Mature Couple’s Adventure Pt. 04

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It has been nearly two years now since Jim and Dawn and me and Luisa moved in together.

Everything has been going great in all areas, especially the sex part.

Sometimes we can’t tell whom is married to whom though.

However, we are getting older so we all decided to hire a maid to cook and clean for us.

We put an extension on the house so it was possible that the maid could live with us in the extension. The extension was a large master suite with it’s own bathroom and shower. It also had it’s own entrance.

Jim and I left it up to the women to hire a maid that would be suitable to our life style. That was a non negotiable item though. Jim and I also told them that we would also interview the finalists they chose.

Dawn and Luisa started the search online and came up with several possibilities.

A few weeks later, the women sent us their resumes, with pictures.

We told the women to invite them to come and meet with us next weekend. One for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday.

Friday night came and after dinner, Dawn and Luisa put on shorts and a white blouse, with neither one wearing a bra.

Around 7:00 p.m. the doorbell rang. Dawn answered the bell, with Luisa right besides her.

They let a young lady in. The girl introduced herself as Janet. The three of them went into the kitchen to talk.

Janet was about 20. She had a nice body but seemed awkward.

After an hour or so later, she left.

We asked the ladies what happened. Luisa said the girl couldn’t live with us and she couldn’t commit to anything. She had little experience and thought the job was too much for her.

Around noon n Saturday, another prospect showed up. Her name was Diane. She looked about 25. She was taken into the kitchen to be interviewed.

Dawn and Luisa wore the same outfits as yesterday. They wanted to get a reaction from the candidate.

The interview lasted a long time and after she left, the four of us discussed her.

Apparently, Diane has the experience we need and could handle the chores. However, living with us might be a problem. Luisa said that Diane liked our outfits and we told her that is the usual dress. Dawn told her that basically, nudity is more like it.

Dawn said she didn’t flinch or say anything about the nudity so it was assumed it was ok with her.

Luisa said that the next person to interview will be tomorrow and her name is Cathy.

Sunday afternoon came and the doorbell rang at exactly at 1:00 p.m.

Dawn let Cathy in and introduced her to all of us. Then she was taken into the kitchen for the interview.

Now, Cathy was more mature, maybe in her late 40’s or early 50’s. Jim and I waited patiently, hoping for the best. From what we saw, Cathy looked awfully hot with a nice body, nce tits, and shoulder length dirty blonde hair.

The interview was long.

As the interview continued, Cathy was shown where she would be staying. She was given a tour of the house, including the pool and hot tub areas.

Her duties were carefully explained in that she would beşiktaş escort be doing cooking and light housework and laundry, but not every day however, only when the women didn’t feel like cooking. She would get one day off a week and able to use the pool and hot tub at her leisure.

She was told nudity in the house was the dress of the day. She was also told that she could be nude if she wanted to and the choice was hers.

Dawn asked her if she had any questions. However, Dawn told her to wait to ask as she called us in to meet with her.

When we were all together, Cathy asked us how long was the position for. We told her as long as she wanted.

Then she asked about her pay. We told her she gets paid weekly, in cash.

She asked if bonuses were possible. Jim and I told her that bonuses could be possible, depending on her and we could discuss it later if she gets the position.

Jim asked if she was married or had a boy friend. She answered no to both. She also said she could start immediately.

We thanked her for her time and we told her we would contact her later today.

When she was gone, we looked at each other and said she should be hired.

Dawn said that when Cathy saw us in our outfits, she commented that we looked great in them, which led me to believe she would be perfect for us.

We all agreed to hire her.

Later that day Dawn called Cathy and told her she was hired but her references would be checked tomorrow and if they were ok, she could start next week.

Luisa and Dawn checked Cathy’s referenced in the morning and they couldn’t say enough nice things about her.

Luisa called Cathy and told her the job was hers and she could start this Saturday.

We were all excited about Cathy joining us. We got the room all ready for her.

Saturday came and without giving it a second thought, we welcomed her in the nude.

She came in and smiled and gave us all a kiss and said she was happy to be here.

We took her to her room and let her unpack and get organized.

After an hour, she joined us. She was wearing shorts and a tank top with no bra.

She asked us what we wanted her to do. We told her nothing for today and today was a free day for her as we were ordering food to be brought in later.

Jim took her out to the pool where everyone was.

Jim told Cathy that she could use the pool now. She sad she hadn’t brought her bathing suit this trip.

I told her she doesn’t need one here but that was up to her.

She smiled and went to a lounge chair and laid down. It was obvious that the four of us being nude did not bother her.

After about a half hour, Cathy sat up and removed her tank top and her rounded breasts made their appearance. The girls gave her a cheer and welcomed her to the house.

Cathy smiled and told us that she is going to like it here. She stood up and removed her shorts.

Jim’s eyes and mine could not stop staring at Cathy’s smooth pussy. We even saw the girls eyeing her up.

I beşyol escort thought to myself that we hit it big with Cathy and looked forward to her staying with us.

It was about 6:00 p.m. when dinner arrived. We ate naked on the patio and chatted, getting to know Cathy and her getting to know us.

Dawn explained our life style and pointed out that the four of us have been together for a few years now and enjoy what we do.

Luisa told Cathy that if our life style was a problem for her, we would understand and we would cover her expenses for today and pay her for the weekend.

Cathy looked at us and said she is ok with the lfe style we chose. She also said that whatever we did sexually, would not bother her.

She confessed that she had been in a similar situation and enjoyed it as well until her ex boy friend started cheating on her and she left him.

Cathy said she was happy that the four of us enjoyed each other. She also said that she wouldn’t object if we needed an extra to fill in and laughed.

The night went on and we all finally called it a night.

I took Luisa to bed and she asked me if I liked Cathy. I told her she seemed like a nice person. Luisa said that wasn’t what she meant. She wanted to know if I would fuck her. I told her that hadn’t crossed my mind.

I then made love to my wife and we fell asleep holding each other.

The next morning, Jim told me that Dawn asked her the same thing and I gave her the same answer as I gave Luisa.

It appeared to us that the girls may be jealous.

We called the girls and we asked them if they were jealous of Cathy. Dawn said she wasn’t, yet. Luisa said it was too early to know.

I told them that if she was going to be a problem, we should let her go now.

The women thought about it and decided to give her a chance and they would decide by the end of the week.

Later in the day, Cathy was given her chores for the week, including cooking, and house cleaning. Her day off would be Thursday.

The week went well and Cathy did a fine job in the cooking department and we were all pleased.

Cathy joined us in the nudity department and the girls seemed to get over their fears.

Somehow, the sex among the four of us got more daring. It seems that the thought of Cathy catching us made our trysts more exciting.

One night we were on the patio and we had the girls on all fours and we were fucking them doggie style. I did Dawn and Jim did Luisa as we were side by side pumping our cocks into their cunts.

The women were moaning and didn’t hear a noise but I did. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Cathy watching us. I never missed a beat and fucked Dawn until I shot my load in her cunt. Jim came in Luisa a minute later. When I looked back, Cathy wasn’t there.

After we fucked, the women relaxed. I excused myself and went looking for Cathy.

When I found her, I saw her thighs were wet from her juices. She looked embarrassed but I told her it was ok that she watched us.

I asked her if beykent escort she cared to join us. She said it wouldn’t be right and the women might get mad.

I took her hand and led her to the patio.

The women looked as I brought Cathy to the patio.

I told everyone that Cathy saw us fucking and it excited her. I asked her if she cared to join us. I told her it was up to all of us.

The women looked at each other, got up and moved toward Cathy. Dawn was on one side and Luisa on the other side. Then our wives put their mouths on Cathy’s nipples and started sucking them.

Jim and I sat on the lounge and watched the show.

The three women got on the blanket covered ground and Dawn and Luisa were all over Cathy. Their hands roamed freely all over Cathy.

Dawn mounted Cathy first and began rubbing her pussy against Cathy’s pussy. Dawn was deep kissing Cathy. Their tongues darting in and out of their mouths.

Dawn got off Cathy and Luisa replaced her. It didn’t take long for the women to have their orgasms.

When Dawn and Luisa finished, Cathy just laid there.

“Well,” Dawn said, “aren’t you two going to fuck our maid?”

We looked at our wives who gave us a nod of approval.

Jim mounted Cathy first and slipped his cock in her cunt. He started pumping his cock in her as she met him thrust for thrust. It didn’t take long before Jim shot his cum load in our maid.

As soon as Jim pulled his cock out of Cathy, I mounted her and pushed my cock into Cathy’s cum filled cunt. As I fucked her, I could feel Jim’s cum all over my cock. It only took me a few minutes to shoot my load into Cathy’s cunt.

Luisa then said to me, “Michael, is Cathy worth keeping?’

I looked at my wife and smiled and said to her, “What do you think?”

We all smiled as Cathy remained on the blanket, her legs spread, cum oozing out her cunt and her nipples hard as rocks.

Then Cathy asked if this would warrant a bonus for her and we all laughed.

Over the next couple of days, the five of us worked out a schedule and came up with strict rules.

Cathy introduced us to some new things that we all enjoyed.

One night, she told Dawn to get on all fours. Then she had Jim get underneath her and get his cock in her cunt. As he got it in, Cathy had me line up my cock to Dawn’s asshole. Cathy lubed up Dawn’s hole and guided my cock to her opening. Dawn kept saying it hurt but I pushed my cock in gently until it was completely in her ass with my balls hitting her ass.

Jim and I got in synch and pumped her in unison. It didn’t take us long before we both shot our cum in both her holes.

After Jim and I rested a bit, we repeated the same thing with Luisa. However, I was on the bottom and Luisa impaled her cunt on my cock and was in the cowgirl position. Cathy had her lean her body forward, leaving her asshole in line with Jim’s cock. Cathy lubed her ass and Jim eased his cock into her hole and filled it completely.

Jim and I got in unison quicker this time and we fucked her until we both came in both her holes.

After the week was over, we discussed Cathy and if we should keep her.

With everything said and put on the table, the women said they were ok with keeping her as they aren’t jealous.

We then called in Cathy and told her we were going to keep her as long as she followed the rules and guidelines.

She agreed and became a member of our sex family.

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