Loosening the Bonds Ch. 12

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I felt a strange combination of nervousness and excitement as I rang the front door bell of Jim’s house. Excitement? That was obvious—I was in for a grand fucking by not only a guy with a pile-driver cock, but four other guys as well, five for as long as Ken could stay. My pussy was twitching uncontrollably at the prospect.

But I also felt a slight twinge of nervousness that Ken was going to be leaving me alone with those four guys. No, I didn’t have a concern about them harming me; I knew Jim well enough, he’d protect me from anyone. But this would be my very first time fucking without Ken there to watch… and I guess, deep down, I was worried he’d love me less if he couldn’t see me.

Silly, I know. Ken had proven a hundred times over that he loved me more the sluttier I behaved. But still, instinct is an awful thing, sometimes. I just hoped that I could shake the fear once the fucking started.

Then the door opened and all thoughts of concern fled. Jim was standing there, wearing only a pair of khaki shorts and flip-flops. His face lit up as he drank in the way I was dressed.

“Sweet Gawd a’mighty, Kathi,” he said, sounding almost breathless, “I didn’t think it was possible for you to look sexier with clothes on than you do stark nekkid!”

I felt myself blushing a little, but a smile found its way to my lips as well. “Ken always knows just how to show me off,” I replied, and I could hear an odd breathy quality to my own voice. “Not that I expect to be wearing these all that long…”

“Is that Kathi?” I heard Ted call from somewhere in the house.

“You betcha,” Jim called over his shoulder. “Hey, Ken,” he added, extending his hand.

“Good to see you again, Jim,” Ken told him as they shook hands. “I guess Kathi’s in for an exciting evening.”

Jim nodded largely. “Ah’d say they’s a good chance.” He closed the door behind us as Ken and I entered the house. “So, I hear y’all can’t stay?” he asked Ken, who nodded.

“Duty calls, sadly,” he told Jim. “I’m booked on the redeye at 12:20, so I’ll have to leave about 11:00 to get to the airport.”

“Kathi gonna drop y’off?” Jim asked.

“No, Kathi’s here for as long as she wants…or as long as you fellas will have her.”

Jim stopped and stared at Ken for a moment, then laughed out loud. “I ‘spect each one’f us’d like t’have her repeatedly,” he said after a moment. “But, y’all are OK with her stayin’ with us when you’re gone?”

It was Ken’s turn to smile. “As long as one of you takes her home at some point.” Ken’s smile turned from benevolent to wolfish. “Bearing in mind, I’m going to be gone for two weeks. And I really hate the thought of Kathi having to be alone for any more of that time than is necessary.”

The happy smile on Jim’s face turned into a huge grin, and he rubbed his hands together in glee. “Hot dawg,” he said, “we’re really gonna have us a pah-tee!”

Ted appeared at the doorway to another room where I could hear the sounds of a stereo playing and other men talking. “Hey, Jim, get them in here to meet the guys!”

“Right,” Jim said, and showed us the rest of the way into the TV room.

As we entered, I was struck first by the fact that all four guys were dressed only in shorts—not a shirt, shoe or sock to be found on any of them. As I drank in the raw sexuality of all that male skin—while trying not to stare—I heard Ken whistle in surprise behind me.

“Wow,” he said, awe in his voice. “This is not just a TV room, this is a media mecca!”

I drew my eyes away from whoever’s luscious pecs I was drooling over to glance around the room. As I looked, I realized Ken wasn’t overstating the case. Surrounding what must have been a 100-inch widescreen hanging on the wall, I could see at least two other medium-sized flatscreen TV’s, what had to be an entire bank of video equipment (BluRays, DVD’s, plus other things I couldn’t even identify). On the other side of the main bigscreen was another bank of equipment that had to be audio. And then, flanking all these were more speakers than I’d ever seen deployed, even at an AV store.

I blinked a couple of times, then added my own “Wow!” to Ken’s.

“So, you like our little playroom?” Ted asked me.

I had a sudden vision of Mail Girl, from the very first porno film I’d seen, performing on the 100-incher, and I had to grin. “It depends what you’ve got to show on it,” I said in my sexiest voice.

“I’ll tell ya, Kathi,” Jim drawled, “I ain’t never seen nothing Disney-like in Ted’s collection.”

“Mmmm,” I replied, licking my lips. “So why don’t you show me?”

“Perhaps,” Ken broke in, “you could introduce us to the two fellas here we haven’t met yet.”

“What?” Ted said, then his face reddened. “Sure, where are my manners? Uh—” He turned to Jim for a moment. “Why don’t you go get Kathi and Ken a beer, Jim?”

“Consider it done,” Jim said, and headed off.

“Kathi and Ken,” Ted said to us, “this is Tommy, an old friend of mine, just like Jim.” He pointed to a young-looking, blond-headed fellow with either Ankara escort no fur on his chest, or hair so fine I couldn’t see it.

“Pleased t’meet ya,” Tommy said.

“And this,” Ted continued, pointing to the last member of the mens’ club, a swarthy and robust-looking hunk, “is Henry.”

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Kathi,” Henry told me with a smile. “Jim and Ted have really talked you up, almost to sainthood.”

I chuckled and returned Henry’s smile. “Jim and Ted told me a few good things about you, too,” I said huskily.

Introductions done, Ted had moved over to a rack of DVDs and begun searching through them. “In the mood for anything in particular, Kathi?” he asked as he rifled through the collection.

“Mmmm,” I answered. “I haven’t actually seen a whole lot of, uh, ‘action’ films,” I told him. “Maybe something with a few macho guys…and a good looking girl.”

Ted glanced at me for a moment, then smiled wickedly.

“I know just the one,” he said, and selected a DVD. As he was placing the silver disk into a player, Jim returned with our beers.

“Here ya go!” Jim said jovially, handing Ken and me each a bottle. “Say, why’re y’all still standin’? Make yourselves comfortable!”

Tommy and Henry were sitting on opposite ends of a couch, slightly to one side of the room; they pointedly moved slightly farther apart, and motioned for me to sit between them. I smiled at them and moved to do so. As I drew nearer the couch, I pointedly looked at each of their crotches. I could see tenting already begun in both of their pants—but the bulge in Henry’s shorts was decidedly larger than Tommy’s…or, from my growing experience, than most guys’.

“Mmmm,” I said as I turned and sat between them, placing a hand on the thigh of each that was closest to me. “I can tell you boys are happy to see me.”

As I was seated, I let each of my hands drift ever so slightly, until they gently rubbed the growing bulges. I could tell they were both, uh, firmly committed to having a good time that evening.

At that point the bigscreen sprang to life and the movie began. Within two minutes an amazingly pretty brunette was being stroked and petted on the screen by three very horny guys, who clearly had lovin’ on their minds.

“Fan-damn-tastic choice,” Jim told Ted. “I ‘spect this flick’ll get us all into the flow of the evening.”

“I’m already getting into it,” Tommy said. I was still very gently rubbing his cock through his shorts with the back of my hand; as he spoke, I could feel his hand gently light on my thigh.

I took a sip of my beer. I had no plans to get drunk that night; I wanted to enjoy everything with a clear head. The guys—except Ken, I could see, since he still had to drive to the airport—were downing their drinks with a bit more gusto.

The movie was moving along quickly, much to the delight of my companions. I now had a hand on my other thigh—I presumed it was Henry’s—but I wasn’t sure if it was the gentle rubbing on each of my thighs, both moving slowly but inexorably toward my crotch; or the action on the screen that was making me hotter, faster.

The girl in the movie was now decidedly naked, as were her three companions. Two were getting hand jobs, while at the same time they were paying attention to the girl’s honey pot and breasts. The third guy already had his dong deep in the girl’s mouth, where she was slobbering over it with obvious relish.

“Hot damn!” Jim commented. “Those boys are sure enough fast workers.”

I found my breath quickening as the hands drew ever nearer to my own mound of Venus. “Those boys on the screen,” I asked Jim, “or these boys here with me?”

“Whichever,” Jim replied with a grin.

There was no question my temperature was quickly rising. I was beginning to wonder what was going to have to happen to get the main event going, when suddenly Henry drained the last of his beer, and turned to me sadly.

“I’m going to have to move for a minute, Kathi,” he told me, a hang-dog expression on his face. “I need to go get another beer. I do apologize for disturbing you.”

I sighed and moved my hand from his crotch to gently hold his hand in place on mine. “No need to apologize, Henry,” I answered, turning my head toward him. “I completely understand.”

Henry stood up, but instead of releasing his hand I held it more tightly, and pulled him to a stop.

“Actually, Henry,” I said to him, “why don’t you let me go help you with that?”

Henry stared at me for a moment, then grinned and used our joined hands to pull me to my feet.

“Delighted to have your company,” he told me.

I heard a slight hiss of disappointment from Tommy as my hand was pulled from its gentle contact with his cock. Still, he had to know that Henry was the main attraction for me—or, at least, the first course. I turned and gave him a quick smile.

“Be patient big fella,” I said softly. “There’s going to be plenty of…beer…to go around.”

Tommy grinned at me as I allowed Henry to lead me Ankara escort bayan out of the media room, and through a set of swinging doors into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, though, he made no move to find a beer, but turned and leaned back against a counter, facing me.

“You sure do look hot in that outfit,” he said appreciatively. “You dress that way all the time?”

“In jeans and a T shirt?” I asked innocently. “Of course. But,” I added in a more sultry tone, “this particular set is my special party outfit.”

That won me another grin. “Sister,” Henry said, “it’s a party just to look at you.”

“Hmm,” I said, and stared pointedly at his crotch, “I’m getting a pretty good view here myself.” I moved closer to him and resumed my gently rubbing of his cloth-encased cock, now with my fingers involved.

“That can’t be comfortable, all cooped up like that,” I told him, putting a look of concern on my face. “Do you think maybe he needs a little air?”

Henry closed his eyes for a moment and just enjoyed my rubbing, but then opened them again and looked into my eyes.

“He is almost suffocating in there,” he told me. “Maybe a little mouth to, uh, cock resuscitation might be in order.”

I grinned at him. “I thought you’d never ask,” I said.

Dropping to my knees, I unbuttoned the waist of his shorts, and slowly—and carefully, so I wouldn’t get slapped in the face by the spring action I expected from his huge member—lowered his zipper. Surprise! No slap of meat; the giant snake was encased in tighty whities under the shorts.

“Henry, Henry,” I scolded. “Why are you torturing yourself so? These underpants are your big problem.” I pulled him away from the counter he was leaning on, and quickly shoved his shorts to the floor, then more slowly worked the undershorts off of his cock and down his legs as well.

The cock, once revealed, set my heart beating faster. Just looking at it, I could tell that Jim and Ted’s estimate of its size was, if anything, on the conservative side.

“There,” I cooed. “That’s better. Now you can breathe a bit.” I indicated he should step out of the clothing now pooled at his feet. When he had done so, I picked up the whities and took a deep sniff of them before stuffing them into one of my pockets.

Henry chuckled slightly. “Souvenir?” he asked gently.

“I think of it more as a collection,” I told him.

Licking my lips in anticipation, I reached up and grabbed his proud man staff with both hands. “Lord,” I said reverently. “You do know, Henry, that I’m not going to be able to get much of this in my mouth?” I asked.

He nodded. “That’s OK,” he told me, “you should be able to get to the most sensitive part.”

I grinned again. “I suspect you’re right.” And then I got on to the most sensitive part.

I heard Henry groan as I slowly eased my lips over the tip and, finally, the whole head is his cock, after first taking a moment to lick the pre-cum from the monster’s pretty little eye. It felt, sort of, like stuffing a whole turkey leg into my mouth meat-end first-hard and yet soft, and tasting terrific even while forcing my mouth open about as far as it could go.

I managed to get the entire head in, and enough of the shaft to be able to lick teasingly at the highly sensitive spot on the bottom, right behind the head. Henry groaned some more when I did that; I could feel the whole thing twitching in response, and the muscles starting to harden even more.

About this time I felt Henry’s hands groping at my boobs. Maybe trying to distract himself a little, so he wouldn’t cum as quickly, he seemed to be trying to push my shirt out of the way.

Well, of course I was all for that. Playing with my boobs is always the key to my cunt, after all!

I slowly pulled back off Henry’s steel-like shaft and quickly pulled my T off over my head, then hung it over my shoulder.

“Play with them, Henry,” I said harshly. “I love when they’re played with.”

As I worked my way back onto Henry’s cock, I heard a shuffling behind me, and a slight squeak as the kitchen’s swinging doors opened behind me. I could almost feel four sets of eyes burning into my back, and could definitely hear some harsh breathing from someone who had come to watch.

“Looks like the party’s already started,” I heard Ted say quietly.

“Ain’t none too soon,” Jim agreed, and then he—at least, I guess it was Jim—grabbed the T shirt off my shoulder.

“She won’t be needin’ this for a good spell,” Jim said, and there was a general chuckle from the four guys. For my part, I didn’t much care. I wasn’t keen to lose the shirt but I had more important things on my mind right at that moment!

The door squeaked again and I heard footsteps receding; apparently they weren’t ready to watch the whole show yet. Or maybe they were getting ready for the main event—I mean, why just watch when you can prepare to participate!

Then I felt Henry—who was mauling my breasts in a heavenly way at that point—start to swell in my mouth. I slowed Escort Ankara what I was doing to him, which was pretty energetic by then, and pulled back and off his cock, sitting back on my heels to gaze up at his face.

“Fun as this is, Henry,” I said huskily, “isn’t there a different part of me you’d rather have your big tool buried when you reach the finish line?”

Henry let out a deep sigh and languidly opened his eyes to look back at me. “I’ll take whatever part of you I can get, Kathi,” he told me, “but if you mean you’re ready to be fucked, then we’ll need to go find some place more comfortable than here.”

I smiled and grabbed both of his hands, which had fallen to his sides when I’d leaned back, and used them to pull myself to my feet.

“Then let’s go find one,” I told him.

Henry only smiled in reply, and led me by the hand out of the kitchen and down a hall. With Henry’s bouncing lance leading the way and my breasts bobbing as I walked, I imagine we made quite a sight as we passed the doorway to the media room; at least, we got some cat-calls and whistles from the other guys. I could hear footfalls behind us as we turned into a room at the end of the hall, but I ignored them. I really didn’t give a rip if they all wanted to watch. I just wanted to have that battering ram stuffed into my pussy!

Henry stopped and looked at me as we reached the bed, a comfortable-looking queen size. “We can do this however you like,” he said, “but most women I’ve fucked have preferred to be on top, at least at first.”

I eyed his monstrous organ and nodded. “I can go with that,” I replied, then started working on opening my cut-offs. “So, lie down and get ready.”

He did so. I got the tiny jeans down my legs and off, then briefly turned to glance at the audience crowding in the doorway.

“Hey, don’t feel like you have to be strangers,” I told them. “Come on in and make yourselves at home. Once I get settled on Henry, you’re all more than welcome to lend your hands to my body.” I shivered slightly at my own words.

After that I paid the others little attention, however.

As I climbed up onto the bed and straddled Henry’s legs, he noticed I was still wearing my tennies. “You want to get your shoes off?” he asked me.

I shook my head. “I’m going to keep them on. They’re going to be my security blanket tonight,” I said with a laugh. “If you guys get to be more than I can handle, I’ll be all ready to run away.”

Henry chuckled and looked me up and down. “That’ll be quite a sight, you running down the street in tennies and nothing else on,” he said.

I chuckled as well. “I think you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“As a matter of fact, I would,” he told me.

“Well, the night is young,” I said promisingly. “You never know what lies ahead.”

Henry smiled at me then, and reached out for my tits. I leaned forward slightly so he could reach them, and squatted there in delight for a minute as he worked on them. I could feel the effect his manipulations were having on me as well; reaching down to check, I found my pussy was sopping, twitching, and eager to swallow much more of Henry’s monster cock than my mouth had been able to.

I straightened up, causing Henry’s hands to pull away from my chest, and flexed my legs, raising myself up to where I could aim my cunt at the cock that awaited it. I lowered myself, slowly, until the head was just nestled in my nether lips, then moved the hard thing around a bit. It felt wonderful, and from Henry’s groan of response he was also liking the process.

Then, I centered slot over shaft, and started to lower myself onto heaven.

Within moments I was feeling stuffed to the gills, more filled with cock than I had ever been, even when Jim and Ted had stuffed both their cocks into my pussy at the same time! Yet when I looked down, I had taken barely three inches of Henry’s eight-plus-inch monster into me.

“oh, Kathy, your cunt feels to good, so tight around my cock!” Henry sighed.

“You’re filling me up so much,” I told him in equal bliss. “I’ve never felt so full!”

“Keep going, keep going!” was all Henry could say.

I did. Slowly, sensuously, I pushed lower on the luscious shaft. I was plenty wet down there, but the cock was so huge I had to stop every few moments to let my cunt get used to the feelings. A couple of times I lifted myself up a bit, then pushed down again, harder and farther, slowly getting more and more of Henry’s stiff member inside of me.

And then I felt the pressure of his pubic bone against mine, and I sighed in contentment as I realized I’d taken his entire salami into my pussy. It was so deep I could feel it pushing against my womb. I’d only felt something like that a couple of times before, and I reveled in the sensation. When it had happened before, it had only been briefly, after a really hard thrust. Now, the monster was actually at rest, pushing against my deepest points! I almost drooled at what this cock would do with a really hard thrust!

I wiggled my pelvis a little, to give Henry a preview of what was to come, then slowly lowered myself down onto his torso so I could reach his mouth. When he realized what I was doing, he wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me into a breathtaking kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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