Me and My Boy Ch. 03

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


For the remainder of the weekend we stayed naked or in our underwear. The spot was very secluded and no one passed by so we decided not to get dressed which meant we could quickly get to each others cock when we felt the urge. We zipped our sleeping bags together – made out and slept naked spooning each other, playing with our hard cocks. I lost count of how many times we both blew our loads – it was the most sexed-up weekend I had had for many months, but it had to come to an end. A couple of times on the drive home Billy would reach over and grab my crotch, making my cock hard so he could fondle me while I drove.

Life went back to normal with me going to work at 8am and Billy staying home looking for a job. He would text me during the day saying how horny he was and that he needed to cum, often sending me pics of his lovely hard cock. I would race home after work to find him naked and hard waiting for me. I would strip off as soon as I got behind closed doors. Some days I would wear tight skimpy briefs that had trouble containing my soft cock so when I got hard they didn’t stand a chance. Billy loved to see my hard cock sticking out of the top of my briefs or hanging out the side. He would be on his knees in seconds, rip my briefs off and sink my cock deep in his mouth and throat.

One day he produced a small brown bottle and held it under each nostril and took deep sniffs. He’d then go crazy for my cock, slobbering over the hard shaft and knob head, while massaging the cum building up in my balls. I asked if I could try the bottle – poppers he called them. I did as Billy did and suddenly my head spun and my cock felt like it was going to explode with what Billy was doing. One more sniff and that was it – my spunk ran up my shaft and burst from my piss slit. It was the longest orgasm and biggest cum load I had blown for ages. Billy swallowed it all down not missing a drop.

The poppers made me so Çankaya Escort fucking horny, I had to get my mouth around Billy’s cock. I opened my mouth wide and he slipped his cock in till it touched the back of my throat. My tongue caressed the shaft as my hands reached to pull on his ass cheeks and force more cock into my mouth. His cock filled my mouth and tasted fantastic, I just couldn’t suck it enough. All too soon Billy’s sweet cum was shooting into my mouth and down my throat. I sucked for all I was worth, not wanting to miss any of that sticky, sweet boy juice.

“Fucking hell that was good” I said after we hard both come down from our respective orgasm. “Those poppers are brilliant.”

“Even better when you’re fucking or being fucked dad,” Billy said. He was still determined to have me fuck him, and him fuck me. And to be honest I had started to want it too. I wanted to feel my cock buried deep inside my son’s arse, and maybe feel his huge cock balls deep in me. A few hours later it happened.

After dinner was done and cleared away, Billy announced he was going for a shower. “I want to get ready for you dad – you’re going to shove your cock up my arse and fuck me tonight.” I watched his sweet firm arse cheeks as he ran up the stairs to the bathroom. My cock jumped to life as I thought about fucking him. I went to my bedroom and lay on the bed, slowly playing with my hard cock as I listened to him showering.

He was in the bathroom for what seemed like ages and then I heard the water turn off. A few minutes later he was walking into my bedroom carrying a towel, a bottle of lube and the poppers. His brown hair was still damp and spiky, his long lithe body still a little damp, his long cock and balls bouncing as he walked up to the bed. Fuck he was a beautiful boy. I just stared at him while slowly playing with my cock. Pre cum had gathered at my piss slit and was running down my knob head.

“First we have to prepare” Billy Keçiören Escort said. He straddled my body, his cock and arse in my face and his head down against my cock. “Lick my arse dad. Get it really wet and shove your tongue in my hole.” I pulled his arse cheeks apart so I could see his hairy hole twitching – it looked so fucking tasty and inviting I didn’t need to be told twice. I buried my face between his cheeks, lapping at that beautiful hole. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could – it felt so dirty but also fucking horny sticking my tongue up my son’s arse. My cock was hard as wood as Billy sank his mouth over it.

“Now use the lube. Smear it over my hole and push some inside with your fingers and finger fuck me.” I pushed one then two fingers up his arse. It felt so tight, warm and juicy with the lube. After a couple of minutes he stopped me, turned around and dripped lube on my cock. He massaged my hard cock until it was greased up then lined his fuck hole up with my cock. He took 4 deep sniffs of poppers then put my cock against his hole. As he held onto my hairy pecs, he slowly sat down on my cock, pushing me deep into his tight hot hole. He moaned as he sank all the way down till he was sitting on my groin, my cock buried completely in his arse. It felt fucking amazing, so warm and tight around my shaft.

Rising and falling on my cock he fucked himself on my hard cock while pushing against my hairy chest. He tightened his hole as he pulled up and loosened again when sliding down. He was a pro at riding cock. I hadn’t felt this horny for years. He sniffed more poppers and started to pick up speed fucking himself till he was riding me so hard, banging down hard, his big hard cock slapping my abdomen as he bottomed out.

I knew I wouldn’t last long if he continued so I told him to slow down – I wanted this feeling and fucking to last as long as possible. He stopped completely and bent forward to kiss me. My tongue went wild Etimesgut Escort and deep in his mouth while my cock was deep in his arse. I kept my cock as still as possible soaking up the feeling of his hot juicy man cunt.

“Now you’re really gonna fuck me dad” he said. He got up off my cock and squatted on all fours on the edge of the bed. He took a few sniffs of poppers, and passed the bottle to me. I got up off the bed, lined my cock up with his fuck hole and took a few sniffs of poppers too. “Ram your cock in me hard and deep. Fuck me dad, really FUCK me!”

As the poppers took effect, he pushed his hole out and I rammed my cock balls deep into my son. “Aaaghh fuck!” he cried out. I stopped fucking thinking I had hurt him. “No don’t stop dad. Fuck my cunt.” I pulled my cock almost all the way out then rammed it in him again and again. He moaned and spread his legs a bit further. “Fuck me, fuck me, fill me with your big cock” he yelled. I rammed in and out and could feel a tingle as my cum started churning in my balls and moving up my shaft.

“I’m going to cum Billy.” My cock and his arse felt so fucking hot. I reached around and started wanking Billy’s hard and wet cock.

“Yes dad, breed my cunt. Fill me with your hot cum.” I rammed my cock in deep, gave a loud moan and started spurting my hot load into his arse. It felt like I was spurting my cum for ages. His cock twitched and Billy started unloading his balls onto the bed sheets. His cum was flying everywhere as I pumped my load into him.

I laid my body down on his back, both of us sweating, my cock still in his hot arse and my hand still pulling on his cock. “Fucking hell,” I said. “That was so fucking hot.” My cock slowly deflated and slipped from his arse, followed by a trickle of my cum that ran out of his gaping hole, down his balls and pooled on the bed sheets. The room reeked of butt fucking and cum. I laid on the bed on my back on sheets wet with cum. Billy turned around and sunk his mouth over my softening cock licking off his ass juices and cum, then moved up and kissed me deep.

“Fuck you are a dirty boy,” I said. “You’re going to drain me of cum if you keep this up.” He looked at me and smiled as if this was what he planned to do. “I love you Billy.”

“Love you too dad” he replied as he curled up against my body. “Can’t wait to fuck you.”

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