot but insecure young lady, but I didn’t promise you consistency. This is a story and you’ll just have to go with it.

I’m sitting alone at a small table for 2. The bar is relatively quiet for a Friday night, I suspect because it’s a holiday weekend, and everyone with an automobile and a stressed out week got on the road out of the city as fast as their little wheels would take them. There are 6 or 7 guys at the bar, a couple of them looking furtively my way, and there are about 6 tables with mixed groups, or all guys.

I’m sipping my second Cosmopolitan, feeling a little sorry for myself because I don’t have a car, and neither do any of my friends, but THEY all managed to hook up with someone to take them out of this godforsaken city. Maybe I am more angry than sad.

As I am drifting off into my own world, there is a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see a very attractive man, tall, slim, dressed in pressed jeans, a sweater, and athletic shoes, carrying what looks like scotch on the rocks.. He smiles at me. I’m blinded by the smile, but I keep my cool.

“Hello, pretty lady, may I join you?”

I’ve heard lines, and I love that he didn’t use one. Just straight out: you’re cute and I want to sit with you.

“Be my guest, kind sir,” I flirt.

He sits opposite me, puts his drink on the table, and looks at me.

“This is my first visit to this lovely city. I’m here with a couple of friends for a hockey game tomorrow night. Tonight, well, we heard this is a great spot to meet people and have a casual chat. Did I get good information?”

He smiles again.

“You did”, I smile back. “You may begin to chat casually at any time. I’m listening.”

He laughs.

“So, as I said, we love hockey and we love to chat. But you can’t chat at a hockey game. Too much noise. And if you’re chatting and not paying attention, you could get hit by an errant hockey puck.”

“That would be so sad. Your first visit to our fair city, and you’re killed by a flying piece of hard plastic. I think I may cry.”

He reaches out his hand and says “My name is Robert. What’s yours?”

He shakes my hand.

“I’m Lisa.”

His hand lingers in my hand, and I can feel a tingle rising in the center of my body. My kegels start to squeeze involuntarily.

“What do you do here in this city?”

I reluctantly pull my hand away.

“I’m a secretary at a big insurance company downtown. What do you do?”

“I’m a spy. I work for the CIA. I’m afraid I can’t tell you more than that, or I will have to kill you.”

I laugh much more than the joke calls for, since it is my line, and he delivers it so well.

“Gee, Lisa, I’ve used that line more than a few times, and it never before got that enthusiastic of a reaction. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

A favorite line from my favorite movie. He was rapidly overcoming my insecurities.

“Where are your friends?”

“They’re at that table in the back.”

I glance over, but can’t really see them.

“Well, aren’t they lonely without you?”

“I suspect they are. Would you like to meet them?”

“I believe I would.”

By then both of our drinks are empty, and Robert says,

“Let’s go then. I’ll get us more drinks when we reach our kağıthane escort destination.”

We approach Robert’s table. His friends turn to greet us. Well, imagine this. I’m thinking Robert is hot, and his two pals turn out to be hotter and hottest. Now I’m a little weak in the knees (not to mention tipsy), and I put out my hand.

“I’m Lisa.”

One guy takes my hand and says “I’m James.”

He rises, bends slightly forward, and kisses the back of my hand. Well, now I have to collect the puddle forming on the floor, and I take that hand and reach out for the other friend.

“I’m Cutler. Please forgive James. He was raised by aristocracy in England, and he is unaccustomed to the relaxed ways of America.”

I laugh.

James says “Come on Cutler, that was just a perfectly executed romantic gesture, now wasn’t it, Lisa?”

James does not have an English accent. I can see this is going to be fun.

Robert orders drinks all around. The conversation gets louder and more flirty, and I am getting more drunk by the minute. I can’t take my eyes off of any one of them, which is difficult as I only have 2 eyes.

(Dear reader, you and I know where this is going, and I know you want to get to the good part, so as witty and droll as the dialogue is, I will skip the rest of it on your behalf).

Two hours later, I take a sip from my 6th Cosmo, and stifle a yawn.

“Gentlemen, I have enjoyed this evening immensely, but I am fading. Shall we call it a night?”

I start to stand up, but I stagger. Robert grabs my arm.

James says, “The knightly code of honor forbids that we leave a damsel in distress. We will escort you to your door so that you are safe from roving bandits.”

I say, “Well, how sweet. I live 3 blocks from here. Let’s go.”

Robert pays the tab, we put our jackets on, and walk out of the bar.

Chapter 2

We stroll down the street, arm in arm. Me and Robert, Cutler and James. They don’t seem to mind that they are getting quizzical stares from passersby. We arrive at my apartment. They seem prepared to drop me off, but I can’t let go of a certain fantasy I’ve had since the beginning of the evening.

“Hey, guys, how about coming up and having a glass of wine to top off the evening?”

Do I actually think there is a chance they will refuse? Right.

Robert says “That would be delightful. Lead the way.”

Up the stairs, down the hall, key in slot, open door, enter. I won’t bore you with the layout of the apartment (you don’t really care), except to say that it is one very large room (this is the city, afterall), with a couch, a chair opposite the couch, a coffee table in between, and a queen bed off to the side. Fortunately I cleaned the apartment just yesterday.

“Take off your jackets and sit down.”

I point to the couch, and they do. I walk by the chair and toss my jacket on it.

“I’m getting a bottle of wine and glasses.”

I go to the cupboard, take out a bottle of red, unscrew the cap (stop laughing, dear reader. So I like cheap wine. So sue me). I return to the table (I might add that I am walking pretty unsteadily at this point), and pour four FULL glasses of wine, emptying the bottle.

“Drink up.”

I put my glass to my lips and guzzle half the glass. The boys each take a sip.

I sit down on the chair and stare at them. I have been getting steadily more turned on throughout the evening, and my thong is pretty wet at this point. I don’t want the juice to get on my jeans, as I don’t want to have to do another wash.

“Shall we play a game?”

They nod.

I say, “I’ll start, but I’m not going to tell you what the game is, you have to guess.”

They seem to like that idea.

I stand up opposite them, and begin to unbutton my shirt, then remove it. Underneath is a black lacy bra. I reach behind, unhook it, and remove it. I am standing there naked from the waist up, and they are staring directly at my breasts. I may not be Dolly Parton, but mine are real, and they are spectacular (apologies to Seinfeld). I just stand there sipping wine, and don’t say a word.

Cutler finally says “I think I get it. We’re playing Monkey See, Monkey Do.”

“Bingo” I say, and make the sign of a gun firing at him with my thumb and forefinger.

Robert, James, and Cutler stand up as one. Robert pulls his sweater off over his head, and James and Cutler unbutton and remove their shirts. I cannot believe how beautiful they are. They simply must be gay.

Without saying anything, I sit down, remove my pumps, stand up, and unzip my jeans. I slide them down slowly, pull them off, and toss them aside. My skimpy thong is saturated at this point.

James, Cutler and Robert are still standing, so they sit down, remove their shoes, unbutton their jeans, pull them down and off, also toss them aside, and stand up. James and Cutler are wearing boxer briefs, and Robert is wearing boxers. All three are semi-erect. I can see the outline of James and Cutler’s cocks through the briefs, and I am not disappointed. Robert’s cock is sticking it’s head out the front of the boxers. I want to laugh, but I’m not about to spoil the mood.

I wait a tantalizing moment, and rip my thong down my legs, and kick it away. I can see their eyes glaze. My shaved pussy is so wet that the juice is running freely down my thigh. I reach down, touch the moisture, and return my fingers to my lips so that I can lick them seductively.

James, Robert, and Cutler drop their underwear to the floor, and kick them away. Their semi-erect cocks are going to full attention as I watch. I thought they were gorgeous clothed, but naked, they are breathtaking. Now I am sure they are gay.

“OK,” I say, “Now we are going to play a different game. I’m the drill sergeant, and you are my new recruits. James, go to the nightstand next to the bed and get the KY jelly. You two, come with me.”

We all head to the bed.

“Cutler, lay down on the bed, face up, with your head at the foot of the bed.”

He does. The other two watch from next to the bed. I climb up on the bed, facing Cutler’s head, straddle him, grab his cock, adjust it, and I plunge down on it, all the way. Cutler immediately starts pumping.

“No, you fool, stop that.”

(Men!! You have to tell them EVERYTHING).

“Now, James, get up on the bed behind me, put some KY in my ass, and stick that gorgeous tool of yours in my ass.”

I lean forward on Cutler (and kiss his mouth) so James has access. He slathers on the KY, squats over me, and plunges in. He pumps a couple of times, and I say,

“What did I just tell Cutler? Weren’t you paying attention?”

He stops in mid thrust. Both James and Cutler are plunged deep inside me, and are perfectly still.

I am so turned on that if I touched my clit, I’d come in 3 seconds, without even rubbing. I am working so hard to keep from doing that, which, frankly is a little easier being as drunk as I am.

I look up to see Robert standing in front of me, still at full attention, with a hangdog look on his face. I can’t help but laugh.

“Don’t worry, soldier, you’re not going to be left out. Step forward and put your cock in front of my face.”

He does.

“OK, now here’s the climax, so to speak, of the game. When I say go, everyone start pumping.”


James and Cutler start going at it. I’ve never had two cocks in me at once. I cannot explain the feeling of being a chicken cordon bleu stuffed with sausage. I am the most sexually aroused chicken in history (do chickens actually get sexually aroused?) The two penises feel as though they are touching each other, which I know is impossible. I have never felt so filled or fulfilled.

I lift my head, and take Robert’s throbbing manhood in my mouth (all erotic stories must include the words “throbbing manhood” somewhere. It’s the law), plunge all the way down to deep throat status, and start to suck.

None of us is going to last long. While we’re thrusting and plunging, I can see that Cutler is licking and sucking on Robert’s scrotum as I blow him. And I can hear Robert and James kissing above me. Hmm. Maybe there really is more to these guys than just pretty faces.

I am unable to groan because my mouth is currently occupied (my mom taught me never to talk with my mouth full), but I am able to hum, and I do, the sound coming out of my nose. There is such an exquisite sensation resonating throughout my body. I feel I could pass out from ecstasy. The 3 men are groaning, moaning, breathing hard, squeaking, whistling through clenched lips, and other assorted sounds. Robert’s head is thrown back.

We all reach the point of no return. A volcanic eruption rises in me, James and Cutler plunge faster and faster, I suck Robert’s cock all the way in and surround it with a licking tongue. The sounds we make get louder. The movements get faster. We can no longer hold back, and we explode. Oh, this is no ordinary dynamite explosion designed to remove big rock that is obstructing the path for the new highway. No, this is the explosion you get from a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION. I’m afraid the neighbors may call the Dept. of Homeland Security.

We don’t stop as the explosion occurs. We continue to pump and grind and suck. We don’t want this to end. After a minute of continued juicy rubbing, we begin to slow down. I remove my mouth from Robert, collapse on top of Cutler, and James collapses on top of me. Robert falls back on the rug, spreadeagled, cum dripping on his stomach from his limp cock. Then he gets up and gets on the bed with us, and hugs his way into the mix. We could easily fall asleep in this position, but I am starting to find it hard to breathe.

“James, I love this, but you have to get off of me, or I will be smothered. Can you imagine the headlines tomorrow morning?”

James reluctantly kisses the back of my head, and gets off of me. I slip off of Cutler’s shrinking cock, and roll to the side.

There is cum and pussy juice everywhere. What a fucking mess. I laugh.

“OK, recruits, you have clean up duty. There are towels in the bathroom.”

They rise slowly from the bed, get some towels, and start to clean up. I get up and move to the bathroom to wipe myself down. I am still in a state of contained arousal, and I like it. Leave ’em wanting more, I always say.

“Reveille is coming at 6:00 a.m, so you guys better get some sleep. Get dressed and head out.”

Talk about hangdog looks.

“Come on,” I say. “Wasn’t that the best sexual experience of you lives? Do you want to spoil it by sleeping on the rug? And all four of us waking up smelling bad?”

James says,

“Indeed, that would hardly be the chivalrous behavior in which I pride myself.”

The 3 men get dressed, I put on a teddy (I sleep in the nude, but there’s been enough nudity for one evening). I escort them to the door.

“Robert, James, Cutler. This has been the most interesting and exciting night of my life. I suspect you’d like to come back for round 2 tomorrow night, but you have a hockey game. I hope your team wins.”

I open the door and say “Thank you for a lovely evening. Do I at least get a goodnight kiss?”

They laugh. Each in his turn gives me a gentle sweet kiss on the lips, and turns to go. I close the door.

I smile to myself. I start out as shy and unconfident, and look what happens? I move to the bed, which the guys were nice enough to straighten, and wipe off all the bodily fluids from. I lay down and look over at the clock. It’s 1:15 a.m. No wonder I’m tired. I remove my teddy, get under the covers, turn to the side, and I’m asleep in seconds.

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